Post for Guys : How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Within Budget

Valentine’s day..!! Day to celebrate love.. Umm this sentence sounds odd. Know? Love should be celebrated every single day.. Every single moment..! Anyway, let me put it this way, day which is specific to celebrate romantic love and appriciate your partner.

Girls must be already ready with their gifts wrapped. But I am sure guys must be still ‘consulting’ their single male / female friends about ‘what to gift to his girl?’. Well, this post is for those confused guys plus, who are broke and need ‘plans’ within budget..!!

Movie Marathon with Bucket of Popcorn:

Get those popcorn packets which you can cook at home. Prepare them (Oh you don’t need any chef skills to prepare them. ‘How to cook’ is mentioned on the pack and we loveeee popcorn). Watch movies with your bae in a cozy setup. Romantic + budget friendly.

Cook Together:

Studies say that couple who cook together stay together (Ok, ok, I cooked that up). But it’s fun to bond over cooking food. Isn’t it??
Your Own Theatre:

You need a projector and a white cloth to work it as a screen. Umm a clean blank wall would also do for that matter. Borrow a projector and play her favorite movies (which you can also watch) to make her smile.

Switch off Your Phone:

Girls hate when they don’t get enough attention. Especially when her guy is right in front of her and he seems to be more interested in his phone rather than in her. So please put your phone in silent mode on the ‘V Day’ to make some beautiful memories.


Bhool jao (Forget it) most of the male population is not good at it..! So let’s strikeout this.

Take her Out for A Long Drive/ Ride:

All you need is a vehicle and fuel. Take her out. All girls love this. Plus make sure you play some nice romantic music. If you are taking for a ride, play songs on your mobile..!!

Love letter:

Oh please don’t start with I am not good at it. Let me tell you who can help you with that skill – Google. Google some best love letters. Pick lines here and there and make your one letter. I know you must be thinking why can’t I copy entire letter. No you can’t. Be an original copier yaar.

PS : Don’t forget to change the names..!!!


Young couple eating together at home
I know, going out for dinner is burning your pocket. Waiting line is different problem. Instead order online. You have so many food delivering apps which will provide so many coupons. Order them and feed your girl her favorite food. Score some brownie points.
Go for A Walk Together:

Walk, hand in hand. Her brain will be busy thinking that you are being super romantic and never bothers to think about the fact that you are being economic. Umm may be a walk near a mountain? It’s romantic anddd it’s away from shopping malls.

Turn On the Music and Dance:

Pubs are expensive, dance floors will be full. Instead, turn on the music at home and start dancing along with the love of your life. I am pretty sure you guys will have gala time. If you are good at dancing, she will appreciate you for that. If not, she will have good laughter and appreciate you for your efforts.

Ok so these were the things I could think of. Which did not involve shopping/ travelling/ dining at a posh restaurant. Basically very budget friendly one. Hope you find it useful to celebrate V day.

No matter how you celebrate, don’t forget to love and appriciate your partner for all the things they do. Express what they mean to you. I am sure that will definietly brighten up her face and your day.

Most Common New Year’s Resolutions


Well, well, it’s the first day of the new year 2020..!!

When we hear new year, resolutions is the word that usually comes with it. Many of us, every year, without fail make some resolutions. Things which we would like to follow or accomplish in the new year. It’s an open secret that very few end up keeping up those resolutions. I am personally so bad at keeping ‘new year’s resolutions’ that, I have just stopped that custom..!!

PC: Internet

Just for fun, I thought of listing out very common/ universal resolutions most of us usually make every year.

PS : Thanks to me, my friends and colleagues for the inputs. 😝

Here we go,

  • Lose Weight
  • Eat Clean
  • Exercise Daily
  • Travel
  • Stay Happy/ Mental Peace Over Anything & Everything
  • Living Life To The Fullest
  • Less Time With Phone
  • More Time With Family
  • Shop Less. (This isn’t a secret. This is my own resolution. Well, ‘was’. Because I will never be able to accomplish this one. To my other shopaholic friends out there – let’s keep trying..!)
  • Maintain A Journal/ Dairy
  • Get Organized
  • Me Time
  • Start A New Hobby
  • Save/ make more Money
  • Change Jobs
  • Wake Up Early
  • Quit Smoking
  • Quit Drinking
  • Read More
  • Drink More Water

These are some of the most common resolutions I came across.

Add if you know one.

Wish my lovely reader a very happy new year..!! Irrespective of your resolutions, may you make more memories and may you fall in love with your life all over again in the coming days..!!

Loads of love,

Mygirlypedia (Pallavi)

Fun Socks To Keep You Warm and Happy This Winter

Winter is here…!!!

All the blankets are out to keep ourselves warm and cozy. One piece of fabric we usually use more during winters being the socks.

Feet get dry and heels get cracked due to the cold weather. In order to protect them from the winter, we do end up using socks. With gloomy weather, you don’t really have to wear those boring socks anymore. Instead, try adding colors and fun with socks.

Back in those days we used to get colorful socks only for the infants. But now, irrespective of age, you get so many funky options in socks. Not just the size or the fabric, there are so many designs to choose from.

Formal/ plane ones:

Some like to color co ordinate their outfit and their socks. They fall into the category of ‘descent’ ones. Especially if you are wearing socks to your work place or to a formal event, don’t even think of funky socks. It might make you miss those brownie points in fashion meter.

Simple patterns:

If you don’t like too loud yet you want some fun in your socks, choose socks with minimal prints. Like polka dots or floral designs with tiny flowers, be it simple colorful lines etc.

Cartoon Ones:

There are bunch of people who believe that we are never too old for Disney. I belong to this category too. Do you??? If yes, there are plenty of websites over their who offer some amazing Disney characters printed on socks. Checkout my latest buy from one of such websites. Needless to say, I love power puff girls hence the choice.

Super Heroes:

Even though they are cartoon characters, super heroes have been super special. If you love super heroes, here you go. Superman at your rescue.

Pet Lovers:

If you love furry kids and their cute little paws, I have a sweet option for you. You can buy socks with prints of animal paws. As you wear them, your feet is going to look exactly like their mom’s. Haha.

Aloe Vera infused:

Health being the top priority of the most unhealthy generation of ours, there has been some socks made out of healthier content. There are socks with aloe Vera content in it. Which is going to improve the health or texture of your feet by keeping it moisturised and protected. Cool huun???

Bamboo Socks:

Na they are not as hard as the bamboos. But they have the fibers made of bamboo which makes these socks healthy. They are best suited for people with diabetes. The fact bamboo fibers have thermos regulating qualities, it helps in keeping your feet warm in the winters and cool in the hot season.

Seasonal Socks:

There are socks with festive designs. As the Christmas is nearing, there are so many verities of socks available with Christmas designs to give you that festive vibes.

Let your socks do the talking:

There are socks with some witty, funny quotes. Choose them as per your ‘need’ 😜

These are some of the fun socks I could quickly think of. Have you come across any fun or may be unusual socks??? Leave your comments in the comment section below.

Happy Winter….!!!!!

Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – 24


It’s Friday…!!!! #Sigh

This pink shirt is the symbol of my love for Fridays…!!! Haha…!!!

Now, about fun Friday post – enough of telling about myself for now huuh. Let’s play a game – ‘Would you rather’.

I will ask 5 questions with 2 options. As always, I will answer that question first but promise me you will answer them too. How??? You can connect with Mygirlypedia via Instagram, Facebook or let me tell you a simpler option – the comment section below..!! Write down your answer in the comment section. Looking forward to know your answers…!!!

Chalo, let’s start…!!!

Would you rather Experience the beginning of planet earth or the end of planet earth?


Umm I want to experience beginning of planet earth. As a kid, I always loved Dinosaurs. Not those scary carnivorous, I loved those lovely herbivores Dianos.

Would you rather Run at 100 mph or fly at ten mph?


I am very clumsy person. I might just hit myself while running. Plus, I am not scared of heights so I would prefer to fly and enjoy the view from up, in the sky. hehe.

Would you rather Continue with your life or restart it?

Restart, anytime. Who doesn’t like to relive those stress free, happy childhood days..!!!

Would you rather have free Wi-Fi wherever you go or have free coffee where/whenever you want?


I don’t drink coffee/tea so, I am left with the free Wi-Fi. 🙂

PS: I had tried living without internet for a week. It was amazingly peaceful…!!!

Would you rather rule the World or live in a World with absolutely no problems at all?


With power comes responsibility. But living in a world without problems?? It’s a dream of everyone. So yes world with absolutely no problems.

What would you do???Tell me your answers…


Have a great Friday eve…!!! 🙂





Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – 23


I was honestly, never excited for Friday since last Friday…!!! Were you???

Without doing ‘idhar udhar ki batain’, straight into fun Friday questions.

Ready??? Hop in…


What is the color of the outfit you are wearing today???

I am wearing my most favorite color – black.


Have you applied any lipstick??? Which one???

Yes of course. Today, it’s one of my favorite shade from Bobbie brown.

What did you have for your lunch today???

I had some yummy Chinese food…!!! What about you???


Are you a spicy foodie or a dessert lover???

I am a dessert lover. #Always


What was the last thing you ate???

I just had a piece of chocolate. Cadbury dairy milk to be precise.



Have a great weekend…!!! 🙂






Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 22

Hello fellas…!!!!

How’s Monsoon treating you??? I hope you are dry and safe..!!!

How about your Friday???

I had a nice Friday…!!! We had good lunch with whole team. Amazing food and desserts(desserts are not just food, they are feelings. Hence had to mention separately.) In short – no work only fun today. haha.

Anyways, I am sorry I missed Fun Friday session last week for some reason…!!! But, I am here today with 5 more random questions…!!! Ready??? Jump in..


Which is one thing you regret doing repeatedly???


Well, one thing to be specific – shopping unnecessary things. I don’t regret it while buying. But when I go back home to my untouched stuffs which I had bought earlier, makes me hide my face with my palm out of shame. Especially lipsticks…!!! Can someone please save me??? I will drown in my collection of lip products soon.


How are you enjoying monsoon??

I usually enjoy monsoon going out with friends on rides or trekking. This time we haven’t yet started with those activities.

Right now, I just enjoy watching rain from my bed through the balcony along with my kids.


Which all languages do you speak???


Kannada – Mother tongue.



Marathi (Veryyyyy basic)


What matters to you the most in a person???


How genuine he or she is. Plus, how much they love animals. (Yes it matters to me the most).


What are the things you keep on your bed while sleeping??? It may be soft toy, lip balms, emergency lamp, book etc.


I have a hippo soft toy just between the pillows. A lip balm in his hands. Which I apply before dozing off. 🙂


It’s your turn now to answer…!!!!


Have a great weekend ahead…!!! 🙂




Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 21

I know, I know, it’s been a long time you have heard from me on Mygirlypedia. I was just in my Panda mode – doing nothing, lost in my own world.

Well the most favorite day of the week is here. So I am back in the ‘form’.

Nowadays, most of us are addicted to one electronic gadget – cell phone. In fact, we don’t consider it as a separate gadget anymore. It has taken such a prominent place in our day to day life that, we have almost considered it as a part of our body. (Trust me for some. it is.)

Since most of us have social media accounts(as important as having an adhaar card). Let me just ask 5 random questions related to social media sites today.


What is the last post on your Facebook?

This is the petition I signed recently. This is one inhuman act done by some psycho, insane creatures(who are not fit to be called humans.) buried this innocent dog alive.

An innocent dog was sleeping on the side of the road of Agra(city where the world famous, ‘symbol of love’ Taj Mahal exists). People who were constructing the road, instead of waking the dog up, poured hot coal tar on it and crushed the dog with road roller….!!!! Humanity died pathetically, yet again.

In order to request for the maximum punishment for this psychopaths, I would urge you to sign it too.

When you are blessed with a voice, raise it to help a voiceless. 


What is the last picture you have uploaded on Instagram, that was clicked by you???

This picture is of the mannequins I came across while shopping in a mall here in Pune. I loved how creatively they were dressed and placed. ‘Flowers on their mind'(like literally…!!!)

What’s your last tweet is all about???

I am not much active on Twitter. But when I feel I should be a part of some important ‘twitter hashtags for a cause’, I do tweet. So, as you guys know I am from Karnataka. I had plans of shifting to Bengaluru. But this new law by BBMPCOMM, people are allowed to pet only one dog per home. Like seriously??? They are asking to choose one from many children. Abandon the rest. So I tweeted my views to support #NotWithoutMyDog

What’s the last what’s app message sent by you, right now???

I use smiles a lot. So this is the last message sent by me to my baby sissy.


What’s your WhatsApp status??? Umm I am not talking about the one which lasts for 24 hours. The general status.

Its says – “I Believe in Karma”.

What about you???

I hope you have a great weekend ahead…!!!!

Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 20

Hello Friday…. 😉

As I have promised, I’m not gonna miss this series of fun Friday questions.

It’s raining here in Pune. It’s a cool and breezy Friday for us.

Here are five random questions for this Friday… 😊

  • If you could open a restaurant, what kind of restaurant would it be?


I would love to open pet friendly, cozy place with loads of junk food in the menu.😊 Meeting and spending time with furry friends while munching some junk food, heavenly.

  • If you didn’t have to worry about money, what would you do all day?


I would have traveled the and made memories all over the world.

  • What movie made you cry the most?


Hachiko. Honestly, I have not watched the movie. I know the story though. Whenever I watch the trailer of the movie I just end up crying my heart out. So I know I might not be able to come out of that pain if I watch the movie.

  • What’s your favorite vacation memory from when you were a child?


When we were kids, my parents and us used to go out for picnics. Mom used to carry Maggie (she has her own healthy version of Maggie recipe) in hot boxes. Parking our bike and having Maggie road side, while its drizzling… It was one of the best things I used to enjoy.

  • What brings you the most joy in life?


Helping animals. The thankfulness in their eyes, ahhh gives my heart that instant warmth.

Time for you to answer. Type your answers below.

Have a great weekend 😊

Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 19

Hey Girlies,

I am so sorry I had almost stopped Fun Friday section.  I had no clue that some of you love reading my Fun Friday section so much till the time I got messages to continue posting them…!!! Thank you so much for your constant support and encouragement. Your appreciation messages and calls make me feel so happy…  bear hug 🙂

Friday is here…!!! Ahh I am in so much need of this relaxing break. Exhausted at office. Just need some ‘Me Time’. What are your plans for this weekend???

Read on to my answer for that in one of the questions below…

What’s the plan for weekend??

unnamed (2).gif

I am a slow reader. I love enjoying/understanding each sentence hence the speed is a bit slower. I have bought this amazing book couple of weeks ago. I didn’t get enough time to read it. So I am gonna enjoy my book as a part of

‘Me Time’ this weekend. Plus some time for my new found love.

What’s your new found love??? Be it person, place, animal, thing, activity anything.

unnamed (3).gif

I found peace and love in physical activities like cycling. I have started going cycling every weekend at least. Last week you must have read my post about importance of exercise. Where I have mentioned why I have fallen in love with gym or go cycling.

What do you do to keep yourself physically fit???

unnamed (4).gif

As I have mentioned in many of my posts, I am not good at maintaining clean diet. So, physical activities are something I have to opt for in order to be fit. (Ahh I sound like a fitness freak. Which I am not. Not as of now. Soon I might turn into one fitness enthusiast.) So I try to go to gym at least 4 days out of 5 weekdays. Try to take stairs instead of elevator. On weekends I used to be on bed like a python. But now I have started with cycling. What do you do???

What do you do to keep yourself mentally fit???

unnamed (6).gif

No matter whether you are physically fit or not, in order to survive and enjoy this beautiful gift called life, you got to be mentally fit. Make sure you do at least one single thing in an entire day, which makes you feel alive. For me,

Pets lighten up my soul. They make me super alive. #touchwood

My hobby – blogging. It makes me feel happy.

Talking to loved ones – even though we do fight a lot of time over the phone with our loved ones, they make us feel we are not alone. We have their backs, no matter what. Family is the super strength that is needed to keep your mental health strong. #touchwood

Dressing up – It makes me feel like I ma the most beautiful girl in the world.

Of course shopping – ahhh it’s a therapy.

What do you do when you are sad???

unnamed (5).gif

See, life is not always about happy tears. Strangely very less people talk about sadness with the world. For the obvious reasons of course. But in order to be mentally free, its necessary to keep yourself free from such sadness or thoughts that weigh you down. I am answering this because even a single soul who is reading this post, finds my tricks worth trying, my purpose is served.

When I am sad, I cry, talk to dad or mom(depending on whose words can calm me down faster. haha) sis(to pour all my heart out). I spend time with my son. Ultimately, I order some good food and watch my favorite series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. they never fail to make me laugh. 🙂

What do you do???


Write your answers in the comment section below. You never know even you might help someone sad to smile with your answers. 🙂

Have a great weekend ahead…!!!



Why Am I So Eager To Watch This Movie

As you can read in my ‘About Us’ section, I am a Bollywood lover. I love watching Bollywood movies and dancing like a Bollywood diva.

You know you are a Bollywood true fan when you are so much excited about releasing date of a movie…!!! I was super dooper excited for Bajirao Mastani since way before it’s release date. That was like peek of being excited. Till the time I watch the movie (mostly on first day itself), I won’t usually calm down. In case of Bajirao Mastani(being a huge fan of Deepika Padukone since day 1), I watched it thrice in a theatre. Pheww…


Currently, I am so much excited to watch this movie called – Veere di wedding…!!! Even though it gives those vibes of the famous chic flick – Se* and the city, the makers of this movie says it’s no where related to that series.

The moment I watched this trailer, I am eagerly waiting to get inside the theatre to watch this movie while munching my favorite cheese popcorn…!!! yummy

Did you watch the trailer??? Did you like it????

Let me tell you why I am excite to watch this movie…!!!


Girl Power:


This is about 4 girl friends. Ahh that’s indeed a relaxing one. Because honestly, I am a bit bored of 2 girls fighting over one boy or vice versa. I mean most of the movies portray two girls as frenmies rather than friends. But here in this movie, they stand by each other in fun and in tough times. This bunch of 4 girls’ friendship is something I am really looking forward to.

Style and fitness Inspiration:

Sonam is our own fashionista. The thing I love about her is she never hesitates to try out something out of the world. She has this daring and art to carry anything and everything with grace.


Kareena Kapoor Khan, I used to be her huge fan. Some people used to call me by her name back in college. As I had danced like her and my expressions were just like her while dancing. hehe. Now, post her pregnancy, she has lost so much weight and she is looking gorgeous than ever…!!! Such an inspiration to be fit..!!! Looking at the trailer, I can say definitely these girls are high on the style game.


Girl talk…!!!


It’s so relaxing when you spend time with your girlies. We girls have a gala time whenever we sit together and talk our heart out. These girls do the same. Talk about boys, marriage, ‘life sucks’ to ‘Life is fun’ statements, everything…!!!How relatable… Ahh don’t forget those fun night outs with your girls… wink

Abus*ve words…!!!


Haww you use abusve language??? Well, we all do. You admit it or not. Especially while talking to your girl friends about your problems(read it as frustration), yes we do. At least I do. haha. Anddd the dialogue by Sonam about marriage, in the beginning of the trailer is my favorite. Because I say the same. Well, adding one more to my list – Blody Mother lover…!!!! #Hilarious

4 girls 4 different problems

We all have our set of own problems. These 4 girls too..!! One is not happy in marriage, one is about to get divorced, one is breaking her marriage, one, well just like most of us meeting boys for the ‘arranged marriage’ business.

They are not perfect and that’s make them perfect.

Just like their lives, they are not perfect either. Swara Baskar is not like any other typical married woman. Who gets up early to take care of her family’s comfort. She parties, she smokes, drinks.  Well, she is leading her life in her own way. Imperfect but perfectly happy. We have Shika who is representing plus size beauties, she made sure that every gal should love her curves. Her wearing bikini to flaunt her curves is the big example.

Instead of watching just everything perfect, barbie dolls having a perfect lives, it’s so much fun to watch a movie where we can relate and enjoy with our girl gang. I can’t wait to watch the movie with my girlies…!!!!

Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 18



Here is Fun Friday Post…!!!! Post where you get to know me more… Some of my readers are kind enough to let me know them more by answering the same questions… #Sweet

So, Here they are…

When was the last time you did something childish???


As I always say, everyone has a little child inside them. Never let that child die. Doing something childish is fun. Some might find it silly or crazy, unless and until it’s making you happy, do it. Never bother about other’s opinion.

So, the childish thing I did recently, I bought a Barbie doll for myself. Since childhood, I love dolls. I loved dressing up Barbie dolls. The hairstyling, dressing them up, trying out makeup on them. These are the things I really loved doing.

I know I know, girls of my age are buying dolls for their own kids. So what??? I bought to make myself or rather the that little girly girl inside me happy. You know what, I am sure in future when I will buy dolls for my own kids, chances are that I will keep those dolls for myself rather than giving them. haha.

PS: After knowing this thing I did, few of my friends did order Barbie dolls for themselves. It’s like reliving a part of your childhood after all.

What did you do???

Do you work??? Have you decorated your work place??? How???

I work as a IT professional. We gals who work outside home spend maximum time at our desk than at home. So I like decorating or keep the way I feel positive about. So here is the picture of my desk.

These tiny 3 puppies make me feel happy. Look at those mesmerising eyes.

Ahh that handsome green guy you see. He is hulk. Even though he looks tough, I find him cute enough to make me smile at him. Plus, his face resembles mine on Mondays…!!!

And yes that’s my Bagwati… (My dear pink handbag)

To those who work at home, you guys do way more work than we do. Decorating home is a whole different happy thing. Isn’t it???

Do share me the snaps or things you have done to decorate your work space.

Are you short tempered??? What do you do when you are angry??? How do you control your anger???


I am not really a short tempered one but when I get angry I really really get angry. It’s like installments. My anger piles up and then one fine day I burst out. (haha you know what I mean).

When I am angry I usually keep quite in front of the one who is responsible for it. But if he or she triggers me to open my mouth (out of their misfortune) I will just burst out saying the things which I have been wanted to tell from the very first time they had made me angry but had ignored to keep quite. #Typical

Control??? Umm… best way… Go to a remote place or best idea- wear helmet while riding your two wheeler and abuse the one who made you angry. haha. They are happy because they have no clue you abused them. You are happy because you don’t have anything in your heart that will weigh you down. Good enough???

Do you go shopping alone or you like to take someone with you???


I love shopping alone but I love it even more when I am with a like minded person. Who lets me shop and never judge my choice or give me lecture about ‘Importance of saving money’.

Also I hate going shopping with those who grabs things whatever I like. Try it and then say “It doesn’t suit me. Take it” (Hell no, keep it or keep it back. )

What about you???

Have you subscribed to any magazine??? Be it related to health/sports/business/fashion.. anything..


I have. I have subscribed to Vogue India.

It was my dream to get my hands on that magazine. I mean huge book(many pages one) with full of makeup and fashion related stuffs. Ahh as a little girl I used to find it attractive.

I had subscribed the print version couple of years ago. Recently subscribed the digital version. Which I can read in my mobile also.

Along with the reason, that I wanted to save trees, I also don’t have enough place to pile them up. Because throwing Vogue away is as sinful as throwing away any holy book. #Never

Now it’s your turn.

Enter your name and answer these question below.

No worries, I don’t expect 10 marks answers. Just a single word would do. haha.

Have a great weekend gal…!!! Stay happy..!!!

Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 17


Friday is here…!!!

In today’s Fun Friday post, lets get to know each other more…. From your favorite dessert to the most scariest thing you have done…!!!!


Here you go…!!!

What’s your favorite dessert???


I love chocolate.  I love these chocolate bombs to the core.

Do you cry easily?


I can’t really control laugh and tears.

Are you a religious person???


Na. I just believe in Karma.

What’s the most scariest thing you have done???



lived alone for some days(I had phobia of dark at night. Not anymore haha) , talked to a lizard looking at his eyes(Uhhh I’m still scared though. )

What’s one of your habits, which you are proud of?


I donate 1k per month to some charity or genuine people I know, who work for animal welfare. I had started this to celebrate my ‘increment in the salary’. But now it has become a habit which makes me feel pat my back.

It’s your turn now..!!!

Have a great weekend honey…!!!


Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 16


Ahhh that happy day is here…!!! Where everything just looks so merry and perfect… !!!

So,  ready for today’s fun Friday session????

Here you go…!!!

If given chance, Which fictional character would you like to meet in real life?


Without any single thought it’s Chandler from my favorite series – F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Which is one non-alcoholic drink which you can enjoy drinking, any time???

I love lime juice. You must have seen my picture on Instagram where I was seen drinking 2 glasses of lime juice at a time…!!!! haha

What’s the most inspiring thing you’ve read this week?


I happened to read this quote somewhere while browsing and it was much needed.

“The Greatest Prayer is Patience” – Buddha. 

Have you ever danced in rain???


Yes. Have you???

What are you – Early, right on time or a late comer???


I belong to last category. I am always late hehe. #SorryButNoSorry

Have a great weekend gal…!!!!

As I always say, do something that makes your soul happy and relaxed. 🙂



For A Pet Mom, From A Pet Mom


Are you a mom of a pet??? Or do you love animals??? If you fall in either of the categories, you are gonna like this post of mine. If, you have a four legged kid, you will love this post.

As I told you in one of my fun Friday posts, I love Instagram. For the fact that I get to connect to so many awesome people over there who are so talented and positive. Out of my favorite pages or accounts on Instagram, this one should be my most favorite one – 157ofgemma.

Gemma Gene, an artist or a cartoonist and most importantly a beautiful mother of her cute little son. He is a pug and his name is Moochi. She draws the sketches of hers and her loving son. And needless to say I love them. Each and every one of them. Those sketches make me so happy.

As I can’t share all the sketches here, I’m just gonna share twelve most favorite of them all. Which I can relate to, being a mommy of my four legged Son. I am sure you will love them. Don’t blame me if you fall in love with moochi and his Mami.

Check out her account here and follow for such cuteness doses- @157ofgemma.

You know till the time I met my son, the quote – “you don’t have to be related by blood to be a mother” hadn’t made much sense. But now it does.

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A post shared by Mochi & Gemma Gené (@157ofgemma) on

For every mother like us, our kids are precious.

Haha, all our outfits are furry ones. You know what I mean.

Even my kid doesn’t like me being on phone for long. He needs my attention all the time.

 Grooming??? No Mami….!!!

It hurts.

Yet times I do feel me and my kid both need to watch our diet, but we love our food.

Well, I have officially given my yoga mat to my kid.

All the time…!!!

That’s so me…!!!

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Every once in a while I am very concerned that Mochi might be sick. This literally happened…well, turns out he wasn't sick, or too skinny…😂 Btw, I have a giveaway planned to celebrate the 100k, I was going to post about it today but I will have to do postpone it to week, thank you for your patience! 😊❤🎁🎁🎁 #throwbackthursday ………………………… G: oh no! Mochi está enfermo! Mira que flaquito está! De vez en cuando me asusto pensando que Mochi está enfermo. Esto literalmente pasó el año pasado…al final resultó que no estaba enfermo (ni demasiado delgado)😂 Tengo un sorteo preparado para celebrar los 100.000. Íba a hacerlo hoy pero lo voy a tener que posponer para la semana que viene, gracias por vuestra paciencia! 😊❤🎁🎁🎁 Tienes la viñeta en español en el facebook 157ofgemma – en español

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Anytime anywhere… ‘Sleep’ comes first

This is how I wake up in the morning.

I hope you love them just the way I do.

Lots of love to Moochi and his Mami … 😘 Every pet deserves this kind of love and pampering. Because they are four legged angels.

Have a happy week ahead… 😊

Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 15

Friday…!!!! Yeahhh…!!!!

You know how much I love Fridays… I am sure even you do… Because those two magical days are most precious… Magical, not only because they are relaxing but also for the fact that they pass tooooo soon…!!! Its like…








If you want to see my Friday face, do check on Instagram See that ‘Friday Glow’ haha…!!

For the fun Friday questions… Here are the 5 random questions…

What’s on your nails today???


I have no nail paint on my nails today. As I have mentioned in some of my posts about nail care, its good to keep your nails free from nail paint for some days before reapplying nail paint.

When was the last time you had been to spa session???


I don’t even remember… May be an year and half ago…!!! I’m not really a spa person but I’m thinking of booking one soon. Just to relax. How about you???

Are you on Instagram??? Name one celebrity, whose Instagram feeds inspires you or makes you happy.
song Saturday Night gif 5.gif


For me, its should be Jacqueline Fernandes. She is extremely charming and she has this contagious smile and positive vibe. I get inspired to get fit by her posts related to fitness too.  Plus, she is a pet lover. 10/10…!!!

Do you go to the gym???



Umm… Sometimes I get so inspired that I do hit the gym. But I am quite irregular. #bad. But this month’s to do list – “go to gym regularly.” Do you??

What is one thing you are kind of addicted to and you want to quit it???


I guess it should be my cell phone. I wasn’t really addicted to mobile before. But nowadays,  in the middle of something I do realise that I am yet again starring at my mobile screen..!! So, I have planned to quit it soon. Umm, I can’t say quit since mobile has become an essential part of you especially when you are staying away from home. But yes definitely I am gonna reduce using it.

Now, it’s your turn to answer the questions… Come on start..!!!


Fun Friday 10 Random Questions With A Twist…!!!

Happy Friday gal..!!!

You must have gone through my ‘Fun Friday Random 5 Questions Series’. I know most of have been saying that you found them really fun. So I am back with more fun factor..!!!

Usually I used to answer the questions. Today’s Fun Friday post is slightly different.. The twist here is – You are gonna answer the questions instead of me today…!!!


Oh come on, they are so easy..!!! Choose the one you love the most out the options provided.

Sounds easy??? Well, Let’s start…!!!












Hope you had fun answering these questions. Have a happy weekend gal..!!!



My Favorite Quotes By Carrie Bradshaw


If you are a fashionista or someone who love fashion you must know who Carrie Bradshaw is…!!!

If not, let me introduce her to you. She is one of the famous characters from the famous series ‘Se* and The City’. I am sure most of you know this. There are couple of movies are also made on the same name with same cast.

Every gal who loves fashion, dresses, shopping etc., will love this one gal from this series – Carrie.


A true fashionista yet a sweet gal who believes in true love. But, I should mention – her love for fashion tops the game. Her closet is do die for. Her collection of dresses, shoes, bags… Ahhh even her keychain, is every gal’s dream…!!!

But don’t assume Carrie is just a living Brabie. With great fashion sense and amazing looks. She has a great view about life and love. Being an independent, 40+ aged , famous writer – she wins our heart with her charm.


Carrie has some great quotes about fashion, love and life. They are epic…!!!! If you are her fan I know you will agree and I am sure you will never get bored of it. No matter for how many times you have read or heard those golden words. If you don’t know her dialogues, let me share some of my favorites with you. I am sure you will fall in love with them. Just like I did.


  • Ahhh It’s like Starting over all new…!!! New trends… New beginnings…!!!


  • Can’t agree more…!!!


  • Because of her I had to get an year subscription of the magazine – VOGUE…!!! Anddd its worth it…


  • Are you a footwear lover??? You can relate to this for sure…!!!


  • Outfit lovers…!!! This one is for you.


  • One more…!!!


  • Yessss…!!!!


  • Pain that every shopaholic gal can relate to while shifting to new place…!!!!


  • Oooo yaaaaa….


  • Every girl’s wish…!!!!




  • In search of love and of course labels…!!!


  • They say – you don’t think and fall in love… love just happens…


  • But SELF LOVE comes first..!!!


  • I love this.


  • Someone…!!!


  • I love this gal… Her words are just amazing…


  • Who said relationship is a cake walk… We do have our set of heartbreaks…

carrie bradshaw quotes (14)

  • Whyyyyyy


  • Keep your head up and keep going…


  • haha


  • Me Tooooo


  • Crushes are the real reason why being single is not that hard…

  • haha


  • Be proud to be a master piece… There is no fun in being just another copy… isn’t it???


  • Someday…!!!


  • A true Friendship is such a good healer…


I love her fashion sense… Her closet… and most importantly her positivity… never ending hopes and believes about love and life…. !!!

Did you like her quotes??? Which one is your favorite??? Pick one and do let me know in the comments section…!!!

Have a great weekend…!!!!

Some of These World’s Most Expensive Girly Products Can Give You Mild Heart Attack..!!!


What is one thing we usually check for, while shopping a product??? Umm… Whether it falls in our budget or not… Agree??? Oh come on, we have to look for price at least some time while you know your credit card bill is going to give you a mild heart attack… haha

Today, I am gonna tell you the most expensive beauty products/accessories/treatments. Forget about budget, they are beyond our imagination… Read on… 😰

World’s most expensive lipsticks:

Me being a lipstick lover, will tell you about couple of most expensive lipsticks. Any guesses???

‘Kiss Kiss Lipstick by Guerlain With Real Gold and Diamond Case’. It costs you around $62,000. That is 3,961,574 INR. I hope you didn’t get a mild heart attack. haha


If that give you a shock, this one will.

Lipstick from H. Couture Beauty. It’s price is $ 14 million i.e. 894,539,450.00 INR. The case has 1200 diamonds on it. Real one huun. That’s why the price is.


I bet, if we use that lipstick, we are never gonna eat food or drink water. Why?? Oh it might smudge and fade off… After all its so expensive…!!!! haha

Pheww…!!! We are happy with our plastic case for lipsticks. Aren’t we???

Most Expensive Ladies’ Footwear:

Oh we have matching footwear for almost every outfit of ours. You can read the word ‘almost’ twice. Even if we buy more footwear we worry about how to accommodate in our shoe racks. #GirlsProblems

But, if you gonna buy the footwear which I am gonna tell you about, you will wonder in which bank to keep it. Because – Expensiiiveee..!!!


The most costliest footwear seems to be Stuart Weitzman Rita Hayworth Heels. Wanna know price??? It’s Price Tag is $ 3 million. In Indian currency, 191,763,375.00. Would you even dare to wear it???


Just like footwear we do have collection of handbags. For office, for party, for shopping, for girls night out, for travelling… uff the list continues…


Don’t you wonder which is the most expensive bag brand in the world???
It’s Prada. Their range starts from $10000(639,231.00 INR). I’m talking about normal bags. You know “Even my cellphone doesn’t fit in it” types. haha.


I love perfumes. Almost all gals do. What is the price of the most expensive perfume you own??? Mine is 5000 INR.
Here is the most expensive one…
DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle …!!!


The bottle is made in 14-karat yellow and white gold and it contains 183 yellow sapphires, 2,700 white diamonds, a 1.6-carat turquoise Paraiba tourmaline from Brazil, a 7.18-carat oval Cabochon sapphire from Sri Lanka, 15 vivid pink diamonds from Australia, 4-rose cut diamonds, a 3.07-carat oval cut ruby, a 4.03-carat pear shape rose cut diamond, and a 2.43-carat flawless vivid yellow Canary diamond adorning the cap. #tired just by reading…!!! haha
All in all, this perfume bottle contains 2,909 precious stones, but the interesting part is that the aforementioned stones have been hand placed to replicate the New York City skyline. The process took nearly 1,500 hours to complete.
Now that you know all the speciality of the perfume bottle… Lets talk about our business.. Price… Umm This perfume will cost you $1 million. 63,923,750.00 Indian Rupees. Nooooo!!!!!


They say “Diamonds are gal’s real friends”. But if the friend is this expensive, gal is better be alone to be happy…!!!


The world’s most expensive ring costs you $80 million. Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond costs 5,113,888,000.00 INR. Dude, I got mild heart attack…!!! Didn’t you???

Expensive Watch:


Hmm… You know what the most expensive watch costs you??? Well, Haute Joaillerie from Chopard costs you $25 million. Umm… I have a question… Will our ‘time’ changes to ‘good time’ if we buy a watch by paying 1,598,092,500.0 INR???



Ahh… Those pair of jeans are so chillax outfit. But, this one will take away all your chill by just it’s price. This multicolored jeans costs you $27000. (1,725,942.60 if it was in India)


You must have read about weird facial treatments carried out in the world. Add one more…


Bee Venom Facial. In this procedure, bee venom is diluted and used for facial. This will cost you – $55,200. (3,528,405 INR)

Phew..!!!! Seems unbelievable isn’t it???

For us, who spend all money on ‘budget friendly’ products and wait for end of the month to get our salary credited… Yes these numbers do look unbelievable.

What’s your take on these ‘pricey’ things???

Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 13


First Friday of this new year is here… What are your plans for first weekend of this fresh start…??? I’ll update you guys about my plans tomorrow. Stay tuned to Mygirlypedia for it… 😉

So… Time for five fun random questions… Shall we start???

  • Name one place you wanna visit this year

Kanyakumari. That’s the southern most part of India. Covered by water from three sides. That’s the only place you can witness both sun rise and sun set. I wanted to visit this place last year but due to bad weather there, I had to cancel. This year no matter what I’ll visit. Yours???

  • How is your new year resolutions going on???

I’m almost on track with my intentions. Hope to continue.

  • Jeans or leggings???

I like jeans but I love leggings more than jeans for the comfort they give.

  • Gym or diet???

In fact for a good body, both should go hand in hand. But I can hit gym but I am not at all good at dieting. Please let me know how to stick to good clean diet.

  • What is a new healthy habit you started this year???

We do make some healthy resolutions at the start of every year. Don’t we??? I have started drinking green tea. Phewww will share my expert tips soon..

Do share your answers below in the comments section.

Between, have you taken part in mygirlypedia ‘s first girly giveaway…??? Check our Instagram page and do Participate. You never know, You might just win a Hamper full of girly stuffs…

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Have a great weekend gal… 😘

Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 12


Last Friday of 2017 huun… All set to welcome new year with a biggg huggggg???

What are your plans for the celebration???

I hope you enjoy and welcome the next year in your own swag.

To make Friday a bit more fun, here are some 5 random questions…!!!

Since 2017 is about to end, these are related to that.

  • What are you thankful for??


It might sound cliché but its true.

  • For every pain I got, which made me stronger.
  • All the Love I got, for making me feel I am special.
  • 2017 Made me discover my own strength in different ways.
  • All you guys who appreciate my work. Who constantly support me with your constructive feedback. Mygirlypedia is thankful for that.
  • Last but not the least – For all the sales which made me happier. #shopaholic


  • Someone who made your 2017 the best.


My pet my sonny. #touchwood

  • What’s one thing you learnt from 2017???


Don’t take life too seriously, Care less to make the most of your life.

  • Someone or something you are going to miss from 2017

My pet dog pinky. Whom we lost few days back.

  • One bad habit which you will take with you in coming year and for which you are not guilty???


Shopping..!!! I know spending money way too much is not appreciable. But, I don’t believe in saving money for my unborn children and unbuilt house. I think I have taken ‘live the present’ way too seriously when it comes to shopping. Anddd I am not guilty of it.

Have a great Friday gal…!!!

Stay happy…!!!


Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 11


Fridayyyy…!!!! Shortest happy news…!!! Isn’t it???

Well, today I am gonna ask 5 random questions which are related to self love.

Often, self love is confused as selfishness. But honey, self love is a necessity. In the times of trouble, only one person was with you EVRYTIME. That is YOU. (Think about it)

Let us see how comfortable we are with ourselves.

  • Have you ever gone out for lunch/dinner alone???


Yes. I know, people around you find it awkward to look at a girl sitting alone and having food in a restaurant.(At least at most of the places in India that is the case). You know what the good news is?? You don’t have to bother about people. I love eating with good company but equally(or slightly more) I love eating alone.

  • How often do you spend that quality ‘Me Time’???


Me, Everyday – at least 10 minutes. Doing what I love, all by myself.

  • Is the space where you live is been decorated/ messed up(some people like it that way and that’s ok) as your wish???


Yes. I am fortunate enough to decorate my living space as per my wish. I have decorated with girly lights, dream catcher etc. In one word – girly.!!!

  • Do you love yourself enough to forgive yourself???


Yes. As they say, life doesn’t comes with a user manual. We are not perfect. Oh come on, what will you tell your grand kids ??? “I had a normal boring life” orrrr “I broke the rules, made mistakes, learnt lessons and it was fun..!!!”

While breaking rules/stereotypes you often get criticized, judged. People might make you feel guilty. In this whole process you might end up blaming yourself. That’s ok we all go through certain scenarios like that.

Hello..!!! Chill… No matter what, Forgive your best friend – that is YOU. After all she is ALWAYS there for you isn’t it. She needs all the pampering and love not the hatred and blames.

  •   How are you thinking and feeling right now?

I’m feeling hungry yaar…!!! Haha apart from that, I am feeling good. Whenever I am in My girly world, Mygirlypedia, I am happy. How about you???

No matter how you are feeling today, I hope these questions made you think about that person who loves you all through your life, apart from your parents – you.

Keep smiling and make me happier by leaving your answers in comments section.


Have a great weekend…!!! Don’t forget to enjoy your ME time…!!!


Weird Types of Facials You Will Be Amazed to Know About


Facial – almost every gal knows about this. Isn’t it??? No matter whether you have tried it or not, you know how it is done and why it is done…

Let me ask you one question… Which types of facials do you  know or tried???

I can hear the answers like – fruit, diamond, chocolate etc etc…

Today, I will tell you some more types of facials which will surprise you. At the end of the post you will be definitely thinking – “What are those ladies who opt for these facials even think..!!”

Vampire Facial:


Sounds spooky??? Well, it is spooky indeed. In one sentence – “Using your own blood for doing facial”. Oops..!!!

Let me briefly tell you how it is done:

  • Blood is drawn out of your body.
  • It is processed to collect platelets.
  • Followed by microneedling or microdermabrasion on your face.
  • Then the processed blood or in good words – PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is applied on face.

PS: Vampires are said to be active during night time. Unlike the real vampires, this vampire facial should be done in the day light.

 Face Slapping Facial:


Haha this one sounds funny. Isn’t it??? I mean, while we were kids and used to punch each others face while battling ‘sibling wars’, we didn’t know we were actually doing one of these beauty rituals…!!!

Yes, it is one of the Thai beauty treatment. Where you pay them to get slapped. They say it will stimulate blood circulation and acts as facial thus resulting in glowing face. (I hope you won’t end up getting blood clots. )

Bird Poop Facial:

Bird: “Whatttt??? Human, are you applying my poop????”

Whenever bird poops on you, the first reaction is – Ewww…!!!

Do you know Japanese use nightingale droppings for facial treatments???

Yes the main ingredient being the poop of bird which is said to brighten and lighten skin complexion. This facial is widely popular. Phewww…!!!

Snail Slime Facial:


This is something serious…!!! Snails who are said to be very slow creatures, have this slime which is said to have quick effect on skin when applied.

Main question. How this process is done??? Answer is simple, few snails are placed on your face and as they scrawl slowly on your face, the face will be covered by a layer of slime. Thus making it help in anti aging and brightening process.

Even though they are poor little harmless creatures, I can’t think of them scrawling on my face. Can you???

Placenta Facial:


As the name suggests, placenta is applied on face for skin’s nourishment. Just to clear the air, yes placenta is an organ that develops in your uterus during pregnancy…!!!

The placenta is collected from maternity wards and its applied on face for this beauty treatment.


I think these 5 are enough to know how weird the field of beauty treatments can be.

I hope you are surprised /shocked to know these. If you are puckish right now, sorrryyy…!!! Haha


Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 10


Friday is here…!!! My soulmate is coming to city to meet me…!! So, weekend is going to be fun.

PS: Soulmate is my friend from Mumbai. She and I share a lottt of things in common. Hence we call each other soulmates. We do find soulmates in friendships too. At least we did…!!!

This post makes my Friday even more happier. So, here are the 5 random questions for this good day, I mean Friday…!

What makes you bored???


Bunch of people whose frequency doesn’t match with mine, they bore me to hell…!!!

Which is your favorite four legged creature and why???


I love all the animals and its bit tough to chose one. I love dogs and cats equally.

Dogs – their unconditional love and irreplaceable loyalty. They are the best.

Cats – Well, check this list to know why I think cats are amazing too.

Are you old fashioned???


When it comes to most of the things yes. I still love hand written letters, writing down on a notebook is what I really enjoy than using an app, I love slow life where I can feel my breath and being happy about it.

What is that ‘something’ that you would happily redo???

My love for accessories…!!!

I wanna be that kid again. I wanna relive my childhood again. Those tension free, innocent and lovely days. Are you with me in this wish???

Tell me about someone whom you really admire



If you ask me one person who is really appreciable in my life is my mom. I know every child admires rather ‘should’ admire his/her mother for all the sacrifices they do.

Apart from many known and untold scarifies and selfless deeds she is my hero. But the thing I really really admire in my mom is her moral strength, her attitude, her endless love towards all the animals, her confidence, fearlessness, the way she talks and the list goes on.

She is from a very small village. She was not given a proper education. But, if you see her today – I am sure you will see her as a working professional. The way she has transformed herself is commendable. The confidence she has, the way she talk are nothing less than a working woman. The urge to learn new things with so much interest is something makes her attractive. She has thought me to be independent even in hard times. I am glad I have got a great teacher like her who has made me the way I am today.  I love you amma.

Now it’s your turn.

Drop in your answers…!!!

Have a great weekend…!!!

Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 9


Finally… The savior – Friday is here…!!! So are the 5 random questions. They are sooo random that they hardly have any connection between them. #haha But it’s fun. Isn’t it???

so, are you ready for today’s Random questions???

Here you go…!!!

  • Which is the last adventurous sports you had tried??


Parasailing at Goa. It was breathtakingly amazing.  I am saying breathtakingly because, I am a bit phobic about deep water as I don’t know swimming. While parasailing, while you enjoy the top view of the sea, they make you experience a sudden dip in the sea. Phewww… It’s freaking awesome. A complete sudden dip in deeeeep sea. It was indeed adventurous. What about you???

  • What was your favorite toy as a kid?


I had threw a lot of tantrums to get a teddy bear when I was a kid. So, my daddy dearest had bought a teddy bear for me. A red one. I still have her with me.

  • What was it’s name???


Kempakka. ( Which means ‘Red elder sister’ in Kannada, my mother tongue. She is huge and red in color. hen it came to playing, in deed she was like my elder sister in all the games we played.)

  • Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?


Sunset. It calms me down… I feel its soothing. It’s like no matter what or how the day was, it has to come to an end. Nothing is permanent… So are our problems…!!!  #DeepHaan

  • Whats your favorite season?


Winterrrrr. I love sleeping in my cozy blankets on cold winter nights/mornings(anytime). #SleepyHead

It’s your turn now to answer.

If you are reading this – Oh come on, don’t be mean. You know some of my secrets now. Tell me yours in the comment section below.

12 Types of Aunties We Can Find Anywhere and Everywhere

Monday huun… Let’s have a fun post today…

Spices and salt make a dish perfect. Just like good people we need some bad, annoying people to make life interesting one. Agreed???

I am talking about spices of every colony – ‘The Aunties’…!!!

I am sure many girls like me can relate to this post of mine ‘really well’… Because no matter where you stay, what’s your age and status are, you will find these kind of creatures oops, aunties around you…!!!

Detective Aunty

You tell her single word about someone, she will wear her invisible detective cap and gets to the root of that gossip.

‘My children are the best’ aunty

No matter what her kids do, she never misses the chance to praise them. #Annoying

Bi*chy Aunty

Bi*ching is her fuel. She can’t stay away from it. She can make stories out of anything and everything. #GodSaveMePlz

‘Question Bank’ aunty

She has a huge data of all the possible questions in the world. Talking to her is like playing ‘Who wanna be a millionaire’ and yes minus the amount.

Troubled aunty

Seems like she has all the sorrows in the world.

Match maker aunty

Her favorite time pass is to gather details about guys and gals who are ‘eligible’ for marriage. Match making game is her all time job.

Fashionista Aunty

You can see her dressed up allll the time. #IKindsLikeIt

Sanskari Aunty

With all old morals and her sincerity towards God, makes her the unique one.

Pocker face Aunty

These are most pathetic ones. Even if you smile at her, you can’t distract her from what she is doing. – Staring. Of course with no emotion displayed on her plane face. #Creepy

Show off Aunty

“Oh I had bought that” ” I had bought this” “My wonderful hubby bought this” and blah blah blah

‘Happy to see you’ Aunty

These are the sweetest ones. They don’t bore you or make you scared. They are genuinely happy to see you. Their affection makes you feel ‘This colony is still a good place to survive’

Rock star Aunty

She wins the race #Always. She is cool, she is modern, no questions, no criticism and mainly hard to find. She reminds you that age is just a number. She is all rounder, a rock star.

Have you come across such aunties too??? Let me know which kind of aunties are you surrounded by…

Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 8


Here are this Friday’s Random Questions…

If you would have given an hour extra per day, how would you utilize that???


I would have slept for an hour more.

What you do when you are very angry???


I enter ‘silent mode’. I don’t prefer to talk while I’m angry because if I do, I will be nothing less than a dragon.

Shopping at mall or street???


I love street shopping more.

On which day of the week were you born???


I was born on Sunday. #HolidayMakesMeHappy

Beaches or mountains???


Both makes my soul happy. Sea heals me. So beaches it is.

Spice food or deserts???


Deserts… Any time…!!!

Do let me know your answers via what’s app, Facebook, Instagram or by leaving comments below.

Happy weekend Gal…!!!

Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 7


My favorite day is here…!!!

So are the random 5 questions on Mygirlypedia…!!!

Here you go,

  • Are you a follower/ fan of any series?? If yes, which one???


I am one among those who love the best series in the world – F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It has love, care, fun, fashion… Its everything…!!!

  • What junk food do you crave most often?


French Fries. They are my love…!!!

  • What is the first song in your ‘most played’ playlist???

‘Bann ja tu meri rani’ a Hindi song from the movie – Tumhari sulu(Your’s Sulu). I loved the fun lyrics and catchy music. So yes, I am listening to that in repeat mode.

  • What quote do you (try to) live by?


  • Name 3 things in nature which you find most beautiful.


a. Mountains

b. Sea

c. Baby animals


I would really appreciate if you tell me your answers now…!!!

Oh come on, don’t be mean… You know my answers, tell me yours…!!!





10 Unusual Beauty Trends of 2017 Which Will Not Fail to Amaze You


Fashion/beauty industry is always inconstant. There are always new trends almost everyday. Most of the people blindly follow the trends. But for some, the comfort matters the most.

The trends which come and go are heterogeneous. Some will win your hearts and some can make your eyes hurt…!!!

Today I am gonna tell you some unusual beauty trends of 2017. Which will definitely make you wonder – what made this bizarre a trend??!!!

  • Feather Eyebrows

Eyebrows are something which make or break your look…!!! There are different strange styling of these eyebrows and the final looks are total ‘NO NO’

  • Nose Hair Extension

Like seriously???? I know its awful. So, people instead of using the fake eye lashes on eyelids, they are placing them inside nostrils. I just wanna say one thing to whoever invented this – “You Shouldn’t Have”!!!

  • McDonalds Eyebrows

After looking at this beauty trend, tag line should be modified as – “I am hating it”…!!!

  • Holographic Hair

Have you ever longed for the hair of your favorite cartoon characters??? Well, there is a trend where they get the hair colored like one of those characters. Trust me it looks good ONLY on cartoon characters.

  • Holographic Lips

My idea of beauty trend was something like – that makes you look good. But after looking at these trends, I have changed the definition of beauty trend in my dictionary.

  • Neon Eyeliner

The bright neon eyeliners…!!! Perfect for Halloween, because everyone wants to look a bit spooky on this day…!!! You know what I mean…

  • Lollipop Lips

I remember the saying – Fashion industry is quite funny. Even a beauty blunder can sometimes become a new trend. This one is something like that. The smudged lips are a new trend. Getting this quite easy. Apply lipstick before going to bed. Wake up the next day with lollipop lips. #JustKidding

  • Glitter roots

Glitter…!!! Very flattering… Isn’t it… But using glitters in beauty is nothing less than an art. But this ‘modern art’ is NO…!!!

  • Squiggly eyebrows and lips

I have no comments for this…!!!

  • Colored Lashes

Like, seriously??? Weirdly long Fake lashes… that too in weirdest colors…!!!???


I hope you liked the tour into a fun filled world of ‘creative’ fashion world…!!!

Do you dare to try any of these trends???

Kindly, don’t…!!!

Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 6


Its finally here..!!! The happiest day of the week…!!! Friyayyy…!!!

Here are today’s 5 random questions. This time, its all about makeup… !!!

  • Do you like makeup??? Why???


I love makeup. It makes me feel more confident and buying, trying out different cosmetics makes me happy.

  • What was your first ever makeup product???


I had bought a face cream(rather had insisted mom to buy me one) while I was in college – Emami naturally fair. Suggested by my cousin sister. #TeenageConfessions

  • What is your favorite makeup product???


I think you know my answer – Lipstick. It can paint even a dull boring day into a colorful one. (PS: Eyeliner is integral part of me. Its essential for me… #facePalm)

  • Which is the brand of cosmetics, that you always wanted to try and haven’t got chance yet??


I had MAC and Kylie cosmetics in my list. (not anymore). Now I want to try the brand ‘Fenty’ by Rihanna. (I will, soon)

  • Who is the celebrity; according to you, has best makeup all the time???


For me, its Kylie Jenner. Her eye makeup, lip makeup, hair style, nails, outfit – Just perfect ‘All the time’…!!!

Do let me know your answers…!!!

Have a great weekend…!!!




10 Movies for A Girly Girl In You


What’s your favorite time pass when you are in ‘panda mode’??? I love lying on my cozy bed and watching movies. Girly movies are one of the types of movies which I definitely enjoy watching…

So, if you are a girly Girl inside… Who love watching movies with loads of fashion and colors, here are some of the movies which I would love to recommend.

  1. Mean girls

This is the first movie which comes to mind when you talk about girly movies. This is all about a Tom boyish gal becoming a girl, ummm a mean gal rather. Do watch the movie to know her transformation… Whether it was for her good or bad… 😉

  1. Confessions of a shopaholic

Being shopaholic is all said to be a girly feature. Being a super shopaholic, I love watching this movie any time. Do watch this fun movie for that awesome experience of shopping… How a shopaholic feels while shopping and post shopping… U know what I mean… 😁

  1. Bridal wars

The big day, almost every gal dreams of her wedding since the time gets the idea of one. This girly movie is allllllllll about two best friends who plan for their weddings. But they end up in a cat fight. Wanna know why best friends turn into enemies??! If you are guessing it because of a guy, na you are wrong. Watch it to know the real reason… 👰👰

  1. Princess Diaries

I love part 1 of this movie series. It has a gal who is leading a normal life, turns into a beautiful princess. Her transformation is something worth watching. The dresses, tiara, makeup are on point.

  1. 27 Dresses

I love this movie. A sweet gal, who has purest heart. She never say no to anyone. She has obsession with weddings. Attends every weddings. She has been bride’s maid for 27 brides till date…!!! She keeps all those wedding dresses carefully. Hence the name of the movie. Don’t you think the gal who loves attending weddings has tons of dreams about her own wedding..!?? Know her love story.

  1. Wild Child

A rich spoiled kid, her wardrobe, fashion sense makes it worth watching. The way she turns her not so girly Girl friends into girly ones, makes you like this more.

  1. Frozen

It’s my sister’s and my favorite. The sister love this movie has portrayed is something every gal and especially every sisters must watch.

  1. Aisha

It’s a bollywood girliest (u know what I mean) movie. The outfits, the cars, accessories, makeup… Awesome… This will make you steal the whole wardrobe of the heroine, Aisha.

  1. Fashion

I guess name itself us enough to make a girly gal include this in her list. It’s about a small town gal turning into a super model. Her journey, changes in her fashion sense, in her attitude, her success, her failures, heart breaks. Everything is worth including this in your list gal.

  1. Dostana

It’s about 3 friends. 2 boys who pretend to be gays to share room with their friend Neha. It’s a fun filled and fashion filled. Costumes, hair styles and the way she carries herself is amazing. Doesn’t she looks like a Barbie doll…? Plus, the movie has handsome hunk, Jhon Abraham. Perfect eye candy. 😉😉

I’m yet to watch these below movies, which have been recommended by some of my friends…

  1. Clueless

  2. Devil wears Prada

  3. How to lose a guy in 10 days 😉

Next time when you are in panda mode or when you plan a girls night out do include these movies in the ‘to watch’ list… 😉