Forest Essentials Lip Balm In the Variant Sugared Rose Petal Review and Swatches

Lip care products always make space in my ‘to buy’ list. Forest essentials being one of my favourite brands, for luxurious Ayurvedic products, I wanted to try this range for a long time.

If you have seen my birthday video on YouTube, you know this lip balm in a gift from my lovely sister. ❤

Frozen — #so cute I'm gonna die #thank you animators

While my sister’s gift won my heart, let’s see whether this lip balm won or not..!!

Brand: Forest Essentials

Price: 695 INR for 4g 0r 0.14 oz

Shel life: 23 Months. Once opened 6 months.!


Only Key Ingredients List is displayed not the entire list of ingredients.

Cruelty free? Yessss

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Recyclable? Yessss

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Hexagonal Outer Carton looks like this.

It has these rose prints on it. Blue & red combo looks pretty. It also has all the details about the
product mentioned on it.

Oval shaped sturdy plastic Container contains the actual product.

Name of product and quantity are mentioned on the bottom of it. Gold lid & transparent jar looks Cute. Brand name is printed on lid.

Best part about the packing is it come with a mirror. How cool is that..!! It is pretty compact hence can be carried around easily.

Colour: Pretty Coral coloured balm looks so pretty.

Fragrance: It has strong smell of Gulkhand.

Texture: Light weight texture. Doesn’t feel heavy on lips.

My Experience: To begin with, I have very dry lips. That need lot of hydration. Since I loved some products from this brand in the past, I had lot of expectations from this one.

Let me start with the fragrance first. This aroma of Gulkhand stays for a while post application.Plus, I am not a fan of Gulkhand smell. So the smell is very bothering.

It is light weight on lips. Doesn’t add any tint.

Talking about prime purpose of a lip balm, unfortunately it did not help my dry lips. Did not add the amount of hydration my lips need. I tried it in both day time & night time but no much use for me!

1. Travel friendly packing.
2. Classy packing makes it a good collectible.
3. Light weight formula glides easily.
4. Doesn’t add tint. Can be worn before applying lipstick.
5. Cruelty free
6. Recyclable.

1. Fragrance in bothering if you are not a fan of Gulkhand.
2. Doesn’t help extreme dry lips.
3. For the quantity & the job it did, I found it pricey.
4. Only key ingredients list is mentioned not the entire list.

Mygirlypedia rating: 1/5.

1 for the packing which I will refill with my favourite lip balm.

Mygirlypedia Note:
1. If you are someone who love collecting lip care products, lip balm with a mirror would make a great collectible.
2. If you have normal lips which doesn’t require extra hydration plus if you have the budget you can go for it. If you have dry lips please skip it.
3. Also think about the Gulkhand fragrance before spending your precious money on this one!

Hope this review helps!

Chemical Free Shampoo Recipe By My Grandma

When it comes to hair care or skin care grandma’s recipes are the best. They never fail to amaze us every time we use them. Today I am going to share one of such wonderful hair care recipes from my dear grandma.

Finding a shampoo that works or us is as difficult as finding our soulmate. Even if we succeed in finding one, the fact remains the same that the shampoo does contain some chemicals that might harm our hair in the long run. So, what’s the solution then??

No wo’rries honey, I am going to share a solution. It is a DIY (Do It Yourself) Shampoo recipe. It has no chemicals only solutions for all your hair problems.!!

All you need are 3 ingredients. Lets make our shampoo. Ready?

1. Amla/Indian gooseberry:
Rich in vitamin C, amla is widely used in Ayurveda for hair & skincare. Major benefits being:
1. Reduces hair fall.
2. Makes hair strong.
3. Reduces dandruff.
4. Treats premature greying.
5. Promotes hair growth.
6. Treats scalp infections.

2. Reetha:
Ayurveda says dandruff is the real culprit when it comes to hair fall. Reetha helps in controlling hair fall by removing dandruff. It has antibacterial & anti-fungal properties which helps in fighting dandruff & hair fall. Reetha also adds moisture to scalp them making it feel healthy & supple.

3. Sheekakai:
This is a well known hair care product. Benefits of using Shekakai are:
1. Adds shine & softness to hair.
2. For stronger & thicker hair
3. Removes hair lice.
a. Removes dandruff
5. Heals infection.
6. Removes hair loss issue.
7. Nourishes hair follicles.
8. Avoids premature ageing.

How to make?
Its easy. Mix these ingredients in a bowl. Add water. Now boil the mixture.
Keep this mixture overnight so that the water gets time to absorb all the goodness of these  ingredients. Your shampoo is ready to be used the next day. Yeeaahh!!

PS: Filter out the ingredients before using for hassel free use of shampoo.

Mygirlypedia Note:

These are my learning through personal experience:
1. Make sure you never let the shampoo come in contact with your eyes. If you do, you will be left with red eyes because it burns (nothing severe but yes its’ better to avoid).

2. It leaves your hair soft. You don’t need to use conditioner post this shampoo. Thanks to Reetha and shikakai. So cool huun!

3. If you have oiled your hair, you will need more quantity of shampoo. This is the same case with any other hair cleaner!

4. If you have not filtered out the ingredients, there might be some ingredients stuck to your hair. No worries, once you are done washing, once the hair is dry, you can gently comb your hair to remove them.

Keep coming back to Mygirlypedia for such amazing recipes.

In case you wanna see the whole process of making the shampoo, do click on the video below.


Forest Essentials Tejasvi Brightening Emulsion Review and Swatches

Hello Beautiful,

Skin covers your entire body. If you invest in your skin, it is going to represent you..!

Being a skin care enthusiast, I love trying out new skin care products. Products that say Ayurvedic or natural, I am sold for it.! One of such brands that is on my favourite list is Forest Essentials – Luxurious Ayurveda..! (See, Ayurveda..!)

While I have tried good number of skin care products from their range, many have worked out and some haven’t. Today I am reviewing one of those products from the brand. Keep reading to know whether it worked for me or not.!

Brand : Forest Essentials.

Price : 2175 INR for 30 g or 1.05 oz.

Shelf Life : 23 Months.

Is This Cruelty Free? Yes

Is This Recyclable? Yes

Ingredients / What Does Company Claims? / How to Use :

Please note that the ingredients list is not mentioned here. Mentioned here is the composition/ major ingredients.!

Packing : Brand’s tag line itself says ‘ Luxurious Ayurveda’, packing stands quite true to it.

The outer carton is made of hard cardboard. The glossy finished, gold design gives that luxurious look. As you can see the brand logo is printed on the carton along with couple of traditional dancing ladies. The flower print adds the charm to this design. All the details about the product, usage are printed on the bottom side of this same carton.

Product comes in dark and sturdy glass bottle. I must say, no matter how fancier the plastic packing may be, but a glass packing is the classier one.! Gold lid with brown glass combo looks classy. Glass is in deed sturdy. As a clumsy person, I have tested it by dropping it couple of times.!

Colour : Somewhere between maroon and brown.

Fragrance : It has a strong fragrance of ghee and something sort of sweet note. Even though the fragrance is noticeable, it fades after application. As the fragrance is not over empowering, it should be ok for sensitive nose I believe.

Consistency : Balm like consistency.

Swatches :

My Experience :

I have dry skin that needs extra hydration. I thought of buying this particular product for its description and the base ingredient of it – Ghee. Ghee is very useful when it comes to treating dry skin. I used the product just like the way it is mentioned on the packing.

As soon as you open the jar, first thing you notice is its fragrance. I kinda liked the fragrance. It did not bother me at all. Consistency is perfect for facial massage. It’s a balm consistency. Neither runny nor sticky.

Thing I loved the most is that it did what it claimed. It added the moisture. My skin was visibly hydrated and plump.

Even though the product name says its emulsion, it is a balm. It is quite thick and heavy. That’s why even though I have dry skin, I prefer using it twice a week, not more than that. If you have oily or sensitive skin, I would suggest you to skip this.

Pros :

  1. Does what it claims. Adds good amount of hydration. Leaves skin soft and plump.
  2. Balm consistency is perfect for good facial massage.
  3. Sturdy packing.
  4. Little goes long way. Single jar is going to last for months.
  5. Did not break my skin.
  6. It is cruelty free. No animal was harmed in the process of making this product.
  7. Product is recyclable.

Cons :

  1. Tub packing is not hygienic as we have to make sure our fingers are super clean before taking out the product. Else, we are just transferring bacteria into the jar.!
  2. Some might find it pricy. (Quantity required is less for each use and as it did what it claimed, I am not complaining about the price.)
  3. Whole ingredients list is not mentioned.

Mygirlypedia Rating : 4.5/5

Mygirlypedia Note: If you have dry skin and need of good moisturising product, plus if you have budget, you must give this a try. If you have oily or sensitive skin, this balm might be heavier on your skin. Which in turn might cause breakouts. I would suggest you to give a patch test or completely skip this product.

You can watch live swatches in the video below 😛

Shopped at Phoenix After One Year


If you have been following my blog, you know how much I love shopping. If you are also a shopaholic, high five..!! Because shopping it’s not just a therapy for us, it’s an art and we are the artists.!

Due to the pandemic all the malls (read it as wonderland of a shopaholic) were closed. After more than a year, I finally managed to go to Phoenix mall and spent a day doing thing I love to do the most – Shhhooooppppiiinnngggg..!!!

First and foremost I ran to my love Sephora and bought some skin care and makeup stuffs. I am also a huge fan of home decor and Chumbak is a brand I love for those home decor items. They are cute and girly..!

Also visited couple of cute shops who has a lot of cute stuffs to offer. Miniso is one of those shops who has girly things within the budget.

If you wanna see what’s inside my shopping bag, things I bought, watch watch..!!

Hope you enjoyed the video..!

What did you like the most? Do you want me to film a video while I am shopping? Wanna see that glow on my face when I shop.? 😀 Comment below..!! ❤


When was The Last Time You Appreciated Yourself?

Appreciation, a gentle yet much needed push we all need once in a while to continue this journey called life. This push not only brings us joy and happiness, but also helps us to give our best in whatever we do. Agreed?

Appreciating someone for their little or big achievements is one incredible thing to do. Na, not all can do that. If you are one of those who appreciate whole heartedly, you are an amazing person..! I appreciate you for that..!

I know it feels so good to receive appreciation for our achievements or good works, but what we often forget is what is called ‘Self Appreciation’. Where you appreciate yourself for your own good work/ deeds.

So, when was the last time you appreciated yourself ??? What for??? Come on, there must be something. I am sure there is. No matter how small or big that achievement is, you need to appreciate your own self. If you still find nothing, at least for this incredible journey you have had till date..!! It is worth the appreciation.

The other day I was going through an old album. I came across this beautiful picture of mine which was clicked when I was a little girl. That bright smile, that joy in the eyes with which that little girl was looking at me, made me feel soooo good. As if that little girl was so proud of me..!!

This made me look back to my journey or rather this beautiful transformation of this innocent little girl into a strong independent lady.! 

Journey wasn’t really easy but it was totally worth it. Lessons I learnt along the journey is something that I will never ever replace it with something else.! I will never ever trade for. 

We often see others and appreciate them for their achievements. Sometimes big achievements and sometimes even a little ones. We congratulate someone for even buying a car or a house..! But we often fail or rather forget to look at our own selves and give credit for making it so far..!! Don’t you feel so?

We all were once a caterpillar who have now grown into this big beautiful butterfly. Just like how a butterfly doesn’t know how beautiful its wings are, how it doesn’t know its beauty, we often tend to take a minute of pause to look at our own achievements and appreciate it. How incredibly we have changed through this journey of life. We fail to pat our back for overcoming the phase of life once we thought was the end of life.!

If you are still wondering what your achievements are that are worth appreciating… Here, let me give you a very recent one – 2020. What a year..!! If you are reading this, thst means you have made through it. Thats definitely nothing less than any achievements. It was in deed challenging mentally, physically and even financially. You made it. ***Applaud***.

There were yet times where you thought you wouldn’t make it through that phase. But you stood up, fought and made it..!! Congratulations on that never give up attitude 

Oh if you are a mother or a homemaker, you have a whole level of list to appreciate yourself for. For keeping everyone else before you in your own priority list to those sleepless nights for taking care of your family. A big big applaud.

I am sure if you look back, you will get n number of scenarios of life where you are worth all the appreciation. May be for what you achieved, for what you learnt, may be for that fearlessly loving nature of yours, for that incredible heart of yours that forgives others and still continues to believe in goodnesses ahh there are a lot and lot of such things you can think of about yourself for yourself to appreciate yourself. ..!

I am sure, by now there is a list ready in your mind. Let’s do one thing, sit back and relax. Take a pen and a paper right now and list down those scenarios or achievements or any small or big it might be write it down on that paper. I am sure as you start writing down, you remember more and more of it where you didn’t give yourself enough credit. That list will surely bring a smile on your face and warm your heart.

Note of Love : If you are wondering how to appreciate yourself? You can stand in front of the mirror (non mandatory) and say appreciating words. Or you can treat yourself with a good reward. Be it your favourite dessert, item in your Wishlist or anything that makes you feel special, makes you feel loved.!

Next time, when you remember to be kind (as kindness is something this world needs the most RN), also remember that kindness starts with YOU..!!!

Keep Smiling..!!

If you are a Kannadiga/ someone who understand Kannada, you can checkout the Kannada version of same content in my latest YouTube video 🙂

OOTD | Styling Monochrome Trousers and Top in 4 Different Ways


Which is your favourite game? Mine is Dress-up game..!

You know it’s not just a game, it’s an art, a therapy. It’s one of the simplest ways to express who we are. This is a game most of us love playing. Isn’t it?

Today I chose this beautiful trousers I bought from an online store called Myntra recently. In case you missed watching the haul, here it is – Click to Watch Myntra Haul Video.

I chose this turtle neck black top along with the black trousers. This is one monochrome and happy look (Because #Blackismyhappycolor).

I played with accessories (that include earrings, neckpieces, footwear and handbags) and makeup to create this 4 easy looks. All of these looks are easy to create and MOST IMPORTANTLY wearable.

Let’s get starttteedddd..!!!

Look 1: Red and Black are Iconic

Red and black never go out of style. The combo never fails. Here I kept my lips loud with a red shade of lipstick. Chose winged liner for eyes.

For ears I am going minimal accessories and bare neck.

Matching shade on my lips with that of my accessories i.e. my sling bag and my shoes.

Look 2 : Minimal and Chic

Keeping the eye makeup same for the look. For lips, going for a glossy finish. Ears, I am going over broad with huge pair of hoop earrings.

I have tied my hair into low ponytail. For neck a simple yet classy single layer neckpiece.

Matching my footwear with that of my cute clutch. I have chosen n*de shade to do that.

Look 3 : Let The Eyes Do The Talking

This time I am letting my eyes speak with a layer of Kajal and eyeliner..! To balance it up, going for n*de shade of lipstick.

For neck I am going for layering. For ears it’s small hoops.

To add more spark, adding this beautiful belt.

My footwear and clutch are going to be black. You can go for sling bag as well.!

Look 4 : Overcoats for Extra Points

I am ditching all other accessories except earrings, for this look. Let my overcoat do the magic.

Chose this multicoloured overcoat over the black outfit to complete this simple yet pretty look.

Let me know your pick in the comments section below..!

Also you can checkout this styling video below..!

Green Mask Recipe for Healthy Hair and Scalp


Today, I am sharing this recipe of this easy breezy hair mask that will help you get healthy, shiny hair anddd healthy scalp.

As I said it is pretty easy to prepare and use. You need 3 ingredients. Name of the mask is by its colour. Oh and yes I am the one who took the privilege of naming this mask huun..! 😉

Shall we get started with today’s hair care?

Ingredients you need are :

  1. Bhringraj Powder
  2. Amla Powder
  3. Curry Leaves Powder
  4. Base of your choice.

Let me give you few options for the base.

  • It can be as simple as water
  • Honey
  • Curd (my favourite. I will list down the benefits of curd in the next section.)

Benefits of Each Ingredient:

Bhringraj Powder:
1. Reduces Hair fall and hair thinning 
2. Promotes Hair Growth
3. Reduces dandruff 
4. Stops premature greying of hair 

Amla Powder:
1. Conditions scalp
2. Boost volume
3. Reduce dandruff
4. Promotes healthy hair growth 

Curry Leaves Powder:
1. Reduces hair fall
2. Increases hair growth 
3. Strengthens hair follicles
4. Helps to remove dead hair follicles which can be the reason behind dandruff.

1. Superfood for hair
2. Acts as a natural Conditioned for your Hair 
3. Cures scalp infection
4. Reduces dandruff

How to Prepare:

You must have guessed it already by the first sentence of this post. Yes, you just have to mix all four ingredients and make the paste.

How to Use:

Apply the mask to scalp. Leave for 10-15 minutes as the mask dries quite fast.

Then wash it with regular water and shampoo.

With regular use, your hair and scalp will thank you for this wonderful dose of goodness.

Morning and Evening Skincare Routine


Nothing comes easy..!! Like most of the things in life, a good healthy skin also takes consistent care. You might know the mantra for beautiful skin. If no, do check this post..!

I am a skincare enthusiast who love trying out different skincare products or recipes. Mygirlypedia is full of such posts that will help you to pamper your skin.!

If you are a subscriber to my channel, you must be already aware about my night time skincare routine. If you have missed it, no worries I will share the video at the end of this post.

Recently I got few suggestions to share my morning skincare routine so I have shared simple and easy to follow steps I do in the morning. It involves CTM + Sunscreen.

Yes Sunscreen. If you are wondering why sunscreen is important for healthy skin, do check this post about importance of sunscreen. The post has answers to all the questions one have about sunscreen.

Below are the video that I had shot while doing skincare in the evening and in the morning. Also shared few learnings I have learnt through the years from skincare experts.

Share your views in the comment section below.! Happy to answer queries if any 🙂

Morning Skincare Routine | Dry Skin – YouTube

Night Skincare Routine | Dry Skin Care – YouTube

Myntra Haul


When I shop, the world gets better..! – This is a famous dialogue from the movie Confessions of A Shopaholic..!!

Me being one, I can exactly relate to this dialogue. For me, shopping is more of a therapy, a retail therapy. When I lift my shopping bags, ahhh the feeling is great..!

Now that the definition of normal life has been changed, I do miss going to shop and buying stuffs. Nowadays it’s mostly online. Even though I don’t get to swipe my credit card and lift my bags, I do get happiness while unpacking the packages I receive post online shopping..!

So here is one such happy video of unpacking my recent haul from online store – Myntra.

Firstly, this is not a sponsored post or an ad. Theses are the stuffs I have bought from my hard earned money haha..!

Haul has Kurtis, t-shirts and trousers. Do watch the happy video below.

Also if you like any of the apparel, let me know which one in the comment section. In case you wanna buy any, the description box of the video has shopping links as well.

So recently

Hair Mask to Treat All Hair Problems


This post is for your crown..!! Yes, hair is our crown and we should take care of it.

Other day I started trying out this hair mask which is one solution for all hair problems. Sounds interesting?

Without any further delay let’s see what are the ingredients that you need to prepare this mask. Ready? All right..!!


  1. Onion Juice

2. Curd

3. Bhringraj Powder

Now we should know the role of each ingredient in this hair pack. Here are the benefits of each of them.

  1. Onion Juice

This is a magical potion. Onion juice has lot of benefits to offer for your hair. I have a whole separate video shot to list down the benefits of it.

Please do watch to know benefits along with how to squeeze out the juice, how to apply and of course my experience.

2. Curd:

Hair fall:

While there are multiple reasons that cause hair fall. Including improper diet/ lifestyle, stress, hormonal changes, pollution, chemicals etc. One of the major reason can be hair follicles not receiving proper nutrition.

Curd is rich in calcium and protein. Our biggest nightmare, hair fall. Hair fall can be treated by using curd on our hair.

Hair conditioning :

Curd acts as a natural conditioner. If you have dry damaged hair, applying curd will do the job of a conditioner.


Fungus cause dandruff. It makes scalp flaky. Which in turn result in hair fall.! Curd has anti-fungal properties that will help in saying bye bye to dandruff and also avoid it from getting further.

Shiny Hair:

Who doesn’t love healthy and shiny hair? Curd is rich in vitamins, fatty acids and essential amino acids. That’s how curd provides nutrition to hair and make them shiny and lustrous. 

3. Bhringraj Powder:

Bhringraj powder is well known for effective action on hair and scalp. Thus it is widely used in Ayurveda to treat many hair issues.

Hair Growth:

Bhringraj powder stimulates scalp cells thus helps in promoting hair growth.


Bhringraj powder has anti-microbial properties. Thus makes it effective to treat dandruff and lice.

Thinning and Premature Greying of Hair:

Bhringraj powder is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. This helps in avoiding thinning of hair. With regular usage, Bhringraj powder can also restore natural colour of hair.

How to Prepare?

Mix all the ingredients to get a paste like consistency.

How Long Should I Leave the Mask to Work?

Minimum of 15 – 20 minutes. You can leave it till the mask dries out. Then wash with regular shampoo of your choice.

You can watch the demo here :p

Please note, Ayurvedic/ homemade treatments doesn’t have side effects. Some might show the immediate results and some need time to show visible results. One should be consistent in order to achieve the expected results. 🙂

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