Nivea Coloron Crayon : Review and Swatch

You might have seen the Nivea lip balm in the local drug stores. Might have tried them too. Recently in my rndom haul, I came across this new launch from Nivea that is coloron crayon. Being super enthusiast for lip products, needless to say, I did by this product. Let’s see more about this product.Continue reading “Nivea Coloron Crayon : Review and Swatch”

Review of The Lip Tint Which is On My Lips Today

Hey, Who doesn’t like products which serves multiple purposes??? We all do right??? This was the very first reason I opted for this product which can be applied on lips as a lip color and as well as a blush on cheek. Sounds cool??? Well, let me tell you one thing – most of theContinue reading “Review of The Lip Tint Which is On My Lips Today”

This is What I Have to Say About Sunny Leone’s Liquid Lip Color

Helloo, Sunny Leone – A woman who doesn’t really need an introduction. Half of the world, I mean half of the men in the world worship her beauty and women are either jealous of her beauty or appreciate her beauty and courage to start life all over again. Between, now she is not only aContinue reading “This is What I Have to Say About Sunny Leone’s Liquid Lip Color”

Bought My Dream Product From Bobbie Brown and The Results Are Not What I Was Expecting

Bobbi Brown… One of my dream brands  from the USA… Bobbie Brown is a professional makeup artist and founder of the cosmetics brand by her own name. It’s a high end brand and was in my wish list till last week when I dreamt about it. Let me explain. When I say I’m crazy whenContinue reading “Bought My Dream Product From Bobbie Brown and The Results Are Not What I Was Expecting”

Why Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in The Shade Icon is Perfect for You

You know how much I love lipsticks… I was dreaming of trying this one brand since sooo long… This brand is from Dubai… Since I don’t have any relatives or friends who live there… I was finding it difficult to buy one… Thought of buying one from Amazon… But got to know that they sellContinue reading “Why Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in The Shade Icon is Perfect for You”

Best Lipsticks for Beginners…!!!

Hey, Now that you have been following my world – Mygirlypedia, you know how much I love lipsticks. My collection of lipsticks which I had revealed some time back is the proof for it. Many of you been asking which is one brand of lipstick that I would suggest for a beginner, who is takingContinue reading “Best Lipsticks for Beginners…!!!”

Wet n Wild MegaSlicks Lip Gloss in Shade Great Coral-ation Review

Hello, Me and my never ending lipstick collection…!!! I know… I know… I have told you that I won’t buy anymore lipstick or glosses…. But, it’s me…!!! I can’t stop myself from trying out different lipsticks and glosses…!!! Hey, Plus I have a valid reason to shop. I am a Nykaa Prive member. Wanna knowContinue reading “Wet n Wild MegaSlicks Lip Gloss in Shade Great Coral-ation Review”

Do You Have Aloe Vera Plant At home??? Read This to Get Most Out of It. If Not, I am Sure You Will Get One Post Reading.

Hey, Who doesn’t like to look beautiful… that too without burning the pockets??? Huun??? Today’s magical beauty product doesn’t cost you much. All you need is to give the product a space to live and pour a mug of water to it everyday. Haha… Yes, the product I am talking about is natural and green.Continue reading “Do You Have Aloe Vera Plant At home??? Read This to Get Most Out of It. If Not, I am Sure You Will Get One Post Reading.”

Watch the Video of Garnier Cleansing Water Review

Hey, You know what is the time consuming or most boring and challenging task of the day for a makeup enthusiast…??? 🤔 Na… Not applying makeup… We love it… It’s removing makeup. Because we know we can hit the bed with our makeup on. It breaks our skin. Hence makeup removal is must but it’sContinue reading “Watch the Video of Garnier Cleansing Water Review”

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm Reviewed

If you have checked my post about the latest lip scrub, you know how bad the condition of my lips were last week. Like most of the girls, chocolates are my first love too…!!! When I am having bad day, I make sure I end it on a good, umm rather a sweet note byContinue reading “Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm Reviewed”

Beauty Benefits of Glycerin

Hello, My favorite month is here December. Love the cold weather and every thing Christmassy(F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Phoebe’s fans will get this…) Have you checked out the snow fall effect in Mygirlypedia pages??? If you are reading this in mobile, switch to desktop mode to feel the snow fall, right now in the page you are readingContinue reading “Beauty Benefits of Glycerin”

Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Lip Scrub – Worth Buying???

Hello, How’s your weekend going on??? I’m out with a friend of mine to have my favorite pulav. In order to get the parcel, will have to be in a queue. So, right from the queue I’m posting this. Haha I don’t know what was wrong with my lips last week, my upper lips wereContinue reading “Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Lip Scrub – Worth Buying???”

My First Lip Therapy by Lotus Herbals – Hit or miss

Winter… With that, dry skin and hair…!!! You must have seen body cream and foot cream which I would suggest you to buy. To take care of dry lips, I will post a separate short post with all natural remedies. Mean while, let me review this lip balm of mine, which I has joined myContinue reading “My First Lip Therapy by Lotus Herbals – Hit or miss”

Finally, I have Revealed My Lipsticks Collection

You know how much I love lipsticks. There are lot many lipstick reviews on my blog mygirlypedia as well. Many of you have been asking me to show my Lipsticks. So finallllllyyyyyyy here is my collection. Hope you like it. If you like it please click on thumbs up and subscribe to my channel toContinue reading “Finally, I have Revealed My Lipsticks Collection”

Everything You Need to Know About Derma Rollers

Have you heard about the new hottest skin care trend – ‘Derma Roller’??? I will tell you allll the details about this skin care technique in this post today. So, to start with – What is a derma roller??? Derma roller is a tool with a wheel. The interesting part of this wheel is, itContinue reading “Everything You Need to Know About Derma Rollers”

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Mega Gloss – Review

Me and my never ending lipstick shopping…!!! Ahhh…!!! I got to tell you I have finally met my ideal lipstick…!!! Can I say – The Lipstick??? Phewww…!!! #LoveSaga I am gonna stop lipstick shopping for a while now…!!!  I will review my special lipstick someday soon…!!! But today let me review a gloss which IContinue reading “L’Oreal Paris Infallible Mega Gloss – Review”

Finally There is A Place Where You will Get Customized Lipsticks

Hey, I was just going through random videos on YouTube. So I came across this one and thought of sharing with my readers who are obsessed with lipsticks like me. Bite Beauty Lip lab in New York is nothing less than a dream come true… There you get a customized lipstick…!!! Trust me, even thoughContinue reading “Finally There is A Place Where You will Get Customized Lipsticks”

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Balm : Review

Hey, You know what sort of lipsticks I like. I have mentioned in each and every lip product post of mine… Moisturizing one. Whenever I read the word moisturizing lipstick, I tend to get so restless unless and until I buy it. #confessionofashopaholic So recently I saw these beautiful shades of lipsticks from the brandContinue reading “L’Oreal Paris Infallible Balm : Review”

Review of My Most Used Lip Balm

Hey, People keep asking me, “you use lipsticks so much, don’t your lips get dry???”… Ummm more than lipsticks the air conditioner makes my lips dry. So, I always keep a lip balm handy. Now, the obvious question… Which one??? Let me review my most used lip balm till date. Brand : The Body ShopContinue reading “Review of My Most Used Lip Balm”

Kylie Cosmetics Lip gloss Literally – Review

Hey, As there is a great sale on Kylie cosmetics, I am posting a review of one of the 3 glosses I had purchased from Kylie Cosmetics, today. So that it might be helpful for you while shopping from the site. The shade I am reviewing today is – Literally. Shall we start with aContinue reading “Kylie Cosmetics Lip gloss Literally – Review”

DIY Lip Mask

Hey, I realized that I have been writing and reviewing a lot about lip products. Isn’t it??? Adding to the series, here is a Do It Yourself lip mask. Just like face mask, I’m gonna tell you how to prepare a lip mask which has been tried and tested by me. It is believed thatContinue reading “DIY Lip Mask”

M.A.C. Cremesheen Lipstick – Pretty Boy : Review

Hey, Here is the second of three M. A. C. Lipsticks reviews. The most of the information I had to give, I have already mentioned in first one. So, this is going to be a short one. You know what, the shade I’m gonna review today has an interesting name – Pretty Boy. 😉 let’sContinue reading “M.A.C. Cremesheen Lipstick – Pretty Boy : Review”

M. A. C. Cremesheen Lipstick – Chatterbox : Review

Hey, As I had announced couple of days ago, here is one of the three reviews. Out of the three M.A.C. Cremesheen Lipsticks, the first lipstick I’m reviewing is shade named ‘Chatterbox’. Let me start with the box I received from Nykaa. Their Luxe box looks something like this. Inside it, there is this cuteContinue reading “M. A. C. Cremesheen Lipstick – Chatterbox : Review”

Greenviv Lip Scrub : Review

Hey, Happy Friday gal..!!! For a change, I am waiting for Saturday instead of Friday. Because Saturday is working day for us. #Sob Sob. So, today’s post is a lip care product review. You know the importance of scrubbing by now. All thanks to multiple skin care posts on Mygirlypedia. #Wink Due to dehydration orContinue reading “Greenviv Lip Scrub : Review”

Kylie Lip Liner Posie K : Review

Hey, If you have followed mygirlypedia closely, you know everything about lip liners. If you have missed that post, here is the link. As you all know from my previous post, I own a Kylie lip liner now. proud Whether it may be new cloth or new cosmetic product, I really can’t wait long toContinue reading “Kylie Lip Liner Posie K : Review”

Great News for Lipstick Lovers…!!! 

Hey,  All the lipstick lovers out there, I have a happy news for you… !!! I know owning MAC lipsticks is matter of pride…  A Dream…  Today is the best day to live that dream…  😉 Today, on the occasion of ‘National Lipstick Day’…  One of my favorite shopping sites Nykaa has come with thisContinue reading “Great News for Lipstick Lovers…!!! “

Kylie Lip gloss Posie K : Review 

Hey pretty, As I had promised, I’m reviewing the gorgeous Kylie, lip gloss today. The shade I’ll be reviewing is Posie K. The one which I had applied in my yesterday’s OOTD Post. Read on to know my take on the gloss. Shade – Posie K Color – Dark Pink Price – 15 USD (Excluding ShippingContinue reading “Kylie Lip gloss Posie K : Review “

The Body Shop Color Crush Shine Lipsticks 15,18 : Review

Hey, Are you a lipstick lover like me??? If so… high five Its not just a makeup product. Its stress buster and mood booster. I have a box full of lipsticks. Mostly different shades of red and pink. Even though I have many lipsticks/glosses, I hardly finish them. I have good options to try outContinue reading “The Body Shop Color Crush Shine Lipsticks 15,18 : Review”

Sneak Peek at My Most Used Lipsticks 

Hey, Here is a sneak peek at my two favorite lipsticks. I have a huge collection of lipsticks, glosses and liners. I rarely finish a lipstick completely. But, yes I have done that finallllllyyyyyyyy. Was very much obsessed with a lipstick of mine so much so that, I not only finished it using and alsoContinue reading “Sneak Peek at My Most Used Lipsticks “