About Me


I am Pallavi Bhat. I am the owner, author and editor of this beautiful blog. 🤗

I am a beauty enthusiast from India. Born and brought up in Karnataka, currently staying in Maharashtra which feels like my second home.

Why the name mygirlypedia????

I am someone who loves anything and everything girly. It’s my dream to make the blog a source, full of details related to beauty and fashion. Just like how Wikipedia works for us. Hence this mini Encyclopedia of a girly girl took the name – Mygirlypedia.

Blog was started by me as a hobby. This is where I share my love for beauty, makeup, fashion and honest reviews of the products I have personally used. You can find home remedies for most of your beauty queries here. If you don’t find one, you know what to do. Feel free to contact me through the details given below.

Oh I also share some of the zillion thoughts that run on my mind..! You can also find some fun travel posts too..!

Mygirlypedia.com is glimpse of my girly world… This is not just a blog…  This is combination of love and passion…  Passion for writing and love for self-care… !!!

Contact Details:

You can contact me at mygirlypedia@gmail.com for any beauty, makeup queries or PR related requests. I will answer all your queries and requests as soon as I can. If you would like to request for a makeup tutorial or any specific product review, you can email me your requests too.

Social Media:

You can follow me on my Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/mygirlypedia

and to check out outfit posts and daily updates of mine, follow me on Instagram @www.instagram.com/mygirlypedia


All the information provided on this blog is for general purposes only. I do my best to provide accurate information and genuine advice but please note that I am not a licensed professional or a medical expert. All products reviewed on this blog have been purchased by me unless stated otherwise.

All editorial content provided on my blog belongs to me and is protected by copyright law. Kindly do not copy or reproduce any content without my permission. To obtain permission to copy any content of the blog, please mail me at mygirlypedia@gmail.com.

Keep exploring my blog. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I did creating them.

If you are looking for answers to any beauty query, you are at right place…  😘

Welcome to my world… :)💋

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