Homemade Mask To Treat Hair loss and Hair Thinning

Hair loss has been a common problem among a lot of people out there. Be it men or women, we all love our crown – Our hair. Hair loss is like a nightmare that haunts us..!

Today I am going to share a hair mask that you can try at home to reduce or to stop hair loss. This mask also helps in regrow the of hair..! Sounds like a saviour. Isn’t it?

Mask I am going to share is easy to make, its budget friendly (like most of the times), effective. Only downside is that it might make you cry, when it’s on your hair…!!

I am talking about onion juice.

What you need?

  • Onion
  • Grater

How to?

  • Peel off outer layer of onion.
  • Grate it.
  • Squeeze out onion juice.
  • Apply the juice using cotton ball.
  • Let it work for minimum 15 minutes.
  • Wash hair as usual.
  • You can mix it with other nourishing ingredients or oils too.

Why Onion Juice?

  • It helps hair growth.
  • Helps nourish hair follicles.
  • Minimise hair thinning and breakage.
  • Antioxidants help reverse premature graying and delay graying.
  • Keeps scalp healthy and free of infection.
  • When scalp is healthy, no dandruff.
  • Stimulates scalp and improves blood circulation.

Should I apply it only on scalp?

As it solves most of scalp issues, target area is scalp. No harm in using it along hair length. But best used on scalp.

Can I use it daily?

Yes you can. But, I personally don’t recommend it for daily usage. Let me tell you why. Onion juice has strong smell. You need to wash it thoroughly using shampoo. Using shampoo on hair, daily, is not something I recommend. So I personally like using the mask once or twice a week.

Can I leave it overnight?

Yes. But make sure you cover your hair properly or else you will end up making your bed and blankets smell of onion.


This Is My Experience With Hair Coloring

People give me compliments for my long hair. But, just like any other girl, I have my own hair issues and dissatisfaction. Huuh my only complaint is that they are thin. Since they are thin, I don’t really take the risk of getting a nice hair cut. Because thin and short hair ,can give a tough competition to a tail of a tiny animal.

So, just to add some fun to my hair style, I opted for a hair color an year ago. Which color?? Well, it was bright red. (Bright red for a hair color vi*gin, is a big deal) 😉

Now that my mind has fell in love with the color blue, coloring my hair blue is something which is on my mind. Before that, I want to share certain things which I experienced while I went through this hair coloring process. Which, people who got their hair colored, might or might not really share with you… 😊

Coloring is done on clean and damp hair:

You know how pricey a hair wash can be at some salons. If you want to save some money, wash your hair on or before the day you want to get your hair colored. Make sure its non greasy or non oily.

Make sure the brand of the color is a good one:

As you might already know, cheap colors can give you a major nightmare of hair issues. Hence, make sure that the color used is of good brand.

I had asked the guy at the salon, about the brand. Even though I had heard about it, to be safe, I googled it immediately.

The color you opt might or might not suit you:

It happens because of the excitement of getting your hair colored. That too, if it’s for the first time, ahh chances are way more.

The hair dressers usually show you the catalog or list of hair colors. You can choose the colors.

Here is the important tip. Some people at the salon do suggest which color would go with your complexion. But some may not and some just for the business purpose, suggest you some out of the world colors (yes it happened with one of my friends. Her head was looking like a butterfly with so many colors.)

So, you got to be very specific:

In my case, I had confusion with honey or brown color. But the hair dresser out there suggested me bright red which he thought would suit me the most. Out of excitement I said ok. Phewww once it was done, only person I remembered was – mummy…!!!

Color is too bright when it’s fresh:

Or may be the fact that you are not used to the new hair, it might take some time to get used to the color of your own hair.

Yelling from family and friends:

Haha even though there are plenty of people who would give you tons of compliments for the color of your hair, I’m pretty sure your family and friends have something else to say.

This solely depends on the type of people around you so I don’t comment much about it. I got good amount of scolding from mommy… 😂 No complaints. She loves her children’s hair. (Just like most of Indian moms).

It’s an amazing feeling:

No matter what people say, getting that fun factor added to your tresses makes it a good feeling. Something new, something fresh. A new look, a new you.

You got to use products which are specifically made for colored hair:

Yes, if you want to maintain the color for long, make sure you use the shampoo and conditioner which are meant to protect the color for long time.

I didn’t use those specific products. I did use normal ones. Let’s see what happened after that.

PS: I have seen people who used specific products to protect their hair. But they also went through almost same phases.

Hair fall:

No matter what color or brand you use, some hair types are not meant for chemicals. They just react and give us this nightmare called hair fall. I had faced this problem post hair coloring. I had to try out some homemade masks and stuff to keep it in control.

Hair turns into golden color:

Honestly, this fact I was totally unaware. No matter which color you opt for, the hair strands which you have colored, turns into a golden color at the end. 😒 Only thing to hide that is to color again. 😂

Rough hair:

At one point of time, the colored part of hair becomes so rough, it just reminds you of a dish wash brush.

Haha. Hence a good moisturizing hair mask or a good oil massage is something must for your hairs.

Duration of color on your hair depends solely on you:

Yes, it depends on your hair type and the care you are taking. Mine lasted for 7-8 months. Then it started fading. Right now, they look like I have applied henna on them.

Ya, this is pretty much about different phases post a hair coloring, according to me.

Have you colored your hair??? If yes, let me know about it. Color you chose and the experience of yours.

Tips to Take Care of Oily Scalp and Dry Hair Combination

Just like our facial skin types, our scalps are also proven to be of different types. Skin that secrets more natural oil is termed as oily skin. Same way, the scalp that produces more natural oil is termed as oily scalp.

I also have the oily scalp. Due to which, the scalp feels so oily just after couple of days of hair wash. The hair looks so flat. That’s when we call ‘a bad hair day’…!!!

There are multiple combinations of hair and scalp. It’s not mandatory that if you have oily scalp, the hair should be oily or smooth.

Yet times, girls even face the issues(read it as confusing hair issues), where their scalp is oily but they have really dry hair. Ahhh…!!! If they try to follow home remedies for dry hair, in order to restore moisture, they are going to end up making their scalp even more oilier and visa versa. In deed tricky. Isn’t it???

Well, I have some super easy handy tips to take care of this combination. If you also have oily scalp and dry hair, jump in…!!!

Mild shampoos are your friends in this mission:


You will exactly understand the pain of taking head bath regularly(especially if you have long locks like mine), when you have oily scalp. When you fall into oily scalped category, you know you got to wash your hair frequently in order to make your hair look fresh and bouncy.

But it is not a good idea to wash hair frequently, if you have dry hair. Because every time you wash your hair, the natural oil is removed by the shampoo…!!!

In order to solve this tricky query, opt for a mild shampoo. Using which, the oily scalp is cleaned and the moisture of the hair is not sucked out.

Forget anything but not the conditioner:


Conditioner is a must, post washing your tresses. Why??? Shampoo absorbs the natural oil from hair. Conditioner on the other hand, provides moisture to hair. Hence your hair can say – bye bye dryness…!!!

Important point here is – do not apply conditioner to your scalp. Check the post about ‘How to wash your hair right’, for more info.

Hair masks ONLY for hair:


Hair is dry because it lacks moisture. In order to add moisture, you can use some amazing natural home made hair packs. Check this post for different recipes of hair masks you can try out.

When I say only for hair, you got to follow that strictly. As the scalp is already oily, you don’t want to clog it even more. Which results in hair fall.

So, you just have to apply hair pack on your hair strands, avoiding the scalp. You can use a clean towel, plastic or aluminum sheets to wrap your hair. Post half an hour so, you can wash your hair and scalp. Thus it adds moisture to your dry hair and without harming the scalp.



Just the way you treat dry hair with moisture, treat your oily scalp with little amount of exfoliation. Just like your face or body skin cells, scalp also need exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. Thus unclogging the pores, stimulating blood circulation and thus promoting hair growth.

There are multiple scalp exfoliators available in the market. If you want to prepare one at home, brown sugar, oatmeal, baking soda or coffee can be used as one. Mix any of these ingredients with oil and apply on scalp. Gently massage and wash scalp with luke warm water. This will help in improving scalp’s health without drying your hair.

Hot Oil Massage:


I just love hot oil massage for my hair. Especially when my mom gives me one. It’s so relaxing….!!!

Along with cooling your nerves, hot oil massage is good for your scalp and hair health. Even if the scalp is oily, it needs extra hydration. Which will be provided by a hot oil massage.

A good hot oil massage using oils like coconut oil, also helps in stimulating hair growth and keep the scalp and hair in a good condition.

Brush your hair daily:


Brushing your hair stimulates hair growth. Umm we all know this. What we might not know is, brushing hair also helps in removing dirt from scalp. Plus, it helps in distributing natural oil produced, along the hair strand as we comb. Thus helps in keeping scalp less oily and hair less dry.
Know which type of comb suits your hair and needs, here.

Serum for rescue:


A live in serum is a must if you have dry hair. There are multiple hair serums available out there. This adds lost moisture to your hair. In turn it makes your hair look healthy, shiny and bouncy.

If you are looking for good hair serums, I would recommend these hair serums for you.

Love your natural hair texture:


Girls with straight hair wants curly hair, curly haired girls want straight. Some girls who already have straight hair wants poker straight hair(I am talking about me face palm).

But, flat/ curling irons, straighteners, blow dryers etc. are our frenemies. They do seems like our friends, making our hair goals come true. But, they are in deed ruining our hair’s health. Making the hair dull, dry and lifeless in the long run.

Minimise the usage of these styling tools as far as possible to take care of your hair.

These were the quick tips to take care of dry hair and oily scalp combo. I hope you find it useful. 😊

Try These Tips to Get Bouncy Hair ‘Quickly’

No hair pack, no oiling, no heat… Just bouncy hair with shortest ways possible

It’s every gal’s wish to have thick and bouncy hair. Lucky are those who are blessed with such tress.

Even though the texture and color of hair come in gene, we can take a little care of our hair to improve it’s health.But taking care of hair is not everyone’s cup of tea. I takes lot of dedication and most importantly patience.

I have written couple of posts about hair masks to get thicker hair. This post is for an instant solution for thinner hair. You don’t have to get the ingredients to prepare packs or invest money on hair masks. Read on to know list of quick tips for bouncy hair.

Switch Your Part:

If you usually go for middle parting or side parting, change it. Because with usual parting, hair get struck. When you change the parting direction, it gives instant lift.

Conditioner Before Shampoo:

You must have read this point in this post of mine that how much conditioner is important for hair. While conditioner makes hair soft and shiny, it also makes it flat. Thus making it look a bit flat. So, let’s reverse the steps. Let’s make hair soft by applying conditioner. Then cleanse it with shampoo. Conditioner makes it soft and shampoo improves the texture, making it bouncier.

Back combing:

You must have seen hairdressers doing this back combing. All you need to do is, take little sections of hair and comb hair from end towards your head. This gives the illusion of thickness. But this does not lasts for long. Well, it doesn’t lasts if you don’t use a hair spray. Spray a good hair spray to keep this in place for long.

Hair clip for rescue:

You might wish to have that thick, bouncy ponytail. Ahh… Ponytail out of our thin hair doesn’t really meets up to our expectations. Isn’t it? No worries, let’s fake it until we make it. What’s say??? Well, in order to fake thick ponytail, let’s use a hair clip. How?? Split the ponytail into two halves. Place the clip inside and hide it with upper half of ponytail. Voila… That’s one Bouncy ponytail…!!!

Overnight Hairstyle:


Twist your hair in small section and pin it up. Then?? Sleep. 😉 When you wake up, unpin the buns to get those bouncy, beach waves.

You can use hair spray before hitting bed can make these waves last longer. If you do not have a hair spray handy, you can just wet your hair a bit before twisting and pinning them.

Blow Dry:

Flip your head upside down and use blow drier to dry your hair to add that volume.


While your hair is still wet, use a hair band to push the hair at the top a bit. Once the hair is completely dry, it gives the necessary lift to your hair. If you do not have a hair band handy, you can use your one of summer essentials, sunglasses. Use it just the way you would use a hair band.

Double Ponytails:

Tie double Ponytails one below the other. Make sure, they are tied close enough so that the upper pony hides the lower one, giving the thick hair look.


Yet times we suffer from hair loss. Or even thinner hair makes you look like you have suffered from a hair loss. All you need is eyeshadow that matches with color of your hair. Apply eyeshadow on the area where you have thin or no hair. This gives a look of lustrous hair.

Do not over brush:

Sounds wired. But combing hair a lot can make hair flat.

Hope you find this post useful to get those bouncy, thick hair look. 😉

PS: This is for one of my dear friends. If you also want me to write about any of your beauty queries, do let me know… 😊 Happy to help… 😊

Dozen Reasons to Include Garlic In Your Daily Regimen

Garlic – is such an ingredient which has both haters and lovers. Some just love it, like I do… Some, run away because of it’s smell. I personally love the taste it adds to a dish. At my home, only my mom and I love garlic so my dad and sister give us the garlics to us if they find it in their plates. Not because sharing is caring, because garlic is precious. At least to my mom and me. hehe.

So, you know this little ingredient can work wonder on your skin and hair??? Yes. You can replace some of your beauty items with this. Skin, hair friendly and most importantly budget friendly.

Let’s see how this kitchen ingredient does wonders to your skin and hair..!!!



Hair Loss and Hair Growth:

Allicin, a sulphur compound which is used to treat hair fall or hair loss. This is also found in one more kitchen item – onion.
All you need to do is, slice the garlics. Squeeze the juice out of it and rub it on the scalp. Massage the scalp and leave it for a while. You can wash your hair post half an hour or so. This helps in preventing hair loss as well as promoting new hair growth.

Improves Blood Circulation in Scalp:

Garlic has Vitamins C, B2 and B1. They boost the blood circulation. Which in turn helps in boosting hair growth and improves health of hair.


Acne Treatment:

Garlic has great antioxidants. Which helps in killing the bacteria. You know the acne or pimples are the skin’s way of fighting against bacteria. To help your skin to win this battle, all you need is garlic in your team. Rub garlic juice on pimples which will kill it’s enemy – bacteria.

Smooth and Rash Free Skin:

Garlic has great anti-inflammatory properties. Thus as you might have heard garlic oil is been a part of skin treatments. It helps in healing skin and result in rash free and smooth nourished skin.


Perfect Pedicure Ingredient:

We need to wash skin between the feet fingers especially during monsoon for the obvious reasons. If you are looking for anti fungal liquid or something, don’t waste your money on them. Instead, slice garlics and dip them in the bucket of warm water and dip your feet. Garlic will do its magic.

Anti Aging:

Garlic is a good source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients etc. They are the key ingredients which help in protecting it against aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots etc. So next time when you find garlic in your plate, don’t waste it. Eat it for the sake of that glowing skin.


Minimizes Large Pores:

If your facial pores are visibly large, you are at a risk of more skin damage. How??? The open pores invites more dirt accumulation. Thus resulting in clogging them and causing acne. But worry not, mix garlic juice with any of other favorite kitchen ingredient of yours to make a paste. Apply it on face. Let it dry before washing it warm water. With regular use, this has been proved to minimise the large pores.

For Your Nails:

No matter how much you take care of nail’s hygiene, there is always a scope for improvement. There is always this tiny dirt stuck in the edge which will cause infection thus effecting nail’s health. So rubbing slice of garlic on your nails acts as anti bacterial lotion. Thus killing bacteria and helping the growth of nails.



Garlic has been said to improve the immune system. When you are effected by common cold, drop few garlic in a pot of water and boil it. Strain and drink the water. This will help in curing the common cold. If you do not like the taste of it, you can add honey to it.

One more Ayurveda remedy which I have heard is, put a tiny piece of garlic inside a small cotton ball. Put this cotton ball inside your ears. It’s said that it will cure the cold as well as ear pain.

Weight Loss:

A study was conducted to prove that garlic in diet can help in reducing the weight. Thus if you are on the way to weight loss, do include garlic in your diet. What’s more happier than reducing weight by eating. Isn’t it???


Mosquitoes Hate Garlic:

Yes even though there are no exact reason for this, but they hate garlic. And we hate mosquitoes for their annoying noise and their bad habit of spreading diseases while sucking our blood out. Bad mosquitoes.
The good news is, you don’t have to spend money on mosquito repellent any more. Make one at home with less cost. Ingredients required are – garlic(obviously), Petroleum jelly and beeswax. Mix them well to form the lotion. In case you do not like the smell of it, add any essential oil of your choice. and tada you have your customised mosquito repellent.

Pests too Hate Garlic:

If you love gardening and thinking of which pesticides to buy next, try this out. With garlic oil, mineral oil, water and liquid soap – make one and spray it on plants. Pests hate garlic so they don’t dare to harm your little green friends.

Did you know these benefits??? I hope you found this post useful.

If you know any other benefits do let us know. Happy to share your remedies on Mygirlypedia so that it can help more people.

Do You Have Aloe Vera Plant At home??? Read This to Get Most Out of It. If Not, I am Sure You Will Get One Post Reading.


Who doesn’t like to look beautiful… that too without burning the pockets??? Huun???

Today’s magical beauty product doesn’t cost you much. All you need is to give the product a space to live and pour a mug of water to it everyday. Haha… Yes, the product I am talking about is natural and green. It’s the multi purpose plant – Aloe vera…!!!

Even though there are multiple brands out there, who have made packed aloe vera gel for us. But, I am sure they do have some kind of preservatives to preserve them from getting spoiled. Hence, planting a Aloe vera plant at your balcony is a great idea to get more benefits with no side effects.


It might not add that ‘beauty’ quotient to your balcony though. As leaves are prickly and bitter. I am sure you must have heard, bitterness is good for health. Umm I am talking about taste here…!!!

Without wasting much time lets jump into the list of benefits of this plant…

Wait a sec, you know how to use it right??? Just have to pluck a leaf, and slice it. The gel which you get is the magical product which we need to heal our beauty problems. The gel is made up of 96% water, some organic and inorganic compounds. It also contains a type of protein with 18 types of amino acids, Vitamin A, B, C and E. Pheww… So much this little plant carries huun, I must say…!!!



Ok, now lets jump to the list…!!!! #wink

Beautiful Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel:


  • Puffy eyes??? Aloe vera for the rescue. Apply a thin layer of freshly cut aloe vera gel  under eyes and leave for sometime. Bye bye puffy eyes…!!!
  • Most of us get cuts and red patches post getting our eyebrows threaded. Applying aloe vera gel on it will give you cooling and soothing effect.


  • There are so many lip products in the market which has vitamin E as their main ingredient. Do you know this little plant is loaded with vitamin E??? Thus applying aloe vera gel on lips has proven to heal chapped lips, making it soft and pink.



  • Brittle nails??? Have a habit of applying aloe vera gel on nails and massaging them gently. This will add moisture and boost the growth of stronger nails.


  • As I said above, vitamin E is moisturizing content. Thus aloe vera is one of the best natural moisturisers you can find at your home.
  • Aloe vera gel is proven to provide cooling effect to skin. Applying it on burns should be helpful.
  • Oily skinned beauties – fed up with access oil production by your skin cells???? applying aloe vera gel on face has proven to reduce the oil production. Thus giving you a matte finished skin.
  • Acts a great moisturizing makeup remover.
  • Good to prevent aging signs like wrinkles and sagging skin.
  • It is also used to heal sun burns too.
  • Insect bites??? All you need to run to balcony, pluck aloe vera leaf and apply the gel.
  • Aloe vera gel has been said to cure various skin problems like pimples and scars.



  • Dry skinned beauties this one is for you. Mix aloe vera gel and sugar. Use it as scrub. Sugar granules will scrub off dry skin and aloe vera gel will add moisture to skin.
  • For pains and strains of joints, apply cold aloe vera gel. It gets absorbed into the skin and thus helps in soothing pain and strain.


  • This is also used in many ayurvedic recipes. Aloe vera juice when consumed, heals stomach disorders and allergies.
  • It also helps in curing diseases like piles, ulcers and jaundice, when consumed.
  • Plus, aloe vera juice consumption aids weight loss…!!!!
  • Also helps in improving digestion, regulates blood pressure, manages diabetes and  prevents heart attacks.



  • Applying aloe vera gel on to scalp for couple of hours before washing hair has proven to reduce hair fall and boost hair growth.

Oral Care:

  • Teeth and gum problems like – bleeding teeth or gums, inflammation, tooth ache and decay can be cured with aloe vera.


One important thing to take care:

Dear reader, even though aloe vera is a great herb, it might or might not work for you. If you apply the gel directly to your skin you might get itching or allergies. Because some people are allergic to this gel.

So, I would suggest to try a patch test before applying it to whole face directly. You can also dilute the gal by adding some quantity of water and then use it on skin.

Try out this home remedy to get most of the benefits with less or no cost.


All You Need to Know About Dry Shampoos


Imagine when you are not having a good hair day…. Oily scalp, greasy hair and you get a call from your friend about this ‘sudden plans’…

What to do??!!

Head bath is must… If you have short hair, you are quite safe… You can get that’ quick shower’… But, what about gals with mid or long length hair… It’s impossible to take a quick bath, as we really need good amount of time to wash and dry our tresses. You can check the other problems of having long hair here.You can check the other problems of having long hair here.

Even though we can’t take a quick bath, let’s look into this ‘quick solution’…

The name of this quick solution is Dry shampoo…

Let’s get to know what it is… How it works… Pros and cons… Ready???

What is Dry Shampoo???

It’s a different kind of shampoo that does the job without the involvement of water…

How to use dry shampoo???

There are many companies out there who have come up with different flavored dry shampoos.

All we got to do is,

  • Just open the bottle and spray the shampoo on your hair. That’s it. You are almost done.
  • When we spray it, there is this white residue left on hair, so you got to blend it by running your fingers through hair.
  • Combe your hair nicely… And you are done.

You don’t have to use water to moisten or to rinse it at the end. Time-saver huun??? 😉

Pros of Using Dry Shampoo :

  • You know now that it is time saving. In terms of bath time as well as time we spend on drying hair post bath.
  • Saves water.
  • Smells good.
  • Results of dry shampooing remains for good three days at least.
  • Adds volume to hair..

Cons of Using Dry Shampoo :

  • It’s costly.
  • It takes time for hair to absorb the shampoo.
  • Dry shampoo makes hair dry.
  • If you have Grey hair, dry shampoo can make it look ashy.
  • Dry shampoo may not work if you have given hot oil massage to your hair the previous night.
  • Even though the brands which have come up with dry shampoos, test the product before releasing it in to the market, there might be some chemical to which your scalp might react.

However,  dry shampooing once in a while should be ok… Find the right shampoo by reading the ingredients… Because yet times we need a quick help to be ready to be a part of those ‘sudden plans’… 😉

DIY Serum For Thick Eyebrows and Eyelashes


Eyebrows can make or break your look. You won’t get to know the importance of shape of your eyebrows till the time your beautician ruins it. Haaa it’s nothing less than a nightmare…!!! Phewww… 😱

I know majority of ladies like those thin and arched eyebrows. But I fall in the other category. If you love thick eyebrows, I’m in your team…!!!

Thick Eyebrows are a sign of youth. Thin eyebrows usually make you look old. Thus in order to look younger, maintaining a good thick eyebrows is a good idea.

The problem with most of us is, after threading the eyebrows, they take really long time to grow back. Getting thick eyebrows is not at all an easy task. I’m sure most of you agree with me.

Now about eyelashes. Those thick lashes look so gorgeous. Isn’t it?? No wonder, many companies out their have come up with fake eyelashes. But maintaining and using fake eyelashes are painful. You can check out my post about fake eyelashes here.

Now I’m sure you know all the drawbacks and precautions for unreal lashes. How to skip this??? Ummm growing natural eye lashes…!!! Sounds easy??? But it’s not an easy task too…!!!

The good news is I have tried and tested this easy serum which you can prepare at home. All you need is these ingredients and a container. Preferably an empty mascara container which will ease the application.

What are the ingredients we need???

  • Castor oil
  • Vitamin E tablets
  • Aloe Vera gel

Why these Ingredients???

Needless to say the benefits of these ingredients on hair growth. They are well known for boosting hair growth and improving health of hair.

How to prepare???

Take a spoon of castor oil.

Puncture couple of vitamin E capsules.

Mix half spoon of aloe Vera.

Transfer the serum to container.

So now you have this magical serum, you can now apply them on your eyelashes and eyebrows prior to hitting the bed.

I have tested this serum on myself. I have good results. I hope the serum spells its magic on you guys as well…!!!

Do write to me about your experience and about queries if any…!!!

Happy to help… Always… 😘

How Do I Tie My Hair Using A Hair Stick

It’s a weekend….!!! How is your weekend going on??? I am having a lazy weekend. ‘Panda mode’ is on for me… !!! Because I am recharging myself… by doing nothing…

As you guys have read in some of my previous posts, my hair is thin yet long. That’s in my gene. Maternal genes. Umm.. Since the plates doesn’t really look good for thin hair, I tie it in a bun. Most of my colleagues and friends at work place keep asking me about how I tie it. This post is for all those who love using hair sticks and especially for girls with long tresses.

Hair sticks are my favorite hair accessories. All thanks to my roommate and my gooood friend, who has this amazing collection of hair sticks. I had gifted her a case to keep her hair sticks. But her collection grew so much so that the case was not enough.

So, by looking at her way of tying bun using hair sticks, I tried to imitate her. But, let me tell you one thing – it works differently for different hair length and also hair thickness matters. She has amazing thick, medium length hair. Her way of styling hair didn’t actually work for me.

Here is the way I tie my hair.


PS: I’m not in a mood to dress up today so plz ignore my clothes.

If you have any doubt after watching video, please feel free to ping or leave a comment below.

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Magical Juice to Improve Health and Beauty


Are you a fan of bollywood actress Anushka Sharma??? I loved her the most in the movie NH10. Amazing performance.


Have you observed her skin..??? It’s so flawless. She is with minimal makeup most of the times. She has such an amazing skin that even with minimal or no makeup, she looks amazing.

The other actress who has flawless skin is Tamanna. I love her glowing skin. Shining skin huun.

images (1)

You might be thinking the post name says juice and why am talking about actresses. I will tell you why.

I was watching their interviews. One thing was common between them. A juice which they both swear by.

Today I have brought all the ingredients to prepare the juice. I’m gonna start drinking it from tomorrow. So while I’m starting a healthy task, I thought of sharing this tip to my beautiful readers too…!!!

So, ready to know the secret of these beauties???

Ingredients :




How to prepare :

Easy breezy. Put them in blender or mix it and blend.

Pour them in your girly mug(optional #haha) and drink. Gluuuppp

Let me tell you the benefits in detail :



Increase metabolism

Muscle growth

Cancer prevention


Improves bone health

Heals infection and wounds

Strong hair nail

Anti aging benefits

Prevent sun damage

Cures dryness and acne

Benefits of Beetroot :


Promotes hair growth

Clears blemishes and marks from skin

Hydrates skin

Reduces Inflammation

Combats anemia

Controls diabetes

Improves stamina

Treats dryness of skin

Healthy for liver

Lowers blood pressure


Benefits of Potato:


Relieves Arthritis

Boosts immune system

Lowers cholesterol


Heals ulcers

Cures migraine

Improves blood circulation

Cures kidney disease

Cures constipation

Prevents cancer


Do try and get more beautiful version of yourself…!!!


Keep shining 💖

Couple of Best Hair Serums for Dry Hair


Many of my friends and colleagues have been asking about which hair serum do I use for my hair. So here is a quick reviews of couple of hair serum I have tried and which has luckily worked for me.

Hair serum is something like leave in conditioner. Due to weather, change in water or due to I’ll health, our hair tend to become rough and dry. Resulting in split ends and hair fall too. So, it’s a good idea to use hair serum to keep hair moisturized. Let’s see which are the best hair serum I have tried and my recommendations for my beautiful reader.

L’Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Hair Serum

When I had moved to Pune for the very first time, due to change in water my hair had turned dry. So this was the very first hair serum I had ever tried.

This non greasy serum Smells nice… A very mild fragrance. Travel friendly bottle makes it a good pick. What I really didn’t like much is the flip flop cover and dispenser. Flip flop cover is quite delicate. It breaks if you drop it. (Happened with me most of the time) It’s a normal hole dispenser. So yet times you might end up taking more quantity than required. Because if you apply more you might end up with greasy hair.

Best part is, it did solved the hair problems of mine. This Dis made my hair smooth, easy to manage. Plus the cost is quite less for the quantity we get. Little coin size amount of serum is more than enough to serve the purpose.

Price : 250 INR for 100 ml

You get it in local drug store as well as online.

The Body Shop Grape seed Glossing hair serum

I was a bit bored with the previous serum so tried this serum from one of my favorite brands. I’m glad I picked it. So this not Oily in texture. Has a mild smell of grapes. Little quantity goes long way.

The pump dispenser is the added plus point. You can take out as much quantity you want. It does helps your hair from getting dry and adds shine to it.

This serum falls on the expensive side. But it’s totally worth every penny.

Price : 995 INR for 70 ml

Available online as well as in The Body Shop outlets.

I hope you guys find this useful and have any queries do post it in comments section below.

Things Which Only Long Haired Gals Understand


I am blessed with long but thin hair. #GalsAreNeverHappyWithHair

My mom is bit obsessed with long hair. She doesn’t really allow to cut it. I kind of love long hair too. Gals usually keep their hair short so it feels like standing out of the crowd with my long tress.

With everything,  there comes pros as well as Cons. So here are certain things Which Only girls with long hair can relate to.

If you have long hair too, read on…

  • Hair bands are our superheroes

Leaving hair open when we are out, is a risky affair. As and when air blows, we will remind you of some creepy horror movie. All thanks to the long messy hair. So hair bands are our best friends, to keep hair tied ‘all the time’

  • Hair wash – preplanned task

Unlike short hair, long hair need good amount of time for a proper wash. If you have oiled your hair before the wash, then it has to be a lengthy process. We have to plan hair wash as per time availability during weekdays at least. Weekend, we can take hours to wash.

  • Get stuck almost everywhere

Be it a car seat belt, chair or even a pen, hair gets stuck everywhere.

  • Lip gloss problem

If you have applied lip gloss and left your hair open. When those hair strands get stuck on lip gloss… #uhhh

  • Can’t leave hair open while sleeping

If you do so, you will wake up with lots of tangles and messed up hair the next morning. #BirdsNestLook

  • Tons of shampoo and conditioner

Long hair, more water, more shampoo and conditioner.

  • Answering ‘obvious questions’ 

We are bored of answering those obvious questions – “how do you maintain such a long hair??”, “hair washing might take minimum of an hour for you… Isn’t it?? “,” don’t you feel like cutting your hair??? “,” when was the last time you had a hair cut?? ” #Phewww

  • Combing

Combing long hair survey two purposes. Combing hair and a good exercise for arms. We got to brush all the way from top of the head to end of our long tress.

  • Oiling

Oiling our own hair actually tiresome. Need a lot of strength to oil and give a massage to scalp.

  • Using Indian toilet

We can’t even think of using an Indian styled toilet with our hair open. #Ewww

  • Hair is almost everywhere

Right from pillow to food hair is everywhere.

  • After combing or post head bath

Even though the hair which has fallen is less it looks like hell lot of hair fall. All thanks to the length.

  • We want to try new haircuts. But no matter what, we love our hair more.

Hope you enjoyed reading this fun post.

Have a great Saturday Night..😉

Tips to Stop Hair Fall

Hey beautiful,

What’s every gal’s common beauty problem, apart from pimples.. Ummm I would say Hair fall??? Most of my readers have been asking me to write a post about it… So today finally, I’m writing one.

Just like pimples, there are different reasons why we face this problem.

  • Harmon imbalance
  • Genetic
  • Consumption of Medicine
  • Disease
  • Scalp issues
  • Chemically treated hair
  • Too much styling
  • Change in water

And many more.

So read on to know some of the tried and tested tips for anti hair fall.

Scalp health

This is first point we need to keep in check if you want to have a great hair. If the scalp is dry, you tend to get flakes that’s nothing but dandruff. These dandruff are embarrassing when they fall on your cloth. They also cause hair fall. To treat the itchy/dry scalp, we got to try some home made masks. You can try curd and lemon mask mentioned in the post here.

Oily Scalp??

I have oily scalp too. Hair gets greasy within a day or two after hair wash. I have few quick tips.
First step we can do is, we need to comb hair multiple times. This will spread/evenly distribute the natural oil secreted. You can choose write comb by referring this post.

Second, wash your hair with mild shampoo 2-3 times a week. Avoid washing it daily as it will steal the moisture and makes hair dry.

Third, you can try baby powder for quick fix. Check the post about it here.

Hormonal Imbalance

Due to menopause/ pregnancy/ PMS related issues, it does effect our hair. In this case consulting a good gynecologist and following medication prescribed, will help you.


Make sure you sleep on clean pillow case.
We got to wash our hair at least once or twice in a week. Do you want to know how to wash your hair right??? Please check this.

Comb should be cleaned frequently.
Make sure you use clean towel for drying your hair.

Good Diet

We are what we eat. Try to avoid oily and junk food. They have adverse effect on our skin and hair. Try to eat clean and healthy. Almonds are one of the great food for hair.

This post will help you more with this.


I had tried this supplement lately, called ‘Biotin’. This has no side effects. You can consult doctor for the dosage recommendation if you want to. But you can have max 5000mcg per day of this supplement. The regular in take will improve health of your hair and nails.


Combing hair multiple times helps in not only spreading oil but also helps in blood circulation. So is with a good massage. Massage your head before going to bed. This will help in blood circulation and you will feel relaxed and get a good sound sleep.

Hot oil therapy

You can choose a good hair oil of your choice. Add curry leaves and warm the mixture. Apply this warm oil on your scalp and massage the hair ends. Keep it overnight or keep it for 2-3 hours before washing your hair. This will moisture and nourish both scalp and hair. Thus resulting in growth of hair.

Hot towel therapy

By wrapping hot towel over your head, when you have applied oil will help to work its magics quickly. The heat helps in opening of pores thus helps oil to penetrate and nourish the roots of hair.


There are multiple yoga positions that promote growth of hair. Standing upside down being one of the famous asanas. It helps in blood circulation towards head and promotes hair growth.

You can check this post for few more useful hair care tips…!!!

Most important tip…  Stay calm…  Stress kills you within. It effects your skin and hair along with your overall health.

I hope these tips will help you to fight against the ‘hair fall’…


Homemade Nourishing Hair Masks

Happy Sunday,

It’s my spa day. I’m thinking of treating myself with a good hair mask today… !!!

My hair has become a bit dry. All thanks to rainy weather…  I have couple of avocado in my fridge. So, I’m going with avocado mask.

I’ll tell you the recipe of mask along with some more. Read on, chose one as per the ingredients available in your kitchen today…

Ready to enjoy hair mask today???

  • Avocado hair mask

Smash avocado, mix a bit of honey and water. Once the paste is ready, apply it on damp or dry hair. Keep it for an hour or so before washing with mild shampoo. Avocado is super moisturizing and adds shine to hair. Honey is known for its moisturizing property too. This mask is a bliss for dry hair.

  • Egg whites 

This is a bit smelly mask. But nourishing one. All you need to do is take the egg white and apply it on hair. Leave for an hour. Wash with a good shampoo to wash away the smell. You need to wash hair really good, else you will stink.  haha

  • Mayonnaise

I love mayonnaise. This is one magical food next to Nutella(Nutella is my first love). They can make most of the food magically edible. If you also love mayonnaise *high five *

Have you ever tried applying mayonnaise on hair???  If not, you should. This will give you a shiny and bouncy hair.

  • Alovera

This one multi benefit plant, can be used to treat dull damaged hair. I have this in my balcony. Have you planted one??  Planting one Alovera plant can solve many of your beauty problems.  Cut the leaves of a lover and apply the jelly on your hair. This adds that extra moisture to your hair.  Also solves scalp problems if any.

  • Curd

As many of you guys know, curd is super food for your hair. Applying curd on hair helps to get healthy hair. You can add couple of drops of lemon juice to curd if you have dandruff problem.

  • Onion juice 

Do you have itchy scalp???  Wanna grow your hair fast???  Here is the remedy. Cut and smash onion. Squeeze out the juice. Apply on the scalp and hair. I know it has a very strong smell. But try and keep it for an hour darling so that it works it’s magic. Wash it with a good amount of shampoo to get healthy and clean hair.

  • Banana mask

This is one more healthy moisturizing mask. Mix banana and honey in mixer and apply this super thin paste on your hair.

Once I had decided to treat myself with this mask on my birthday. The biggest mistake I did was, instead of blending it in a blender or a mixer, I just smashed it manually and applied that thick paste. While I was taking head bath, I realized the blunder I had made. I had to call my mom for rescue. She helped me get rid of tiny piece of sticky bananas from my hair. It was a disastrous birthday.  lesson learnt So, please blend it well before applying.

  • Henna

When I say henna, it should be home made. Make a paste out of henna leaves. Do not believe in the packed henna we get in market. Most of which have added colors. So instead of doing good, you are actually harming your crown. Apply homemade henna pack to hair. This has cooling property and also nourishes your hair.

  • Ghee

You have to try this grandma recipe. This is food for hair. Even though some of us doesn’t like the smell of it, our hair will be very happy if you use it as a mask.

  • Mix and try

Young woman combing conditioner through hair, reflection in mirror

You can mix any of the above ingredients and try out. I do that. It’s like multi benefits in single go. But make sure you don’t end up with a runny mask. It should be a paste. So that you don’t have to be bothered for an hour when the mask is on. Make sure you relax that one hour of yours while your hair is getting benefited.

So, these are some of my tried and tested hair masks. If you have tried something other than these, please let us know in the comments section below.

Keep loving yourself…!!!  💋

Tips to Avoid Freezy Hair This Monsoon 


Enjoying monsoon??? Yesterday, I posted about my love hate relationship with rain. A point which I forgot to mention was about how rain treats our hair…!!

They say that rain is not good for hair. In deed it makes our hair dry and freezy. sob

No worries, there are tips for this in mygirlypedia…

Read on to know how to keep your hair healthy this monsoon.

  • Prevention is better than cure

Protect your crown from getting wet. Cover your hair while stepping out.

  • Say yes to Conditioner

Never skip conditioner after using shampoo. You can check this post on how to make most of a hair wash here. So to avoid your hair getting dry, apply conditioner post shampooing.

  • Hair mask 

You can opt for deep conditioning by applying home made or ready made hair masks. I would suggest Loreal hair mask is the best for dry and freezy hair.

  • Hot oil therapy 

Do a good hot oil massage to your scalp at least once or twice a week. Thus makes hair healthier. relaxing

  • Try Hair serum 

Always keep hair serum handy. A coin size amount of serum is enough to keep hair smooth and in place.

  • Avoid chemical treatments 

Chemical treatments like hair smoothening should better be avoided especially in monsoon. It does more harm than good.

  • Less blow dries

Avoid using driers. It will leave hair freezy and steals all moisture.

  • Comb your hair

Brushing or combing the hair distributes natural oil. Thus keeps hair healthy and shiny. You can check which comb suits you by this post. 

These are some of the quick tips I had for you.

I will soon share some best homemade hair masks you can try at home this weekend..!!!

Hope you find this short post useful.

A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Beauty 


I spend ample amount of time taking care of skin… I am kind of obsessed. I love doing it. After all self love is must. Isn’t it???

There are many of my friends who wants to improve the skin texture but too lazy to do all the rituals. No worries. Today I am gonna share some super lazy tips which you can afford to do,  to achieve good skin.

Read on,  if you are one among those pandas.

  • Cleansing

I know it’s not your type to go and look for a cleanser for your skin type and blah blah blah. So all you need to do is, keep wet wipes next to your bed. Just pull one out and clean your face before sleeping. Removing impurities /dust/makeup is a must.

  • Moisturizer

Na I won’t bother you by explaining toner and stuff. Just apply a layer of good moisturizer before ending your day. No matter what skin type you are blessed with, a good moisturizer is a must.

  • Hydration

You must have heard a lot that we need to drink lots of water. Yes we need to. This will keep body mind and Skin healthy.

  • Vitamins

If you are too lazy to follow good diet or beauty steps, consume vitamin supplements. But yes, you have to take an extra effort to meet a good doctor before consuming.

  • Lip care

I know lip scrub or primer are not in your world. Haha but we need to scrub lips to get rid of those chapped surface. Ummm how will I do it??? Simple.. Just gently brush your lips after brushing your teeth with the help of toothbrush.

  • Makeup

Foundation concealer etc might sound like rocket science for some girls.  So I will tell you simpler makeup tips.

  • Eyes

Kajal..!!!  A stroke of Kajal we need to conquer the world. If you want to know how much kajal means to us, check this. 

  • Smudged Kajal Look 

Apply kajal before going to bed. You will have naturally smudged eye makeup look the next morning.  But avoid doing it everyday. As sleeping with eye makeup on is not recommended on daily basis.

  • Lips

Apply a good lipstick or a tinted lip balm. You are good to go.

  • Face

If you are a dry skinned beauty, dab some moisturizer before applying a day cream. If cream has SPA/SPF content, it’s added benefit.

  • Lazy to apply body lotion? 

Drop few drops of essential oils to the bathing water. This will take care of body moisture after bath.

  • Hair wash!!! 

Too lazy to wash hair???  No worries…  Dry shampoos are your Angeles.

  • Hair style 

Tie hair in a bunch before hitting the bed. You will wake up with nice wavy hair in the morning.

  • Excess sweat

Keep tissue papers handy. You don’t have to go shopping for product to solve this problem. Just pat a tissue paper on your oily zone and and you are good to go as the tissue absorbs all the sweat.

I hope these tips will transform you from

“This gal is pretty lazy”


“This lazy gal is pretty ”


Beauty Benefits of Baby Powder


How’s monsoon treating you??? I’m suffering from common cold.  Aaakshuuuu…  Sorry for the sneeze…  😝

Many of my friends are enjoying their motherhood…  The common complaint I hear is they don’t get much time for themselves…  The shopping time is now means the shopping for little angels…!!! Phase of life… 

So today’s post is for those busy mommies…  I’m not responsible if your little toddler gets angry when you steal his/her baby powder, after reading this post…  😉

If you are happily unmarried like me, do buy a baby powder to serve all the beauty purposes listed below. 

  • For easy shaving 

Waxing is best when it’s done on dry skin. You can apply baby powder for making the skin wax ready. 

  • Soothing dry skin 

Even though powder does remove moisture, it helps to nourish skin and makes it look smoother. Applying it on dry skin helps in soothing the skin. 

  • Dry shampoo 

You don’t have to spend some extra money for a dry shampoo. Take some baby powder on your hand and run your fingers between hair. It soaks up the oiliness and makes your hair free from looking greasy. 

  •  Thicker eyelashes 

Apply a layer of baby powder on your lashes before applying mascara. This makes eyelashes look Thicker. 

  • Lipstick to last long

Apply a layer of your favorite lipstick. Hold a tissue paper on your lips and apply a layer of powder.  This format a thin layer of powder over the lipstick. Thus sealing it. Apply one more layer of lipstick. Even though the first layer fades off, you don’t have to worry as the powder has already sealed one more layer for you. 💋

  • To avoid oily T zone

If you are fed up with the oily skin. All you need to apply baby powder on your face to reduce that oiliness. 

  • For matte nail Polish 

Mix powder with glossy nail paint to get that Matte finish. 

  • Matte lipstick 

Dab a little bit of powder over the lipstick. This gives a Matte finish. 

  • Happy feet

Sprinkle some powder on your feet before wearing shoes. This keeps your feet smell fresh all day long. 

  • Deodorant replacement 

It’s safer to use powder than a deodorant on armpits. Baby powder won’t darken skin. 

Hope you find this post easy, helpful and budget friendly…!!! 

Beauty Benefits of Petroleum Jelly 


How’s your weekend going on??? I’m enjoying a lazy cozy weekend…  I love being lazy doing nothing on weekends..😊

So, today I’m gonna share some of the uses of Petroleum Jelly in your beauty regime. 💆

Read on to know how you can make most of a simple petroleum jelly. 

Face Care 👰

  • Eyebrows

Apply little quantity of Petroleum Jelly on your eyebrows and comb them in desired direction. This will keep them in shape all day long. 

  • Eyelashes 

Applying a thin layer of Petroleum Jelly to eyelashes before going to bed, helps them to grow long and thick. 

  • Glossy eyeshadow 

Apply a thin layer of jelly on eyelids and apply eyeshadow.  This will help the eyeshadow last longer and gives a glossy effect. 

  • Makeup remover

Removing makeup with the help of Petroleum Jelly helps not only in keeping skin clean but also in improving skin condition and keeping wrinkles away. 

  • Bye bye dry lips 💋

You can mix sugar with petroleum jelly to make a gentle lip scrub. Or application of jelly on lips before bed time will also helps in achieving a soft plump lips overnight. 

  • Customized lip gloss 

Want to get a lip gloss similar to that of your favorite lipstick??? You don’t have to make a hole in your pocket for this. All you need to do is apply your favorite lipstick and apply a layer of Petroleum Jelly over it. There you go…!!! A glossy pout…  💋

More lip care tips here. 
Body Care:👸

  • Bronze 

Some people love applying bronzer to get that s*xy tanned look. Before applying bronze, apply petroleum jelly to make the skin soft and application even. 

  • Soft Body scrub

You can mix sugar, salt or coffee powder with Vaseline and use it to scrub away dead skin cells from your body. Vaseline will add moisture, while sugar/salt/coffee removes dead skin cells. 

  • Long lasting fragrance 

In order to make your perfume last longer, apply petroleum jelly before applying perfume. The jelly holds the perfume and makes it last longer. 

More information about Perfumes here. 
Hair care💇

  • As a styling gel

If you want to style or set your hair, rub a bit of Petroleum Jelly on your fingers and run the fingers over your hair to set your hairdo. But do not use in large quantity as it will make hair look greasy. 

  • Split end problem 

Apply petroleum jelly on dry ends. Keep it for 15-20 minutes. Wash it off with water. Over the period of time, it will seal the split ends with moisture and you will have happy hair

  • Coloring

Apply jelly over hairline before applying henna or hair color. This will avoid the mess and Skin allergies caused by coloring agents.  

Nail Care💅

  • For that perfect manicure 

When we apply nail paint, we end up spilling it on cuticle as well.  We all face that problem. Right???  sob Next time when you paint your nails, just apply a bit of Petroleum Jelly on cuticles without touching nails. So this will avoid that messy cuticle problem post manicure. 

  • For adding moisture 

Cuticle need some moisture. In order to avoid the dried cuticles, apply some jelly on them to keep them hydrated and healthy. 

  • Shining nails

Applying petroleum jelly on nails not only gives shine it also helps them grow long and strong. 

Are you a nail Polish lover??? Do check this…  

Accessories Care👗

  • Adding shine to Bag/Shoes 

If you want to add the shine to your old shoes or bag, just apply a layer of Petroleum Jelly on them. Keep it for ten minutes. Clean them with dry cloth. 

  • Makeup stain on clothes 

Worried about the stains on your favorite cloth??  Don’t…  Just apply a bit of Petroleum Jelly over it and wash it regularly. 

Tattoo Care🎀

Do check this article to know the uses of Petroleum Jelly for taking care of tattoo. 
Baby care:👨‍👨‍👧

  • Avoid the diaper rashes

Nowadays all the babies look like a super heroes. With a big waist. All thanks to diapers which they wear all day long.  But, due to constant contact with moisture, they do get rashes. In order to avoid that, apply petroleum jelly on clean and dry skin of baby, before putting the diapers. The petroleum jelly acts as a barrier between the baby’s skin and the diaper thus protecting skin from getting rashes. 

Hope you find this useful…  😇

Do let me know if you know any other beauty uses of Petroleum Jelly. 


Pallavi 💋

Beauty Benefits of Carrot… 

Hey pretty,

Today’s post is about bunny’s favorite…  Carrots…!!!

Apart from the good taste, carrots have multiple health and beauty benefits…

So today I’m gonna list down  some of those beauty benefits…

  • Carrots have vitamin a, c, antioxidants and beta- carotene in them.  These are essential for healthy skin, eyes and hair.

  • As I said, carrots are full of antioxidants and vitamins which are proven to be beneficial for our skin cells.  Consuming carrots will result in glowing skin.

  • If you are not a fan of carrots’ taste, you can go with carrot face masks… I will soon post some of the home made masks’ recepies.

  • In order to maintain skin elasticity,  we need collagen. Vitamin C is required to produce collagen.  Carrots are a huge resource of Vitamin C. Thus helping in preventing wrinkles.

  • Antioxidants in carrots, helps in attacking free radicals to prevent signs of aging.

  • Carrots juice consumption or carrot pulp application can help in reducing scars and blemishes.

  • Beta-carotene present in this vegetable gets converted into vitamin A in our body.  This vitamin helps in protection and nourishment of cells against sun damage.

  • Carrots helps in keeping skin hydrated.  Potassium present in them protects our skin from drying.

Hair :

  • Vitamins from carrots helps in growth of hair and also make them strong and shiny.


*Vitamin A helpful in protecting eyes from diseases like glaucoma, cataract.

  • Helps in improving night vision.

These are some of the beauty benefits of Carrots.  Do include carrot in your diet to get all the beauty benefits…

Keep glowing…  💋

How to Apply Daily Makeup… 

Hey pretty,

One of my friends was asking about daily makeup steps for office…  So today I will share some quick tips to do Daily Makeup.


Preparing the skin is the key to daily makeup.  In order to start with a clean and plain base, let’s apply primer. Primer is like a base which is used to prepare skin for a long lasting makeup.


You don’t want to look caked up right…  So in order to avoid that, let’s moisturize skin. This step is a must for dry skin and oily skinned beauties can skip this.

Foundation / day cream

This step is for hiding uneven skin tone and marks.

Foundation helps in achieving that even Skin.  You can know more about foundation here. But everyday use of foundation is not recommended.

Day creams helps in clearing face and adding glow. You can choose any day cream of your choice. Creams with SPF content are more beneficial.


Kajal is a must if you want your eyes look prominent. A single stroke of kajal over the waterline, will do the magic.


Not everyone can pull this off everyday. But eyeliner helps in defining your eyes.  You can check my post on how to draw eyeliner for its easy application. 


Mascara helps in making your eyelashes look long and thus gives you wide eyes look.

Lipstick /lip gloss 

Apply a lip balm and apply a layer of sober colored lipstick or gloss to highlight your lips.


It’s optional. But a Blush will give you an instant glow and a cute look.

So these are the few things to keep ready for everyday makeup look for your work place.

You can also check out a post about permanent makeup here. 

Hope you find this post useful.

Let me know if you need anymore information about any of the steps. Leave your comments in the below comment section.

Happy to help you… !!!

Nykaa.com Femina Beauty Awards 2017 Winners…!!!

Hey Beautiful,

The Nykaa.com Femina Beauty awards 2017, were held last night in Mumbai. Every year, just like Best hero in leading role, in supporting role etc, they award Best products of the year. Based on the product’s quality and effectiveness. Sounds fun right???

Products includes every skin care and makeup products. From a nail polish to a face serum…  Every product category is in the list… and yes, 2 special awards for the most stylish celebrities – male and female.

You must be thinking how do they judge. Its based on customers’ reviews/polls and the jury members’ views.

I have categorized them based on the purpose they serve. This will help you to have a quick look on products from your favorite category. ..!!!

Read on to know which are the products who stood out for their performance. wink


  • Best Primer: Colorbar Perfect Match Primer
  • Best Foundation – M·A·C Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15
  • Best Bronzer – NYX Matte Bronzer
  • Best Blush: Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Shimmer Brick
  • Best Mascara – Maybelline New York (My favorite)
  • Best Eyeliner/kohl – Maybelline New York (My favorite)
  • Best Eyeshadow palette: Maybelline New York The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette( I am a proud owner of one of these pretty eyeshadow palette. I love the shades.)
  • Best Highlighter: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact
  • Best Bronzer: NYX Matte Bronzer
  • Best Lip colour – MAC Cosmetics Retro Matte Liquid Lip Colour
  • Best Nail colour – Its a tie between Lakmé 9To5 Long Wear Nail Color and Colorbar Nail Polish
  • Best Setting powder: L’Oréal Paris Mat Magique Compact

Skin care:

  • Best Cleanser – Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser
  • Best Scrub – Forest Essentials
  • Best Moisturiser/Day cream – L’Oréal Paris Hydrafresh Aqua Cream
  • Best Night cream  – Kama Ayurveda Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream
  • Best Face mask – Plum Green Tea Clear Face Mask
  • Best Anti-ageing: Olay Total Effects 7-in-one Lightweight Anti-Ageing Cream
  • Best Anti-acne: Clinique Anti-Blemish Solution All-Over Clearing Treatment
  • Best Serum/Face oil: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate
  • Best Eye cream: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye
  • Best Lip Balm – The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15
  • Best Sunscreen – Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel PA+++ SPF 50
  • Best Toner – Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray

Hair care:

  • Best Shampoo: Kérastase Reflection Bain Chroma Captive Colour Radiance Protecting Shampoo
  • Best Conditioner: L’Oréal Professionnel Hair Spa Deep Nourishing Conditioner
  • Best Hair Masque category – Wella Professionals Enrich Moisturizing Treatment For Dry And Damaged Hair
  • Best Serum/Hair oil – Toni&Guy Glamour Serum Drops
  • Best Hair colour – LOréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss

Bath and body:

  • Best Body cleanser – The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel
  • Best Epilator/hair removal – Braun Face 810 Epilator & Facial Cleansing Brush
  • Best Body lotion: Nivea Night Whitening Skin Moisturiser Body Lotion


  • Best On-the-go deo mist – The Body Shop White Musk Chiffon Sheer Body Mist (I have black musk mist of this range.)
  • Best Women’s fragrance: Estée Lauder Pleasures
  • Best Men’s fragrance: Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Giò

Special awards:

Woman of the year – Vani Kapoor


Man of the year – Shahid Kapoor

I hope this products list will help you list the products which you wanna try your hands on, the next time you shop.

Hair and Skin Care Tips for Holi… 


The festival of colors is here…  Holi is here…  This festival marks the end of winter and start of summer…  It is celebrated as the victory of Devine over evil…  Holi is celebrated by applying colors or rather playing with colors with family and friends…

As much as we enjoy playing Holi, we suffer a bit, to get skin and hair cleaned post that.  So,  I have this quick post on how to take care of hair and skin this Holi season…

🎆 Oil your hair 15-20 minutes prior to Holi celebration. It keeps your scalp hydrated and washing hair would be easy. Plus, it won’t make your hair dry post wash.

🎆 Apply moisturizer with SPF content all over the body. Moisturizer avoids extra dryness due to chemicals in colors and SPF avoids tanning.

🎆 Wear cotton clothes. Denims will be heavy and other clothes will be sticky once you get wet by colored water.

🎆 It’s advisable to wear full sleeve shirts.  The more area you cover, the more protection for your skin from harsh chemicals.

🎆 Avoid wearing lenses and spectacles. If you can’t manage without spectacles… Be extra cautious. Those surprise attacks of colors might damage the glasses.

🎆 Carry alovera gel if you are allergic to colors. Alovera soothes the itchiness.

🎆 Instead of using chemicals to wash colors, use alovera or glycerin based soaps.

🎆 Don’t forget to apply generous quantity of body lotion post bath.

So this was about self care.  Now couple of  tips to be a good soul.

💖 Do not apply colors to animals. They don’t enjoy that. They lick the colors in order to clean themselves. They end up consuming lot of chemicals in this process. Please take care of our animal buddies.

💖 Avoid wasting water. I know it’s fun to throw colored water but please think of those people who are dying due to scarcity of water. Enjoy a dry Holi.

I hope these tips will be useful for you…  Enjoy ‘the festival of love ‘to the fullest.  Spread colors…

May your life be filled with all the beautiful colors…

Happy Holi… 😇

Beauty Benefits of Lemon…!!!

Hey my beautiful reader,

How are you??? I know it’s been a long time… !!! Hope you all are doing great…!!!

Tell me, Are you a one who loves natural beauty recipes over chemical products??? High five Even I loveee natural and beneficial ‘Grandma beauty recipes ‘…!!! I will make sure, I will share at least one of my grandma ‘s recipe a week here… Needless to say, I would love to hear recipes you got to know from your grand mommy… 🙂 Do share ok???

So, today the natural beauty product I have chosen is, the cute little citrus fruit… ‘Lemon’…!!!


Read on to know how you can include lemons in your beauty regime and let it do some  beautiful wonders to you…!!!


Let’s start with our crown… !!!

  1. For hair straightening:

Yes you read it right…!!! You can skip those hair damaging hot tools and use a natural recipe to get your hair straightened. All you need is coconut oil and lemon juice. You need to refrigerate this mixture for an hour to get thick paste. Apply the paste on to your hair and wait for 15 minutes. Wash it and comb your hair using wide tooth comb. Wow… Your hair is straightened magically…!!! (Girls with curly hair might need one more ingredient, ‘patience’. haha Natural methods takes bit more time. But trust me girls their results are amazing and harmless. )


  1. Cure for Dandruff:

Uff dandruff…!!! nightmare You can use citric acid to cure the dandruff. Mix water and lemon juice to dilute it. Apply the diluted lemon juice to your scalp for 10 minutes and rinse with cold water. You can also replace water with olive/coconut oil for added moisture.


  1. Treating oily scalp:

Tired of oily scalp??? Your super hero might be lying somewhere in your kitchen. hehe Mix lemon juice into your shampoo and conditioner. Let lemon juice do its wonder by absorbing oiliness.

  1. To prevent hair loss:

Make a paste of lemon juice, vinegar, powdered cumin seeds and ground black pepper and apply to your scalp to nourish it and prevent hair loss.  happy dance


  1. Natural Hair conditioner:

Apply mixture of lemon and coconut water to your hair to give them natural moisture.



  1. Do you know lemon acts as a natural bleach? It lightens skin.
  2. It can lighten the blemishes, scars and spots too.
  3. Oily skin beauties, this point is for you. It is helpful to absorb oil and helps in reducing the oiliness.
  4. You can make a natural scrub using lemon, brown sugar and olive oil. Olive oil adds moisture, lemon lightens skin and sugar helps in scrubbing off dead skin.
  5. You can mix cucumber, tomato and lemon juice to brighten and moisturize skin.


For Pearl White Smile:

Scrub your teeth with the mixture of lemon juice and baking soda once a week. It brightens your teeth and there you go, “Hello beautiful smile” wink


Some of the points to keep in check:
1. Please do not apply lemon juice on pimple or any bruises. It hurts a lot. ouch
2. Do not go out in sun with lemon juice on your face.
3. Since lemon has drying property, a good moisturizer is a must after the use.
4. If your skin is sensitive, don’t forget to dilute the juice by adding water to it.

I Hope you find this quick post useful. Happy ‘me time gal’… !!!

Till next Post,

Keep Loving Yourself,
Pallavi ❤

Different Types of Hair Brushes/Combs You Need to Know…!!!


Its been a longgg time since I have written something here…!!! I can say, “MyGirlyPedia and I were on break…!!!” (Only FRIENDS fans will get this… wink)

I have been writing a lot about hair care these days. One more to the collection today…!!! A quick post about “Different types of Combs/Brushes”. Read on, to know different types and choosing right comb for your hair type.

Synthetic Bristle Brush:
If you blessed with thick hair and detangling it is making you tired, this one is for you. The stiff synthetic bristle is useful for detangling and they don’t create much static like other combs.
Natural Bristle Brush:
They are made up of boar bristles. These are super soft and helps in distributing natural oil and the result- super shiny soft hair…!!!

Pin Brush

Mixed Bristle Brush:
This is made of both synthetic and some boar bristles. These are good for all types of hair. It helps in detangling and smooth-ens hair.



Paddle Brush:
Having problem with frizzy hair??? Pick this one. This helps to flatten out frizz and adds shine to hair. Bye Bye Frizzy hair… wave


Vented Brush:
It is used for blow drying. The vents in the brush let the heat pass through and reach hair roots, thus speeds up drying process.


Round Brush:
If you want curls and volume by blow dry, this brush is for you gal… These come in different sizes. The smaller the size of comb, tighter the curl.


Teasing Brush:
As the name suggests, this is for teasing purpose. Used for creating knots in hair dos to increasing the volume. But this brush can even break fragile hair. So be careful while picking one. I would suggest you to go for boar bristle one. Since boar bristle are smoother and cause less damage.

download (1)

Rattile Comb:
The long handle is used for flawless parting and set the total breeze for curls. You can choose this one if you want to smoothen bumps or cowlicks in your hairstyle. Savior I say.. Because those little flaws ruins some of amazing hair dos right???



Wide Tooth Comb:
As I had mentioned in my previous post, we shouldn’t comb wet hair…!!! But if you want to detangle wet hair, you can pick this wide tooth comb. This eases out the detangling process.


Wet Brush:
Guess what there is this brush which is meant for wet hair…!!! The stiff bristles doesn’t pull the strands… Hence this is gentle on wet hair.


Barber Comb:
Usually barbers use these type of comb. They use it to cut and trim without getting too close to the head. It is similar to guards that are on electric clippers.

HEAD JOG R - R2 Barber Comb

Pocket Comb:
Handy one. It has both fine and wide tooth. Servers to brush and detangle purpose..


Rake Comb:
This gets the name since it looks like rake used in garden. Long haired beauties like me, can use this comb to straighten the tangled mess. It detangles with minimal pain and hair loss.


I hope you found this helpful to choose a comb and use it effectively…!!!


Take Care Beautiful,

Pallavi ❤


Right Way to Wash Your Tresses

Hey Beautiful,

Hair is your crown, which you will never take off…!!! The least maintenance we can do is washing them regularly and keeping it clean right.???  Today, I will be sharing tips to wash your hair in right way. Shall we get started???


Rinse your hair:

First thing first, always rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water before applying shampoo.

Less is more:

Take little amount of shampoo on your palm. Add some water to make it dilute. Apply this to your scalp and massage gently with your fingers. Lather well and with lather, massage the end of your hair. Hairs’ root is the new hair and need more cleansing as compared to the root tip. Root tip is the older but fragile hair. Massage more on the scalp than the hair ends.


Avoid repeat shampooing:

It is recommended to use shampoo only once. We tend to wash hair using shampoo twice or thrice. But hair experts suggest using shampoo only once. One time is enough to clean the scalp. If you have applied oil before washing, then yes you might need to use more shampoo and wash it twice to get rid of oiliness.

Always be gentle:

No matter how busy you are, how much you are running out of time, always take time and wash your hair gently. The more gentle you are to your hair, the lesser the friction. Lesser the friction, lesser damage to hair.

Conditioner is must:

Shampoos are full of chemicals. They tend to absorb moisture from hair. It is recommended to use conditioner after you wash your hair. Wipe your hair with towel before applying conditioner to make most of it. The older hair requires more care. It is advisable to apply conditioner below the shoulder level. Do not apply conditioner on your scalp.


If you have long hair, you can use conditioner before shampoo:

If you have long and dry hair, you can reverse the  procedure to keep the moist in your hair. Conditioner conditions and adds moisture to hair. Shampooing later to that, doesn’t make your hair dry.

End with cold water rinse:

Hot water opens the pores and cold water closes them. It is recommended to rinse your hair with cold water at the end of washing, to close the opened pores and add shine to hair.

Some More Tips:

Do not use hot water shower:

Heat causes more damage to hair. It dries out hair thus making it brittle and more split ends. In order to keep your hair healthy, its better you use warm water instead of hot one.


Use shampoo and conditioner which are made for your hair type:

There are plenty of shampoos and conditioner in the market. Depending on your hair concern and type, choose a product. For eg. If your concern is dry hair, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner are best for you. If your hair is thin and scalp is oily, you avoid moisturizing shampoo. Instead you can opt for volumising shampoo and conditioners.

Hair mask:

Once in a week apply a moisturizing hair mask. Our hair needs that extra care. Pampering your self with a good hair mask, once in a while will do more good to you. You should use mask after cleaning hair. You can skip conditioner if you are using a mask.

You can check this post for homemade hair mask recipes. 


Hair serum:

I personally like applying hair serum when your hair is wet. Reason being, it helps in more absorption. You will love the softness due to serum applied, when the hair dries.

These are some of the hair serums which worked for my dry hair.

I hope you found this quick post useful.

Take care of your crown Princess…!!!

Pallavi ❤

Multiple Ways to Use A Pumice Stone…!!!

Hey You,

Do you agree that for every girl, her mom is her first style icon. A baby girl is so much fascinated by the beauty stuffs her mom uses. It might be a simple eyeliner or a compact. I remember the basic makeup stuffs my mom uses to use when I was young. I also remember that mom use to use a stone to keep her feet and elbows soft. Daughter wants to know each and every detail of that beauty stuffs right…???  Likewise, I used to ask my mom why does she uses this rough stone on her feet. I had heard the word ‘Pumice stone’ for the first time from her and of course why we need to use it. But, I was never convinced by that, as I was really horrified by the fact of rubbing a rough stone against my skin. Till the day, I started using one(when I grew up haha )



This Pumice stone is a porous material, formed when hot lava comes in contact with water. These are perfect for removing dead skin cells without scratching. Guess what, it was used by Romans and Greeks since ancient times.


I use Vega Pumice stone. I bought it from a local drug store. You can buy one from here

Let me tell you how to use this:

  1. Dip your feet in warm water for a while, to make skin soft. Dry skin removal is easy when skin becomes soft. You can also use pumice stone when you are in shower.

2. Dip the pumice stone in water or hold it under running water. It is easier to slide wet stone across your feet.
3. Once the stone is completely wet, rub it against your feet in circular motion gently.
4. Wash your feet with water and you can see the difference. Feet are softer than before.
5. If you find any need for more scrubbing, repeat.
6. Once you are done with scrubbing, pat dry your feet and apply ample amount of good moisturizer to have a happy feet.

How to keep the Pumice stone clean:



  1. Brush your pumice stone after every use. Since the stone is porous and by brushing it, will keep the pores clean.
  2. After every wash, air dry the stone before storing it back in a dry place.
  3. If you use it frequently, once in a while dip the stone in boiling water for a while, to kill the germs.
  4. When the stone’s surface becomes smooth or stone becomes small, replace it.


Do you know this tool serves multiple purposes???

  1. You can use it as a hair remover. Rub the wet stone against wet and soft hand/legs(where you want to conduct a deforestation process haha) in circular motion for a while. Your hands/legs will be free from hair…!!! This process is similar to shaving. It removes hair from skin surface rather than pulling it from its root. Make sure you don’t pres the stone roughly against the skin.
  2. If you are worried of pills on your sweaters, Pumice stone is a hero. Rub a dry pumice stone against pills on the sweater. The porous surface of stone will remove the pills. Again, please do not rub it rigorously as I am sure you don’t want to spoil the texture of fabric. Do you???

3. Wet pumice stone can be used to clean toilets.
4. Ovens can also be cleaned by this.
5. If you are a pet lovers like me, you know how your home will be full of their tiny furs. Do you know pumice stone can be used to remove the hair from car seats, rugs and mats.???



  1. You can use it as a manicure tool by rubbing it against your cuticle gently before applying nail paint. Do not forget to wet the stone my dear.
  2. A pumice stone whose surface has become smooth is of no use for removing dead skin cells right. Instead of throwing it away, you can use it in your garden. Adding pumice stone in the soil, helps to retain water and hold onto essential nutrients necessary for plant growth.
  3. These can be used as an aroma diffuser. Due to porous surface, they can absorb the essential aromatic oils. They slowly release the aroma in the air making your home smell fresh.

Those were the quick points about an affordable beauty stone, I wanted to share with you all today.

Hope you found this useful.



Pallavi ❤

Vitamins for Healthier and Prettier You…!!!


“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine OR The slowest form of Poison…!!!”

You might have read/heard a lot of times, “watch what you eat…!!!” Don’t you think that is so true…!!! You might not see the side effects right away but in the long run, it does cause harm to your body.

Due to the busy lifestyle of ours, we tend to eat a lot of junk foods and miss the nutrients which are necessary for our body. Today I am writing down why our body needs vitamins, which and how to fulfill those vitamins shortage.

Why is the need of vitamin supplements to our body:

  1. Our life style:

The life style we have adopted is not at all healthy. The air, water, food everything is polluted. Knowingly or unknowingly, we use more and more chemicals in our day to day life. It does affect our body.

  1. Aging:

After a certain age or due to some prolonged health issues, our immune system does gets effected. Especially for women, it is always recommended to take supplements and to take a good care of your body starting from twenties.



  1. Skipping food:

It might be because of the busy schedule of ours or in order to lose weight. (There is this misconception that we can lose weight by skipping food. Its a biggg no no.)



4. Packed/ frozen food:

Packed and frozen foods are of less or no nutrient values. The vitamins in them are depleted due to the long duration for which they have been packed.

5. Cooking style:

Most of the vitamins (which are already less in amount in raw food nowadays) are depleted when we over cook the food.


6. Pollution:

Due to polluted air we are inhaling, polluted water/food we are taking, our body needs ‘detoxification’. Vitamins A, C and E are helpful for detoxifying the body.

7. For energy:

If you are an active person who does physical exercises on daily basis, do you know Exercise Increases Nutrient Needs.

8. Stress:

The dangerous reason for all the health issues. Stress effects our immune system. Taking supplements will help body to work normally.

Vitamins which are essential to our skin and body:

  1. Vitamin A:

Benefits of Vitamin A:

  • As mentioned earlier, it is important for detoxification.
  • To strengthen immune system.
  • It improves vision.
  • Cuts risk of heart disease
  • Slows skin aging

Food rich in vitamin A:

Fruits, vegetables, carrots, eggs, whole milk, butter, fortified margarine, meat, oily saltwater fish, sweet potato and cantaloupe melons


  1. Vitamin B:

Benefits of Vitamin B:

  • It maintains metabolism
  • It also maintains muscle tone
  • It is good for brain’s health
  • It guards against cancer and birth effects

Food rich in vitamin B:

Whole-grain breads, asparagus,grains, potatoes, bananas, lentils, chili peppers, beans, yeast and molasses.


  1. Vitamin C:

Benefits of Vitamin C:

  • Cures cold and sniffles
  • It is antioxidant
  • Boosts immune system
  • Prevents heart diseases
  • Cures eye illness
  • Good for skin
  • Helps wounds heal faster

Food rich in vitamin C:

Citrus fruits and vibrant veggies,a cup of broccoli,guava, red and green peppers, kiwi, grapefruits, strawberries, Brussels sprouts and cantaloupe.


  1. Vitamin D:

This is important to our body because:

  • It can reduce your risk of breast cancer
  • Offers protection from both ovarian cancer and diabetes
  • Helps calcium absorption and plays a vital role in muscle functioning.

Food rich in vitamin D:

Milk, orange juice, eggs, fish and mushrooms and salmon.


  1. Calcium:

Benefits of Calcium:

  • For stronger bones. (Gals, start consuming calcium. Since the studies say that women start losing bone density in their twenties. )
  • For strong teeth.
  • For nourishing nervous system.

Food rich in Calcium:

Dairy products like, Yogurt, milk, and cheese


  1. Iron:


  • For stronger immune system.
  • It is important for girls with heavy periods.

Food rich in Iron content:

Cereals, red meat, soybeans, cereal, pumpkin seeds, beans, lentils and spinach

Try to consume these magical foods for a healthier and prettier you…!!!

So, next time when you think of eating something, don’t forget to analyse whether its a medicine or a slow poison. ..!!!


Stay healthy beautiful,


Pallavi ❤

For Beautiful Hair… !!!

Hey You,

Your hair is the crown you never take off. wink

Today’s post is for the “Rapunzel’ in you… !!!
Some like short hair and some girls like me, love long locks. I am blessed with long, naturally straight but thin hair. We girls are never happy with our natural hair texture, are we???  haha   Rapunzel being my #HairGoals icon during my childhood, I used to dream of long, manageable, healthy hair. But I don’t like the idea of letting the prince climb the fort using the hair… Ouch I love my hair, I cant do that. hehe

I will be sharing the hair care tips I have used or heard. So, read on to achieve “#GreatHair”

 These are big No No, in order to keep your hair in good condition:

1. Over brushing:
Too much is too bad. Brushing couple of times in a day is recommended. As it stimulates the hair follicles and promotes growth. It also helps in spreading the natural hair oil which is accumulated on head over night. But, brushing your hair more often results in dry hair. I have seen some girls who scare me by brushing their tresses so fast and furiously. haha Please stop it because I can hear your locks screaming.
 2. Tight hair styles:
The tight hair bands cause tension in hair strands and thus making them brittle. I would suggest to keep your hair open or tie them in a lose bun or something in order to keep them healthy.


3. Frequent use of styling tools :
Girl with straight hair dreams of curly/ wavy hair and girls with curly/ wavy hair are crazy for straight hair. I know, we girls are not always happy with what we are blessed with. So, we opt for styling tools. But, the heat for hair is not at all good. You might be applying a good protecting serum before using the heat. But beautiful, can any serum protect your skin from hot tool.? How can you believe that the serum will protect your delicate hair from burning…!!!


 4. Combing wet hair:
You might have read or heard lot many times about it. Still, I would like to repeat this point. It is difficult to detangle hair before applying conditioner. When the hair is wet, it is more weak and breaks easily. So, here is the tip. Brush, detangle your hair before washing. This will reduce tangling of hair. Use your fingers to detangle, instead of comb/brush.
5. Skipping Hair conditioner:
Most of you might skip using conditioner, after washing your hair. But this is a wrong thing to do for your crown my dear…!!! Shampoos do drain out the moisture from hair to a certain extent. As the name suggests, conditioners condition your hair by adding moisture and shine. You have to apply conditioner to hair concentrating on end. Do not apply conditioner on scalp.

6. Washing hair frequently:
 Washing hair frequently results in dry hair. So you can wash your hair twice or thrice (if your scalp is really oily) a week.

1 (1)

7. Taking hot shower:
Wash your hair with warm water instead of hot water. Hot water damages the hair by making it dry and brittle.

  1. Poor Diet:
    Your diet should be healthy and rich in protein and vitamins. Junk foods do not help when it comes to health, hair and skin.

9. Coloring your hair:
If you want to try different colors on your hair, make sure you take a good care of it post coloring. You will have to use products which are meant for colored hair. Deep conditioning is a must for colored hair.


10. Chemically treated hair:
I was really fascinated by the smoothened/ straightened hair looks. The hair looks so neat and in place. I wanted to get my hair smoothed sometimes. But, when I got to know the chemicals and heat involved + the care we need to take for it, I dropped the idea. Girl, if you want to smooth-en your hair please make sure you know the procedures, products involved and you are ready to take care of your hair. Deep conditioning, oiling are must in order to maintain the health of your tresses.

11. Smoking:
We all know “Smoking kills. Cigarette is injurious to health”. It is harmful not only to your lungs but also to skin and hair. If you want to look good, start by quitting smoking.
12. Skipping haircuts:
I have head people saying “If you don’t cut your hair, it won’t grow..!!!” I don’t believe in this logic. Hair growth is from the root, not from the end. I believe hair cut is necessary to remove the split ends and not for growth. Trimming the hair makes hair look healthy and bye bye split ends.

13. Stress:
We get to live this life once, live it with no regrets and stress free as much as possible. The more stress, more damage to overall health. Smile when you still have teeth. hehe


Below are some of the tips, which your hair will be thankful for:

1. Hot oil treatment is the savior:
    Once in a week spend some time oiling your hair. You must have heard about importance of oiling your hair from your granny and mommy. Oiling boosts the hair growth, moisturizes scalp, hence avoids dandruff problems.

2. Invest time on certain hair masks:
There are plenty of hair masks available online. But, would love to tell you guys to go for a natural one. You can apply curd for moisture, egg for shine.
3. Let your hair dry naturally:
 Again, using hair drier, makes your hair weak on long run. Hence, choose air dry over driers.

4. Choose a hair shampoo with no or less harmful chemicals.

5. Pamper yourself with a spa appointment once a month:
Nothing like a relaxing spa treatment. When you get a good head massage, it makes so so relaxed and stress free. The massage also stimulated hair follicles and helps in nourishment and growth of hair.

6. Take vitamin supplements:
Sometimes, our body lacks certain vitamins. We might not be able to get those in out diet. So, its recommended to consult a doctor and take supplements. Biotin is the popular hair supplements. Consult a doctor for appropriate dosage as per your body need.

7. Apply hair serum or live in conditioner:
If you are working in AC environment, your hair tend to become dry and rough. In order to keep your hair manageable, apply a good hair serums. These serums add shine and conditions the hair. Below are some of the good serums I recommend.

b. L’Oreal Paris Smooth Intense Smoothing Serum

c. L’Oreal Professionnel X-Tenso Care Serum

8. Protect hair from dust and sun:
 Cover your hair with a hat or scarf when you step out.

9. Tie your hair in a loose bun when you sleep:
This will avoid hair from falling all over your face and disturb your beauty sleep. It also avoids tangling.

10. Use a satin pillow case instead of cotton one:
When you sleep, the friction between the cotton pillow and your hair, makes hair brittle in long run. Instead, sleep on a satin pillow case which keeps your hair smooth.

11. Keep your comb, hair styling tools clean.

12. Good beauty sleep:
Body repairs itself while we sleep. Hence a good 7-8 hours sleep is  a must for beautiful you.

Beautiful woman sleeping
beautiful girl sleeps in the bedroom

Tips useful on bad hair day:

There are certain days when your hair becomes oily/ too dry and unmanageable. Below are some tips which will be of use.

 1. If your hair is too oily and you do not have time to wash it, do not worry. Spritz some baby powder to your hair. Brush the hair. Powder absorbs the oil and makes the hair less oily and easy to manage.

  1. Thumbs up for messy hair buns.

  2. Use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is a shampoo in powder form. It removes greasiness and best part is , it doesn’t need water…!! hence the name dry. But, again less is more. Do not use this on daily basis.

Hope you find these tips useful.

Do take care of your crown you beautiful… smile


Pallavi ❤