Homemade Mask To Treat Hair loss and Hair Thinning

Hair loss has been a common problem among a lot of people out there. Be it men or women, we all love our crown – Our hair. Hair loss is like a nightmare that haunts us..! Today I am going to share a hair mask that you can try at home to reduce or toContinue reading “Homemade Mask To Treat Hair loss and Hair Thinning”

This Is My Experience With Hair Coloring

People give me compliments for my long hair. But, just like any other girl, I have my own hair issues and dissatisfaction. Huuh my only complaint is that they are thin. Since they are thin, I don’t really take the risk of getting a nice hair cut. Because thin and short hair ,can give aContinue reading “This Is My Experience With Hair Coloring”

Tips to Take Care of Oily Scalp and Dry Hair Combination

Just like our facial skin types, our scalps are also proven to be of different types. Skin that secrets more natural oil is termed as oily skin. Same way, the scalp that produces more natural oil is termed as oily scalp. I also have the oily scalp. Due to which, the scalp feels so oilyContinue reading “Tips to Take Care of Oily Scalp and Dry Hair Combination”

Try These Tips to Get Bouncy Hair ‘Quickly’

No hair pack, no oiling, no heat… Just bouncy hair with shortest ways possible

Dozen Reasons to Include Garlic In Your Daily Regimen

Garlic – is such an ingredient which has both haters and lovers. Some just love it, like I do… Some, run away because of it’s smell. I personally love the taste it adds to a dish. At my home, only my mom and I love garlic so my dad and sister give us the garlicsContinue reading “Dozen Reasons to Include Garlic In Your Daily Regimen”

Do You Have Aloe Vera Plant At home??? Read This to Get Most Out of It. If Not, I am Sure You Will Get One Post Reading.

Hey, Who doesn’t like to look beautiful… that too without burning the pockets??? Huun??? Today’s magical beauty product doesn’t cost you much. All you need is to give the product a space to live and pour a mug of water to it everyday. Haha… Yes, the product I am talking about is natural and green.Continue reading “Do You Have Aloe Vera Plant At home??? Read This to Get Most Out of It. If Not, I am Sure You Will Get One Post Reading.”

All You Need to Know About Dry Shampoos

Hello, Imagine when you are not having a good hair day…. Oily scalp, greasy hair and you get a call from your friend about this ‘sudden plans’… What to do??!! Head bath is must… If you have short hair, you are quite safe… You can get that’ quick shower’… But, what about gals with midContinue reading “All You Need to Know About Dry Shampoos”

DIY Serum For Thick Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Hey, Eyebrows can make or break your look. You won’t get to know the importance of shape of your eyebrows till the time your beautician ruins it. Haaa it’s nothing less than a nightmare…!!! Phewww… ūüėĪ I know majority of ladies like those thin and arched eyebrows. But I fall in the other category. IfContinue reading “DIY Serum For Thick Eyebrows and Eyelashes”

How Do I Tie My Hair Using A Hair Stick

It’s a weekend….!!! How is your weekend going on??? I am having a lazy weekend. ‘Panda mode’ is on for me… !!! Because I am recharging myself… by doing nothing… As you guys have read in some of my previous posts, my hair is thin yet long. That’s in my gene. Maternal genes. Umm.. SinceContinue reading “How Do I Tie My Hair Using A Hair Stick”

Magical Juice to Improve Health and Beauty

Hey, Are you a fan of bollywood actress Anushka Sharma??? I loved her the most in the movie NH10. Amazing performance. Have you observed her skin..??? It’s so flawless. She is with minimal makeup most of the times. She has such an amazing skin that even with minimal or no makeup, she looks amazing. TheContinue reading “Magical Juice to Improve Health and Beauty”

Couple of Best Hair Serums for Dry Hair

Hey, Many of my friends and colleagues have been asking about which hair serum do I use for my hair. So here is a quick reviews of couple of hair serum I have tried and which has luckily worked for me. Hair serum is something like leave in conditioner. Due to weather, change in waterContinue reading “Couple of Best Hair Serums for Dry Hair”

Things Which Only Long Haired Gals Understand

Hey, I am blessed with long but thin hair. #GalsAreNeverHappyWithHair My mom is bit obsessed with long hair. She doesn’t really allow to cut it. I kind of love long hair too. Gals usually keep their hair short so it feels like standing out of the crowd with my long tress. With everything, ¬†there comesContinue reading “Things Which Only Long Haired Gals Understand”

Tips to Stop Hair Fall

Hey beautiful, What’s every gal’s common beauty problem, apart from pimples.. Ummm I would say Hair fall??? Most of my readers have been asking me to write a post about it… So today finally, I’m writing one. Just like pimples, there are different reasons why we face this problem. Harmon imbalance Genetic Consumption of MedicineContinue reading “Tips to Stop Hair Fall”

Homemade Nourishing Hair Masks

Happy Sunday, It’s my spa day. I’m thinking of treating myself with a good hair mask today… !!! My hair has become a bit dry. All thanks to rainy weather… ¬†I have couple of avocado in my fridge. So, I’m going with avocado mask. I’ll tell you the recipe of mask along with some more.Continue reading “Homemade Nourishing Hair Masks”

Tips to Avoid Freezy Hair This Monsoon 

Hey, Enjoying monsoon??? Yesterday, I posted about my love hate relationship with rain. A point which I forgot to mention was about how rain treats our hair…!! They say that rain is not good for hair. In deed it makes our hair dry and freezy. sob No worries, there are tips for this in mygirlypedia…Continue reading “Tips to Avoid Freezy Hair This Monsoon¬†“

A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Beauty¬†

Hey, I spend ample amount of time taking care of skin… I am kind of obsessed. I love doing it. After all self love is must. Isn’t it??? There are many of my friends who wants to improve the skin texture but too lazy to do all the rituals. No worries. Today I am gonnaContinue reading “A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Beauty¬†“

Beauty Benefits of Baby Powder

Hey,  How’s monsoon treating you??? I’m suffering from common cold.  Aaakshuuuu…  Sorry for the sneeze…  ūüėĚ Many of my friends are enjoying their motherhood…  The common complaint I hear is they don’t get much time for themselves…  The shopping time is now means the shopping for little angels…!!! Phase of life…  So today’s post isContinue reading “Beauty Benefits of Baby Powder”

Beauty Benefits of Petroleum Jelly 

Hey,  How’s your weekend going on??? I’m enjoying a lazy cozy weekend…  I love being lazy doing nothing on weekends..ūüėä So, today I’m gonna share some of the uses of Petroleum Jelly in your beauty regime. ūüíÜ Read on to know how you can make most of a simple petroleum jelly.  Face Care ūüĎį EyebrowsContinue reading “Beauty Benefits of Petroleum Jelly¬†“

Beauty Benefits of Carrot…¬†

Hey pretty, Today’s post is about bunny’s favorite… ¬†Carrots…!!! Apart from the good taste, carrots have multiple health and beauty benefits… So today I’m gonna list down ¬†some of those beauty benefits… Carrots have vitamin a, c, antioxidants and beta- carotene in them. ¬†These are essential for healthy skin, eyes and hair. Skin: As IContinue reading “Beauty Benefits of Carrot…¬†“

How to Apply Daily Makeup…¬†

Hey pretty, One of my friends was asking about daily makeup steps for office… ¬†So today I will share some quick tips to do Daily Makeup. Primer Preparing the skin is the key to daily makeup. ¬†In order to start with a clean and plain base, let’s apply primer. Primer is like a base whichContinue reading “How to Apply Daily Makeup…¬†“

Nykaa.com Femina Beauty Awards 2017 Winners…!!!

Hey Beautiful, The Nykaa.com Femina Beauty awards 2017, were held last night in Mumbai. Every year, just like Best hero in leading role, in supporting role etc, they award Best products of the year. Based on the product’s quality and effectiveness. Sounds fun right??? Products includes every skin care and makeup products. From a nailContinue reading “Nykaa.com Femina Beauty Awards 2017 Winners…!!!”

Hair and Skin Care Tips for Holi…¬†

Hey, The festival of colors is here… ¬†Holi is here… ¬†This festival marks the end of winter and start of summer… ¬†It is celebrated as the victory of Devine over evil… ¬†Holi is celebrated by applying colors or rather playing with colors with family and friends… As much as we enjoy playing Holi, we sufferContinue reading “Hair and Skin Care Tips for Holi…¬†“

Beauty Benefits of Lemon…!!!

Hey my beautiful reader, How are you??? I know it’s been a long time… !!! Hope you all are doing great…!!! Tell me, Are you a one who loves natural beauty recipes over chemical products??? High five Even I loveee natural and beneficial ‘Grandma beauty recipes ‘…!!! I will make sure, I will share atContinue reading “Beauty Benefits of Lemon…!!!”

Different Types of Hair Brushes/Combs You Need to Know…!!!

Hey, Its been a longgg time since I have written something here…!!! I can say, “MyGirlyPedia and I were on break…!!!” (Only FRIENDS fans will get this… wink) I have been writing a lot about hair care these days. One more to the collection¬†today…!!! A quick post about “Different types of Combs/Brushes”. Read on, toContinue reading “Different Types of Hair Brushes/Combs You Need to Know…!!!”

Right Way to Wash Your Tresses

Hey Beautiful, Hair is your crown, which you will never take off…!!! The least maintenance we can do is washing them regularly and keeping it clean right.???¬† Today, I will be sharing tips to wash your hair in right way. Shall we get started??? Rinse your hair: First thing first, always rinse your hair thoroughlyContinue reading “Right Way to Wash Your Tresses”

Multiple Ways to Use A Pumice Stone…!!!

Hey You, Do you agree that for every girl, her mom is her first style icon. A baby girl is so much fascinated by the beauty stuffs her mom uses. It might be a simple eyeliner or a compact. I remember the basic makeup stuffs my mom uses to use when I was young. IContinue reading “Multiple Ways to Use A Pumice Stone…!!!”

Vitamins for Healthier and Prettier You…!!!

Hey, “The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine OR The slowest form of Poison…!!!” You might have read/heard a lot of times, ‚Äúwatch what you eat‚Ķ!!!‚ÄĚ Don’t you think that is so true…!!! You might not see the side effects right away but in the long run,Continue reading “Vitamins for Healthier and Prettier You…!!!”

For Beautiful Hair… !!!

Hey You, Your hair is the crown you never take off. wink Today’s post is for the “Rapunzel’ in you… !!! Some like short hair and some girls like me, love long locks. I am blessed with long, naturally straight but thin hair. We girls are never happy with our natural hair texture, are we???¬†Continue reading “For Beautiful Hair… !!!”