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Homemade Nourishing Hair Masks

Happy Sunday, It’s my spa day. I’m thinking of treating myself with a good hair mask today… !!! My hair has become a bit dry. All thanks to rainy weather…  I have couple of avocado in my fridge. So, I’m going with avocado mask. I’ll tell you the […]

Beauty Benefits of Baby Powder

Hey,  How’s monsoon treating you??? I’m suffering from common cold.  Aaakshuuuu…  Sorry for the sneeze…  😝 Many of my friends are enjoying their motherhood…  The common complaint I hear is they don’t get much time for themselves…  The shopping time is now means the shopping for little angels…!!! […]

Beauty Benefits of Carrot… 

Hey pretty, Today’s post is about bunny’s favorite…  Carrots…!!! Apart from the good taste, carrots have multiple health and beauty benefits… So today I’m gonna list down  some of those beauty benefits… Carrots have vitamin a, c, antioxidants and beta- carotene in them.  These are essential for healthy […]

Beauty Benefits of Lemon…!!!

Hey my beautiful reader, How are you??? I know it’s been a long time… !!! Hope you all are doing great…!!! Tell me, Are you a one who loves natural beauty recipes over chemical products??? High five Even I loveee natural and beneficial ‘Grandma beauty recipes ‘…!!! I […]