This is Why We Should Appreciate This Mom Who Appreciated Her Son, For Scoring 60% In Board Exams

We live in a society where most of the things have some standards already set. Nobody knows who did it, but most of us blindly just follow. As simple as a birth of a baby. “Raja beta hona chahiye” (It should be a darling prince). Be it beauty – where skin colour is the primary factor to be judged by, education – of course the marks decide whether you are ‘smart’ or dumb etc etc. This never ending list goes on. People who live for the society (read it as live to impress the society) try their best to fit in to these standards. May be because of this, these standards still exists. I am glad it is slowly getting changed. But we are a long way to go, to completely set new generation free from these standards.

Society never spares anyone. Even for parents they have some set of standards to meet when it comes to their kids. Kids should be well behaved, should score good marks since from preschool to graduation. Get a good job blah and blah. Parents struggle a lot to make these happen. They make sure their kids get good education and provide everything s/he needs. But unfortunately not all the parents see the world through their kids’ eyes.

‘Studies’ – definitely not a cake walk for everyone. Most of the kids struggle and put in their efforts to learn and score good marks to make their parents proud. Some are blessed with good intellect and some are not. Some love mathematics, some get fever before maths exam. Every kid is different. A kid might not be good at everything but every kid is good at something. Instead of recognising and supporting the skills he is good at, most of the parents end up making him fit in to the puzzle where he doesn’t belong.

At the end of the day, all parents want their child to live a secure life when s/he grows up. A secure job will definitely bring financial security but can’t assure the mental peace, satisfaction and happiness which one needs along the journey of life.

Every year during exam result announcements, especially for 10th and 12th boards, we always read or hear the sad news of students committing suicides for not getting good marks. Why do you think so??? What might have made the kid to feel ending life is more easier than continuing the life.

Like every year, this year as well I saw tweets, Facebook posts about people boasting about the percentages their kids scored (which are mostly 90 and above), I came across this post on Instagram which warmed my heart.

This post is by a mom who appreciated her son on social media (with both heart and brain), for scoring well in 10 CBSE. Nowadays children score 100/100 in most of the subjects. When I say children, there are literally bunch of students who score so well. Before I set your expectation high, let me tell you the mom I am talking about, her son for whom she is so proud of didn’t actually meet ‘good score’ as per the ‘education standards’. Yes, he has scored 60%.

Here is her post:

I can somehow listen to the judgemental aunties yelling “Is this a thing to appreciate your kid for?”.

Well Yes. Definitely Yes.

The thing I loved about this post or the thing made me happy for that kid is the fact that he has his supper supportive mom by his side. She saw him struggle. She saw him not giving up. Most importantly she appreciated him for that. She appreciated the efforts he put in. She understood that her kid is indeed like a fish who is meant to swim in the ocean. Asking him to climb a tree is not something fair for him. Isn’t it a beautiful feeling for getting appreciated for your efforts. Especially by your mom and dad???

A parent should support the hard work the child puts in. Look at the efforts more than the results. Because once you are out in the real world and you look back, you wonder where you are going to apply the algebra formulas, for which you had almost broke your head…!!!

This post by Vandana Sufia Katoch has went viral for all the right reasons. People like her are indeed pillars of progressive India. Let’s appreciate her for setting such a nice example of good parenting. We want more parents like this lady who loves her children more than society. Who is more keen to support her kid to pave his own path rather than making him to take part in the rat race. We want more parents like her who appreciate the good virtues in kid rather than the numbers they score on their score cards.

Instead of making kids run in the race, let them fly freely. Be the wind beneath their wings.

Live Life Queen Size Says Bala Girl aka Chic Maharani

Let me start with my memories or first experience with people who are a part of LGBT community, that is transgenders. As a kid I remember I feared transgender. Because when you are kid, you see everything with your curious eyes. You tend to believe what you are told. I don’t remember who told me this, but I was told that they are bad people and cursed to be the way they are. But my idea about them changed when I actually met and spoke to them. Once I was travelling in a train with my parents and we came across some transgender women who were our co-passengers. They were so warm; they even offered us their seats. That made me realize that they are not the cursed or the bad ones, but the ones who lie about them and make us believe those lies are.

#377 was trending last year. Section 377 according to which se*ual activities against the order of nature was illegal. It was a joyful day for many souls out there. Who are ‘different’ from the ‘normal’. We saw so many people posting their stories, pictures of people who had happy tears. They were finally free to be who they are, free to love.


My Facebook feed was flooded with people changing their display pictures to rainbow colored one. (I am sure your feed was also colorful while 377 was removed.) Everyone out there were posting and sharing “Love is love”. But I want to tell you, sharing the slogans or changing the display pictures is not going to change much to LGBT community. Accepting the fact that “A human is a human irrespective of their choice of living” is something will do.

Mygirlypedia came across one of these beautiful souls while scrolling through the Instagram feed. Ms. Krishnan Balaji (Bala).

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“I was in class 6 when I realised I was different. I was drawn towards ‘girly’ things–I never played sports & hung out with girls. People began making fun of my behaviour, gestures & my walk. They would even shout out, ‘Homo!’ I didn’t even know what that meant. I’d lock myself up & cry all day. I was even sexually harassed by a 50 year old man & in 12th grade, my best friend said, ‘I’m from a decent family & can’t be friends with you’. I was shattered! By the time I reached college I’d lost all my self-esteem. I suppressed that part of me & lied to people. I even had a friend pretend to be my girlfriend. I lived in fear of the world. It pushed me to the edge & I tried killing myself. But a friend stopped me, & asked why I gave those who didn’t care for me so much importance? That changed my life. From then on, I was unashamedly myself. My daily life was still a battle. I was called names & people pelted stones at my window. When I stayed in a PG, my roommate saw me & moved to another room. He told everyone I was gay & that it was a disease. But, I found immense support too. The editor at my earlier job, was so helpful. He took me to events where I met people like me! For the first time, I wasn’t alone. I even met a makeup artist who inspired me to explore makeup & crossdressing. My mom was another pillar of strength. Once, a relative told her to take me to a doctor. My mom bluntly told her to not call again! That’s when I gave crossdressing a chance. I remember going to buy lipstick & when I told the salesman that it was for myself, his eyes popped out! But I didn’t care–I was going to be who I wanted to be, proudly. Our society has stereotypes that only girls wear pink or only guys can gym. I want people to know it’s okay to choose your happiness over everyone else's, to fall in love with who you are & not care about ‘what people will say’. Live for yourself, not for anyone else & walk with your head held high. You owe it to yourself to own who you are!” — HoB with Amazon Prime Video India brings to you the real stories of people which showcases the good, the bad & the ugly–all that is a part of the chaos of life, through their new show #MadeInHeaven

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What caught my eyes was the way she carries herself, so gracefully. Being a girly girl myself, I must say she carries herself way better than many of the girls out there. Those neck pieces, bangles, anklets look so pretty on her. Needless to say she looks her best in that smudged kajal and bindi look.That’s the way she is – graceful and classy.

I had read about certain things like a beautiful soul trapped inside a wrong body. When you look at the beautiful pictures of this beautiful soul, even you will find that’s true. It’s a beautiful soul of a woman inside a man’s body.


Mygirlypedia got a privilege to interview this kind woman. Hop in to know more about Bala, her life, struggles she went through, her dreams, her love for makeup and dressing up etc.


Mygirlypedia : Tell me about yourself, what do you do for living.

Bala : I am a PR manager and work for celebrities that’s my bread and butter. Apart from that I’m a gender activist and gave TEDx talk last year. I’m fighting to break the gender stereotypes. Because our society has some barriers like there are certain things which only men can do and set of things only women can. That’s what I want to break through.

I even get invitations from principals of schools to come and conduct LGBT workshops for 6th, 7th and 8th standard students. It’s about how to save yourself from bullies. How to stay strong.


Mygirlypedia : Tell me about your family

Bala : I have an elder brother who is in abroad. He hasn’t accepted me yet. Mom supports me a lot. Dad doesn’t as we belong to orthodox family.

But they are happy with me, my achievements. I think somewhere I have also given them a lot of time to think about these things. They belong to different generation and they do need time to accept.

A small and happy go family.

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My one and only!!! #MommyLove #MyLifeline

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Mygirlypedia : How was your childhood

Bala : My childhood has been a roller coaster ride for me, loads of ups and downs.

I used to mingle more with girls than boys and not in to sports (again a gender stereotype that a boy should actively take part in sports.). At that tender age, I did not understand all these things.

When I realized that I am different, people didn’t believe me. They used to shout at me, tease me by shouting homo. Some used to even bash me verbally. They used to abuse me.

What hurt me more was losing one of my male best friends. He didn’t receive my calls initially and one fine day he ended our friendship by saying that he cannot accept me the way I am as it is against his religious believes.

I went into depression while I was in college. At some point of time I used to take 5-6 anti depressants in a day. I even took sick leave for a month. Once I came back, even after knowing what I went through, people were not kind to me. They even refused to help me with the academics/ classes I missed. It was a rough phase of my life.

These things made me start thinking – why me? Why am I different? Why everyone is taking advantage of my situation? Why everyone is taking advantage of my silence??

With absolutely no support from anyone, all the bullies around in college – I lost the purpose of life and I wanted to end my life.

But I owe my life to theses angels whom I proudly call my dear friends – Shruthi, Arundati, Rashmika. They said “Bala, why do you want to commit suicide? Why can’t you live for the ones who love you??? To whom you matter a lot. Why are you giving so much importance to your haters that you want to end your life?” That made me realize what I was going to do..!!! That stopped me from losing this precious life.


Mygirlypedia : When did you realize about your real self?

Bala : After college, I started working for a magazine at Delhi. I met this huge community of people who are like me. That is where I realized I am as beautiful as everyone around. I found the purpose for life. That is where my new life started. I realized I am here to spread love. I learnt to live for others which in turn gave lot of happiness. I don’t miss the pride parades. I walk every year for those who are still living inside the closet.

Mygirlypedia : What was that one push that made you gather the courage to open up about yourself?

Bala : Namrata Soni (celebrity makeup artist and my best friend), whom I met during a makeup master class. I told her once “Namrata, I am scared of applying kajal/ lipstick”. She said one sentence which motivates me every time. “Bala, not everyone is going to accept you. You should be yourself and stop caring what others think”. That moment made me brave enough to take major step towards being myself. Then I started buying cosmetics for myself.

(I personally feel, she looks so pretty with kajal. That south Indian look is so graceful. )

Mygirlypedia : Who was the first person with whom you spoke about it?

Bala : I think it is Nishara from college. Then I spoke to my friends Rashmika, Shruthi (because of whom I am still alive).


Mygirlypedia : What was your parent’s reaction?

Bala : Dad and brother couldn’t accept the fact. They are taking their time to absorb things.

Mom, she took time too to accept. Even though she doesn’t really talk about it openly but she somewhere understands me. We even share cosmetics now.

Mygirlypedia : Who is your support system?

Bala : I have a lot of straight friends who are my support system. I got some amazing friends at every phase of my life. Be it college be it office. Here are some of the gems I have:

Shruthi, Rashmika, Arundati, Aparna, Naina, Shavya, Nora, Shikha Dutt, Dharini Mishra, Divya Dhillon, Tasnim Ahmed, Jasmine Ahmed, Bhawna Gupta maa, Aher Abheena maa, Padma Iyer amma, Namrata Soni, Anaita Shroff, Vivek Giri, Ayush Joshi and Rishabh Singh.

Mygirlypedia : How do you handle the strange stares of people or how do you feel when people treat you differently in public places?

Bala : There are people who still make fun of me when I go out. Some have even misused my pictures to post on certain websites. I used to feel bad but not anymore.

Now I just turn back and give them a very gentle smile and say “People who make fun of others are not cable of achieving anything. You make fun of me because you don’t have the capacity to do what I am doing, living the life I want to. I am brave enough and go out and help people in need, which you cannot”

Mygirlypedia : What’s the best part of being new or the real you?

Bala : Se*y. I feel like that real chic Maharani (queen). (That’s the trendy name I have given for myself.)

Mygirlypedia : What would be one piece of advice you would like to give to following people:

Mygirlypedia : To people who are still living inside the closet:

Bala : Wait for the right time. Be independent. Because when you are dependent on your parents, you won’t be having much point to justify. Once you are independent, justification becomes meaningful  and convincing them would be easier. I also empathize and I stand with them.

Mygirlypedia : To bullies:

Bala : If you bully someone, please be ready to face karma. Because, karma is strong. Even if I forgive, karma won’t.  Tomorrow someone else will bully you for something. It shows your capability, it shows you are not capable of doing anything other than bullying. Karma is waiting to make you feel the same way you made us feel.

Today many of my college mates who had bullied me, asked sorry. But I am somehow not able to forgive them for the trauma they made me go through. For the way they treated me, sorry means nothing now.

Mygirlypedia : To Those Who Are Getting Bullied:

Bala : If you are getting bullied for being different, just stand firm and turn back. Make fun of the bullies for being the same.

Mygirlypedia  : People with misconceptions about gay people, like some even feel being different is something to do with mental illness:

Bala : I remember one of my roommates from a PG, in Delhi. We had joint bed. The second day, he separated his bed from mine. On the third day, he shifted his bed to another room. The next day he shifted to other room with all his stuffs. People are narrow minded.

To those educated and yet narrow minded people out there, I want to tell you – we all are same. Even we have red blood just like you. There is nothing to feel ashamed or feel bad about us. Break your brain and come out of that nutshell.

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Feeling complete!!! 💫✨🔥💥😇

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Mygirlypedia : To your younger self:

Bala : That Bala is no more. That Bala is dead. I don’t want to remember that Bala. Because he is no more. This is a new Bala. I have taken a rebirth I would say.

Mygirlypedia : To all those people who love you:

Bala : I don’t want to say anything. I just want to give them a big bomb hug, a big fat bear hug. No matter what, I will always be with you guys till my last breath. Because of you I am here. I owe my life, my success to them. They are the best. They understand me inside out.

Mygirlypedia : What improvements would you like to see happen for LGBT community in India?

Bala : For LGBT community improvement, we need support from parents to come out of the closet and live a free life. One of my friends, who is a transgender, gets life threatening calls from her own brother. Think about how hurt she must be. 10 years somewhere down the line, I want to see all the parents giving a big warm hug to their children and  accept them.

Mygirlypedia : Tell me about power of love that you believe in:

Bala : Love is powerful. Love has different forms. Love of a mother and the child, which is the purest, love of a brother, a friend. I have so many friends who love me, who understand and support me.

Love has nothing do with gender, love is pure and transparent.  Accept it when it is true.

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Bombshell 💥⚡️🔥💃🏼

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Mygirlypedia : What according to you makes a man attractive?

Bala : (Blushes) His heart, his qualities, transparent nature, down to earth nature, respectable attitude towards everyone makes him attractive. I get attracted to guys with kind heart.

Mygirlypedia : Tell me about what your dream boy would be like.

Bala : (Shy) My dream boy should be someone just like my first crush. I had my first crush in school. Someone who is very confident, who is down to earth, caring and concerned and very understanding. I don’t like someone who is possessive. So, these are certain things what I look for in my guy.

Mygirlypedia  : What’s the secret of your positivity?

Bala : Secret of positivity is just love yourself. When you love yourself unconditionally, positive vibes just flow. Live for yourself. Do not hate your life no matter what.  Don’t owe any justification to anyone for being you.

Mygirlypedia  : Who is your favorite fashion designer?

Bala : Payal Singhal and Anaita Shroff, both are my favorites.

Mygirlypedia  : Who is your fashion icon?

Bala : Namrata Soni. I love her fashion sense.

Mygirlypedia : One celebrity whose wardrobe you would love to steal

Bala : Sonam Kapoor.

Mygirlypedia : When was the last time you shopped and what did you buy???

Bala : Yesterday and I bought some ghagra, jewelry and anklets.

Mygirlypedia : Which is your favorite kind of attire – Indian or western??

Bala : Indian, always.

Mygirlypedia : Which is your favorite piece of accessory, without which you feel incomplete?

Bala : Neck piece.

Mygirlypedia : Favorite nail paint color?

Bala : Red, pink and black. But red more.

Mygirlypedia : Your favorite lipstick shade.

Bala : Red. It’s classy.

Mygirlypedia : Which is your favorite cosmetics brand?

Bala : My glam. Namrata Soni is brand ambassador. So yes My glam is my favorite.


We all have one life to live. On top of that, tomorrow is not promised for anyone…!!!

If you spend this life in pleasing someone else or especially ‘society’, you will have a biggest regret while we are on death bed.

Least we can do to make full use of this life is to have that little craziness or that little guts to follow your heart. Most importantly to be kind to others. Sounds difficult??? Well, it is OK if you can’t help someone or be kind, but at least don’t trouble or don’t be rude to someone.

The LGBT people are just like us. They are like the way they are. They have been created that way. It is absolutely nothing to do with mental health or their up bringing and definitely nothing do with ghost or black magic. Just to simplify your view – they are like a soul trapped in a wrong body. Post talking to this girly soul, Bala, I truly believed that.

So, the next time if you hear someone saying such things, do correct them. Because instead of liking posts on social media about LGBT, lets spread knowledge about them and help them with their fight to make this a livable society.

They are just like us who need love and respect at the end of the day.

Be kind, be fabulous. 🙂

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Happy and PAWsitive Diwali Everyone

Hey pretty,

Imagine; one night, all of a sudden some terrorists exploding bombs near your home. On your home. Every where… There are fire balls in the sky…. Only thing you can hear is louddd noise of explosion everywhere. You are crying. Begging to stop. But everyone around you is laughing and they continue to drop bombs. You cry. You run to find some safe place to hide. But you fail. You keep running. Some nasty kids tie bombs to your back. They burst and you can’t feel your back anymore. It’s burnt. You scream….

It does sounds scary. .. Doesn’t it??? This is exactly how animals feel during Diwali…!!!

You must have seen dogs and cats running crazily during Diwali. When they see crackers bursting. People assume that that’s because of the lights or fire they are scared of. Naaa… That’s because they can hear the noise of crackers much more louder. (Read the word noise twice)

Science has proved that the hearing capacity of animals is much more greater than that of human beings. That means they can even hear lowest sound as well. You must have heard that animals get to know about earthquake, flood etc much before time. That’s all because they have great hearing power.

Diwali is a festival of lights. It’s the celebration of victory of good over evil. We are supposed to lighten up diya and brighten up our homes. Spread sweets, happiness to lighten up hearts.

Not only animals even for humans, it does cause problems. Crackers we burst might look beautiful but, the noise it causes and pollution it does doing no good to us. Every year we hear incidents about children losing their eyes, ears, getting burnt because of crackers. People with respiratory problems are not allowed to burst crackers. Because of the smoke.

Couple of states have already banned crackers this year. #Salute Unfortunately, in India anything and everything ends up in religious discussion. But it’s not about any religion or custom. It’s about animals who have equal rights to live. About environment where we can peacefully live.

I believe, there are three kinds of people around. One, who love animals and are kind to them. Two, who doesn’t like it but doesn’t harm them either. Three, the cruel ones who doesn’t help them but torture them.

If you cannot be type one, at least be type two. But never be type 3. #please

We as a family, love animals more. Crackers are banned at our home even before my birth…!!! All thanks to my mom who introduced us to these special friends… Who Loves us immensely. To the pure love they give, giving up on crackers and taking care of them is the least we can do. Right???

So take care of our furry friends and environment… Say no to crackers… Be the voice of voiceless. Raise your voice if you find someone torturing animals by bursting crackers near them.

Light up lamps… Spread love… Spread light… Spread happiness…

The world needs it more…!!!

Let your hearts shine brighter than the lights of Diwali…. 🎆💖🎆

Deepika and Ranveer Announced Their Wedding Date and This is Why I Just Can’t Keep Calm…!!! Na, I Have Not Got Any Invite.


I’m so so happy today…!!!! Reason is ‘Wedding’. Na, before you start congratulating me and start asking who the luck guy is, let me tell you I am not happy because it’s my wedding. I’m happy because my favorite acctress Deepika Padukone is getting married to the man she loves in less than a month…!!!

Deepika is been my favorite since her debut Kannada movie. I was quite famous in ladies hostel during graduation due to my fondness for my favorite dimple queen. #Fangirl

She fell in love with Bollywood’s heart-throb Ranbir Kapoor. Ahhh I was one of those fans who loved them as a couple. They were quite vocal about their relationship. It was a fairy tale. Till one day when they announced their split. The reason most of you know.

Like any other people who fall in love and goes through a heart break, Deepika too had her bit of bitter phase.

I loved her way more when she came out in public to say about most important and most neglected topic – mental health. Being a celebrity from showbiz industry, she didn’t even think about how people gonna react to this. Because trust me most of the people in my country are good at one thing- judging others without even knowing them.

She publicaly said that she was suffering from depression. She did explain how it felt to be depressed, how she recognized it, took treatment and came out of it with flying colors. This made a lot of people to talk about depression and thus she has saved lot of lives. Her organization Live Love Laugh, works for people who are going through mental illness. Isn’t that great???

Then in 2013 Ram Leela happened. Deepika had announced her excitement to work with well known director SLB. But little did she know that the movie is going to change her life forever, in a good (read it awesome) way…!!!

In the movie, she was cast against the handsome Ranveer Singh. They met on set and rest is history…!!!

Ranveer, is a bundle of high voltage energy. He is happy and excited alllwaysss. I mean if you see him in any award function or interview he is always fun and energetic. So positive.

Deepika on the other hand always calm and composed.

You know they say opposite attracts, I think that’s what it is.

One of the best things I loved about them is, they never hesitated to show the warmth and fondness in front of people. Especially Ranveer, it was so evident that he treats her like a queen. The way he looks at her, OMG I’m not crying, you are. Also, he brings her goofiness out. I love that… 😘

She even said in one of her interviews that she likes Ranveer and trusts him so much. She can keep her soul na*ed in front of him. She didn’t have to hide anything. Isn’t this what we all look for in a partner?? Who is our best friend where we don’t have to hide things, especially with whom we don’t have to pretend to be someone else.

This is what I learnt from Deepika:

She came from non Bollywood background. With no God father in the industry. She wasn’t great with her acting in the beginning but what made her the top earning actress is her dedication and hard work to get better and better day by day. People once who said she is just for glamour now clap their hands post witnessing her performance. Yes, I learnt from her, to work on oneself to be the better version. To build our own identity and to grow as a strong individual.

She loved. She had her heart broken. For a celebrity it’s way more tougher. Because every pretty huge piece of their life is over the internet. Be it ugly break-up, rumored link up. It’s everywhere. Hard to move on. Don’t you think so??? But she tried. She did go through depression. She didn’t hide. She spoke. Spoke in order to help others.

I learnt that you learn from your own life circumstances. If you care for people you love, do share your learnings with them. You might be helping them from doing some blunders. If you are going through something sad, be open about it. Do not keep inside and suffer. But choose wisely whom you are opening your mind to.

What I learnt from her love life is, no matter how bad it can get, be patient. End of something might be an indication that something much better is coming…!!! Sometimes you have to kiss few frogs in order to find the prince. 😉 When the time is right, right person will come to your life for good. Who makes you feel you are the most beautiful woman in the entire world. With whom you can be the way you are. Whom you can call home. 😊

So if you are just out from a relationship from your Ranbir or waiting for one, just wait for some more time. Your Ranveer will come along when the time is right. Till then work on yourself to be a strong independent individual like Deepika. 😉

Plus, no matter what, put on that beautiful smile and face the world like a queen. 😎

Ahhh in all three movies Ranveer and Deepika have performed, ended on a sadder note. I’m so so soooo Happy that the real life is so much happier than on silver screen for them and as well as for their fans. 🤩

I love you Deepika since day one and I love you Ranveer for making us understand how we must be treated by a guy. Thank you for setting those goals.

I wish you a loads of happiness and love to both who found the homes for their souls.


Now my dreams about her wedding outfit continues…!!!

Life is All About You

All About You….

Na I am not just talking about Deepika Padukone’s clothing line, it’s something more.

The other day I bought a top from the same brand. Deepika is been my favorite since day one. Be it because of her beautiful dimple smile, her sportive spirit or may be because her stylish self. Or may be because of her strong spirit to talk about depression, openly, without even thinking about her star value. While I was holding the top I had bought, just looking at the brand name, a thought triggered in my mind.

It’s just not a tag name, it in deed has a deep meaning. In fact her brand name is just enough to explain what our life is all about…!!! It’s all about you…

Lately, I wasn’t feeling good about myself. Ahhh happens. Sh*t happens. Even though you have everything you need, you tend to crave for something you want. In my case, I am pretty much content with what I am blessed with. But, as much as I don’t care about what so called ‘society’ thinks, I tend to get effected by the way my loved ones think, behave. I know it’s easy to say and hard to implement that you should not be effected by what others think. Especially when ‘others’ are your ONLY world. 🙂 It’s ok. Absolutely ok. Because, at the end of the day they are human beings too. They also have their own issues and concerns.

Also, yet times we end up in this huge war within ourselves. The war between heart and brain is something that puts us in the biggest dilemma. Don’t you agree??? 😊 Where we tend to lose ourselves.

I don’t know how far you believe about ‘signs’ that angels show you when you are lost, I do believe. I believe in magic. It’s just that, when you are sad or lost, you tend to come across some sentences that can have a message for you, which is apt for that particular moment. It might be as simple as an advertisement hording…!!! This is what happened when I saw this brand tag. All About You….

They say, life is just the way you look at it. Hence it depends only on you, how you see life. It is definitely not about what you have in life that makes you happy. It is about how you see it, makes you happier.

If you are not happy with your life, YOU got to work on it. If you are not happy with your job, change it. Not happy with people around, change.

If you are in pain, that’s because you choose to suffer instead of emerging out as a hero. You are sad, that’s because you are the one who were expecting more from wrong people. Somebody doesn’t treats you well. Why??? That’s because you let them treat you that way.

No matter what is the issue or things weighing you down, remember YOU are the solution to it. You need to act on it in order to change your life, your perception.

Only you can turn your tears into laughter. No matter how much the world tries to make you smile, you got to use your facial muscles to create that beautiful smile. Hehe.

Ahh, between, about the war between brain and heart, listen to heart. If everything is good with decision you made by listening to your heart, stay happy. If not, learn from your mistake. Stay happier, because at least you tried. Live with no regrets. 😊

Last but definitely not the least. I have told you this zillion times. Self love. Yes, unless and until you are not happy with yourself, I don’t think you can be comfortable with anybody out there. Nobody is perfect, just like you and I. Accept the imperfections and work on it. Because self improvement is never ending. Just embrace yourself because life is just ALL ABOUT YOU… 💖

Heard About Self Love? Here is How You Can Fall In Love With Yourself

A bad day at work.

As I am sitting here typing this, I have tears in my eyes which has almost dried. I am pretty sure by the time I reach next few paragraphs, it will be converted into a smile.

While I let myself cry out loud on some unpleasant days, I also make sure I analyse the situation, and apply this formula of 5. Just one simple question – Does this gonna effect you 5 years down the line??? If yes, work on it and give your best to make things work in your favor. If not, shut the f*ck off and smile. No point in shedding tears and ruining your eye makeup for some people who doesn’t even care. Simple.

While you are sad, it’s so important to talk to yourself and analyse. To calm yourself and clear your mind. Because trust me, if you keep depending on a person that he/she will cheer you up every damn time you are upset. Honey, you will be even more upset one day.

Why I am telling you all this is because is to let you guys know how important it is to maintain this one strong relationship with that one person who is ALWAYS with you in all your pain, sorrow, happiness, achievements, failures every little things you do in your life. For example right now, while reading this, you have that one person with you. Who??? Yourself.


Some might find it funny. But like seriously, think about it. Were your parents by your side in ALL your pain??? I agree they are, in most of them. But come on, they are human beings too. They can’t be with you 24*7. Siblings?? friends??? Spouse(#besthubby)??? No…!!!! But you were there. Your heart, brain and of course your soul were with you. Still this relationship called ‘Self love’ is so underrated

Often self love is misinterpreted as selfishness, being self obsessed, self centric. No matter what they call it. I say it is a necessity to breath and live this one time offer called – life.

I often see ladies who transform so much post marriage that they are as if reborn. No offense, I know how dedicated we must be to play that role of a wife/mother/daughter in law. To work towards well being of your new family. I admire that. But I would admire you more if you not forget your best friend – You. Because I have heard, seen, experienced that losing yourself is the biggest loss. As much as you love falling in love with yourself, you will regret losing yourself.

Don’t agree??? Try it by yourself. 🙂

How to love one self???

Well, this is something I can’t really make a list and give you. This is something you should cultivate within yourselves. Trust me when you fall in love with yourself, your world will be a happiest one. Your self confidence and esteem are boosted by this relationship.

I can tell you some tried and tested tips by me which might help you feel this kind of love.

No, I am not starting with ‘retail therapy’. Honestly, retail therapy is something I adore.(you guys know that shopaholic side of mine.) But the happiness you get by the things you buy lasts for shorter span. This helps you for a while but not forever. Buying stuffs and pampering yourself is considered as brownie points but not the ultimate trophy.

Umm.. what else can we do to fall in love with that super sincere person of yours???

Accept yourself.

Let’s start with basic. Creator of this world has created us uniquely. With unique features, unique souls. There should be some reason behind it. Don’t you think so??? Else he would have just done – Ctrl+a Ctrl+c Ctrl+v. Everyone look alike. Dah…!!! Then why do we not respect his decision. And accept ourselves completely. When I say ‘completely’ both bad as well as good. Strengths and weaknesses.
There are zillions of people out there. Not everyone is famous or successful and point to remember is not everyone is happy either. It’s totally ok to have flaws or weaknesses. As the famous dialogue from the famous series goes, “Wear your weakness like your armour. It can never be used to hurt you”. Flaunt your flaws honey. Be happy.
I see girls feeling bad about their curves. Some girls feel bad that don’t have any. Some wish for straight hair some for curly ones. Some are not happy with their skin condition/tone, many things. All thanks to the world who keeps on criticizing. But let me tell you, it is not important how the world sees us, what are the compliments we get or not get. What is important is, how do you think of yourself. I know I am not the ultimate beauty of the world. But in my world, I am. I am the princess of my own dream land. Not just a princess with great wardrobe, a warrior princess with a greater heart. So, what are you, through your eyes???

Be gentle with yourself.

Everyone does mistakes. We all do. But hello, life doesn’t comes with a user manual either..!!! Make mistakes, explore… At least you will have something to say to your grand kids. Else you will bore them to hell saying – I used to wake up, go to work, pay my bills (kids are snoring…!!!!)
When you make mistakes, when you fail, let yourself cry. Let yourself calm down. DO NOT make any decisionwhile you are emotionally high. Especially the decision which might destroy you. Never. Would you do that to a small kid who just did a mistake??? No…! Then why you???

Spend time with yourself.

alone aa.jpg
What I happily called ‘Me Time’. Be comfortable with doing things alone. It might be getting a spa done at home, going for shopping alone, or asking yourself out for dinner date or a movie, walk to a garden, a solo ride or as simple as sitting idle for sometime in a day. This will make you realise what’s happening inside you. Inside your brain. How content and happy you are, what you need in life to be happy, who you really are.

Talk to yourself.

Yes I am serious. How?? Just the way you talk to the people you love and care about. The way you ask them and make sure they are fine. Just make sure you ask yourself too. Sounds simpler???

See yourself from the eyes of someone who loves you.

Best example I can give is parents, siblings(especially a sister. Because they are emotionally connected way more than a brother.) and of course through the eyes of your pets. Because especially for your pets, you are the ONLY world. Just think how much you are meant to them. For parents and sister, you are the ultimate treasure. When you have so much love to enjoy, is it really worth spending even a single second on opinion of those people who doesn’t even know you???

Set boundary.

This we realise with time. Setting a healthy boundary to our emotions is mandatory. When we channel our emotions to a direction or towards a wrong person. We will be on a losing side, sooner or later. Because loving beyond ego is absolutely ok. But loving beyond your self respect is like letting yourself down. That too for nothing…!!! Na not a good sign for self love. Hence, make sure on whom you spend your time and emotions. This will keep yourself safe and happy in the long run.

Self learning and Self improvement.

There is always(read it twice) scope for improvement for everyone of us in whatever we do. Accepting ones mistakes, giving your best to improve and slowly excel will definitely make you fall for yourselves even more. This will make yourself proud and happier.

Nurture a Hobby.

Be it singing(Ahh you don’t have to be a great singer with sweetest voice, I am talking about hobby, not about participating in some singing competition. haha), dancing, writing, story telling, painting, craft and so on and on. Whatever it might be. Just make sure you do it frequently. Just to keep your self happy and to feel alive.


Instead of searching for love outside, fall in love with yourself because that’s the key to happiness…!!! 



What’s Your Superpower???


Today, on my way to office, I happened to read this advertisement board. Which read – “What’s Your Superpower???”. That indeed made me ask myself what my superpowers are… !!!

Flying high in the sky, running fast with the speed of light, turning things to something else, blah and blah and blah are the ONLY things considered as Superpowers??? 🤔

According to me, every home in the world has at least one superhuman. Walking around just like any normal human being, without any cape. In fact, you are one among them too. Yes. Superhuman is nothing but one who posess a superpower right??? You do have powers in you.

Your talent, your passion, your actions are your superpower. Your soft yet brave heart is your superpower. Ability to spread love is a superpower. Never giving up on your dreams is the real power.

World often make a gal or a woman feel weaker. Makes her feel inferior. But hellooo, even though we are physically weaker than males, we are as strong as diamond, mentally.

Best example came to my mind is Buddha. I love Buddha. I have his statues in my living room, in bedroom, at my work place too. It gives me positive vibes. I get inspired instantly when I read his quotes. But what I don’t accept, as a woman is the fact that Buddha before becoming enlightened man, abondened his wife and new born baby. Just because he couldn’t accept the facts of Life, to attain peace, he decided to leave his loved ones behind. Typical man I say. We women, hardly do that. Even though some men think that being woman is easy. Ahhh I wish someone could make them understand what it is to be a woman. How it feels someone looks at you with bad intentions, how it feels when someone judges you by your skin color, weight, kind of clothes you wear, grhhh list is endless. Protecting ourselves from eyes of eve teasers, those special rules of society which are applicable’Only for females’, ahh let’s not even get into the pain involved in menstrual cycles and pregnancy. But our power is we never give up because of these and many more issues that come on our ways. So as per me, we women are definitely are blessed with superpowers to survive, to win the battles of life.

In fact, right now, you are reading this post. You have the ability to read. That’s the power of education.

My hearts smiles out of respect for those single mothers, who play both the roles of a father and a mother for the children. Do you think it’s easy??? Na requires lot of patience and strength. That make them superheroes.

Ahhh being a mom is nothing less than any superheroes. Right from giving birth to raising a good human being takes a hell lot of superpowers. Don’t you agree???

Love unconditionally, care without expectations needs guts. That’s one of the superpowers.

To live the life on your OWN terms, not caring about what ‘people’ think, is a superpower.

Do what you like, to fall in love, to fall out of love, to start a new relationship, to end a relationship, to quit the job, to start new work, dress up the way you want to, everything that makes you out of the league requires will power. If you have that, well there you go – superwoman.

To have endless hopes, to embrace solitude, to raise your voice at right time, to stand up for what is right, to bring new changes do bring out superpowers within you.

To all those independent, feminine yet strong, brave yet loving women out there, you all have superpowers within you.

The next time if the world points at you saying that you are weak, do not forget to count your superpowers. We are born as heroes. With enormous strength and countless superpowers within. Raise and shine dearie.

So, What’s your Superpower???

R.I.P. Humanity


It’s Friday… You know how happy I usually am on Fridays… I also post Fun Friday posts on every Friday…. But today I am lost in a deep thought. I am not finding Friday really happy. I am not finding peace today. Reason??? I am thinking about this little girl about whom I read last night.

It’s about that little pretty girl, with those pretty big eyes from Kashmir. Who took birth in a Muslim family 8 years ago. She must be apple of her parents’ eyes, like every other child.


A week back, this little girl stepped out of her house to graze her horse. Little did she know about what the cruel world had for her…!!! She didn’t know that there was a pair of eyes which was looking at her with lu*t. She didn’t know that the man who was looking at her had already planned to end her life brutally just to fulfil his ‘needs’.

That bl@@*y man called his son(what a great dad huuh) and his ‘cop’ friend to be part of his ‘plan’. Also, asked them to get some medicines to execute the plan.

The girl was kidnapped. You know where those men took her?? They took her to a temple…!!! Yes the holy place of Hindus. Where the God resides. Which has been told to us as the most safest place you can ever find because evil can’t enter this holy place. Never. But today after listening to this whole story I know what I was told as a child was a myth.


She was fed adult doses of mental health medication to keep her unconscious in order to execute the ‘plan’. Those evil men – father, son (who happened to call his nephew part of this. Who came all the way from Meerut to be a ‘part’.) and of course the ‘cop’ who was employed to ‘protect’ the society. #Shame.

The little girl who has not even seen the world had to see the worst of what this world can offer. She was gang raped by 4 men repeatedly for 8 days. She was not provided with any food. They were shoving pills down her for 3 days.

Meanwhile, her parents were worried that her precious daughter was missing. They searched for her everywhere. When finally they came near temple, they were told that she might be at her friend’s place by the accused. While she was right inside the temple suffering.

Once they were ‘done’. They strangled her and broke her skull with a brick. Not once, twice. Just to be sure she was dead. You know when did humanity took it’s last breath??? They raped her again. While her soul had already left her little, broken body.

INDIA. – Unity in diversity. I would say ‘Thousands of problems in diversity’. Where people are more worried about release of a movie than about such crimes. Country where every thing will some how end up into a religious fight. Country where people just want their ‘religion’ to ‘win’. Even if they are on the wrong side. Country where rape has become every day’s news. Which are read by people on newspaper and forgotten. Even if the rapists won’t kill the victim, ‘society’ will make sure she will hang herself to death. How??? Making sure she will hear their ‘nasty comments’.

Best part??? Victim will be blamed for everything. Na not just because she was a female. Because she had not dressed ‘well’. It must be her fault…!!! Well, I came across this 3 liners. These 3 lines are the most powerful message I have read in recent times.


Like I said, almost everything ends up being a ‘religious issue’. Since the girl was Muslim and was raped and murdered by Hindus. Many Hindu women have started rally just to protect the Hindu men. Like seriously???? Do you have that organ which is responsible for a process called ‘analysing’ or ‘thinking’ called – Brain. Do those women want to protect those men so that they get ‘motivated’ to execute more ‘plans’ in the future???

It is not about religion. It’s about a crime. Crime that ended a beautiful innocent life of this child.


My heart sinks in pain while writing this. My eyes are wet. What must that little heart must be thinking while grazing her horse. How scared she must be while she was kidnapped. What pain she must have underwent in those 8 long days…!!! How hungry she must be. She must have cried for help. She must have prayed God to save her. She must have cried remembering her mom, her dada, her family, her home. She must have pleaded for life. Even though she was born and brought up as a Muslim, she must have looked at the ‘Hindu God’ to save her form this hell. Because when you are in hell all you need is that small way out of it. No matter how and where you get help from.

When her parents were just outside the temple, she may or may not heard their voices. What if she had??? What if she wanted to scream but couldn’t. She wanted to run towards her parents but she was unable to move. What… how… Why…..

How terrible her last moments must be. They broke her skull…. They shattered her soul.

How heartbreaking site it must be for her parents to see their little girl in that state. The smile which used to warm their heart, is no more. The girl who used to run around the home is lying dead.


People will read her horrifying story. Some feel pity some ignore. Some share the posts on social media. Some use hashtags to get justice for her. But eventually, they forget her. But her parents??? her siblings??? Will they ever be able to forget this inhuman incident??? NEVER.

Sharing posts, crying never gonna change the fate of Indian daughters. Marching with candles in hand, breaking government properties never help. I had read a tweet from one of the television actresses. She had said :

“Why is there a ‘Save Daughters’ campaign? I don’t particularly want a son, but I’m now afraid of having a daughter. What will I tell her? Why did I bring her from heaven to this hell?”

Women must stop voting for any party as they are so unimportant for this nation! It’s a ‘No Woman’s Land’ or a we live in!

This is true. Women are somewhere are responsible for this shit. No I am not talking like one more mor*n with that mentality. But because, most of the mothers out there, they treat their son like a prince. Treat them that’s not an issue. But make sure you teach him how to treat a girl with respect. While you teach your girl how to dress up, how to sit ‘properly’ , how to walk and talk and blah and blah, teach your sons the ‘manners’. Make sure you don’t end up raising one more rapist who will rape a gal in the future.


Since government is not taking any action against rapists, don’t we think it’s time to protect ourselves and our future daughters. ??? I know this is not just a single person’s job. Keeping knifes , pepper spray, learning marshal arts to protect ourselves are must these days. What else do you think we can do to take the steps towards awakening our ‘sleeping government’??? Stop voting is the first step I can see. Because the politician live for the ‘votes’.

What else do you think we can do to change the fate of this nation??? Or just want to be a silent spectator.

Since my heart is lost in the pain of this incident, no Friday post today. This must sound funny or silly. This is just a small thing I could do to morn for this innocent gal. Plus I am NEVER going to vote till government takes some action to STOP this inhuman acts. I don’t want to feel guilty for being part of the nation who contributed towards this irresponsible government. Where no gal is safe.


Stop Asking Me When I Am Getting Married, I Don’t Ask When You Are Getting Divorced


Today I happened to receive a message from a friend of mine with whom it was ages I had spoken to for the last time. I was naturally happy to hear from her. With all those ‘conversation starter questions’, she said “You have become a blogger… (didn’t even bothered to wait for my reply) so any plans on marriage? anything decided on that front?”

I happily thanked her for the compliment she gave for my blog and gracefully ignored the questions which popped later that. Because really?? Am I the ONLY one who is gonna ‘DECIDE’ on that front???

Since I have so many thoughts piled up in my head for sometime now, instead of answering these questions separately to all those who are curious , I thought of answering them in one shot.

PS: This is not at all personal. I am writing this calmly and with a wide smile on my face. Plus, this is not just about me. If you are on that side of the world, where you have been asked these questions on regular basis, you will understand each and every line of mine.


All those girls who are happily single.


All those who are married(you guys ask yourselves if you are happily married or  whatever.. it’s not my business anyways.)

I know, I know, there is a ‘specific age’ for marriage. What do you call that??? Umm ‘Right Age’, ‘Right Time’. What happens if we do not get married before or on ‘Right Time’??? Are we going to perish??? Are we going to be like ‘expired’ products???

I know your answer – “After right age, you won’t get a ‘Good Guy'”. Really???? I am glad you know what is good for me. Wait a second, do you??? Do you really know what is good for me??? More than my parents??? More than my own self??? slow clap

If you say a ‘good guy’ is with good looks and money let me tell you, honey, you are totally wrong. Why?? Let me explain.

As my dad rightly says – in the youth, even a donkey looks beautiful. But let’s talk about age after that. Your good looking guy will be a uncle. His six packs abs(if he really had before marriage) will be covered by layers of fat. As per ‘society standards’, he won’t fit in ‘Good Guy(uncle)’ category anymore. head bang Will you leave him???

As per as money is concerned. I know money gets you the respect and dignity in ‘society’. It gives you happiness when you shop, buy things you like, travel etc. If money is serving those purposes, why do you need a man then??? Earn money and spend it with dignity.


When people meet it so sad and strange that they ask you about your job, marital status, kids blah and blah. Nobody really cares whether you are happy in your life…!!! In fact  they just try to suck out the happiness from life by bombarding such ‘personal’ questions. #TakeABreak

Unlike married lady, we can wake up when we like to. We can cook when we like to or just order pizza and just laze around like a panda. Singles can shop whenever they want instead of saving money for their unbuilt house and unborn kids(what they termed it as ‘future planning’). We can talk to whomever we want to because we don’t have that ‘special’ someone who will get jealous. Advantage lists goes on and on.


I can hear you saying “In marriage you will have someone who will always be there for you” haha this makes me laugh out loud. Are you serious??? Does your partner really remember the reason you cried last time??? Was he really there every single time you were in need???  Oh come on, you are married to a human(I hope), not a vampire. Who can hear your heartbeats and come running towards you whenever you were in need.

To those who have not read my first lines of this letter, I am happy. I am very happy where I am right now. I know I am pretty, I am crazy to do things which makes my soul happy, I am independent enough to pay my own bills, strong enough to lift my own shopping bags, capable enough to make my family smile, and lovable enough to get so much love from people around me. I am complete by my own self. I don’t need a ‘husband/shona/baby’ to make me feel complete. If at all that is what makes you think marriage is a ‘need’…!!!


Ahh.. I know gal need a man to feel dignified and protected in this society. DAH. If society doesn’t respect me only because I am single. Well, society, I don’t respect you either. About protection, I don’t think all men are gutsy enough to protect a gal. They don’t roam around with a cape on their back. Do they???

I often hear aunties saying “a woman is not complete until and unless she becomes a mother”. Hmm I have seen or read many incidents where a mother abandoned newborn kid, married women leaving their children as they ‘failed’ in their marriages. Does these women really counted as ‘Complete’???

Motherhood is a bliss. Its all about pure and unconditional love. Where you love a kid with all your heart and soul. You don’t really have to give that kid a place in your womb to be a mother. If your kid is in your heart forever, there you go – you are a sweet mommy. I have a kid too, who has four legs, who talks in different language which only I understand. I know the feeling of being mother. I enjoy the motherhood. So society, I don’t bother if you count me as a mother or not, I know I am the mom of my kiddo. Read it twice – “Anyone Can Give Birth, Not All Can Give A Life”.

I have seen people crying after marriages. They realise their mistakes when it’s too late. I don’t want to end up like them. Better to be ‘late’ to get married than being a ‘late’ in marriage while you are alive.


I am not against marriage. Like every gal, I do want to get married. I do want those family pictures where I can see happiness in my parents’ eyes. I would love to see my baby sissy dolled up on my special day and introducing her brother in law to her friends happily. Day, when I look gorgeous than I have ever looked till date. I do want to see the love in my man’s eyes for me on that day and forever. I will get married when I get a mad fellow who is mad enough to do the crazy stuffs like I do. Enthusiast enough to plan random holidays. I will marry when I find the one who accepts me the way I am. Respects me and understand my passion. Who can make me smile even after a long hectic day. Who makes me feel home. Then I will definitely say – I do.

I won’t marry just because my happy single life is bothering you. Not just because clock is ticking. Not just because ‘good guys’ will be ‘sold out’. Definitely not because all my friends are getting married…!


I will marry when I find the right person. Till then chill and let me chill. One more thing to make crystal clear, I am not a person who will hide this beautiful relationship of mine. When I will get married The World will know. 🙂

I know you are jealous of my freedom. But I can’t help honey. Keep burning and since that you are ‘blissfully’ married, take care of your #BestHubbyInTheWorld and #CutestBaby of yours, instead of bothering singles like me. #LiveAndLetLive.


Yours Not At All Sincerely,

Happily Single 🙂





Interview With The Guy Who Inspires To Live Life On Your Own Terms

Hello My Dear Reader,

If you are a Bollywood fan, you might have watched the movie ‘Tamasha’(fun). If not, I am pretty sure you must have heard or read about this epic dialogue, which goes something like this.

“Ek Barr Ek Hero Tha. 

Ussne Bahut Mehnat,

padhai, engineering ki.

Aur phir ussne naukri.

Usne phir naukri ki.

Phir who yunhi naukri karte karte ek din marr gaya. 

Kya huwa???Pasand nahi aayi ending???

Toh badal do….”

Which means,

“Once upon a time there was a hero.

He worked hard, studied and completed engineering.

Then he took a job.

Then, someday while working, he died.

What happened???

Didn’t you like the ending???

Then change it…!!!”


While the world is busy running the ‘rat race’ to a destination which most of them don’t know, there are few people who take the courage to fall out of the race and lead their own path. To a destination which they have dared to dream of. (Re read the words courage and dare)

Yes. Not everyone has the courage to stand alone or rather stand against ‘the society’ and live the life on their terms. Because “Log kya kahenge???” (What will people say???). In deed this one questions has killed thousands of dreams than anything  else, at least in India.

I said you need the courage to stand out of the crowd. Because the other ‘normal’ people who are part of this ‘society’ do point fingers at you. They do criticize you. They do question you, judge you. Bad part is they not only judge you but will also judge your parents for the ‘up bringing’. Uff it’s hard. Hard to make your mind resistant to these and make it a negativity free zone.

Well, you might have come across such strong people in the journey of life. I have too. But one person who has impressed me the most is this guy I came across in Instagram.

I have already written a post about him. But since he has unlimited source of positivity, courage and daring to fulfill his ‘zara hatt ke'(out of the world) dreams. I am saying this because I am sure you don’t even think of setting these goals. Because we don’t have such strong will power. Wanna know about him???

Do you remember the guy who got his eye balls tattooed??? Check the post here.

Well, his name is Karan. He is a tattoo & body modification artist. Well the first body modification artist in India…!!! See his transformation…!!!

Who has not only tattooed his eye balls but also his whole body. Now he has one more record in his name. You will get to know all his achievements by the end of this article.

As I said I was so inspired by his courage that I wanted to know what made him so strong and many more things about him. Hence I decide to interview him. I must say by the conversation we had in Instagram, I felt he is kind and down to earth person. There is this mind set in India. The people with piercing and tattoos are bad persons. Hello??? I have three tattoos too. I am not that bad. I have seen worst people with no tattoos. So stop judging..!!! Tattoos are amazing. You will understand it once you get one.

Anyways, back to Karan. 🙂

Here are some of the question I asked him. His answers have inspired me and be positive and carefree just the way he is.

Read on. I am sure even you will be amazed by him and his spirit. Ready??? Here you go…!!!

PS: It’s in the order

My question

Karan’s answer.

What I had to say about some of his thoughts. 🙂

1. Let’s start with very first (formal) question… Tell us about your family… their take on your achievements.PS: I have seen pictures of your dad. He is quite a cool dude. 😊

About My Family, I stay with Mom & Dad. I have an elder brother – he is 5 years elder to Me & stays in UK.

My family is happy and proud about what I have done by far in this life. They also know that it’s all a beginning & I have a long path to walk on. They recognise that my potential & goals are different. Dad said that he won’t restrict me like some other Indian parents and he won’t ask me to follow that same pattern of society to take a job, get married , make kids, raise them, get old and carry on all according to some age limits or out of the theory that we have to. My Dad knows I’m different, he understands my caliber and I understand his.

(I must say family plays a crucial role when it comes to living your life the way you want to. If you have support from your family, you never care about any one else in the world. )

2. What was thing that inspired to be a tattoo artist at first?

View this post on Instagram

#NoFilter #NoEdit — A part of the full #ArmSleeve 360 wrap #tattoo , which is a part of a half #BodySuit #project is in progress #WIP . By Far I’ve invested 71 hours of solid #inking time ( No breaks’ time included ) multiple sessions ( of average 12 hours each ) to create this Large scale #Masterpiece of #Artwork which is all Custom #Composition from the start. THE HALF #BODY #DOTWORK #PROJECT , With every square inch to be Super #detailed !!! I’ve always been an extremist since I was a kid who would give his all in whatever he does. I’ve always been an extremist since always and now I am an extremist at the right places where I know how to balance & channelise my enthusiasm to #Create what I think. I put my heart & soul in whatever I do. #TattoographerKaran #King #TheOne #Indian #Artist #Proud #Thankful #Shiva #traditional #ancient #oldsoul #india #insta #instagram

A post shared by TATTOOGRAPHER KARAN ~ KING ™️ (@tattoographer) on

The concept of permanent art on skin was an intriguing factor for me since I was a 9 years’ old kid. I got my first tattoo when I was 13. I started doing tattoos when I was 16. Opened up my tattoo studio when I was 17 ( along with my 4 years’ hotel management course ) when the occupation of tattoo artist didn’t exist in India in the year 2007

I am a curious and an ambitious person. I always believed in myself regardless the world believed in me or not & when you rise in what you do – they believe in you as well.

(How amazing when your passion becomes your profession. You never feel that you are working. Every day excites you to get out of the bed and work. )

3. How did you start exploring the world of body art… Because body art was typically restricted to tattooing and piercing in our country for quite a long time…

I’ve been traveling to UK and US since I was 20 days old. I saw the aspects of body art that exist on this planet. Today, I have all the modifications that exist one can not even think of. It was not my plan but today my eyes, nose, ears, tongue, teeth, skin – everything is modified. I did because I wanted to, for my happiness because it’s my life and my body which I can run according to my choice. Also – when something happens, it’s according to God’s ( The supreme power’s ) plan even if we think it’s not according to us.

4. Could you please tell us what are the body arts you have done for your clients apart from tattooing and piercing… (Like tongue modification, permanent eyebrows etc)

Tattoos, piercings, ear modification reshaping, earlobe stretching, tongue splits, scarification, permanent eye lining, permanent lip lining, leucoderma white skin cover-ups, scar / burn marks cover-ups & many more

(I had mentioned one of his post in one of my post about permeant makeup. See how amazing it is. )

5. You have handful of records. Tell us the list of records you proudly own.

  • First was when I was 19. Guinness world record For making 199 flags on one man . Which we’ve increased now to 366 & is an unbreakable record.
  • Then first Indian ever in history to get eyeballs tattooed all black
  • First Indian to self perform tongue split
  • First Indian body modification artist
  • First Indian to get full body suit of black work style tattoo
  • First Indian to get all teeth permanent metal chrome implants. ( for which I got my natural teeth destroyed )
  • First Indian to make 100% head coverage tattoo Which is on Dad (That is why I said his dad is a cool dude)
  • First Ultimate modified Indian ( all parts of body modified )

There are many things which are the part of my bigger broader plan.

(Wow..!!! Many more to come..!!! )

6. No doubts you love tattoos. Even I do. But what was the moment you decided to get your whole body tattooed??? (I must say it looks super cool like some super hero)

I had many tattoos on me which we’ve been doing since years. Me and my team of artists from Chandigarh decided to cover them all and make full body suit one piece tattoo which no one has in India. I am proud to be Indian, I am an artist and I believe someone has to step up to bring the art game to different heights. I am lucky I chose myself for it.

( It’s so wired. When a software engineer  spends his whole life in front of a computer and doesn’t know what is personal life means, society calls him ‘hard worker’. But when an artist does this people often say it’s crazy. I think its passion. Unfortunately Indians doesn’t really admire the art as much as they admire an engineer or a doctor. )

7. How much time it took for whole body tattoo.?

Full body suit can take 5 years

We’ve already invested around a year and a half. Some work is left already & a lot of work is done. In another year I will share the images of first Indian fully inked body.


8. You are the first Indian to get your eyeballs tattooed. How was the procedure and please tell us about the care you had to take post that. Because I know taking care of tattoos for few days is more trickier than getting one.

I’ll share something with you no one knows.

Every body reacts and heals in a different way.

I had to stay in my room in dim lights for 2 months post procedure because if I would go in lights – my eyes would get strained and water out 24 hours.

I waited for them to heal and only then I shared about it.

It’s a risky thing. It was a mutual understanding between me and the person doing it that anything can happen, we will try our best to keep it safe. Even then I took the decision because I was willing to take risk for my happiness instead of regretting later that I didn’t take the chance.

Yes I could go blind and I imagined my life being blind. I was prepared for it. I was surprised after the procedure where we inject ink in the eyes by syringes because I could see properly ( I expected something else ) I did because I know I’ve just got one life and I don’t mind taking risks for my happiness.

(Pheww…!!! No pain no gain…!!! Would you take this risk and courage any day to achieve what you want??? )

9. Since I have 3 tattoos on my body, I know how amazing it feels to have them. You have whole body tattooed including your eyes, how does that feels like…???

I feel amazing, every morning I see myself in the mirror – I admire myself.

(As I said only those who have permanent tattoos can feel this amazing feeling. )

10. Just out of curiosity, how many piercings do you have on your body?

I might have around 22-26 piercings. I’ve got pierced around 130 times in which at least 100 times I would’ve done myself. I did my piercing training from Columbus Ohio US in which piercing myself and experiencing all types of piercings was a part of the learning process which I chose and did willingly.

11. Recently you have achieved one more goal of yours. First Indian to get full metal teeth implanted. I’m phobic to dentists, like most of us. I know the procedure wouldn’t be a cake walk. What was the procedure you underwent, care you took.

View this post on Instagram

I decide My Fate. If need be – even yours. __________ Say hello to the FIRST INDIAN IN HISTORY TO GET ALL TEETH PERMANENT METAL IMPLANTS. _________ The procedure took 2 & a half months throughout which I was on liquid diet as I couldn’t eat. I got every single tooth grinded, cut and removed to get metal chrome teeth permanent implants. Yes, all teeth means All. Full mouth!!! _________ Was it painful ? Yes! In fact more than getting injected in my eyes. Could I absorb the sensations? Absolutely!!! Reason why I do what I do – My life, My choices & My happiness. Your opinions required? Not at all! #CHROME #METAL #TEETH #FULL #MOUTH #TattoographerKaran #King #TheOne #First #Indian #Artist #BodyModifications #Bodymods #Scifi #blackeyes #India #NewDelhi #Insta #Instagram

A post shared by TATTOOGRAPHER KARAN ~ KING ™️ (@tattoographer) on

We get injected at the inside roof of the mouth, inside the gums – deep in the corners of mouth to make the area numb but sometimes it doesn’t numb fully. I’ll keep it brief- it took 2 and a half months to replace my teeth by all new chrome metal teeth implants during which I was on liquid diet ( as I couldn’t eat )

I did all happily by my own personal choice, it was something I was waiting for since around a year.

(Hats off from all of us who are phobic to a dentist’s chair. )

12. I have seen quite videos of yours where you do the Pierce your nose all by yourself. It takes hell lot of guts. How have you become so fearless… 😊

I have altered my thought process and belief system.

I possess no negative thoughts, emotions or words in my system. I have no fear – none.

Fear doesn’t control me. Emotions don’t control me. I control Me. If I want something – I’m willing to put the effort for it. If it involves pain or some sensation, I CHOOSE it.

When you accept – you are free. When you resist, you are stuck.

(I have somewhere read it that life is a balance between what we can control and what we can not. Learn to live between effort and acceptance. This holds true.

PS: I am not posting his videos. I know not all my readers are strong hearted. hehe)

13. What made you set these goals ? Like getting eyeballs tattooed or getting metal teeth implanted etc…

Me and My imagination

14. What’s your life’s mantra that you live by?

Enjoy freedom and free will, love each moment being content & happy. Give Unconditional love to All because life is short & unexpected. Time just goes ahead and when it’s gone – even willingly we can’t go back so make the best out of it.

(This is so true. Life is short live it while you have one. The way you want to. Not the way your colony aunty wants you to.)

15. Everything comes with positive and negative… Now that you are quiet famous, you must have received loads of appreciations as well as some negative criticism. How do you deal with this kind of negativity?

I ignore negativity. My time is precious- I invest my time thinking good thoughts, imagining my future and working towards it. I don’t let anything negative come in between my path. I jump ahead of the hurdles.

(Ahhh Ignorance is bliss…!!! )

16. Some lines for the one who is reading this.

If you’d read and understand carefully there are many lines which are my perspectives and ways to live life differently – which work best for me. I don’t recommend anyone to go extreme. I’d still recommend to enjoy free will & freedom by doing what you’d like to – to make you and others happy instead of doing what others want you to do / what society expects you to do.

To live life of freedom and individuality instead of a life of a prison.


Thank you so much Karan 🙂

Dear reader,

I hope his work, his words, his journey has inspired you. To live the life on your own terms and live life fully.

I enjoyed asking him questions and his positive answers. I hope you did enjoy them too…!!!








Five Bollywood Female Characters to Get Inspired From, On This Women’s Day


‘Women’s Day’ is just around the corner. While the world starts praising the ‘role’ of a woman in their lives, I have this post up, where I am praising the ‘roles’ of some women in Bollywood movies which have inspired me to be the best version of myself.

You know I am a Bollywood fan. Being one, I can’t miss the fact that there are some movies which have inspired to be stronger, independent and of course prettier version of myself. I think this is the right time to share my list of favorite female characters of Bollywood.

I know there are plenty of characters who are worth idealizing, here are the five whom I love for inspiring me. I am sure even you will agree to my point if you have already watched them if not, grab a bucket of popcorn and watch them this weekend.

Shashi from the movie – English Vinglish

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ok this is my small tribute to the star whom we lost last week – Sridevi. Even though she has acted in plenty of films in Bollywood, this will always be my favorite.

Which is the most hectic job you can imagine??? Doctor??? Army??? Cook?? umm teacher??? Na.. its being a mother or a home maker. Yes. Think about it. It’s 24 * 7 job. Alll through out the year. No holidays. You can’t take leaves. No payment. Unfortunately the worst part is, not all of those who opt for this job happily, do not even get the appreciation or credit which they deserve at the end of the day. Disheartening isn’t it??? Well, this is the story of most of the middle class ‘home makers’.

The movie ‘English Vinglish’ is based on these similar lines. Shashi – a beautiful mommy of two kids. Along with managing all household works, Shashi holds a tiny catering business where she prepares this Indian sweet – ‘laddu’. Her working husband and her daughter doesn’t really care or respect what she is doing. Her daughter treats her mom so badly (at some point of time you feel like slapping her while watching the movie) just because mom doesn’t know to speak English. As most of the people get judged by the way they talk in English. #Sad It’s just a language guys. Language is been invented to communicate what you feel. not to make someone feel bad.

But, Shashi goes to USA to attend her niece’s wedding. That’s where her life changes. She happened to join ‘English speaking’ class. The struggle to manage class timings in spite of managing all the marriage arrangements, her dedication, her innocence will melt your heart..

Due to some unexpected things in the house, Shashi misses her final exam of her class. But yet she manages to score more than anyone else in the class. How?? Well, watch the movie to know. Her transformation from being an under confident Indian woman to a confident woman is worth the watch.

Thank you Sridevi for making Shashi alive and inspiring tons of ladies to realise that there is nothing impossible if you have the willpower to do it, through ‘English Vinglish’.

2. Rani from the movie Queen:

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This is one of my favorite.

So the world is been divided into 2 categories of women. One – who want to be independent and doesn’t really want to get into this thing called ‘marriage’. The other –  all they can dream about is their marriage. I am not saying it’s bad, but I don’t belong to that category at least.

So, our heroine Rani belongs to the later one. She is happy that she is getting married to her ‘prince charm’. She has everything planned. From her marriage dress to her honeymoon tickets. Paris – is where she is flying to, post her marriage.

Well, life is about expecting the unexpected. Right??? Her ‘Price charm’ calls off the wedding on her ‘big day’. Because he thinks she is not of his ‘type’.

Haww… Calling off a marriage – Breaking news for all those gossip aunties…!!! Heart broken bride and her family. In India at least, ‘marriage’ is like a licence to live life in the ‘society’. If you are not married, ahhh forget about leading a ‘peaceful’ life here.

But, Rani decides to go on honeymoon. Alone. Instead of cribbing on her misfortune, she chooses to face it.

Let me skip her stay in France because I can’t really pen down all those beautiful moments of hers, where she transforms into a beautiful butterfly from a cocoon.

You know what will make you watch this movie for??? When she comes back to India – her ‘prince charm’ who has realised whom he has lost, proposes to her for marriage ‘again’. But Rani refuses.

Because after so many struggles she has found her own self. Whom she refuses to lose for any one’s sake.

That’s beautiful. Because losing oneself while loving others is the worst thing to happen.

3. Geet from the movie Jab We Met


Being strong, independent is something necessary. But you know what else is??? Being silly, crazy and dare to do what you like rather than what society likes you to be.

Geeth from Jab We Met thought me – sometimes all you need is those 2 minutes of craziness to change your entire life for good.

She chooses to run away from home with her friend, to meet and marry the guy she loves. (Read the line she loves twice. Because she is not really sure whether he feels the same and whether  will come to get her or not. Umm I already told you, she is crazy.)

She says this to her friend before leaving home – “I don’t know whether I will be happy with him or not. But what makes me happy is that, whatever is happening is because of ‘my’ choice not because of my parents’ choice. So I will be happy. I don’t want to regret someday that I had a chance to run away but I didn’t. Instead I will be happy that at least I dared to do so.”

Amazingly true…!!! This made me also believe – I don’t want to live or die with any  regrets.


Anddd my mosttt favourite dialogue of Bollywood -“Mai Apni Favorite hoon” (I am my favourite). The way she loves herself, will make you fall in love with yourself all over again. Trust me on this.

Whether Geeth meets her guy, whether she gets married to him?? Watch the movie. I am sure you will love the movie. I can at least watch this movie for zillion times without getting bored.

4. Naina from Ye Jawani Hai Deewani

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An introvert, topper of the class, umm to make simple – a boring gal, opts to go out on a trip with her class’ ‘last benchers’ to explore life. During the journey she finds her true self and also finds her ‘prince charm’. The guy she falls in love, is passionate about what he does – travelling. On the last day of their trip, Naina decides to confess to him about how she feels for him. Bad timing huun. By that time, he receives this job letter where he gets to travel and gets paid for it. Do you think he will leave that opportunity??? Na. Also he doesn’t even know how Naina feels for him. So he chooses to go and get that job.

Naina, unlike any ‘typical’ Bollywood heroine, chooses not to confess her love. She lets him go, go and live his dream. She completes her degree and achieves her dream of being a doctor.

Life is full of surprises. They meet again. This time, even the guy falls in love. But Naina knows he can’t settle down at one place because his job doesn’t allows him to do so. What made me appreciate Naina, unlike any other gal – she refuses to leave her dream and go with him. She lets him go again, even though she loves him so much. At the end, he leaves his job to settle down with love of his life – Naina.

Determined Naina won my heart. You go gal…!!!

As most of gals sacrifice everything just to ‘settle down’ with their ‘prince charm’. Is that really worth doing??? May be in the beginning yes with all those new changes in life, you do feel right. But how about 10-15 years later??? Will you be still happy with your decision??? Choose your path wisely gal.

 5. Meera from the movie NH10

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I had this phobia of darkness. It was nothing less than a nightmare for me to go out in the dark even to watch starts. Yes I am serious. I used to grab my grandma’s hands while she used to take me out to show the stars. These phobias I know..!!!

But, this one movie changed my perception about darkness. It made me fear the darkness inside a human than the darkness outside.

Meera – a modern, working woman from Delhi, lives with love of her life – her husband. On their anniversary they choose to spend their day at a place far away from the city. They take a road trip. But they get into a big mess in the middle of the road. So messy that she loses her husband due to some evil people.

Her battles to save her husband’s life and when she fails I am sure your eyes will be moist just like mine.

But story doesn’t ends there. Meera continues to fight.

The movie is about that one messy night in the life of Meera. She fights all the difficulties and how she manages to take her revenge by early morning is thrilling. This will definitely make you realise, we women, are more than what we believe we are. We have immense strength inside us. People say we are physically weaker than men. But mentally, we are much much stronger than any man out there. Watch this movie to boost that inner you.


So, these are the five Bollywood female characters who has inspired me the most.

What about you??? Do you have any of your favorite ones??? I am sure you do.

Share their names & movie name below in the comments section. So that I and some other beautiful souls can watch and get inspired…!!!



RIP Sridevi Kapoor…

I have this habit of checking Instagram when I wake up between sleep. This morning had a shocking news when I opened Instagram.

Saw a picture of this beautiful actress Sridevi but these three letters written below it made me teary eyed. RIP…!!!


At first I thought it must be some nasty rumor. Which by the way quite common when it comes to celebrities. But the picture was shared by miss world and one of my favorite actress Priyanka Chopra. I don’t think she will be part of such rumors. Still wasn’t able to accept this so went on to search page of Instagram. There were tons of pictures of Sridevi with condolences. Well it is in deed a shocker for most of us.

As a kid, I loved the way this pretty actress enjoyed dancing in movie songs. Her expressions. Apart from being such a good dance, she was a great actress too. One of my favorite movie of hers is Sadma. It was beyond amazing. Both the hero and Sridevi had done a fabulous job. I loved her performance in the movie Nagina as well.

Not to forget, her comeback movie ‘English Vinglish’ was appreciated by everyone as it was so relatable. It’s about Indian housewife who learns English to earn respect for herself. As English has become one of the ‘mandatory’ language for house wives too…! The character’s transformation from being scared indian in USA to a confident lady is inspiring.

Sridevi, most beautiful actress of Bollywood. Apart from getting compliments for her beauty, she was a great actress too. Married to one of the producers of Indian cinema – Bonny Kapoor, has two daughters. One of the daughters is working on her debut bollywood film. For which Sridevi was so excited just like any other mother. She was there with her daughter on the first day of shoot just to support her. But unfortunately no one knew that she won’t be able to watch her own daughter’s debut film…

Must say she had an amazing fashion sense. All her appearances have won every fashionista’s hearts.

The thing which left me teary eyed was the fact that life is so unpredictable.

3 days back, whole Kapoor family was in Dubai for a family wedding. Sri had opted for this beautiful Manish Malhotra outfit.


Little did we know it would be her last appearance.

She died due to severe cardiac arrest in Dubai in the midnight.

The quote – be thankful for the mornings. Because not everyone made it. Is so true. Isn’t it???

This triggered tons of thoughts in my mind.

We often take our loved ones for granted. But trust me, no one will be able to fill that space when they are gone. In this so called rat race(where we don’t know the exact end point) we have lost the real meaning of love and affection. Everyone wants a great job. Very rarely I find someone who wants to get a job similar to something they are passionate about. Most of us work for money not everyone works for their passion. Everyone wants big house, luxury. But they later realize that they forgot to wish for one precious thing called ‘peace of mind’ .

We all are busy making our future. But what we often forget is our present. Most of them work hard and harder to earn money. So that they can live their post retirement life peacefully. Dude, has anyone promised that you will live that long??! We don’t know about tomorrow and you are talking about retirement. Great.

One more thing to add, no matter how rich, beautiful or famous you are. Once soul leaves this body, we just addressed as ‘body’ nothing else. We can’t take any of our material earnings with us. Make memories so that when soul leaves you, you should not have any regrets.

Things are meant to be used and people are meant to be loved. But the opposite of this is happening.

When was the last time you told your family that you love them???

When was the last time you lived for yourself??

When was the last time you laughed from heart..???

Life is nothing but short. Tomorrow is not promised. Hug the ones who loves you… Ignore the ones who doesn’t. Do not waste time running after the one who is not worth your time.

Main thing – it’s your life. Live it on your own terms. Don’t waste it impressing others.

Bollywood has lost a great diva and actress Sridevi last night.

Loss for her family is immense. Her daughters lost their mother.

May her family get the strength to overcome this tough time.

Rest in peace Sridevi. You will be missed.

What is True Love According to You???

Valentine’s day haan…?? A day of celebration of most precious feeling – love…

What is love according to you…???

Updating social media with love quotes, pictures with your partner and using hash tags like #sweetheart #loveher #lovehim na.. no…

Going to posh restaurants to dine, na.

The great lovers like Romeo-Juliet, Heer-Ranja , Salim-Anarkali etc didn’t even had a social media account to ‘publish’ their love. They didn’t had Instagram to use the hash tags for their #truelove. But till date they and their love still remains with us. why??? Because of the purity… because of loyalty… Because of the commitment… so much so that they died for the sake of that one pure feeling called love. Which our ‘Tinder’ generation hardly understands.


For me,

Love is not only a beautiful feeling… It’s mutual admiration, care and respect…

Love is commitment… Commitment to be by each other’s side till death makes us apart…

Love is a promise… I’m not talking about promise to take care of each others hearts… Na… We are humans. We tend to make mistakes. Despite these mistakes and heart breaks, a promise that we will forgive each other’s mistakes and never leave each other alone.

A promise that we will bring smiles on each other’s faces when either of them needs one.

A respect… A respect to partner and the relationship. Respect by not hesitating to shout out loud to the world that he or she is yours. Giving them respect and making sure they are respected and treated well by others too.

Love is friendship. You can hurt your lover, you can get bored by them. But friendship, na you neither hurt them nor you get bored.

Love is growing old together….


I really feel love is where my soul can be at peace. It’s a home for my soul. Where I can be what I am… Without having to be afraid of getting judged.

I know you must be thinking that I’m being unrealistic or impractical. Sometimes, even I laugh at myself. I laugh because of my Hopeless hope for that one true love. When I almost give up on my beliefs, I always end up reading or meeting some couples who  make me believe that love still exists.

I have seen old couple, who died with a time gap of a day or so. I mean can you imagine how much the thought of living without him or her was so strong. That passion is priceless. Passion to stay loyal.


When we are talking about love, there are also people worth mentioning about. People who end their lives because of love failures, for rejections. Phewww… If the other person does not accepts your love, doesn’t admire you.. I don’t think there is any point in wasting time and definitely not wasting your life. I know rejection hurts. Cry. Even though tears are precious but it’s Ok to shed them once in a while to make our heart feel lighter. But don’t stop your heart because you felt that rejection pain. Never.

Technically, the one who rejected you lost someone who loved. You lost someone you loved and someone who didn’t love you back. So frankly, you didn’t lose much. Oh come on, we love celebrities. They don’t even know that we exist. Still we don’t kill ourselves right… Why to make someone feel like a celebrity that too when they reject you.

Always remember we can’t force someone to love us. When the time is right, right person will come to your life and stay. You will finally find happiness and feel loved. Wait for it. Because when it happens you will feel the wait was worth it.


Love is giving. When you are truly in love, trust me at the end of the day only thing you want is the one you love to be safe and happy. Don’t agree??? Why the love of parents is considered as one of the purest forms of love??? Because they just love us… Make sure that we are safe and happy. They don’t really expect anything in return. That’s why.

Being an animal lover, I have to give you one more example by mentioning the most loyal animal, dog. You all know dog is the most loyal animal. He loves you more than he loves himself. A dog loves you. He ONLY knows to love and protect you. Even if you feed him or don’t, love him or not. Once he considers you as his master, he will never stops loving you. If he finds any danger, dog will always face it in order to protect you. Can anyone beat this kind of love..???


Love is everywhere. Not just in the month of Feb, but all throughout the year. You just need to acknowledge that.

Celebrate love every moment… Be it love of parents, siblings, pets, friends, partners… Celebrate it… Enjoy it… Remember, everyone has this unlimited source of love to serve. Spread your love and kindness to the world. Because more than technology and money world needs love and peace.

This valentine, be a donor of love… Not a beggar…. Love without expectation… Trust me, universe will make sure much more love comes your way…


You Don’t Really Need A Valentine To Make The Day Special

Valentine’s day… Don’t you think it’s overrated??!

Even though couples who genuinely love each other makes me happy about this day of celebration, couples who ‘announce’ their love and share their ‘private’ pictures on social media with mushy mushy hash tags make me feel annoyed about this day.

I know how it feels to be single on this day. All thanks to couples who are ‘desperate’ to prove to the world that they are ‘madly’ in love. All I understand out of their effort is ‘madly’.

Even I used to feel bad few years ago that I don’t have one to make my day ‘special’, I’m sure most of the gals go through this phase. Especially those who stay away from home, whose roommates leave them alone as they have to be with their #sweetheart. Now that I’m out of it, thought sharing my views about this much hyped day.


I bet – open your Facebook and Instagram page on valentine’s day. Most of the account’s display picture will have two members. I mean with their #soulmate. Guys, it’s your own social media account, not any joint account that it requires both of your pictures.

Then comes the flood of hash tags. #besthubby #bestwifey phewww I’m sure most of them must be silently crying inside for being with their #mineforever

So in one statement – Not everyone who is single is lonely… Not everyone who is taken is in love…

If you are a happy single like me… Cheers to that happiness and freedom…

So, happy singles, if you are still figuring out how to skip this day comfortably, here are some ideas to make ‘the day of love’ even more comfortable…

Gift Yourself…


You know what’s the best part of gifting your own self??? You don’t have to spend time thinking what to gift… Whether they will like it or not… 🤔 what if they don’t… Blah and blah and blah..

You know what you want. Let me make it even more easier. Open online shopping sites. Open your wish list. Pick a random item and buy it. Because darling, you are totally worth it.

Have any single friend???


Nothing more fun than two friends bit*hing and Making fun of those social media couples with tons of cozy pictures and cheesy quotes. Come on I’m not being mean here. They chose to post their pictures on public forums and we chose to ‘comment’.

PS: This one of my favorite scenes from my most favorite series F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Spend the day with the one who loves you


Even if a person is a criminal, I’m sure there will be at least one person who loves him genuinely. His mom. Not everyone of us have these precious persons in our lives – parents and siblings. If you have one don’t forget to make them feel special. It’s time to admire the beauty of love they share.

Spend the day with furry friends


I feel peaceful when I’m with animals. They are a great example for true love. Spend your time with them.

If you are not an animal lover, it’s time to interact with one.

Oh come on, I’m sick of listening to people giving excuses like – when I was a kid, a dog had bit me, a cat had scratched me. Hello, even when I’m an adult, people hurt me. Shouldn’t I be scared of people??? Well according to your logic yes but Im not.

Animals do those things as their self protection not because they want to hurt you. Spend time gaining their trust and love. Dude, once you earn it, the validity lasts till the lifetime. Unlike some humans.

Spread love to those who are in need


There are so many people out there who need love and care.

Didn’t get it??? I’m talking about orphans who never got a chance to feel the love of a family.

I’m talking about old age home. Old parents who spent their lives loving their children. But unfortunately who abandoned them.

Go their. Spend some time. Your presence will be a biggest present for them. Most importantly you will feel proud for being a great human.

Dress up


Most of the men think that we gals dress up for them. Sorry… We dress up because we like it. We don’t spend our time getting ready to impress a guy who can’t even differentiate between a baby pink and dark pink.

Dress up. Wear that favorite dress of yours. Experiment with makeup. Enjoy yourself.

Take yourself to a movie or a dinner date


Who said only ‘happy’ couples can make singles jealous. Time to make them jealous.

Dress up (or don’t to make even more fun. Gals who spent ages to get dressed up should think ‘she is so careless. I miss those days of being single’. Haha) take yourself out for a movie or for a dinner. I’m sure there will lot of couples out their giggling. Be happy and confident. Show them what being a happy and independent singles is all about. Trust me, many of the gals will feel jealous of you. Haha

Eat, Sleep and Repeat


Honey there are so many perks of being single. First and foremost – Freedom. Freedom to be your own self, freedom to eat what you want because you don’t have to look hot and perfect for your guy, freedom to sleep because you don’t have to be on call all the time. Ugh no matter how beautiful or boring the conversation might be, I can’t compromise with my sleep. Can you??! If you agree with me celebrate the freedom on this day. It’s worth celebrating.


Instead of waiting for that perfect someone to come and make you happy, do what makes YOU perfectly happy…!!! 


Happy Valentine’s day gal…!!! 

My Favorite Quotes By Carrie Bradshaw


If you are a fashionista or someone who love fashion you must know who Carrie Bradshaw is…!!!

If not, let me introduce her to you. She is one of the famous characters from the famous series ‘Se* and The City’. I am sure most of you know this. There are couple of movies are also made on the same name with same cast.

Every gal who loves fashion, dresses, shopping etc., will love this one gal from this series – Carrie.


A true fashionista yet a sweet gal who believes in true love. But, I should mention – her love for fashion tops the game. Her closet is do die for. Her collection of dresses, shoes, bags… Ahhh even her keychain, is every gal’s dream…!!!

But don’t assume Carrie is just a living Brabie. With great fashion sense and amazing looks. She has a great view about life and love. Being an independent, 40+ aged , famous writer – she wins our heart with her charm.


Carrie has some great quotes about fashion, love and life. They are epic…!!!! If you are her fan I know you will agree and I am sure you will never get bored of it. No matter for how many times you have read or heard those golden words. If you don’t know her dialogues, let me share some of my favorites with you. I am sure you will fall in love with them. Just like I did.


  • Ahhh It’s like Starting over all new…!!! New trends… New beginnings…!!!


  • Can’t agree more…!!!


  • Because of her I had to get an year subscription of the magazine – VOGUE…!!! Anddd its worth it…


  • Are you a footwear lover??? You can relate to this for sure…!!!


  • Outfit lovers…!!! This one is for you.


  • One more…!!!


  • Yessss…!!!!


  • Pain that every shopaholic gal can relate to while shifting to new place…!!!!


  • Oooo yaaaaa….


  • Every girl’s wish…!!!!




  • In search of love and of course labels…!!!


  • They say – you don’t think and fall in love… love just happens…


  • But SELF LOVE comes first..!!!


  • I love this.


  • Someone…!!!


  • I love this gal… Her words are just amazing…


  • Who said relationship is a cake walk… We do have our set of heartbreaks…

carrie bradshaw quotes (14)

  • Whyyyyyy


  • Keep your head up and keep going…


  • haha


  • Me Tooooo


  • Crushes are the real reason why being single is not that hard…

  • haha


  • Be proud to be a master piece… There is no fun in being just another copy… isn’t it???


  • Someday…!!!


  • A true Friendship is such a good healer…


I love her fashion sense… Her closet… and most importantly her positivity… never ending hopes and believes about love and life…. !!!

Did you like her quotes??? Which one is your favorite??? Pick one and do let me know in the comments section…!!!

Have a great weekend…!!!!

To All Those Gals Who Are Feeling Bad After Watching Virushka’s Wedding Pictures

Dear gal,

The dreamy wedding of the year…!!! As I had posted earlier, it was in deed a fairy tale wedding. A destination wedding in Italy, between closed ones the most handsome guy married the most happy and beautiful bride.

The other day when Anushka and Virat got married, amidst all happy, heart warming wishes, lets admit most of our hearts were sad.

Sad not because the most handsome cricketer of our country is taken, because I don’t think we would get any chance to see him, forget about marriage but for feeling pity for oneself for some reasons. The pictures of their wedding had touched the nerves of our hearts which is responsible for ‘romance'(you know what I mean). Those who are already married must have regretted for not capturing such precious moments or not spending much money on a good photographer rather. Gals who are unmarried must have wished of getting married like them. At least I did. Her lehenga made me dream of my wedding. #Confession.


The way she entered , the smile on her face, the way he looked at her and welcomed her to mandap. The little conversation of theirs. Awww it did melt our hearts.

Let me admit, then the sad story begins. Why me??? why don’t I get awesomely loving guy like Kholi.??? I have no regrets to confess that at least I did feel bad for myself and I was super jealous of Anushka. He is such a caring man…!!! #Sob

Then, I started analyzing things. What we saw was a part of story which they chose to share it with us. What about the journey they walked together??? Was it really easy for them to maintain their private and professional life. Was it really easy to protect their relationship from getting broken because of many issues like media which doesn’t really give them space, time constraints due to their work commitments etc. I don’t think so. It must be mutual effort of those two love birds which made them the winners at the end of the day. I think they do deserve the happiness.


I happen to share everything with my sister. I know her well and I knew she would have felt the same ‘jealousy/sad’ thing. In deed it was right. Strangely when I happened to discuss this on a lighter note with some of my friends, they did it too. I was then relieved. haha.

I know most of the gals did cringe about it. So thus most of the gals ended up being sad. Thanks to social media which was flooded with the pictures of these 2 love birds. As much as we were happy for them, we were sad for ourselves.

We were somewhere getting better from that hangover, their reception pictures were all over the internet. Right from their entry, the way they chatted and danced. OMG.. Perfection…!!!

Let me tell you  what brought me back to reality.

Well, there were also some of the pictures of these beautiful and inspiring women whom we failed to notice between these marriage pictures. These women are beautiful, successful, inspiring and most importantly brave…!!!

Brave enough to lead an inspiring life. Brave enough to face the heart breaks and the world gracefully.

Two among those are my all time favorites these two Jennifer. I love both Jennifer Anniston and Jennifer Winget. Both are so damn fit and gorgeous. But they didn’t had a fairy tale relationships. They did find their handsome and charming prince but not faithful once. Faithful enough to keep their hearts safe.


Jennifer Winget


These two women had a very bad heartbreaks. When I say very bad not only because their husbands chose to leave them and spend their lives with some other woman, also because being celebrity your personal life is not so personal. Every details(infact more than actual detail) get spread all over the media.

Do you think its easy??? Na…!!! Did these women cry??? Yes they did. After all we are human. Did their life stop??? No. They chose to shine. They chose to see brighter side of the world and beat the world with their smile.


Jennifer Aniston


Here is a proof. Look how this lady is grateful for her life. This post in deed thought me to be grateful for what we have.

Adding to the list, Deepika Padukone. She is my favorite Bollywood actress since her debut movie. Being such a graceful successful woman, we often think everything comes to her easily. Well, we did think so when she met Ranbir Kapoor. They both were so much in love. Had shared their future plans with media. Deepika was so much head  over heels in love with him that she got his initials tattooed on her nape. But, her heart broke too when she found him cheating on her. Hurts. Unfortunately money or beauty is not everything all gals dream of. Deepika came out in public and even admitted that she went into depression. Her mother noticed the symptoms and provided all help to heal her.

Heart breaks, heart aches, ups, downs all are mandatory to be a successful human being. Its life. Happiness, pain, laughter, cry everything make life interesting. Don’t you think so???



I really feel at the end of the day – how happy and content you are with yourself matters the most. Loving someone, wanting to be loved by someone is natural. But, loving oneself and being happy in one’s one skin is something we need. If we are not happy with ourselves, I don’t think we will be ever be able to love or loved by someone.

Every gal dreams of meeting her Kohli. The one who loves her, who looks at her as if she is a magic. Who will fight for her and never let her go. This is a sweet feeling. I know.

But, what is more sweeter is realising how beautiful life is with or without your prince charm. Things you should be grateful for.

There is this saying – even if I meet my prince, my dad will be my king forever. Not because he has  kingdom but because he treats me like a princess…!! When you have loving parents, siblings, friends who are more than family – you are more richer than most of the people.

I have heard people saying some cheesy lines – you are incomplete without a man in your life. You feel complete ones you get married. Well, Hello… I might be 1/4th or 1/2 or 3/4th whatever, according to you. But, I know I am not a puzzle, waiting for a square piece to get complete. I don’t need any one to complete me.


It’s nice to share your life with someone you love. Someone who loves you. But judging someone with such criteria… I can’t buy that.

Wait for your prince charm. But don’t waste your present in that. Enjoy the life you have. Make the most of it. Once the time is right – You will meet the guy of your dreams. Who might love you more than what you had dreamt of. You never know. Magic do happen.

Between, the second reception of Virat and Anushka will soon be on social media. Remember – never compare your chapter one to someone else’s last. Enjoy the chapter. If you don’t understand what’s going on in it, just enjoy the confusion.

If you still start self pitying, just remember the women I told about,  to inspire yourself. 🙂

Loads of love to the strong warrior princess who is inside every lady out there.


My Special Birthday Gift from Someone Special


It’s here… Finally it’s here… The day I keep waiting since the first day of the year… My birthday…!!! Yes it’s my birthday today. As you can see in my about section, I’m super girly and bollywood types when it comes to birthdays. Not only mine but everyone from my inner friend’s circle. I try my best to make them feel special in some way.

When I can take such an effort to make everyone happy. Don’t you think the one who is ALWAYS with me.. Who understands me more than anybody… Who takes efforts to pamper her close friends, deserve some pampering… I love myself… I think birthdays are the best days to feel myself the best in very special way. (PS: I make sure I feel special in someway everyday. After all, Mai apni favorite jo hoon… 😉 (I’m my own favorite))

So, this birthday I decided to buy that ring which I have been planning to buy since quite a long time. Almost every gal loves diamonds. Right??? Since I was caught up in my work at office, I couldn’t go to a jewelry shop to buy one. So bought it online from Ornate jewels, from whom I had purchased quite a few things last month. You can check my online shopping experience with Ornate jewels here.


You might be thinking why a ring. As I had mentioned in some of my previous posts, I love accessories more than anything. Especially finger rings.

I’m super shopaholic. I live by the statement “If you can’t stop thinking about it, go and buy it”. This ring is something of that sort. I had seen this online a month back. I have been saving this for my special day. I’m glad I chose to buy it from Ornate.

I have seen many gals waiting for that perfect ring from a perfect guy. Well, I can guarantee that you will get that perfect ring one day but I can’t guarantee for the things which doesn’t exist. 😉

I believe we deserve every love we give to this world. The love we start receiving from the world the moment you start loving yourself. Instead of waiting for someone else to celebrate you, celebrate yourself. Everyday. Because gal, you deserve all the love and you are worth it.

Take yourself out for a nice dinner… A movie date with yourself… Gift yourself a spa session… Be creative, or be a lazy panda in your pajamas at home… In short – do whatever makes you happy.. 😉

Will spend the day in my style… After all its my day… My special day…!!!

PS: Self love is not selfish… It’s a necessity.

Love yourself…

Lots of love,
The Birthday Gal

Happy Birthday Ganesha…!!!

Today is Ganesh Chaturthi…!!!

We Hindus, have three crore God. (a lot to chose from). But, if you ask me who is the favorite of them all, without second thought it’s Ganesha. I call him Ganu. #love

Ganesh Chaturthi is a Hindu festival in India. It’s a ten days celebration. It is celebrated to celebration of birth of Lord Ganesha. The cutest God.


Look at him… Don’t you think he is the cutest???

You might wonder why he has an elephant head. Let me tell you the story.

Ganesha ‘s mom is Parvati. The goddess of power and wife of God Shiva. Parvati made a son out of dirt from her body. Gave life to it. She named him Ganesha. As she was going to take bath, she asked her son to guard. The cute little boy was guarding his mom and he was making sure nobody entered the premise.

Shiva, husband of Parvati came to see her. Being unaware about each other, Ganesha and Shiva started to combat. As the loving son of Parvati, didn’t allow Shiva to meet Parvati. At end of the battle, Shiva killed the poor little boy. He separated his head from his body.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When Parvati came back and saw her son dead, she was heart broken. And pleaded Shiva to return her son’s life back. Shiva asked his men to go to North direction and get a head of a person who is sleeping with his head in the north direction. After sometime, his men returned. They came back with a head of an elephant. Because they could find only an elephant who was sleeping in that direction.

Shiva places the head of the elephant on the body of the dead son. Gives his life back. Thus Ganesha has body of human and head of an elephant.

He is the God of Beginnings, lord of wisdom. In every rituals, people pray to him first. Because he is the Vigna Nashaka. Means, destroyer of obstacles.

Ganesha has 108 different names…!!!


Ganesha’s ideal has a great meaning too.

Trunk – Elephant can uproot a strongest tree as well as pick a fine grass. Thus trunk symbolizes to be strong as well as skilled enough to distinguish between good and bad.

Large Ears – He listens to prayers of every devotee. Be a good listener like Ganesha.

His hands:

Holding Lotus – Symbol of enlightenment.

hatchet – symbolize that enlightenment cuts off all bonds of attachment with the material world.

Sweets – sweet gains reaped by practicing good deeds.As Bhagwadgita says, a person should always focus on the karma and not the fruits of it. Ganesha is never shown enjoying the dessert he holds in his hands, thereby making it clear that he is not attached to the outcome of his good deeds.

`Aashirwad Mudra` (Blessing pose) – an ideal person always wishes for societal well-being

His Feet:.

one foot down on ground and the other one resting on his knee. – enlightened person lives on earth without any attachment to material life.

rat – rat stands for greed and the mind of a wise being should control his senses rather than getting controlled by them.

Every year, people worship the cute ideal of Ganesha. A day before, worship of Parvati begins. At the end of the festival that is after ten days, the ideal will be immersed in water along with Parvati ‘s ideal. It is like Ganesha going back home along with mom. Trust me, my mom and I still cry when Ganesha leaves. I remember, during childhood dad consoling me saying “he is going back home. He has his mom with him. He can’t stay here all the time na. He will come back next year…” but still when people sink the cute Ganesha in water, my heart sinks too.


Ganesha is a foodie. You can say just by looking at him. #CuteTummy So we prepare a lot of dishes and sweets for him. His favorite being modak.


They say that Grass is his favorite. Once he had been to a rich person’s home. Had great food. Ganesha observed that there was a devotee who wanted to invite Ganesha home. But the man was hesitating as he had nothing to feed him. Ganesha invited himself and went to poor man’s home. Poor man was in dilemma whether to ask him for food or no. Ganesha asked him to bring grass. Poor man was surprised and he brought some grass. Ganesha ate it and burped. And said “now I can say I am full. Thank you for the great food…!!!” Poor man was touched by his gesture. Even I am…!!!


There are so many stories of Ganesha. All thanks to my dad and bed time stories which he used to tell me every night. #touchwood

Even now while writing this, I can see music around. The birthday boy has come. The party has begun. 😘

Happy birthday Ganu…!!!! Love you…!!!





Have you Heard About Blue Whale Challenge


Have you ever heard of ‘Blue Whale Challenge’??? If not read on why this is gaining popularity and why it needs to be stopped. Right away.

Blue whale dare is an Internet game, where the one who has accepted the challenge needs to do a list of dares. And, game doesn’t ends here. The game ends when the one who has accepted the dare and doing the dare dies. Yes, the last dare is to commit suicide.

The name of the challenge comes from beached blue whales. The phenomenon, where a blue whale washes itself away from sea and falls on shore. It eventually dies due to dehydration and because of the own weight, it dies.

So, there is a group on Internet. The one who enters and accepts challenge is a ‘whale’ they call. There are multiple list of dares as I said before. Out of curiosity, I went through the list. Trust me they were so damn disturbing, I could not complete reading the whole list. Worst part is, after performing dare, the one needs to send picture to the group admin. Psychic…!!!

You must be curious to know the list too. Let me give you some examples. Watch horror movie at 4 am (some particular time. I don’t remember). Go to terrace of your building alone. Hurt yourself. Cut your wrist. Etc etc. Aren’t they disturbing???

To be frank, I’m not happy writing this sad post. But, I just want to know the answer to my single question – ‘why this??’

Till date, more than 130 people have lost their lives to this dare. Sadly, this useless dare has entered India too. Couple of Indian students have already ended up doing the last dare.

How can someone lose their precious life for a meaningless games like this?? If you want to prove your dare, there are multiple things to do. If you have courage, speak up whenever you see something wrong. Speak up for good. If you want some thrill, go for adventurous trip.

When you know you are gonna end up losing life, why do you want to start it in first case. If you really want to, I have a single dare to start with.

Pay a visit to a hospital and go to at least ten different wards and patients. Look at the mom who has lost her baby, look at the patient praying for one more day to live so that he can fulfill at least one more dream of his, look at the one who has lost his leg, or hand or eyes. If these don’t make you feel blessed for the life

you have, I don’t know what else will.

Lastly, nobody can replace you in your parents’ and siblings’ lives. Please don’t let them suffer life long, for a silly challenges like these.

Spread this…

If it reaches at least a single soul who is currently playing or thinking of becoming a whale and makes him/her drop this challenge, I would feel that the purpose of this post is been served.

International Cat Day : Things to Learn From Cats


You know what’s special today??? It’s International Cats Day…!!!

It was founded as a way to bring awareness to the number of homeless cats.

I am a proud mommy of a kitty too. I have a very polite and sweet son(every mommy thinks the same about her son. But, not every son is as good as his mom thinks and not as bad as his wife thinks. #wink)

When you compare a dog and a cat, there is huge gap in their attitude. If you love a Dog he thinks “my human is taking such a good care of me.. He must be God” whereas the cat thinks, ” my human is taking such a good care of me.. I must be the God”


Even though people say that they are not loyal and what not, but I know they are. They are loving but i must say it strictly depends on their mood. #ConditionsApply

You know there are at least one thing to learn from everyone. These cats can teach you many things. Wonder what those must be??? apart from their famous ‘attitude’??? Let me tell you what are their qualities I find worth adopting.

Love others but love yourself more.

We, while loving our near ones, ‘far ones'(special case, you know what I mean), job, status etc. forget one thing. ‘Self love’. Cats love their human but when there is any danger, they run faster to save themselves. #haha

Importance of Me time

In the busy schedule, we often forget to spend ‘me time’. Time where you spend doing something you like, something you love. But Cats… Naaa… even if the world is ending, they take their break. Lie down, lick themselves, grooming session is something they can never ever give up.

Teach People to Treat You Well

Give a rub to kitty. If he is happy with that, he makes sure you do it more. If not, he will turn his back and leave. We also, need to learn to teach people how they should treat us. If you are not happy with the way they treat you, simple – Cat Walk… #YouKnowWhatIMean

Beauty Sleep

When was the last time you had a good long sleep??? Look at these cute creatures. They make sure they sleep calmly enough to rejuvenate themselves everyday.

Be selective while giving your love

Cats don’t really love everyone around, unlike dogs.
We humans, we are either too generous in spreading love or we shut ourselves away from world. I think we need to be selective too when it comes to giving love. If we start loving blindly, it might soon turn into foolishness. After all, love is the precious thing, shower on those who are worth it.

Be active

Being physically active is good for overall health. Overall I mean, physical as well as mental. Have you seen cats playing.. ?? When they jump, they look nothing less than Olympic gold medalist gymnast.

Alone yet not lonely

They don’t need any specific toy or a partner to play with. They can happily play with their own tail. They actually teach you how to stay happy even if no one is around.


The way they focus while hunting, the easy yet cautious steps they take towards they their prey, teaches us something important. Focus on your life goals. Plan and take cautious steps towards it. Give your best to achieve it. If you couldn’t, change the focus to next goal. #CoolLife


They never hesitate to wake you up from your deep sleep, when they need attention. Even we, as a human need to speak up when their is need.

Be choosy. Select what is best for you.

Cats don’t really eat everything you give them. They eat what is good for them, what they like. Be choosy in what you eat. Eat right.

Happy meowwww day….!!!! 🐈💋

Happy Raksha Bandhan My Dear Girl


Today is Raksha Bandhan… Raksha – Protection, Bandhan – Bond. We tie sacred thread called Rakhi, on the wrist of those who protect us. Typically this festival is been celebrated by a brother and sister. Sisters tie Rakhi on wrist of their loving and protecting brother.

When I was a kid, when my mom was expecting a second child, everyone used to ask me the same question. “So, whom do you want?? A little brother or a little sister??? I guess little brother. You need someone to celebrate Rakhi with.” My answer used to be simple and firm “Na. I want a baby sister.” Then i was asked this question “Why?? Don’t you want to celebrate Rakhi???” as always, I used to say “Umm… I want baby sis. ” Little did I know, I was actually longing for life time happiness and celebration, rather than a single day…!!!

My baby sister. My little girl… My living doll. I guess all the elder sisters out there, can relate to what I am telling. We, as a small gals used to love dolls. The cute chubby ones. Don’t you think we feel on the top of the world, when we get a living cute doll. That too who belong to us. Only us. With whom we can play games for life long..!!! Yes I was on cloud nine when I heard I was blessed with a little baby sister. Happiest day…!!!

People kept telling, “two girls??? You guys need a little brother… to protect you guys… to take care of your parents” blah blah blah…!!! But, the bond we share as two sisters is way more stronger than the bond between a brother and a sister. Don’t you agree???

Ok, tell me – Does your brother played kitchen game with you as enthusiastically as my sister did??? Did your brother helped you with your hair styles??? Do you guys share clothes/accessories??? I am sure your brother can’t give fashion advices like my sister does. Does he understands your feelings about your first crush??? first heart break like we sisters do??? Can you share your period problems with your brother??? Do you and your brother gossip??? Best of all… Is your brother as pretty as my sister???? I am sure Nooo..!!!

Some people had asked me this stupid question. “You don’t have a brother. Don’t you feel unsafe. Don’t you feel you need someone to protect???” Absolutely No. Brothers anyways don’t come with a cape. In fact, not having a brother and being an elder sister, made me a protector. Protector of my beautiful doll – My baby sis. Back in school, if anyone made my baby gal cry, I had made sure that they cry too. They had to watch out for me, the elder sister before taking any step to hurt my sister. Even when my relatives used to trouble my sister or be rude to her… A bad girl in me used to wake up and make them feel the worst. For me, my sister should be safe and happy. That’s all…!!!

We shared rooms, she used to sit in my classroom when she was new to school. Holding her hand and bag on the way to school and back used to make me feel “the most responsible kid ever”. Playing kitchen games, stealing Bournvita when mom is asleep. Ahhh there are plenty of beautiful memories.

When my sister grew up, she became my best friend. BFF I call. She is my secret keeper(even if I fail to keep some of hers #SorrySissy) She understands, consoles and cheers me up with her stupid jokes. #Haha. She protects me from parents’ scoldings. Always stands by me in all my struggles. Even with the blogging stuff, she is my reviewer, my critic. Every post I publish here, are reviewed by her. She even helps me out with hashtags I use on Instagram. #SheisTooGood

Today, I want to appreciate and give lots of love to my little sissy, for being there always. For making me realize my potential to fight for good and for protecting me from bad. I love you for what you are. Be the way you are and always protect that innocent smile of yours. Never let the world change that.

No matter how old you get, what you do, you will always be my baby. My baby sister, who filled my life with so much happiness. On this beautiful Occasion, I promise you that I am and I will always be with you in all your struggles and happiness. Protect you and never hesitate to punch the one who tries to hurt you.

All the girls out there, like us, who doesn’t have their own brothers – Rakhi – is a symbol of gratitude towards the one who protects us. We don’t really need a brother to celebrate this special day. I have heard a lot of people saying “Brothers change once they get wives” But, I can grantee – No matter how old we sisters get, even when we don’t have teeth to laugh, we will laugh at the silliest jokes, dance like idiots and wipe tears and turn those tears into laughter again…!!! #SisterGoals #touchwood

On this day, do tie Rakhi to your sisters who have been your pillar of strength and shield of protection. Say them how much you love them Andddd don’t forget to give and receive gifts…!!!!

Loads and tons of love to all the sisters out there…!!

Happy Friendship Day to Pure Hearted Friends…

Happy Friendship Day Everyone…!!!

World is celebrating friendship day with their human friends. Everyone has their praising words for friends. Even I have. Apart from some special human friends, I wanna tell you something about my super special friends…!!!

Who is a true friend???

True friends are those who never let’s you face problems alone. They wipe your tears and happiest when you are happy. They give their lives to save yours. They care and love… Never expect anything in return. They just listen to all your words… They might not reply but they never complain.

Do you have someone like this??? I have. touch wood

I’m blessed to have amazing parents who have gifted me a life with most amazing friends. touch wood

These special friends of mine, they don’t speak any of human languages. But we exchange words without speaking or listening. They have fur and paws. They are my most pawful friends. Yes my animal friends…!!!

If you give your heart to a human, no matter who he or she is, there are many chances they break it at some point of time. But, if you get in a sweet relationship with these furry friends, status of relationship will always be ‘committed’.

Today, on the occasion of friendship day I wanna tell you why friendship with furry friends is the best.

Read on,

  • If you have a pet, you get to experience a pure form of LOVE.
  • They don’t JUDGE you. No matter how poor or rich you are, for your pet you are his best friend. A perfect friend.

  • You might be just another friend for your friends, but for your paw friend, you are the only WORLD. **awww I have tears while writing this**
  • No matter how you look, for them you are their human. The most BEAUTIFUL human.

  • When you come back home, they don’t ask you how much you earn, what’s your designation is, what’s your marital status is. Na… They just wanna love you and need more and more CUDDLE.

  • The more you do good things for people, the more people expect. But these friends, give them little love, they will give their LIVES to you.
  • When you have pet around, you always feel safe at heart, feel wanted, feel ACCEPTED for what you are, feel confident. That’s why even science says, people with pets have less chances of getting depressed.

  • I have heard people not opting for animal adoption or giving up pet when they are planning for a kid. That’s the most stupid decision I can say. Because, apart from all above reasons, animals accept kids and love, PROTECT them like their own. They are best nannies you can ever find.

  • They do get bacterias from outside. But, it’s proved that it does INCREASE your immunity.

  • Best part of the day, coming back home. The way they welcome you… Trust me you forget all the tensions outside your door. When you enter home, you are your pet’s human. Nothing else. They feel so HAPPY and looking at them, you feel happy for your existence.

There are plenty of reasons why I love these pure hearted angels. If I keep writing, I can end up writing a huge book.

I am a proud mom of my cute kitty. I am sister to a dog (my mom is her mom so I’m her sister) and aunt to three kittens (my sis is their mom).***touch wood *** I  know it might sound crazy for you, if you are not a pet owner.

We, who have pets in their home, can relate to these. We don’t call our pet, a pet. We call them our child.

I must say one thing, if you have never adopted a pet, you are missing out a lot of pure happiness. If you are scared of animals, I would say be scared of only the most dangerous one of them all – human…!!

This friendship day, be a good friend to the furry angels around you… If you can’t afford to adopt one at home, Feed a stray dog or a cat… Start a new friendship… A piece of bread or a biscuit can change your life forever…!!!

Happy friendship day…!!!

Spread love… The world needs it more…!!!

Don’t Compare Your Chapter 1 to Someone Else’s Last

Hey my beautiful reader,

How’s was your Saturday??? What are your plans for Sunday???

Some of you might be partying, some of you might be out in the rain with friends, some might be enjoying staying at home (like me), some might not be so happy staying at home… There are definitely some, who constantly check their social media updates and gets sad/worried… Ummm let me explain you more…

Private life’ is called so because it meant to be private.  Nowadays people have actually forgotten that we can actually eat at a restaurant without ‘checking in’  on social media. Watching movie at theater needs tickets and of course a bucket full of popcorn, not a Facebook update.

You know what is worst on social media, ‘honeymoon photos’. **like seriously ** and how can I not mention those hash tags #besthubbyintheworld (sorry, was there any competition??),  #myfavoritehubby (ahem…  How many do you have???)  #blessedToBeYourWife/hubby (is your God added in your Facebook account??? You can thank him off the social media too. )  *drama everywhere *

Unfortunately, many people believe what they see on social media. They tend to compare their lives with theirs. They think those with frequent check-ins are having ‘happening life’. Some do think that the one with above hash tags are actually the best couple.

No…!!!  What you see is only the best poses, best clicks. No body puts up sad stories, #quarrelDiaries..  Na..  No one…  No one posts how much did they spend at those fancy restaurants. They don’t say that they are bankrupt on any of the medias.

I have been there, done that. But, trust me I came across certain scenarios where I have heard the ‘behind the stories’  of those ‘blessed to have you’  couples. That was the time I got to know how fake people are on social medias.

If you are one among those, who is comparing your life with others, I have a msg for you. This is my favorite one.

New York is 3 hours ahead of California but it does not mean that California is slow, or that New York is fast. Both are  working based on their own “Time Zone.”

Some one is still single. Someone got married and ‘waited’ 10 years before having a child. There is another who had a baby within a year of marriage.

Someone graduated at the age of 22, yet waited 5 years before securing a good job; and there is another who graduated at 27 and secured employment immediately !

Someone became CEO at 25 and died at 50 while another became a CEO at 50 and lived to 90 years. 

Everyone works based on their ‘Time Zone’,

People can have things worked out only according to their pace.

Work in your “time zone”.

Your Colleagues, friends, younger ones might “seem” to go ahead of you.

May be some might “seem” behind you.

Everyone is in this world running their own race on their own lane in their own time. God has a different plan for everybody.Time is the difference. Obama retires at 55, Trump resumes at 70

Don’t envy them or mock them, it’s their ‘Time Zone.’ 

You are in yours!

Hold on, be strong, and stay true to yourself. All things shall work together for your good. 

You’re not late … You are not early … you’re very much On time!😊👍stay blessed.

You Are In Your Time Zone….!!! 

Tomorrow is not promised. You never know where everyone is heading to. You might be comparing your first chapter with last chapter of others.
Everyone is blessed with different lives. No point in comparing or being replica of someone. Instead be original. Enjoy what you have. I am sure there are plenty who are willing to live your life.

With this I remember one more story.

Once God announced that people can exchange their sorrows with someone else’s sorrows. So he asked them to keep their sorrows on a table. When people looked at the sorrows for an exchange, everyone ended up picking their own sorrows.!!! 

You never know what sorrows they are hiding behind those 500+ liked photos.

Unfortunately, most of the sorrows are self made. If you want to go and have food like them???  Go… You don’t need someone to hold your hand and make you eat. Be your own best friend. Treat yourself with great food.

As per as different ‘life events’  are concerned, when the time is right, everything will be right.

Enjoy your life. Accept the challenges because they are making you stronger. Be thankful for the tough times because they are letting you know who really cares.

Stay happy…  We have only one life to live… Live it like a Queen…  Or like the one ‘who doesn’t care, who the Queen is’…  💋

Things I love and Hate About Monsoon


How’s your week going on???  Mine is a hectic one. Long day at work is not allowing me to spend much time in mygirlypedia. sob sob

But, I strongly believe that we need to do those things,  which makes you feel happy that you are alive. I love blogging, shopping and makeup. And of course few minutes of me time. What about you???

While riding back home in the rain, I was just thinking what I really love about monsoon. And what I don’t.

Read on to know what makes me happy and what annoys me in monsoon.

What I like,

  • Greenery


With the first rain itself, all the grass, plants and trees starts getting greener.  These green mountains are so soothing to our eyes.

  • The fragrance of soil


I love the fragrance (I’m not using the word smell here, purposely) of soil when the rain droplets kiss mother earth for the first time…!!!

  • Bike rides


I love it when rain droplets fall on me. It makes me feel light and melts away all the negativity around me.

  • Rainbows


The kid in me, still jumps with happiness when she sees the rainbows.

  • Pleasant sleeps

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In summers, no matter with what speed the fan is rotating, you won’t get that pleasant sleep. I love hiding myself under couple of blankets and surrendering myself to sweet dreams, while listening to the sound of falling rain droplets. *best music *

  • Hot food/beverage


Wow…  Sitting in the balcony, munching your favorite home made hot food and sipping hot coffee/tea. *heaven on earth *

  • Music


I love listening to rain related songs while watching or getting drenched in rain. When you have the actual rain with you you can feel the lyrics more. **bollywood freak* *drama queen **

  • Nostalgia


Everyone has their own set of childhood memories when it comes to monsoon. Buying monsoon footwear, protecting bag and notebooks from rain by covering them in polythene bags. I used to always forget or misplace umbrellas in schools. If it wasn’t raining while leaving from school, I used to forget umbrellas there. Mom’s question “did you forget something?”  used to make me think of all the mischief I had done in that last week. Even after getting ‘reminder beatings’  from mom, I continued ‘mission misplacing umbrella’ . After all its rains duty to remind me of its existence and my umbrella.  haha and of course making paper boats and getting drenched while trying to make it sail was the best childhood memories. Isn’t it???

  • Monsoon sales


Happiest season for shopaholics…!!! ‘Sales’ ahhh what a magical word it is..!!!

What we don’t like,

  • Riding in cities


When you are riding and tire of the vehicle moving ahead sprinkles that dirty water from road. Ewww….

  • Public transportation


There will be someone with stinking clothes or footwear. They are enough to hold our breath till death. And please don’t let me start with traffic. banging head

  • Clothes drying – Forever task


It takes like days for even a piece of cloth to get dried completely. No matter how long it takes, we have to dry it because we know those clothes which are not dried properly, stinks sooo bad. *suffocating *

  • Diseases


There are so many diseases caused by water and weather change. *Aaakshuuuu… *

  • Carrying umbrellas or rain coats


Along with your usual baggage, you need to carry those wet umbrellas and rain coats. *phewww *

  • Are you one of those who were spectacles??



Oh God save you. You need to have a spectacles with wipers to survive outdoors in the monsoon. weep weep

  • Rain reminds us about all leakages in the house


  • Saving yourself from getting wet is next to impossible



No matter how much you are covered, at least cuffs of your pants do get wet.

  • So are your vehicles


Vehicles give us so much trouble in monsoon. Sometimes they don’t start, sometimes in the middle of the road,  they stop. All thanks to water droplets which get inside them. grrhhh

What are your views?? What do you like and hate about monsoon…???

Do comment below or what’s app me(which most of you do)…  Love to hear your views…

Anyways, let’s concentrate on good things more and try to ignore the bad things. *angel smile *

Happy monsoon…!!!

Things Which Only Shopaholic Gals Will Understand


Weekend is here. So is a fun post on mygirlypedia.

If you have been following mygirlypedia closely, you know I’m a shopaholic. If you are a shopping freak too, these are the things you will exactly relate to.

Read on…

  • Shopping is therapy 

Heart break, bad day, unwell no matter whats bad in your life, shopping washes away allllllllll the negative vibes from you.

  • 50% discount’ can even get us out of coma 

The very next second we hear this magical word, we have made the list of items we wanna buy.  The word discount makes us the happiest souls.

  • We don’t wait for occasion to shop

Everyday is a good day to shop. Isn’t it???

  • We believe in treating ourselves with good shopping. 

Because we know we are worth it. After all self appreciation counts. Isn’t it???

  • We don’t go with the list every time we shop. 

In fact, we love random shopping. Buying things which are not planned or say not needed (most of the time) is our favorite hobby.

  • Ignoring people comes naturally 

People nag at you for spending so much money. But gal…  Concentrate on good thing…  shopping.  wink

  • We always buy ‘extra’ 

Especially when on sale, we prefer to buy some extra stuff. Even though we don’t need it now. For future use you know.

  • Any new product in market??? Oh gal…  We own it already. 

We can’t wait until we buy that latest one in the market. Thanks to all news letter subscriptions.

  • Best feeling??? When you hold your shopping bag.

Holding shopped products are like holding the most beautiful and magical thing. It makes you feel as if you are flying.

  • Favorite fragrance???  

The fragrance of shopping mall… Ummm  Mesmerizing…!!!

  • Favorite exercise??? 

Hopping from one shopping mall to another. And yes lifting our own bag considered as weight lifting alright…  wink

  • We are the best reviewers you can find

Since we have been to almost all shops, we can guide you with your shopping. *anytime *

  • We are of course the best shopping partners.

It happens every time with me. I accompany someone to their shopping. I end up buying more than them.  Every single time.  eyes roll

  • Every morning – ‘I don’t have anything to wear.  Need to shop’ 

Since our closet is jam packed, we don’t find a perfect cloth to wear. Hence we have to shop more…!!! Don’t blame us

  • Credit card bill –  nightmare 

You know when we need the most courage??? Checking the credit card bill does.  head bang

  • We do try not to shop. 

Soon after paying the bills, we do Google ‘how to control the urge to shop’..  We do try to implement them.  Till the time we see something attractive on sale.
I have another post for you. About smart shopping…!!!

Check the post here…  
Have a great weekend…!!!
Buy your favorite items before it’s out of stock this weekend…!!!

Keep shopping…!!! 😉😉

Things Only Those People Who Hate Monday will Understand


The day is here… Monday….  sob  Back to routine, away from bed and my Disneyland..  My home…  Where I can be myself…  No worries, no deliverables, no work pressure,comfy pajamas… Ahhh bliss…  The thought of being at office for next five days…  Scares me… 😕 

I am someone who doesn’t like Mondays. If you are with me… Read on…  😉😁

  •  Shortest horror story –  “Tomorrow is Monday” 😯

No matter how much fun you might be having on Sunday, the above line is enough to drain out all the happiness in life. 

  • Opening the eyes and coming back to ‘real life’  needs courage. 😐

Monday mornings are the hardest for us… We just think of how much fun we had over the weekend,  just flashes in front of us. 

  • Getting up from bed

The struggle never ends… We take time to accept that we are gonna work for next five days…  Inspiring ourselves to get up from the bed…  Rather separating ourselves from love of our lives is hardest.  

  •  Dragging yourself to office 😑

Finding all good reasons to attend office, needs a really strong heart.  

  • Waiting for Friday 🙂

Marking the calendar in brain…  Counting the days…  Waiting for one more Friday… Allllll we need is Patience honey… 

And the best day…  It’s Friday evening…  A thought of having a relaxation is the best feeling…  Getting out of office feels like you got that long lost freedom…  

May God give you all the courage to get out of bed and go to office on these Cosy rainy mornings. It’s just five days for a weekend…  😇😀 

Stay Strong 😁

Cruelty Free Products At The Body Shop India  


I am a huge animal lover. I love animals more than humans. All thanks to my lovely mom who introduced me to these angels during my childhood.  Rather when I was a baby, my parents had a doggy.  They brought us up like two siblings. She was like my sister.  Losing her was the first painful thing I have ever experienced in this life.  I hope she is enjoying a good life somewhere across the rainbow.  Nothing can compete with the pure love the animals shower on us…

Being an animal lover and a passionate makeup enthusiast, I love picking up only those products which are cruelty Free.

When I say cruelty Free,  I mean those products which are not tested on animals. There are so many animals like cute little bunnies, rats, monkeys are treated like specimens for testing different cosmetics. Most of which end up breathing their last breath because of the allergies caused by chemicals. There are so many heart wrenching videos about these animals.  Do you really think they deserve a life like that??? Just for testing products, we humans are risking their precious lives. How mean is that???

They don’t speak our language, they don’t dress up like we do, they don’t have an established families that doesn’t mean they don’t have one. They do have emotions. In fact more than what we have. They do feel the pain..  They do feel the love and care we show to them.  They do have family. Can you imagine your loved one getting treated like this. Can you see your loved one bearing these pain???  Can you see your loved one breathing their last breath with so much of pain.  Can you see that pathetic death…  No…!!!  Of course no…

We human are blessed…  Blessed with so many privileges. We can speak up for our own rights. Unfortunately they can’t. Why don’t we use our voice for those who don’t have one.

The body shop is one of my favorites brand. Not only because of its best products, but also for the initiative it has taken to ban the cosmetics test on animals.

Couple of days back, even though had an option for online shopping, I traveled 12 km to visit a body shop outlet. (I know it’s too far from my place.)  The purpose of the visit was along with shopping few essentials I wanted to sign the petition to stop animal cruelty. The people over their were so happy with my gesture of signing the petition by asking for it. Little did they know, how much happy I was to be a part of such a good cause… They told how most of the customers don’t sign it thinking it’s a waste of time. They don’t know their one minute can save so many innocent lives…!!!

As I said before, The body shop is my favorite brand. I have below products of this range.

  • Shower gel

  • Body cream

  • Lipsticks

  • Kajal

  • Eyeshadow

  • Foot cream

  • Foot brush

  • Scrub

  • Brush

  • Perfume

  • Body mists

I know I am a shopaholic.  haha

Do let me know which review you want…  I will review them for you…

I am sure you will love the products.

PS: If you ask me am I promoting these products…  Yes…  I am promoting these cruelty free products here. Because All I want is, when you visit the store the next time, please please please sign the petition. It’s kept in every outlets’ billing counter. Let’s sign in huge number to bring that difference.

Unfortunately 80% of countries do not have laws against animal cruelty. Let’s make India belong to that 20% category where animals are not killed for such mean purpose. Let’s support this very good cause.  Let’s save those animals who are waiting for their last breath. Let’s stop this cruelty by using only cruelty Free Products.

Let’s be an angel….  😇💋

Happy Hero’s Day…!!! 


It’s father’s day today. A day to celebrate the first hero of our lives. 

Just like our moms, dads also play a vital role in bringing us up.  Mom carry us insids her stomach, and dad inside his mind. He makes sure the baby will get a secure and happy future.  

The day the baby is born, the Joy in a dad’s eyes equally precious to that of a mom. The moment he holds his little bundle of joy, an unbreakable bond of a father and child becomes stronger.  

Today I would love to dedicate this post to my wonderful dad. Ummm I would say my first friend, my savior, my advisor, best bike rider, wonderful story teller, most enthusiasts and the list goes on… 

When I look back to my childhood, I can see a smiling face with dark mustache. He is my first friend and he used to sing for me and tell stories to make me sleep. Yes he is my hero my dad. 

I know you have work so hard..  Day and night… To give us the comfort we have today. You fulfilled all the wishes and beared all my tantrums. 

Being your pillion was the most happiest thing. Riding to village and accompanying you to your office. Grabbing the gifts which medical companies used to give you was my mission. I used to feel like they are Santa, getting gifts.  Haha

You accompanied me to Kinder garden. Sat with me on those little benches for couple of days. Danced with me and my new little friends there. Whenever I was tensed or feeling low, a ride and a long conversation with you used to make my mind free. It still works. You know it.  

I might not say it everyday, but thank you appa for being who you are…  Tolerating and forgiving my faults (I forgive yours too haha)…  I love you my friend…  😊

Happy Father’s day to all the Heros out there.  No matter what you do, how you look, where you work… You are special to your children… !!! 

Beautiful Day At Matoshree Old Age Home…!!!

Hey You,
Getting ready to rock and roll this Diwali??? Ready with ‘The plan’??? Which outfit to wear, what to eat, how to celebrate??? I have kick started this Diwali with an amazing note. I would like to share my happiness with you… My dear beautiful reader.

Few days back, I had got an email on my office ID. (I usually ignore the event related emails which I get.) But, what caught my attention was the subject line… which read ‘Earn Blessings’…!!! That email was for asking us to join our company’s event organising team, to visit an old age home. Next thing I did, hit the link to register. Wow.. I was excited/thrilled to join them for this cause.

Diwali brings happiness everywhere. Every house will be decorated with lights. No matter how poor/rich people are, they don’t miss to decorate their home. They will light up at least one diya to add that charm to their home. But, unfortunately there are some beautiful souls, who doesn’t really have family or loved ones around with whom they could celebrate their ‘family time’…!!! This Diwali, I wanted to bring lights to the hearts of those souls, in my own little way. I just did and I want to you to experience this happiness once. I have no much words to explain my experience. But, I will try to put my happiness in few words.

We were asked to get some decorative items by our organizers to decorate grand pa’s and ma’s rooms. So me along with couple of my friends bought some lanterns(some big and some small – PS: You will get to know why I am mentioning size here when you read on). When we entered the premise, there was an old man who guided us to the vehicle parking with a genuine smile.

The premise was quite, neat and peaceful. We got the instructions to decorate the rooms of elderly ladies. When we turned to look at the   rooms which we were supposed to decorate, all I could see was these angels looking at us with so much hopes and happiness. I could feel the warm in their eyes. As we entered the wing(all the rooms allotted to elderly ladies), they welcomed us with such a warm smile.

We started wishing them happy diwali and started with decoration. I had lanterns in my hand. One of the grand ma came and she said the big lanterns are nice please decorate my room with this. She grabbed one  of them and took me to her room. I remember the thing which I had read some where, that as we grow old we tend to behave like a child. I felt that by their innocence. I decorated their rooms happily with their choice of lanterns. They were all around me asking me to decorate their rooms first. haha  While doing this, I found this beauty. Look at her smile. Isn’t she so cute and beautiful…!!


She asked me to come to her room as she was eager to get her room decorated(sweet I say…!!!) I had to climb chair to put the lanterns. As I climbed down, she said “Thank you Rani(Queen)” in such a cute way with this beauuutifuuullll smile. Awwww… She is my ‘gorgeous’… kissie

They were so happy, one of them even told us “Now I am feeling this is Diwali season. Not because you guys are decorating our rooms but you guys came here to see us. ” My eyes were wet when I heard that. (Even now, while writing this down. ) I heard one of the grand ma talking over phone. She was saying to the person on the other end, “Many people are here today to see us. They are decorating our rooms. Feeling so good to see so many new young people.” Her smile on face was priceless…!!!

We cleaned the floors and drew some rangoli. Here are some pics. (Sorry, for the low clarity photos. But I like clicking pics for memories so, clarity/ angle doesn’t really matter to me.  wink)

My hands were colorful after drawing session, one of the grand ma asked me to touch my cheeks with my hand. (So cute and mischievous). This is her. Mischievous yet cute granny.
I clicked some selfies to capture the sweet smiles of some of sweet granny. Some were so amazed to see themselves in mobile..!! (Innocence again…!!!)

Look she is so surprised to see herself..!!!

We visited each and every room and wished everyone a very happy Diwali. Trust me I never got so many happy wishes in a bunch till date. Each and everyone were so happy when we wished them. Here are some of the photos of ‘cool boys’ I met there. They were playing carom. When I wished them they wished me and said “Hamare liye tho roz Diwali hai (For us, everyday is Diwali)” … They were so chilled out. Adorable I say…!!!
They thanked us for visiting. But, they don’t know how much we are thankful to them to making us feel good about ourselves. My ‘gorgeous’ told me, “Thank you rani for comming. I can’t climb up chair like you do. Come again” … I told her thank you from bottom of my heart for being such a sweet heart.


We had to leave the premise by 6 PM as we had to go back to our ‘office’. (Sad na) I didn’t wanted to leave them. But, I had to. I have promised myself and of course my ‘gorgeous’ that I will visit them again. I have some where found my late granny in them whom I miss immensely. I feel, I started seeing my life with different perspective.

We are blessed with every thing we need. Still we greed for things we don’t have. At the EOD,the harsh truth is most of them are the left out/ abended souls. Each one of them have their different stories. They might have been so beautiful/rich in their young age. They might or might not have their children/ grand children. If they do, they must have took care of their children so well. But, unfortunately their children left them here at the age, when they need their children the most. We don’t know how many of them live with the hope to see and live with their family again. We don’t know how many of these smiling faces, cry oneself to sleep. We don’t know who has health issues. We don’t know what their wish is. What inspired me was, no matter what their story was, they never forgot to smile. Their smiles light up my heart with happiness.

You don’t need to be beautiful/ rich/ famous to make someone happy. Spread smiles, talk to them with love. Present them the most valuable gifts – Time and love. Trust me, your heart will be so happy and you get to see life in a different way.

This Diwali, while dressing up, meeting family, having delicious food, cracking fireworks, do remember these beautiful souls who are missing their families. While quarreling with siblings and complaining about the gifts to your parents, think of these people who do not have family. Think of the hopes and wishes in their eyes. Think of bringing some happiness in their lives by just being their for them. Spread love and be an angel in someone’s life. I started my Diwali with this happy note, have you???

Have A Happy and Meaningful Diwali…!!!

Pallavi ❤