Winter Edition : Skin, Hair and Body Care Routine Using Chemical Free Products

Hello My Pretty Reader..!! My favourite season is here..! Cool breeze, hot food and cozy bed sound perfect to me..! While we need layering of clothes to protect ourselves from cool breeze, our skin and hair also need layers of moisture to survive in the cold. So, in this post I am going to shareContinue reading “Winter Edition : Skin, Hair and Body Care Routine Using Chemical Free Products”

What’s Inside My Office Bag

Hello,   People who know me personally always see me with a bag. Especially people and female friends at office wonder what I carry in my huge bag. Some have even asked me multiple times..   So, here I have revealed what I carry in my bag to office..!!   Let me know which areContinue reading “What’s Inside My Office Bag”

This is Why I Do Not Use Facial Wipes

Recently, Kylie Jenner was slammed for advertising  makeup wipes for all right reasons. For those who are not aware, Kylie has cosmetics as well as skin care range on her name. One of the products in her skin care is the makeup wipes. She claims that the wipes remove waterproof makeup, matte lipsticks.  In theContinue reading “This is Why I Do Not Use Facial Wipes”

Kindly Read This Before Getting/ Gifting A Pet

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. People who are in relationships are already planning to celebrate the day of love. They might have already planned the gifts for their partner. You might be wondering how this post is relevant with valentine’s day. It is. Let me tell you how. I have come across lotContinue reading “Kindly Read This Before Getting/ Gifting A Pet”

Essentials to Carry in Your Gym Bag

Hey Beautiful, As much as I ask my readers to love themselves the way they are, I also always suggest to try and discover their best version. When I say best version, it’s definitely both mentally and physically.! To look and feel good, if you are one of those who are regular at gym, thisContinue reading “Essentials to Carry in Your Gym Bag”

Paragliding at Solang Valley | When I Flew Like A Bird, Feeling Light and Free

You travel not to get lost, but to find yourself..!!! When I was young, I had heard this phrase which said – Either you read a book or roam the world. Even though I love reading books, I love travelling even more. When I say travel, most of the population want to visit a foreignContinue reading “Paragliding at Solang Valley | When I Flew Like A Bird, Feeling Light and Free”

While Fitting In The Classifications and Divisions of The World

While browsing through the Instagram feed I came across this beautiful video of two kids hugging each other. If you are thinking what’s so special about this video, do have a look at this video. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Bobbi Brown Makeup Artist (@justbobbidotcom) Isn’t it beautiful. This made meContinue reading “While Fitting In The Classifications and Divisions of The World”

Everything You Need to Know About Piercing

Piercing, my second favourite body art. First being, tattoos..!! Well, I have always loved accessories. Getting my ears pierced to flaunt some nice pieces of jewellery was in my list and I did get pierced. Let me share my experience and things I learnt through it. Types: There are two types of procedures to getContinue reading “Everything You Need to Know About Piercing”

Every Man Needs A Mother, A Wife, A Sister Then Why Not A Daughter???

This morning, while I was reading the newspaper a small column caught my eyes. It’s news about Uttarakhand state.A part of the state consisting of 312 villages, has the data or stats saying that there are 312 male babies born in last three months. Interesting part here is, there is not even a single girlContinue reading “Every Man Needs A Mother, A Wife, A Sister Then Why Not A Daughter???”

Vidya Balan’s Teary Video On Body-Shaming is Going Viral for The Right Reason

While scrolling through the infinite Instagram feed, I came across this video featuring one of the best performers of our time – Vidya Balan. Vidya has given us some amazing movies. Apart from being well known for her great performances, she has been in news for her weight. Yep, weight. I have even seen someContinue reading “Vidya Balan’s Teary Video On Body-Shaming is Going Viral for The Right Reason”

Salt Rooms – A Salt Based Therapy for A Healthier You

In my last post about skin care, I had mentioned how sea water can help you improve beauty and health. Today let me introduce you to a therapy based on salt – Salt therapy. What is salt therapy??? It’s not a new bee in the world of therapies. Salt therapy is been used by peopleContinue reading “Salt Rooms – A Salt Based Therapy for A Healthier You”

Why Sunscreen is A Must For A Great Skin

Sunscreen, something which is very very essential in order to protect your skin from harmful sunrays. Protection against sunrays doesn’t really mean you are protecting skin from getting tanned. It’s way more than that. When it comes to sunscreen, it’s not just another cream or a lotion you are applying. Because it has some ofContinue reading “Why Sunscreen is A Must For A Great Skin”

Your Nail Shape Says A Lot About Your Personality. Check Yours…!!!

Most of us love our nails so much…!!! When a nail breaks, it aches more than a heart break. I’m sure many of you people can relate to what I’m saying. I personally love long nails too. I take a good care of them with regular trimming and filing. How about you??? Do you loveContinue reading “Your Nail Shape Says A Lot About Your Personality. Check Yours…!!!”

Things Which Are A Must In Your Handbags

Hello girls, Some of you had asked me for a quick list of ‘handbag essentials’. So here are the things which I think are essential for our day. Purse/Wallet: Ahh world runs by money at the end of the day. It’s nearly impossible to survive without a wallet. So, yes, the cute little pursw orContinue reading “Things Which Are A Must In Your Handbags”

RABF – App That Let’s You Rent A Boy Friend. Wait, What???

Hello World, Orrr rather hello crazy world….!!! Ahhh you must be thinking why am I calling the world crazy. Trust me, after reading the next couple of paragraphs below, you are going to utter the same.. or even more…!!! You must have heard about companies or mobile applications that lets you rent cars, clothes etc.Continue reading “RABF – App That Let’s You Rent A Boy Friend. Wait, What???”

For The Dark Patches Around The Mouth

You must have noticed or might be facing this skin issue – dark patches. Also called hyperpigmentation. Especially around mouth area. You guys know that melanin is something that defines the tone of our skin. If the melanin content is high at some spots than usual, causes hyperpigmentation. There are multiple reasons why this skinContinue reading “For The Dark Patches Around The Mouth”

Certain Things About People With Tattoos You Might Love Knowing

Body art, It is called as an art not just because it involves a creative mind, it has a story of it’s own. 🙂 Art and artist, both should always be appreciated. Because they have this power to express so much just by their art. Some hang their art like painters, some eat or serveContinue reading “Certain Things About People With Tattoos You Might Love Knowing”

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dry Lips, Hello Pink Lips

Hey, Are you also facing the dry and pigmented lips like many girls out there??? Well, welcome to the club. Even I am one among those ‘many’. But with constant care I must say my lips’ condition has been improved. These dry, flaky lips are annoying and they look really tacky. Now that I haveContinue reading “Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dry Lips, Hello Pink Lips”

Is Almond, Milk and Honey Shower Cream from The Body Shop A Best Pick???

Hey pretty, Who doesn’t like a long shower or relaxing bath…!?? We all do. I know not everyone has the privilege of enjoying a long bath in a bath tub. (nor time to enjoy it every morning)… Least we can do to enjoy the bath is to chose a nice aromatic bath gel or aContinue reading “Is Almond, Milk and Honey Shower Cream from The Body Shop A Best Pick???”

Home Remedies to Cure Prickly Heat Rashes

Hey, Changes are always difficult in the beginning. Be it a change in life or change in weather. Haha. April has just started and sun has already started to work on his skills to shine brighter in coming months. As much as I love summer, the facts like some skin issues and stuffs, make meContinue reading “Home Remedies to Cure Prickly Heat Rashes”

Gifting Ideas For Your Special Someone

Ahhh February… The month of love… Flowers and hearts everywhere…!!! While most of the committed gals out there already ready with their presents for their valentine, Im pretty sure most of the boys must be discussing with their friends about what gift to give to their gals. Because they think that’s the toughest call toContinue reading “Gifting Ideas For Your Special Someone”

5 Accessories to Change The Style Game

There is a saying accessories can change your style game. All you need is one piece of fashion which will make you stand out of the crowd. I just remembered the quote by the famous – Michael Kors, You don’t have to have perfect dress, makeup and hair all the time to look the best.Continue reading “5 Accessories to Change The Style Game”

My Favorite Quotes By Carrie Bradshaw

Hey, If you are a fashionista or someone who love fashion you must know who Carrie Bradshaw is…!!! If not, let me introduce her to you. She is one of the famous characters from the famous series ‘Se* and The City’. I am sure most of you know this. There are couple of movies areContinue reading “My Favorite Quotes By Carrie Bradshaw”

Simple Steps to Follow This Year, for Better Health and Beauty

Hellooo 2018, Be awesome to everyone…!!! Well, my pretty reader – since we are in a very new year, we all are energised, happy and hopeful for something good this year. Let’s take some steps to achieve the best of ourselves. Sounds good??? Cool. Lets do this. I have a post for you today whichContinue reading “Simple Steps to Follow This Year, for Better Health and Beauty”

  What are Your Intentions for 2018???

My pretty reader, Few hours left to say bye to 2017 and say hi to 2018. You must be ready with all celebration plans as well as the resolutions. As per the ‘new year rituals’…! So, what are your intentions for 2018??? I am saying intensions because, lets be frank, resolutions never happen. Do they???Continue reading ”  What are Your Intentions for 2018???”

Fairy Tale Wedding of Anushka and Virat..!!!

Eery gal, when she gets to know about life time commitment – ‘marriage’ she starts dreaming about her big day. All she wants is to look her best. The compliments which all the people gathered in the ceremony showers her for her looks. Bride’s outfit is something we plan waaayyy before hand. We want itContinue reading “Fairy Tale Wedding of Anushka and Virat..!!!”

Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 5

Hey, Hope you guys had a great Diwali…!!! I will post pictures tomorrow, of the outfit I wore today. It’s Friday and here are 5 Random Questions… Healthy food or junk food??? I know healthy food is must. But I can’t live without junk food. #guilty   Who is your favorite designer??? I’m not actuallyContinue reading “Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 5”

Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions

Hey pretty, How’s your Friday treating you??? Today is happiest evenings compared to other week days. Isn’t it??? We can relax the next two days, doing what you love. I was just wondering, why don’t we have a random questions answer session on every Friday… By the end of the article you will get toContinue reading “Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions”

Don’t Compare Your Chapter 1 to Someone Else’s Last

Hey my beautiful reader, How’s was your Saturday??? What are your plans for Sunday??? Some of you might be partying, some of you might be out in the rain with friends, some might be enjoying staying at home (like me), some might not be so happy staying at home… There are definitely some, who constantlyContinue reading “Don’t Compare Your Chapter 1 to Someone Else’s Last”