Vitamins for Healthier and Prettier You…!!!


“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine OR The slowest form of Poison…!!!”

You might have read/heard a lot of times, “watch what you eat…!!!” Don’t you think that is so true…!!! You might not see the side effects right away but in the long run, it does cause harm to your body.

Due to the busy lifestyle of ours, we tend to eat a lot of junk foods and miss the nutrients which are necessary for our body. Today I am writing down why our body needs vitamins, which and how to fulfill those vitamins shortage.

Why is the need of vitamin supplements to our body:

  1. Our life style:

The life style we have adopted is not at all healthy. The air, water, food everything is polluted. Knowingly or unknowingly, we use more and more chemicals in our day to day life. It does affect our body.

  1. Aging:

After a certain age or due to some prolonged health issues, our immune system does gets effected. Especially for women, it is always recommended to take supplements and to take a good care of your body starting from twenties.



  1. Skipping food:

It might be because of the busy schedule of ours or in order to lose weight. (There is this misconception that we can lose weight by skipping food. Its a biggg no no.)



4. Packed/ frozen food:

Packed and frozen foods are of less or no nutrient values. The vitamins in them are depleted due to the long duration for which they have been packed.

5. Cooking style:

Most of the vitamins (which are already less in amount in raw food nowadays) are depleted when we over cook the food.


6. Pollution:

Due to polluted air we are inhaling, polluted water/food we are taking, our body needs ‘detoxification’. Vitamins A, C and E are helpful for detoxifying the body.

7. For energy:

If you are an active person who does physical exercises on daily basis, do you know Exercise Increases Nutrient Needs.

8. Stress:

The dangerous reason for all the health issues. Stress effects our immune system. Taking supplements will help body to work normally.

Vitamins which are essential to our skin and body:

  1. Vitamin A:

Benefits of Vitamin A:

  • As mentioned earlier, it is important for detoxification.
  • To strengthen immune system.
  • It improves vision.
  • Cuts risk of heart disease
  • Slows skin aging

Food rich in vitamin A:

Fruits, vegetables, carrots, eggs, whole milk, butter, fortified margarine, meat, oily saltwater fish, sweet potato and cantaloupe melons


  1. Vitamin B:

Benefits of Vitamin B:

  • It maintains metabolism
  • It also maintains muscle tone
  • It is good for brain’s health
  • It guards against cancer and birth effects

Food rich in vitamin B:

Whole-grain breads, asparagus,grains, potatoes, bananas, lentils, chili peppers, beans, yeast and molasses.


  1. Vitamin C:

Benefits of Vitamin C:

  • Cures cold and sniffles
  • It is antioxidant
  • Boosts immune system
  • Prevents heart diseases
  • Cures eye illness
  • Good for skin
  • Helps wounds heal faster

Food rich in vitamin C:

Citrus fruits and vibrant veggies,a cup of broccoli,guava, red and green peppers, kiwi, grapefruits, strawberries, Brussels sprouts and cantaloupe.


  1. Vitamin D:

This is important to our body because:

  • It can reduce your risk of breast cancer
  • Offers protection from both ovarian cancer and diabetes
  • Helps calcium absorption and plays a vital role in muscle functioning.

Food rich in vitamin D:

Milk, orange juice, eggs, fish and mushrooms and salmon.


  1. Calcium:

Benefits of Calcium:

  • For stronger bones. (Gals, start consuming calcium. Since the studies say that women start losing bone density in their twenties. )
  • For strong teeth.
  • For nourishing nervous system.

Food rich in Calcium:

Dairy products like, Yogurt, milk, and cheese


  1. Iron:


  • For stronger immune system.
  • It is important for girls with heavy periods.

Food rich in Iron content:

Cereals, red meat, soybeans, cereal, pumpkin seeds, beans, lentils and spinach

Try to consume these magical foods for a healthier and prettier you…!!!

So, next time when you think of eating something, don’t forget to analyse whether its a medicine or a slow poison. ..!!!


Stay healthy beautiful,


Pallavi ❤

For Beautiful Hair… !!!

Hey You,

Your hair is the crown you never take off. wink

Today’s post is for the “Rapunzel’ in you… !!!
Some like short hair and some girls like me, love long locks. I am blessed with long, naturally straight but thin hair. We girls are never happy with our natural hair texture, are we???  haha   Rapunzel being my #HairGoals icon during my childhood, I used to dream of long, manageable, healthy hair. But I don’t like the idea of letting the prince climb the fort using the hair… Ouch I love my hair, I cant do that. hehe

I will be sharing the hair care tips I have used or heard. So, read on to achieve “#GreatHair”

 These are big No No, in order to keep your hair in good condition:

1. Over brushing:
Too much is too bad. Brushing couple of times in a day is recommended. As it stimulates the hair follicles and promotes growth. It also helps in spreading the natural hair oil which is accumulated on head over night. But, brushing your hair more often results in dry hair. I have seen some girls who scare me by brushing their tresses so fast and furiously. haha Please stop it because I can hear your locks screaming.
 2. Tight hair styles:
The tight hair bands cause tension in hair strands and thus making them brittle. I would suggest to keep your hair open or tie them in a lose bun or something in order to keep them healthy.


3. Frequent use of styling tools :
Girl with straight hair dreams of curly/ wavy hair and girls with curly/ wavy hair are crazy for straight hair. I know, we girls are not always happy with what we are blessed with. So, we opt for styling tools. But, the heat for hair is not at all good. You might be applying a good protecting serum before using the heat. But beautiful, can any serum protect your skin from hot tool.? How can you believe that the serum will protect your delicate hair from burning…!!!


 4. Combing wet hair:
You might have read or heard lot many times about it. Still, I would like to repeat this point. It is difficult to detangle hair before applying conditioner. When the hair is wet, it is more weak and breaks easily. So, here is the tip. Brush, detangle your hair before washing. This will reduce tangling of hair. Use your fingers to detangle, instead of comb/brush.
5. Skipping Hair conditioner:
Most of you might skip using conditioner, after washing your hair. But this is a wrong thing to do for your crown my dear…!!! Shampoos do drain out the moisture from hair to a certain extent. As the name suggests, conditioners condition your hair by adding moisture and shine. You have to apply conditioner to hair concentrating on end. Do not apply conditioner on scalp.

6. Washing hair frequently:
 Washing hair frequently results in dry hair. So you can wash your hair twice or thrice (if your scalp is really oily) a week.

1 (1)

7. Taking hot shower:
Wash your hair with warm water instead of hot water. Hot water damages the hair by making it dry and brittle.

  1. Poor Diet:
    Your diet should be healthy and rich in protein and vitamins. Junk foods do not help when it comes to health, hair and skin.

9. Coloring your hair:
If you want to try different colors on your hair, make sure you take a good care of it post coloring. You will have to use products which are meant for colored hair. Deep conditioning is a must for colored hair.


10. Chemically treated hair:
I was really fascinated by the smoothened/ straightened hair looks. The hair looks so neat and in place. I wanted to get my hair smoothed sometimes. But, when I got to know the chemicals and heat involved + the care we need to take for it, I dropped the idea. Girl, if you want to smooth-en your hair please make sure you know the procedures, products involved and you are ready to take care of your hair. Deep conditioning, oiling are must in order to maintain the health of your tresses.

11. Smoking:
We all know “Smoking kills. Cigarette is injurious to health”. It is harmful not only to your lungs but also to skin and hair. If you want to look good, start by quitting smoking.
12. Skipping haircuts:
I have head people saying “If you don’t cut your hair, it won’t grow..!!!” I don’t believe in this logic. Hair growth is from the root, not from the end. I believe hair cut is necessary to remove the split ends and not for growth. Trimming the hair makes hair look healthy and bye bye split ends.

13. Stress:
We get to live this life once, live it with no regrets and stress free as much as possible. The more stress, more damage to overall health. Smile when you still have teeth. hehe


Below are some of the tips, which your hair will be thankful for:

1. Hot oil treatment is the savior:
    Once in a week spend some time oiling your hair. You must have heard about importance of oiling your hair from your granny and mommy. Oiling boosts the hair growth, moisturizes scalp, hence avoids dandruff problems.

2. Invest time on certain hair masks:
There are plenty of hair masks available online. But, would love to tell you guys to go for a natural one. You can apply curd for moisture, egg for shine.
3. Let your hair dry naturally:
 Again, using hair drier, makes your hair weak on long run. Hence, choose air dry over driers.

4. Choose a hair shampoo with no or less harmful chemicals.

5. Pamper yourself with a spa appointment once a month:
Nothing like a relaxing spa treatment. When you get a good head massage, it makes so so relaxed and stress free. The massage also stimulated hair follicles and helps in nourishment and growth of hair.

6. Take vitamin supplements:
Sometimes, our body lacks certain vitamins. We might not be able to get those in out diet. So, its recommended to consult a doctor and take supplements. Biotin is the popular hair supplements. Consult a doctor for appropriate dosage as per your body need.

7. Apply hair serum or live in conditioner:
If you are working in AC environment, your hair tend to become dry and rough. In order to keep your hair manageable, apply a good hair serums. These serums add shine and conditions the hair. Below are some of the good serums I recommend.

b. L’Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Smoothing Serum

c. L’Oreal Professionnel X-Tenso Care Serum

8. Protect hair from dust and sun:
 Cover your hair with a hat or scarf when you step out.

9. Tie your hair in a loose bun when you sleep:
This will avoid hair from falling all over your face and disturb your beauty sleep. It also avoids tangling.

10. Use a satin pillow case instead of cotton one:
When you sleep, the friction between the cotton pillow and your hair, makes hair brittle in long run. Instead, sleep on a satin pillow case which keeps your hair smooth.

11. Keep your comb, hair styling tools clean.

12. Good beauty sleep:
Body repairs itself while we sleep. Hence a good 7-8 hours sleep is  a must for beautiful you.

Beautiful woman sleeping
beautiful girl sleeps in the bedroom

Tips useful on bad hair day:

There are certain days when your hair becomes oily/ too dry and unmanageable. Below are some tips which will be of use.

 1. If your hair is too oily and you do not have time to wash it, do not worry. Spritz some baby powder to your hair. Brush the hair. Powder absorbs the oil and makes the hair less oily and easy to manage.

  1. Thumbs up for messy hair buns.
  2. Use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is a shampoo in powder form. It removes greasiness and best part is , it doesn’t need water…!! hence the name dry. But, again less is more. Do not use this on daily basis.

Hope you find these tips useful.

Do take care of your crown you beautiful… smile


Pallavi ❤

Tips to Keep Your Hands Soft…

Hey you beautiful,

How is  the weekend treating you.??? I am enjoying my lazy relaxing ‘Me time’…!!! wink

Have you ever thought; when you meet and greet someone, you either shake your hand, wave your hand or do a namaste. So, technically after your face, your hands are the most noticeable part. Since they are notable, it is always a good idea to keep them soft and clean. This post is all about the tips to keep your hands soft and presentable.


Why our hands need a good care.

  1. Hands, being one of the most important part of our body, get exposed more to weather, water etc
  2. They tend to get dry and rough with bad weather or in the AC environment.
  3. Since we wash our hands most of the time, the PH imbalance also causes dry hands.
  4. The harsh soaps and chemicals also have there part in making our hands lose their softness.



How to take care of your hands at home.

1. Exfoliate your hands.

You can find many hand scrubs at store / online. You can also prepare one at home using kitchen ingredients. Some of them are here for

a. Sugar and honey scrub:

Take honey in a bowl and pour sugar into it to make a paste. Scrub your hand using this paste.
Sugar removes the dead/ dry skin. Whereas honey moisturizes the skin.
b. Coffee powder and oil scrub:
Mix both the ingredients in a bowl.(You can use any edible oil) Apply the paste on your hands and exfoliate them. Coffee exfoliates and gives glow to hands. Oil adds moisture.

c. Salt and lemon juice scrub:
Apply the paste prepared by mixing the ingredients on your hands. Scrub them. Salt removes the dryness and lemon gives a bleaching/ lightning effect.



2. Give a good massage to your hands:
Ingredients required:
lemon juice
rose water
Massage your hands and cuticles with this mixture for at least 10-15 minutes.

3. Apply good hand cream:
There are very nice hand creams available in India. My personal favorite is

Fabindia Lemon Intensive Hand Cream. You can buy it from

Middle-aged woman applying hand cream

4. Take care of your nails:

a. Always , always keep your nails clean.
b. Girls, chipped nail paints are a big No No. You can fix them by applying a new quote of same or of different colored nail paint over it. Or you can remove them using a good nail paint remover.
c. Keep your nail short. When the nails are long, they tend to break easily.
d. Get a good manicure treatment once a month.

About manicure:

Its a beauty treatment for hands and nails. You can choose a good saloon to get this done or you can give yourself a good manicure at home. You can buy a good manicure kit online. This link might be useful for you.


In a manicure treatment, the hands are cleaned, a good massage is given, nails are filed and nail polish will be applied of your choice.(ahh sounds so relaxing right…!!! )

There are 20+ types of manicures you can choose from. Book a good manicure pedicure(for foot) appointment over the weekend. One of the best way to relax.

5. Always apply sunscreen on your hands.
Sun rays increases the aging process. Apply a layer of sunscreen to your hands to keep them protected from harsh sun rays.

6. Try to use mild soaps and hand washes.

The dish wash bars have chemicals which harsh on skin. Hence it is recommended to wear gloves. If not, apply a good hand cream after you are done washing.

7. Wear hand gloves while washing the vessels.

8. Apply cuticle oil/ any essential oil on your cuticle. It makes nails strong and boosts the growth.



Follow these tips to keep your hands young and beautiful…

Have a great weekend pretty…

Keep smiling…
Pallavi ❤

Love for Perfumes…

Hey girlies,

 “A woman’s perfume tells more about her, than her handwriting” –  Christian Dior
Raise your hand if you are a perfume addict like me. I have a collection of body mists and perfumes which match my mood. Sweet floral fragrances make my heart melt. Hence I end up buying the mostly sweet girly mists. Which type of fragrance do you love???

If you ask me which are my favorite mist and perfume… I would say “Passion Struck Body Mist from Victoria Secret” and “Zara Woman  Black Perfume”. They are amazing. I am pretty sure, girls who love mild sweet fragrance are making note of these cuties’ names. wink

Fragrance Notes:

Just like music, a perfume’s fragrances can be classified into 3 notes based on their staying power. Let me give you a quick glimpse of the 3 fragrance notes.

 1. Top/ Head notes:

These are perceived immediately on application. (Sometimes, you might have heard the person at store,  after spraying the perfume saying” wait for a while to smell the perfume”. This might be because, the perfume might not be a top/head note.

2. Middle / Heart notes:

These are the perfumes, which become pleasant with time.

3. Base note:

These are the perfumes which are not perceived within 30 minutes of application.

Categories Based on Fragrance Type:

They can also be classified based on the fragrance type. The chart below is useful to know more about the categorization.

Sometimes when people look at my body mist bottle and ask me which perfume do I use, I correct them saying its body mist not a perfume. smile  Then the obvious question pops in. “What is the difference between perfume and a body mist…!!!” So, today I thought why don’t I share the difference between them here, in mygirlypedia.

So, what is a perfume… Perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils and aromatic components. Where as, body mist is lighter, milder version of perfume with more water content. Which makes it safe to apply directly on skin. Please note, both contain alcohol contents in them. Alcohol content makes the perfume/ mist to evaporate faster.
Below are some of the notable differences between perfume and body mist.

Perfume Body Mist
Water content is less Water based
Strong fragrance Lighter fragrance
Lasts longer Does not last long
Expensive Non expensive
Contains oils Does not contain oil
Concentrated Less concentrated
Not recommended to use directly on skin Can be used directly on skin

Some of the tips to be followed, in order to make your perfume last longer:

  1. Fragrance lasts longer on moisturized skin. So, for the oily beauties, the fragrance lasts longer. If your skin is dry, no worries. Apply a good moisturizer before applying the fragrance. Applying moisturizer of same brand(just like Victoria secret body lotion) makes the fragrance last really long. This is the reason, using body wash, lotion and fragrance from same fragrance line is always recommended.
  2. Applying mist/perfume on pulse points is a great idea to make the fragrance last longer. Like for example,
  • Behind your ear
  • Bottom of your throat
  • On your wrist
  • Inside your elbow
  • Behind your knee
  1. Always, always store the perfume/ mists away from heat, light and humidity. They break the molecules and hence downgrade the quality of fragrance.

  2. You can apply Vaseline jelly on pulse points before applying the mist. The jelly helps in trapping the fragrance and makes it last long.

  3. Best time to apply mist is soon after you step out of bath. The open pores absorb the fragrance better.

Perfume etiquette:

Yes there are certain rules / etiquette to follow, when it comes to perfumes.

  1. You might have observed some of your friends/colleagues wearing strong perfumes to school/office. I am sure most of us do not like the strong fragrances. In order to avoid the inconvenience to others, avoid wearing strong fragrance perfumes to workplace or school.
  2. Too much is too bad, so is not using perfume. I have seen so many people, who really need a good perfume. *phew* Spray a good mist/perfume to avoid body odor.
    When the shelf life of a perfume gets over, please dump it. I know most of the girls are emotionally attached to certain stuffs. (I am one among them.. *hehe* ). In this case, you can keep them. But do not use them.
  3. Before spraying perfume on your clothes, make sure it is fabric friendly. Certain perfume leave permanent stain on clothes. *ouch*

These are some of the information I have about fragrances.  smile

After the shopping therapy, aroma therapy works best for me…!!! wink If you also love perfumes and mists, do let me know your favorite ones. Would love to try them.

Happy Weekend beautiful,

Pallavi ❤


Everything You Need to Know About Foundation

Hey you all,

No matter whether you are into makeup or no, you know or might have heard about ‘foundation’… So, today I thought of sharing everything I know about foundation with you guys…

Foundation, as the name suggests it is used for a perfect base. It evens out the skin tone and hides the flaws like acne marks, fine lines etc. Some uses it to change their natural skin tone(trust me, its not a good idea.) Plenty of foundations, of different brands and multiple shades are available in the market. You just have to find the right shade and right type of foundation, to enhance your natural skin tone.


Types of Foundation:

1. Oil-Free, Matte-Finish Liquid Foundations – These are suitable for oily skinned beauties. These foundations covers up the flaws and give you matte look without making you look greasy/ dewy. Beauties with normal / dry skin do not opt for this one. You might end up with dry and flaky skin.


2. Long-Wearing, Matte-Finish Liquid Foundations – These are again for oily skin. They are different from the above one in terms of their consistency. These are more runny in terms of texture and long lasting. Application of these is quite easy.

3. Moisturizing Liquid Foundations – These are for the normal to dry skinned girls. Some of them also have skin repairing qualities.

4. Pressed Powder Foundations – These are like pressed powders. They are well suited for normal to dry skin. They provide you with light to medium coverage.


5.  Cream-to-Powder Compact Foundations – These are like a mixture of creamy and powder foundations. These are suitable for normal skin. Its coverage is more than the cream/powder foundations.

6. Stick Foundations – These are Cream-to-Powder Compact Foundations in a tube packing. The packing makes it easier for application.


7. Sheer Foundations and Tinted Moisturizers – These are multipurpose creamy foundations. They add moisture, gives coverage and protection from sun(SPF content).

8. Mineral Makeup – Powder foundation with more coverage.


How to find right foundation as per your skin type:


1. Dry Skin:
If your skin is dry, go for the moisturizing foundations. Using sponge/ brush might make skin dry, so apply it using fingers.

2. Normal Skin:
These are the lucky ones. They can flaunt any type of foundation.

3. Oily skin:
Opt for the medium to full coverage, non oily foundation to avoid the greasy/ oily look. Applying foundation using sponge/ brush is recommended.

4. Combination skin:
You can choose liquid foundation. You can set it by apply powder foundation to your T zone to avoid the greasiness around the nose and forehead.

5. Aged skin:
In order to avoid fine lines and deposition of foundation on wrinkles, go for light coverage liquid foundation or tinted moisturizers.

6. Sensitive skin:
Medium to full coverage foundation is a must. But, I would personally suggest to check the ingredients before choosing one. The chemicals in there, should not worsen the situation. Hence prevention is better than cure.


How to choose right shade of Foundation:

These are the tips I am giving you out of my or my friend’s experience. :
1. Do not buy them online. You might think that the shade you see over the internet suits you. But, unless and until you try it, do not assume any shade.
2. Try the foundation on your forehead instead of on your wrist. The skin texture and color differs from wrist to face. For this, go bare face to store and try the shade which you think suits. Choose the one which matches exactly to your skin tone.
3. Do not buy the shade which is lighter / darker than your natural tone. This will never look good. Lighter shade will make you look like a ghost and darker one makes you look like a tanned face girl.
4. Invest in a good branded foundation. Your skin’s health should be the priority.


Types of Foundation Applicator and how to use them:

1. Foundation Brush:
a. Take required amount of foundation on your wrist/ palm.
b. Dip the brush in it and with upward stroke, apply foundation on your face.
c. You can use your fingers to blend those fine lines.
d. This makes liquid foundation application easy.


2. Beauty Blender Sponge:
a. Dip the sponge in water.
b. Squeeze the excess water. (This will avoid product wastage, as the wet sponge won’t be able to absorb foundation. This also makes foundation light and easy to apply.)
c. Dab foundation on your face using the sponge.
d. You can use either fingers or the sponge itself to blend it.
e. Use the tip for application on or around nose and eyes.
f. Broader end is for application over the forehead, chin and cheeks.
g. This is best for applying liquid foundation.


3. Powder sponge:
a. Press the powder against the foundation cake.
b. Press it on your face lightly for maximum coverage.
c. Do not rub it on face, this will remove the makeup instead of settling foundation on face.


4. The natural one – your fingers:
a. You can take sufficient amount of foundation on your finger tips.
b. Apply it on your face with circular motion.
c. I personally recommend this because the blending is really easy and product wastage will be minimal.

How to Apply Foundation:

a. Prepare your face before applying foundation , by applying primer. (Primer is a clear gel, which shrinks the pores. This makes face look more even and clean.)
b. You can use concealer before or after foundation. This hides the marks/ uneven skin tone.
c. Now you can apply the right shade foundation suitable for your skin type.
d. You can use any applicator of your choice, whichever you are comfortable with.

Some more tips:

  1. Always apply foundation on a clean fresh face.
  2. Maintain hygiene. Keep your brushes/ sponges clean. (Will write separate post on how to clean the beauty tools soon.)

Hope you find these tips useful… 🙂

Pallavi ❤


My Take On Maybelline New York Hyper Matte Liquid Liner

Hey Beautiful People,

How’s the day treating you??

Let me tell you one thing, I am a huge lover of Eye makeup…!!! Experimenting new eye makeups and trying out new eye products is one of my fantasies. I can not step out of home without a stroke of kajal on my eyes.

I have a tried a lot of eye liners and kajal till date. If you ask me to pick one among them, would love to pick this black beauty from one of my favorite brands,  “Maybelline New York, Hyper Matte Liquid Liner”     *Bright Smile*

Do you want to know why…??!! well, Read on… *wink*

 What the product claims:

Go Hyper Intense For 10X The Matte Impact

Stepping up the matte trend from lips to eyes, Maybelline New York introduces the Hyper Matte Liquid Liner. This first-ever matte finish liquid eye liner comes in a dip-in brush format and gives the most intense, 24 hour long stay lines. The slim brush has an elongated, well-rounded applicator for ease and comfort in application and gives the perfect amount of product for precise lining. The liner is smudge-proof, water-proof and also heat-proof. Now get ready for an explosion of the purest, blackest, matte-est matte in 20 seconds flat!

    My take on Maybelline New York Hyper Matte Liquid Liner:

So, this eye liner, comes in a tube kind of sturdy plastic packing. The two contrasting colors, black and white makes it look attractive.
This is sleek and tiny, hence can be carried in clutch/ handbag. The tube does not leak hence makes it a travel friendly product.

The cost of this is 325 INR for 3g. You can buy it from
The brush is quite thin. It makes it perfect for drawing fine lines.
It is the dark black(as claimed by company), liquid eyeliner with a matte finish. The color pay off is quite good. Since it dries off really quick, you may need couple of more strokes for a perfect line.
What made me fall for this is the staying power. My eye lids are oily. Setting powder is a must for girls like me, before eyeliner application. It was tough for me to find an eye liner which stays for a long without smudging / fading. Yahoooo…. Here it is… I found one… It stays for around 11-12 hours…!!!(A long day at work… *phew*) It doesn’t even fade. Yes you read it right. So, the claim of their long staying duration is true. (I haven’t tried it for 24 hours though.) I am so much happy with its staying power.

I have used it on my water line like a kajal, it didn’t smudge.!!! Hence it is smudge proof…!!!

Removal of the liner is quite easy. It comes out flaky when you rub it with makeup remover. Matte after all.

Overall, I can say it stands for what it claims.

Let me list down pros and cons for quick readers…

 Pros of Maybelline New York Hyper Matte Liquid Liner:

  1. Staying Power is really really great.
  2. Color payoff is good.
  3. Dries of quickly.
  4. Affordable
  5. Travel friendly.
  6. Thin brush is perfect for drawing fine lines.
  7. True to what it claims.

    Cons of Maybelline New York Hyper Matte Liquid Liner :
None for me.

   My rating:

If you are looking for long lasting dark black eye liner, this one is for you. Do give a try.

Till the next post….

Keep Smiling…!!!
Pallavi ❤

It’s all about Tattoos…!!!

Hey you all…

Today’s post is about THE body art, tattoo…!!!

I have one tattoo each on both my wrists. People keep asking me about the experience, the care that we need to take etc etc… So, I decided why not I write it down all of them so that it will help someone out there, who is really interested in tattoos.

Tattoos are the body art, made by inserting indelible ink into cells. They insert/inject color pigments into your cells.

When I was a child, I was very much fascinated by tattoos. I used to just love flaunting the sticker tattoos which we used to get along with chocolates. The sticker ones used to last for a day or two. I used to feel so bad when the tattoo used to fade. sad

I wanted to get a permanent tattoo since my childhood. But in those days, tattoo studios were not introduced in a town like mine. There were these women who were ‘THE traditional tattoo artists’. They used to have certain designs’ blocks made up of wood. These blocks were dipped in some color and pressed against area where you wanted to get a tattoo. Then they used to take there ‘weapon’, a bunch of sharp needles…!!! They used to dip the needles in pigments and puncture the cells by pressing them against the design which they had drew using the wooden blocks. ouchhh I was terrified by the sight. pheww and yes, their songs would be a complimentory one. They used to sing, in order to divert one’s mind. (Oh please, Even if my favorite singer Taylor swift agrees to sing for me, I cant go through that pain…!!! )People used to get high fever because of this procedure.

Thankfully, now the procedure is sooo much easier. Thanks to the discovery of great equipments to do a tattoo.

As I mentioned earlier, I have got two tattoos. Trust me guys, the feeling is awesome. They are the permanent accessories which you can flaunt all your lifetime. There is no way that you will forget to wear or lose, just like what happens with other accessories of us.
So below are some of the points which I would like to share with you all.

Things you need to consider before getting a permanent tattoo:

  1. Tattoo is something which lasts for lifetime. This is something which we take with us to our grave. So, you need to be very very sure about the design. I would personally would ask you guys do not get any one’s name tattooed on you. Tattoo lasts for life time but relationship might not.
  2. You can design your own tattoo which defines your personality. Do not get a tattoo done only because the design looked cool on someone else.
  3. Be sure where you want to get a tattoo. The area which is bony and exposed to nerves is not recommended for a tattoo virgin. When needle comes in contact with bone or a nerve, it pains more. Go for a part with more flesh and less nerves like wrist, thighs, arms etc.
  4. Do not give priority to money over your health. Research and get reviews of the tattoo studios / artist before choosing one. Make sure the place, equipment and needle are hygienic. Some reputed studio might costs you more but darling, you are worth it.
  5. Make sure you are not allergenic to any colors pigments.

My first tattoo experience:

My first tattoo is a musical note. Music is something which moves my soul… Which makes lifts my mood up and makes my soul happy… So, here is my first tattoo…!!!

I got this beauty done from one of the oldest and reputed tattoo studios in Pune, “Sabby’s tattoo”.

They drew the tattoo design of my choice, on a piece of paper. They place the paper on my wrist. They applied a solution on it. When they removed the paper, the design’s impression was on my wrist. This acts like a reference sketch. They draw the tattoo on basis of this tremporary impression.

I was really nervous and at the same time very excited as I was finally fulfilling one of my childhood desire…!!!

The tattoo artist sterilised the equipments and removed a new needle in front of me. He informed me about the same. This is to make the customer feel safe. After all tattoo procedure is all about hygen.

I know you must be curious to know how painful it was. Because this is the factor which stops most of us to get a tattoo done. Trust me, it wasn’t that painful.

I want to mention here, the pain you go through the procedure totally depends on your tattoo artist. He/ she is the one who controls the tattoo gun. Just an FYI, The tattoo machine’s needle punctures the skin 50 to 3,000 times per minute. I was freaked out by this fact. But, luckily the artist was so curtious and gentle, my first tattoo experience was just a cake walk.

When he started the tattoo machine, I just took a deep breath and showed him a thumbs up. While he was drawing the outline, it was not at all painful. It was not even like an ant bite trust me.

While he was filling the design, it needs constant or repeated puncturing the cells. So that time it pained a little. But it was much much less painful than threading / waxing.

Once the tattoo was done, they covered it up with a gel and asked me to wash it after an hour.

Below are the things which the artist asked me to follow for the tattoo maintenance.

Procedures to follow for 15-20 days after tattoo:

  1. Tattoo is technically an open wound. You need to maintain hygiene. Else it might lead to some skin infection. You can wash tattoo with a mild soap, twice a day.
  2. We can not expose the tattoo directly to water and sun light frequently.
    It is recommended to apply vaseline before taking bath. This will prevent tattoo from coming contact with water.
    Cover the tattoo with layers of clothes before coming out in sun.
  3. No gym or swimming and no weight lifting if the tattoo is on your hands/ arms. These activities leads to expansion of cells, which will effect the tattoo.
  4. They provide you a gel which you need to apply on a clean tattoo twice daily.
  5. The trickky part is, when tattoo starts to heal it itches a lot. As it heals, the upper layer gets dried. But, you should not scratch it. If you do, it will ruin the tattoo. While it itches, just apply the gel provided by them. This will give you a soothing effect. (Even at midnights…!!! )
  6. You cant let any accessories(specially metalic ones) to come in contact with your tattoo. To avoid any skin reaction.
    The feeling you get with your tattoo, is amazing. I think the pain you go through to take care of tattoo is worth it.

My second tattoo:

I had opted the same tattoo studio for my second tattoo. Here is my second one.

The semicolon in the heart. It symbolizes a strong heart. Semicolon is used when you need to end a sentence but instead you continue. Same way in life, sometimes we tend to get shattered and give up on certain things. But instead, a strong heart chooses continue to  fight.  So, the second tattoo is for the strong heart which reminds me “you survived that, you can survive anything… Keep going…!!!”

At Sabby’s, it costs 1500 INR per inch.

My first tattoo costed me 2500 INR. Second one 1000 INR.

Artist will give you the needle they used for your first tattoo. If you opt to use the same needle for your second one, you will be charged 500 INR less. They will sterilize the needle before using it so no worries. I had got the discount on my second tattoo for the same reason.

You can use the same needle thrice. Since the needle wont be that sharp enough for a fine tattoo, you can not use it after that.


Special note:

Tattoo design is your personal choice. People always have their own opinions about the stuffs. Do not listen to what people think about the design. Some like, some don’t. You are getting a tattoo for yourself, not to impress people out there. wink


So these are the points which came to my mind while writing this post…. 🙂

Feel free to ask your queries  regarding the tattoos, if any.

Would love to help.

Keep smiling…
Pallavi 🙂

Easy way to do Winged eyeliner…!!!

Hey my beautiful readers…

How is the day treating you all..???

I don’t feel I am perfect at drawing perfect winged eye liner but , would love to share my tried and tested tips with you guys. I will be glad if you find them useful.

So, today I will be sharing some of the tips I follow while creating winged eye liner look.

You must have heard saying “Do not ask a girl with winged liner, why she is late…!!!”  wink Yes, it is an art… but not a rocket science for sure…  Practice makes you perfect.

Let’s get started then…

I have classified it into 3 steps.

  1. Preparing eye lids:

To begin with, we need to prepare the base. Most of us are blessed with the oily lids. Oily lids make the liner smudge bit fast. Hence, we need to make eye lids oil proof in order to make our liner last longer.

For this, you need a good Eye Primer. It evens out skin tone, absorbs oil and prepares the base.

If you do not have one, don’t worry… Even setting powder will do the job. You can use any setting powder of your choice, which matches your skin tone.

You might find this link useful to find a perfect setting powder for you.

Prepare your eye lids by applying setting powder on them.



  1. Drawing the liner along the eye lash line.

Most of you guys, especially the beginners find it really difficult to draw line along the eyelash line. Let me make this step a bit easier one. All of you guys have must played ‘connecting the dots’ game at some point of time in your life. So, lets bring back that memory here. laugh


Draw dots over the eyelids along the eye lash line.



Now just connect them.



Phewww…!!! Done with the tricky part… right..??



  1. Drawing the wing:

You must have loads of cards, like debit/ credit/ shopping etc. Pick one of them. Place the card in such a way that, the end of your eye brow and corner of your eye are in a straight line as shown below.



Draw a line starting from the eye’s corner towards eyebrow end along the side of the card. Length of the line is totally of your choice. I prefer a small wing. If you guys want to try dramatic long wing look, draw a bit long line.



Now, drawing the triangle.

Draw a line from the eye lash line (which you drew in the previous step), to the tip of the line drawn using the card few minutes back to draw a triangle.




Fill in the triangle.






Wow…!!! You are done drawing winged liner…!!!  good job


Couple of mascara swipe, and you are ready… 🙂


Some more tips I would like to mention:

  1. For beginners, I would suggest using gel eyeliners. Once you get used to drawing lines perfectly, you can start using liquid eye liners. Handling liquid eye liners is a tricky part since they are runny.
  2. Do not leave any gap while drawing line along eye lash line on the lid.
  3. Keep ear buds handy to erase the tiny mistakes that tend to happen while drawing lines.
  4. Most important, do not lose patience/ hope. Even I am not so perfect. It needs a lot of practice to be a pro.
  5. You can apply kajal to the water line.
  6. Applying white/ n**e eye liners on the water line will give you a fresh eye look.


Did you find this helpful???


Do try and let me know your experience.


Happy weekend you guys…!!!!

Pallavi ❤





chambor extreme wear transferproof liquid lipstick Reviewed

Hey girlies,

So, I was talking about my favorite lipstick umm. I would love to let you guys know, what made me fall in love with this cutie….

Let’s start with the review then…

Since many days, I was looking for a long lasting lipstick. (For being a bit lazy for regular touchups..!! ) While I had been to buy a product of some other brand at a mall near me, these lipsticks and the tag line caught my eyes. “Lip colour… That’s here to stay…!!!”


The Chambor is a well-known brand but its availability is bit a problem. They are available in some of the malls here in Pune. The products I have used so far from this brand have won my heart.

There are 18 shades available in this particular  extreme wear transfer proof range.! (Wow… ) Everyone will find their ‘right shade’ in this range.

The 402 shade is a soft Pink. Which suits everyone. It can be carried by any gal since it gives you a more natural lip shade look.


It comes in a transparent flat tube packing. The transparent tube makes it easy for us to differentiate between the shades.  This doesn’t takes much space in your handbag. You can even carry it in your clutch or jeans pocket. 😉 The packing is leak proof, thus making it a travel friendly one.

The applicator is soft and makes the application really easy.


The texture is creamy soft and color pay off is so good that, one swipe… and you are good to go…!!! *wink*


It falls under matte lipstick. So the dry lips beauties like me, need to apply a layer of transparent lip balm before applying these.

If not, it will highlight the fine lines on your lips…!!! Just like you can see in the pic below. 😛 But the matte finishing lipsticks works like this so no complaints. 🙂


After applying a lip balm, it looks more like a gloss. (This is how you can use a matte lipstick like a glossy one… )



The price of the cutie is 845 INR. I think they are worth the price.


Overall, I am very happy picking this… 🙂


Special Note:

Recently, the Kylie jenner lipsticks have become the hot stuff in the market. Buying them is not so easy, because of their fastest sale. I tried a lot to buy them, but they get sold out within no time..!!!

What if we couldn’t buy one from her beautiful collection… Here is the happy little secret…!!!

This particular shade of Chambor is exact replica of ‘Posie K’ of Kylie Jenner’s lip collection. Interestingly not only the shade, both lipsticks have same texture. J

So if you guys are looking for buying Kylie Jenner’s Posie K, here is a good option from Chambor.


 I hope you guys found this review helpful…!!!

If so, *Mission Accomplished* 😉

I would love to know your comments… Please feel free to leave a comment below…  🙂


Until next post…


Keep loving yourself…

Pallavi… 🙂

My Favorite Lipstick…!!!

Hey Girlies,

Someone has rightly said, “give a woman a right shade of lipstick. She can conquer the world” !!! Every girl who loves makeup and lipsticks, has her own kind of favorite lipstick shade. That one shade and she is ready to face the world. One lipstick that lifts her mood up… Which makes her feel the Queen of the world. 🙂



So, which is your favorite lipstick which you love the most???

Ummm… Mine is  “chambor extreme wear liquid lipstick” shade 402. Its a cute girly pink which will suit and can be carried by anyone and everyone. 🙂

I will post a detailed review of my cutie sooonnn…. 🙂

Let me know which lipstick is your savior… 🙂

Keep Rocking,

Pallavi 🙂



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