How to Contour and Highlight Face

Contouring and highlighting are quite a trend in the world of beauty.

Highlight, word itself explains everything. It’s the technique that highlights certain part of the face. Contouring is the technique to add depth and structure to the facial structure..!

If you imagine yourself standing in front of a source of light, the facial area where light falls are the areas we highlight. Areas where shadow falls, we apply contouring product.

Contouring product comes in different forms – Powder, stick etc. If you have a foundation that is darker than your skin tone, that can also be used to do contouring.!

When I say Highlight, I am not using shiny product. i am using product that is lighter than skin tone. It can be as simple as concealer that’s lighter in shade.

Let’s start with the techniques step by step.

Facial areas where we apply highlighter:

  • Under eyes
  • In the middle of forehead
  • Nose bridge
  • Cupidbow
  • Chin


Facial areas to contour:

  • On cheeks
  • Forehead
  • Either sides of nose
  • Jaw line

You can use brush or beauty blender to blend in.

For highlighter it’s a normal dab blending. But for contouring the strokes differ for different area of your face.
On cheeks – Towards upper side of the line.
Forehead – Upwards
Nose – dab
Jaw line – Downwards

Once the blending is done, seal it with compact.

Here is the quick video to demonstrate the techniques.

6 Different Uses of Lip Balm; No, Applying on Chapped Lips is Not One Of Them..!!

Irrespective of the amount of love you have for makeup, lip balm is something almost every girl is familiar with. Today I am going to tell and show you how to use the lip balm other than to heal your chapped lips.

  • Eyebrow gel:

Eyebrow gel is a transparent gel applied on to eyebrows to keep the eyebrow in place for a long time. This gives the well groomed and neat look to your eyebrow. You can replace the eyebrow gel with a non tinted lip balm. Apply the lip balm on eyebrows and it will make sure to keep the eyebrow hair in place all day long.

  • Transparent Mascara

Mascara is used to define the eyelash and give fuller eyelash look. Transparent mascara is going to do the same trick. Instead of buying a new mascara, you can use a lip balm with no tint do the same trick.

  • Cuticle Cream

Our cuticle need moisture too. Added moisture prevents cuticle from becoming dry and brittle. Apply a layer of lip balm on cuticles before going to bed. Let it add same moisture which a cuticle cream would add.

  • Eye Cream

Skin under the eye area is very thin and needs more hydration. By adding more hydration and moisture we can prevent dark circles, slow down the signs of aging too. If you do not have eye cream handy, you can apply lip balm under your eye to add the moisture. I prefer non tinted lip balm for the obvious reason. I mean I don’t want to scare anyone by applying a tinted lip balm under my eyes, do you??? 😀

  • Eye shadow

Yet time it so happens that you are out and you don’t have much makeup handy. But you got to glam up for a last minute plan, all you need is a tinted lip balm.

Swipe couple of layer on your eyelids and dab. There you go, a pretty eye shadow.

  • Blush

Just like you applied the tinted lip balm on your eyelids, apply it as blush to get that flushed glow.

  • Highlighter

Firstly, if you want to know why and how to apply highlighter, do watch this quick easy video of mine.

If you want to try a very pocket friendly highlighter, try using a lip balm with no tint. This will add that glow and highlight the facial area on which you have applied the lip balm.

Here is the video where I have demonstrated all the points which have been mentioned above.

I hope you find the tips useful. 🙂





Makeup Products for Beginners, Under Budget

Recently, one of my friends asked me to suggest some cosmetics which are best and within the budget.

With the collection of stuffs I have, the ones I have personally tried and tested, making a list for you.

So, let’s do this…!!!

Lipstick –

If you are very new to the world of lipsticks, it usually happens that you are not sure which colour suits you. It makes total sense that you don’t want to waste money on some expensive lipstick, which looked good on you while you tried in shops but didn’t suit you in day light. So, for beginners, I would suggest this brand of lipsticks – Elle 18.

Why I am suggesting Elle 18:

  • They are totally totally pocket friendly. Price range is between Rs 80 to Rs 150.
  • They have wide range of colours to choose from. From bright shades to n*de ones, they have it.
  • If you want to try out different textured lipsticks like glossy, matte etc, have no worries because Elle 18 got them all.
  • Best thing I love about Elle 18 is that they do not dry the lips.

If you want suggestions with shades, watch this video of mine where I have shown swatches of lipsticks suitable for beginners.

Lip-gloss –

Needless to say, the lipstick lover in me has typed these two sections first.

Lip-gloss, as the name suggests, is more glossier and adds shine to lips. If you are not sure whether you will be able to carry shiny lips, then try these gloss from Lakme.


  • Price is Rs 200.
  • They are glossy and moisturising. Thus no fear of dried lips
  • The shade rage is very limited to 3. But, you can apply a lipstick and on top, add this gloss. Voila, you created your own shade…!!!

Compact Powder –

If you are an oily skinned beauty, compact is a must to avoid shiny face. If you have combination skin, it is advised to pat some compact on your T- Zone and forehead to skip the greasiness. For more details about compact powder – here you go.

For beginners, I would suggest compact from Lakme.


  • The compact will costs you Rs 145.
  • Even though they have shades limited to 4, you can mix two different shades to match your skin tone if needed.
  • Travel friendly packing comes with mirror. So, touch ups made easy.
  • Plus you don’t have to spend more money on applicator. It comes with applicator sponge as well.

Foundation –

In case you want to know what and why we use foundation, check this post of mine. Where I have explained all minute details about foundation.

So, to talk about budget friendly foundation, the less priced ones I have tried are from Lakme. They are –

  1. Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation – Available shades are 4
  2. Lakme Face Magic Skin Tints Soufflé – Available shades 3.


  • They do decent job of covering skin imperfections.

Issue with Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation is there are no shade options for dusky skinned beauties. The issue I faced with Lakme Face Magic Skin Tints Soufflé is that it doesn’t moisturise the skin. You might feel skin is way more dry at the end of the day.

If you like to spend more and get good foundation, go with Fit Me range from the brand Maybelline. You might have seen that foundation in most of my YouTube videos. The price of it is Rs 525 and they have shades for most of the skin tones. I am pretty sure you will find right shade for yourself in that range.

Concealer –

Assuming you are new to makeup,I would suggest you to read this post about concealer before buying one.

Also, I have already reviewed the concealers I have tried, in this post.

They may or may not be within the budget, but they work well.

Kajal –

You know how much I love eye makeup. Kajal is something I am never satisfied with. Often buy and try different Kajal from different brands. Even though my interest lies in different coloured Kajal or eyeliner, I am restricting myself to basic stuffs here.

For basic black Kajal, I would suggest the one from the brand Himalaya Herbals.


  • Pocket friendly price of Rs 45. I mean, we can’t ask for lesser than this.
  • I don’t say it’s a total smudge proof formula. Because, honestly there is no smudge proof as such. But with the amount of money we are paying for this Kajal, it’s totally worth it.
  • It’s a deep black shade. Looks lovely on eyes.Find the detailed review of Himalaya Herbals Kajal here.

Eyeliner –

Stepping out without eyeliner seems like stepping out n*ked. Check this post of mine to know the feeling of an eye makeup lover.

For black eyeliner, I have always loved gel liner from Maybelline. Maybelline New York Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner – Black.


  • Price is Rs 525. But this little pot of eyeliner gel goes long way. Little amount is enough to draw lines on both eyelids.
  • Nice pigmentation.
  • Comes with applicator brush.
  • Lasting power is good too.

For beginners who are not well versed with drawing eyeliners, go with gel ones. Because gel eyeliners are not as runny as liquid ones. If you try drawing eyeliners using liquid eyeliner in the beginning, you tend to face these two issues:

  • You going to end up making lot of mess and become a panda eyed human.
  • There is high chance that you lose confidence and stop trying eye makeup.

If you know basics of drawing eyeliners and want a really good budget friendly eyeliner, go with this liquid eyeliner from the brand Lakme – Insta Liner Eye Liner. (Detailed Review Here).


  • Price is Rs 110.
  • The pointed brush is just perfect to draw sharp lines.
  • It’s intense black eyeliner.
  • Lasting power is decent but for the price we are paying it is a good deal.

Blush –

Without going overbroad, try some of the blushes available out there. My suggestion for a budget friendly blush would be one from the brand Miss Claire, Single Big Blusher. I have tried the shade 31 which is a beautiful peach shade.


  • Price is Rs 225.
  • They have 17 shades of blushes to choose from…!!!
  • Pigmentation is quite good.

Eyeshadow –

You must have seen me creating this glossy eye makeup look in this video.

Where I have used glitter shadow from M.A.C. If you want to try eyeshadows and spend less money on it, then go for the ones from the brand Wet and Wild i.e. Wet n Wild Colour Icon Eyeshadow Glitter Single.


  • Price is Rs 135.
  • They have single coloured eyeshadow pack. You can buy shades you like instead of buying entire pallet, which you might not use much, it’s a good idea to buy single/ separate shades you liked the most.
  • Pigmentation is good.
  • They have both glitter and matte finished eyeshadows.
  • They also have good range of colours to choose from.

So, these are some of the products I had bought in the past and worked for me. Hope you find this post useful for an economic shopping.

Microblading – Lazy Girl’s Easiest Way To Get Thick Eyebrows

Thick eyebrows are sign of youth. Some of the Bollywood heroines like Deepika Padukone, Aditi Rao Hydari are changing the brow game with thick eyebrows. Even some of the international models are flaunting their bushy brows.


My Favorite Actress – Deepika Padukone


If you are longing for those lustrous eyebrows, you can either try out some homeremedies to grow them. Provided, you have ample amount of patience and time. Else, there is this new technique called ‘microblading’ which will fulfil your desire of getting thick eyebrows within minimal time.

What is Microblading?

You must have read my post about permanent makeup. Where I have mentioned how tattoo artists give you a fuller eyebrow look by actually drawing fine tattoo lines. These fine strokes look similar to natural eyebrow hair. Microblading is similar to that but, it’s a temporary one. The end results are so natural, no wonder microblading is also called as 3D Eyebrow Embroidery Magic.

How it is done?

As I said it’s a temporary tattoo. Firstly, with a help of a pencil, the artist or the one who is conducting microblading will draw eyebrows. You will get to chose the shape of the eyebrows, which you think suits you the most.
Once you decide the shape of the eyebrows, a numbing cream is applied on and around the eyebrow bone. Then the color pigments are injected within the lines drawn. Since the area is numbed, a slight tingling effect is what you are going to experience.

How much time does this procedure takes?

The complete procedure takes around 3 hours, max. Once done, it takes time to settle. In the first month itself, it might fade a bit. You need to decide the tone of the eyebrows. If you are happy with the faded tone, well and good. Else, you might opt for a touchup or two, which takes maximum of 40 to 45 minutes.

How long does this lasts?

This solely depends on your skin type. For some it might lasts as long as 18 months. Later that, it gradually fades away.

What about the post care?

Since these are color pigments, there is high chance that they might get washed away with water. Hence, washing your face or at least your forehead is not recommended for 10 days. Just like you would avoid excess sweating in case of post tattoo care, you got to avoid excess sweating if you get microblading done. Post mentioned days, you can use gentle exfoliator or face wash to wash the entire face.

Pros of getting microblading done:


  • The wish to get thick eyebrows is achieved in less time, without fear of losing anymore eyebrow hair. #HappyUs
  • Time saving. You don’t have to spend time grooming your eyebrows everyday.
  • Saves money you spend on products to groom eyebrows.
  • Unlike permanent makeup, the microblading is not permanent, you don’t have to worry that you might get bored of same eyebrow shape. As and when it fades away, you can try out something new.
  • It is comparatively a less painful procedure.
  • Economical one. Costs you less compared to other cosmetic treatments.


Cons of microblading:


  • It is not one time process. Since color pigment used are not permanent, you will need touch ups.
  • Just like tattoo, some might be allergic to the color pigments used.
  • There are chances that you might end up hurting your skin, if the artist is not well versed with the procedure.
  • So that was the physical pain. You might also end up hurting yourself mentally if you get it done by a not so experienced artist. A small mistake with the shape, you might have to face the embarrassment till the time the eyebrows fade away.
  • If the instruments used for microblading are not followed appropriate hygiene, you might get some contagious diseases.
  • Even though a numbing cream is applied before starting the procedure, there are chances that the cream might not be effective for some skin type. So, the procedure might turn up slightly more painful.


So, if you are too lazy to try out home remedies to grow your eyebrows and still wish for thick eyebrows ‘instantly’, you know what to do. wink


For Girls Who Wear Glasses

Do you guys agree that we live in ‘screen age’. You know, just like stone age. Screen age – because our eyes are constantly on some or the other screens. Be it a computer’s screen, cell phone screen, tablet, television. Ahh the list is long…!!!

When our eyes are strained by looking at such screens for so long, there is definitely high chance we end up getting eye problems. Starting with the spectacles. Arrgghhh these spectacles doesn’t let us flaunt the beautiful eye makeup we apply. Even I do wear spectacles. I know the trouble. They make us look like a geek. To skip this pain, most of them opt for contact lenses. But to those who are scared to use one, like me, just wear their spectacles without having much options.

But no worries, there are set of makeup tips, that will definitely make you look pretty even behind  those frames.

Eye Makeup Lovers, Choose Bigger Frames


If you are a lover of heavy eye makeup, try bigger or large frames. It will not only help you let your eye makeup show up through the glasses but also add a slight variation to your geeky look.

Use a good moisturiser and foundation with good coverage around nose.


Even if the spectacles are light like a feather, they always end up leaving those nasty red marks on either side of the nose. In order to hide that, we definitely need good products.

Blot the makeup, especially around eyes to avoid your frames getting caked up.


No matter how good your cosmetic is, the frame of your spectacles gets those on them. In order to avoid makeup coming off to your frames, blot the makeup.

Curl your eyelashes


Especially if you have long eyelashes, you know the pain. As and when eyelashes hit the lenses, they leave the lenses blurry. So, curling them can keep them away from lenses in a better way. In case you want to know how to use eyelash curler, check this video of mine.

Don’t forget the mascara



The thick eyeliner/Kajal might get unnoticed behind the glasses, but not those lustrous eyelashes. Invest on some good mascara(I recommend this one), apply them on the roots to get those thick eyelash look.

Go Easy With Eyeshadows

Dark toned colors look heavy behind the glasses. Hence, if you wear eye glasses, go for neutral shade eyeshadows.

Concealer is A Must Below The Eyes


Some girls have this misconception that glasses hide dark circles around your eyes. But, in reality, they magnify them. Hence do not skip concealers. Apply a good concealers below eyes to get that flawless look. If you are looking for a budget friendly concealer with good coverage, here are my recommendations.



As I had mentioned in one of my posts about eyebrows, they definitely can change the way your face look. Shaping the eyebrow should be In your list if you are opting for eyeglasses. They give you the desired look.

If you are wondering which eyebrow shape looks good on you, refer this post.

In case you have thin eyebrows and want to grow them, you can check out my secret recipe for a homemade serum to grow them.

Cat Eyes


When you are in doubt about eye makeup, go for a simple yet elegant cat eyed look. If you are new to eye makeup and want to know how to draw eyeliner, here is an easy breezy tutorial for you.

Balancing is the Key


If your frame is heavy or black, go with bold lips. Dark colors look super elegant with dark frames.

Keep Your Glasses Clean


I Start My Day at office, with cleaning The glasses using lens cleaner. For two reasons.  Because the frame happens to contain bacteria and blurry lenses never serve the purpose. In order to avoid the skin breakouts, always keep them clean.


See, being a Chashmish (name given to the one who wears spectacles) is not old schooled or about looking geeky any more.


Easy Smudged Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hello my dear reader,

Adding one more to my ‘eye makeup tutorial’ list, here is the smudged eye makeup look.

We often complaint about our eye makeup getting sumdge. They make you look like a panda. 🐼

The nice day to deal with a kajal which smudges a lot is to use it for this particular look I’m gonna teach you today.

Even though this eye makeup looks best on ethnic wears, it also suits most of Western wears.

Trick for this look is, smudge the eye makeup before it gets smudged. How???

You can use a brush or an ear bud to smudge it.

Just smudging away the product might not give you a desired look. Hence, try adding some more color to it. Adding eyeshadow for this look works the best.

Look, how I achieve this look using a kajal and an eyeshadow.

I hope you find it useful.😊

Double Eyeliner Look Tutorial


Day before yesterday, on Instagram, I had asked you guys to vote for the color combo with which I’m gonna create this double Eyeliner Look.

Seems like, there are many who love black and blue colors just like I do. Since black and blue got more number of votes, here I’m doing the double eyeliner look with those colors.

I was bit occupied yesterday due to some family time, so could not post the tutorial as promised that I would, on last evening. 🙄

The products used are:

Watch the tutorial here.

I hope you like the look… 😊😊

Do let me know about your view about this intense dramatic look… 💙🖤

Simple Or No Makeup Look Tutorial


There are two types of girls. One who love makeup and one who doesn’t. Among the girls who love makeup, their preferences change. Some love bold makeup, some moderate and light sober makeup loved by many.

So, some of my friends and readers had asked me to create a simple look. Which does not involve any eyeliner or blush etc. A sober look.

Here is a short tutorial,where I have created this no makeup makeup look.

As the name suggests, makeup look which seems like you don’t have any makeup on your skin.

The key to this look is to give an illusion of a perfect flawless skin. For which, concealer is a must. I have used the one which I have reviewed here.

For this look, I have used these products:

  • Maybelline foundation
  • Maybelline concealer
  • Maybelline kajal
  • LO’real Paris mascara
  • The body shop lipstick

Here is the video. I hope it helps you. 😊

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Concealers I Recommend For That Flawless Look

Hello pretty,

In one of my set of posts for makeup beginners, I had included a whole post for this flaw covering product called concealer. Yes,this is the product used to get flawless skin look. It covers skin problems like blemishes, spots,dark patches etc.

Everyone has bad skin day. These unwanted pimples can come anytime. Uhhh. So keeping these concealers handy would be a wise choice.

I do have couple of concealers with me. They are from my favorite brands – Lakme and Maybelline. Which I’m gonna quickly review now.

Lakme Absolute Color Intense Concealer:

There are 3 different shades available.

  • Honey (05)
  • Medium (03)
  • Fair (01)

Click On Below Image to Shop 

I chose the shade 01.

Best part it comes with SPF 20. So, hello summer. 😉


600 INR for 3.6 g. I bought it from Nykaa for 413 INR. Thanks to the sale with 25% off.

Shelf Life:

2 years.


It comes in a bullet packing just like a lipstick. The grey and silver packing is kind of sober yet attractive. The transparent plastic cap is tight but not so sturdy. I had broken it ones. This is my second tube. So you don’t have to worry of any spillage but you should be cautious that you won’t break the cap.

The twist and apply technique is very handy. You don’t have to use any applicator as such.

The transparent cap also makes it easy to keep an eye on the product left. The shade number is printed at the bottom of the pack. Which helps in differentiating the shade.


It has a faint fragrance of candies. Smells yummy.


The product is creamy. The results or finish it gives is a matte finish. But it doesn’t dry the skin.


This is the main point for concealer. The coverage it provides is light to medium. I can’t say it totally hides the pimple marks, but it make them appear faint. But this is good enough to cover dark circles.

What I loved about Lakme Absolute Color Intense Concealer:

  • It has SPF 20.
  • Coverage is good.
  • Travel friendly packing.
  • Twist and apply parking is handy.
  • Availability.
  • Value for money. Little goes long way so the quantity of product for the price is good.

What I didn’t like:

  • Shade availability is very less.
  • Second concealer I absolutely love is the one from Maybelline.

Maybelline Newyork Fit Me Concealer:

Shades available:

4 shades are available.

  • Light (10)
  • Sand (20)
  • Medium (25)
  • Cafe (30)

Click On Below Image to Shop 

I chose the shade Sand (20) for me.


525 INR For 6.8 ml. (Buy from here)

Shelf life:

3 years


It comes in a tube packing like lipgloss. The transparent plastic tube is sturdy. The black cap is tight.

The shade number at the bottom of the tube and the transparent pack makes it easier to recognize the shade and the quantity of product left.


It has mild fragrance of some chemical. It’s so mild that it’s hardly noticed.


The dove feet applicator is soft and Veryyyy easy to use. This makes the application super easy.


It’s a liquid concealer. Not runny though. The finish it gives is dewy and soft finish.


This will last in my makeup bag for long now because of the coverage it gives…!!! This hides the flaws really well. I was super annoyed by the pimple scar I had last week. Trust me it was so dark that it was a good reason to get annoyed. Lakme concealer I tried made it look light. But it was still noticable. Uhh. But this concealer hid it so well. I loved it. So I can say the coverage is pretty great.

What I like about Maybelline Newyork Fit Me Concealer:

  • Coverage is awesome.
  • Travel friendly packing.
  • Comes with a nice applicator.
  • Doesn’t dry skin.
  • Totally worth the money.

What I didn’t like about Maybelline Newyork Fit Me Concealer:

  • Doesn’t has any SPF content like that of Lakme.
  • Shade availability is less, especially for deeper skin tones.

Which one will I repurchase???

I would definitely go for Maybelline because of its coverage. SPF content is not my concern as I can apply some good sunscreen on it separately. Hehe.

Which one will I recommend???

My recommendation depends on your skin needs.

If your main concern is dark circles and you like products with sun protection contents, go for Lakme.

If you have different skin problems like pimple scars, dark patches, unevenness then go for Maybelline. This gives you a great coverage. You can add SPF product later. What’s say???

I hope these quick reviews will help you chose the concealer for you. If you want to know more about concealer do check this post of mine, where I have explained everything you need to know about it.

3 Easy Every Day Makeup Looks


Some of you been asking for a basic Everyday makeup tutorial. So, finally I have filmed a basic makeup tutorial where I created three different and simple looks.

These looks can be carried to your work place as well as to colleges.

Products used:

Maybelline concealer.

Maybelline foundation

Kylie blush

The body shop kajal

The body shop eye lashes curler

L’Oreal Paris eye liner

Elle 18 Lipstick

You might’ve read my detailed posts about concealer and foundation. If not, here are links.



Here is the video:

Hope you like it and find it useful.

Do leave your feedback. 😊

Soon I’m going to upload a video on different eyeliner application techniques. Your constructive feedbacks will be appreciated and implemented in the upcoming videos. 😊

Also, if you want me to review any of the particular product used for the tutorial, do mention in the comments section. 😘

We Are Not Perfect But Our Eyebrows Can Be


Have you heard the quote – Eyebrows speak louder than words…!!!

Hehe strange but true.

Shape of your Eyebrows can get those brownie points in the game of style.

A dear friend of mine, recently asked me to write a post about it. So here are the details about eyebrows which you might find useful.

Firstly, you know a strange thing about eyebrows??? It’s said that one of your eyebrows is prettier or rather thicker than the other…!!! Yes that’s true.


You must be thinking threading or giving shape to your eyebrows is all about removing those extra hair. Na. That’s not the case. You know you can get an illusion of a perfect face just by giving appropriate shape to your brows???

Let me tell you what must be an ideal shapes of eyebrows as per your face structure.

How to shape your eyebrows???

There are multiple way to do this.


Most popular one. Where the extra hair is removed using thread. I am sure you guys must know these things but still I would like to share them.

  • Make sure you apply talc before you thread. Drier the skin easier the hair removal process.
  • Also holding skin tightly makes the process less painful.
  • Always go with single beautician all the time. Because they know the perfect shape of eyebrows for you.
  • Also make sure they are well trained. Else they might end up hurting your skin while removing hair.
  • Post threading apply ice to sooth the area around eyes and apply good moisturising cream.



There are some wax strips available in market to remove the extra hair from eyebrows. But I am scared of this idea. I don’t want to take any risk. So do you.


There are some epilators or trimmers which does this hair removal trick. But before using it make sure you have good grip over it. Because one wrong move, you know the result. phew..

Shapes as per Face shape:

Threading or giving shape is not just about removing extra hair or giving shapes just because it looked good on someone else. It should be based on your face shape to make the eyebrows look great on your face.

Here are some different shapes of faces and ideal eyebrow shape for them.



Soft angled eyebrows looks great on oval shaped face.

Heart shaped face:


So you girls have this amazing pointed chin to give you a heart shape look. Use your brows as the top of heart. So your eyebrows and the chin gives that heart shape. So round shaped eyebrows make you look even more prettier.

Long Face:


I have heard a lot of girls complaining about their long faces. No worries you can play with your eyebrows’ shape to create illusion of shorter face. How??? A horizontal or flat eyebrow should do this trick.

Round face:


Uff we ladies are never happy with what we have. Are we??? Long faced girls want round face and vice versa. If you are not happy with round face which you might find ‘chubby’, do give this shape to your eyebrows – High arcs. The high points of eyebrows make your face look longer.

Diamond shape


So the beauties with diamond shaped face should focus on minimising the edges  and lessening the wide portion of face. So the curved eyebrows does serve this purpose.

Square Shape:

squareYour jaw line is your plus point. You can make your jaw line look prominent by giving that angled shape to your eyebrows. If you want to get that softer look, then try the softer curves for eyebrows.

I know I know, you might be thinking – in order to do these shapes we need thick eye brows. No worries, Mygirlypedia has solutions for most of your beauty queries. I have already posted about how to grow your eyebrows and lashes thicker. I have shared a formula to create a homemade gel to thicken the eyebrows. Do check here.




So these were the things I wanted to share about eyebrows. If you have any more doubts regarding this. Please feel free to reach me on my social media channels or in the comments section below.

Hope this helps for your next saloon visit.


Best Lipsticks for Beginners…!!!


Now that you have been following my world – Mygirlypedia, you know how much I love lipsticks. My collection of lipsticks which I had revealed some time back is the proof for it.

Many of you been asking which is one brand of lipstick that I would suggest for a beginner, who is taking baby steps into the magical world of makeup. When I say beginner, I mean to say the one who wants to apply lipsticks but not sure whether she will be able to carry it or not. Thus she is not willing to spend more on a lipstick which she might not use in long run.

So, only best and a budget friendly brand I can come up with is, Elle 18.

I have multiple lipsticks from this brand. Mostly reds, pinks and peach. I am gonna swatch them for you in this post. Check out why I love this brand so much.


Elle 18


Color Pops


Between there are multiple ranges available in this brand’s lipsticks. There are matte and other finishing. But I love this range more.

What Product Claims:

Dual core lipstick format.

Extra moisturizing with cocoa butter and jojoba oil.

Creamy smooth and soft texture.

Vibrant Shades.

Rich color pay off.

Intense look.

Attractive pop Colors.


Shades Available:

There are 19 shades available. Yes nineteen varieties of colors to choose from. Wanna know the shades??? Check them out here.

Shade I own:


Pretty Peach (Shade number 43):

This is a light peach colored lipstick. Definitely my favorite among all other Elle 18 lipsticks I own. It looks so natural on lips, looks super feminine.

If you are hesitant  to try out reds or pinks, this is definitely the one for you. You will feel comfortable enough to carry this on daily basis to work place or to colleges as well.

Pinken (Shade Number 31):

This shade is a mixture of pink and red. If you love red lipsticks but not so confident enough, go for this one.

Rosy Blush (Shade Number 27):

This is a cherry red shade. Always dream of or at least thought of trying out a red shade on your lips??? Try this. You just have to spend 100 INR to fulfill that thought of yours.


100 INR for 4.3 ml. I told you it is budget friendly..!!!

Shelf Life:

30 Months


It comes in a small and cute black lipstick bullet, with the brand name written in Pink. A cartoon sketch of a gothic look(at least I find her gothic) gal is something which we can’t miss. Cute because they are not like other lipstick bullets which are lean or narrow. These are a kind of chubby. Look at them.

They are tiny and perfect to carry around in your purse or hand bags. Thus they can be a good travel companion.


You might be thinking they all look alike in terms of packing. How to differentiate the shade without opening them??? Well, there is a sticker at the bottom with the shade name and number written on it. Which makes easy to pick the particular shade.


These cuties are buttery soft. Glides really well.


A smooth and shiny finish.


They smell like bubble gums. Yes they do. haha

Are these Moisturizing???

Yesss. If you can see there are two layers. Outer colored layer and inner colorless layer which seems to be the cocoa butter and jojoba oil. Umm inner layer was colourless when they were new. Now they look like that of their outer shade, for obvious reasons.

Are they transfer proof???

Umm. No. They do transfer. But it will be mean if we start expecting so much by paying so less. I mean no matter what lipstick you choose, there is still chance that do transfer. These tiny little things are not any exception. Hence not a con for me.

Staying Power:

The shiny finish slowly fades as and when you eat or drink food. The tint still remains for good amount of 5 to 6 hours. Not bad huun.

Why These are Good???

  • Budget Friendly.
  • Moisturizing.
  • Shiny finish.
  • Travel friendly packing.
  • Smells good. haha
  • Good staying power, at least for the price we are paying.

What could have been better???

Transfer proof. But as I said not a con for me.

Mygirlypedia Rating: 5/5

I have also made a quick video for it.

So girlies, I hope now you know which brand to start with if you want to build a lipstick empire like me. haha.

Do try out and let me know your take on this.

Hope you found this useful for your haul.




How to Fix Broken Cosmetics


The other day I bought a sparkling black kajal pencil from the brand Rimmel London online, from Nykaa… The cap of the kajal was so tight that I had to put all my energy to open it. What happened next broke my heart. I ended up breaking the tip of the kajal. #sad

You can feel that pain right??? Breaking your brand new cosmetic. Heart breaking moment gal…!!!

If you are a makeup enthusiast and love cosmetics, I am sure you have gone through this kind of heart breaks at least once. No??? Oh come on, you should have at least one dried nail paint or an eyeliner you have never used since long time. Yes even they come under ‘broken cosmetics’. haha. But the good news is there are ways to fix our broken yet precious cosmetics.

Yes. You don’t have to throw away only because it broke accidently, instead of wasting the money you have spent, try out these steps to fix them.

Excited to know how???

Read on..

Broken Kajal:

Let me start with the recent one I have tried and tested. If you open kajal like hulk(putting all your energy) and end up breaking it, try this.

Put the tip back and blend it which is a temporary fix. Just to make sure the kajal is back in place. Now put the kajal pencil inside freezer for couple of hours.
It did work. Kajal had hardened and it was usable again…!!!

Dried Kajal Pencils:

Yes this too happens. If you keep eye pencils unused for long, they do get dried out. Which makes their application uneasy.
So to soften the dried kajal, just heat the tip of it slightly. This melted kajal is easier to apply.

Dried Gel or Liquid Eyeliner:

This happens with all those gals like me, who buy all the types of kajals and eyeliners in the market and use only few of them. In order to take care of rest of the dried eye makeup product, all you need is any essential oil. I use coconut oil.

Put few drops of coconut oil in the gel or liquid liner container. Leave it for a while. The product and oil gets mixed up and it softens the product.
Now you can use your moisturising eyeliner…!!!!
But, make sure use add only few drops of oil. Because you don’t want to end up making it very thin in consistency. Which makes your liner runny.

Dried Mascara:

Using dried mascaras can make your eyelashes look like the branches of trees covered by snow flakes. But here the snow flakes are black in colour. Ewww…
To fix the dried mascara, put the mascara tube in warm water for a while. Then add few drops of coconut oil and shake the mascara tube vigorously. This should fix the problem.

Broken Lipstick:

Sometimes we end up breaking lipstick. What you need to do other than crying??? Umm… Take a lighter or lit a candle. Melt the liquid at the end where it has broken. Put the melted and softened lipstick back in the bullet. Keep the lipstick in freezer. After couple of hours – Tada…!!!! Lipstick is fit and fine… #wink

Dried or Broken Powder Compact and Blush:


All you need is a bit of alcohol to fix this heart break.

  • Take the injured compact powder or blush. Crush it into fine pieces. Ouch…!!!
  • Mix a bit of alcohol.
  • Blend it well to get a paste like consistency.
  • Now put this paste into the compact case.
  • Keep the case for drying.
  • Once it is completely dried, your compact looks like it never broke.

Dried Nail Paint:

This, we all know. Add nail paint remover to nail paint. This will soften the dried nail paint. After a while, you can use the nail paint to paint your nails beautifully.
If you do not have nail paint remover, try adding alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. They work similar to that of a remover.

Broken Eyeshadow:

Since eyeshadows are soft in consistency, this require a easy step.

  • Take tissue paper.
  • Put on the broken eyeshadow.
  • Press the eyeshadow with the help of finger.
  • This will put the eyeshadow back to it was before.

Unreachable Product:

In case you have spent a lot of money on some product and you want to use every bit of it. But some times it happens that, you can see the product at the bottom of the bottle/case but you cant take it out using your finger or by patting the bottle.
In this case, all you need is an earbud. Using a clean ear bud you can take out the product and use it.
I do this for my ‘almost over’ foundations.

So, now you know the magic to fix the broken cosmetics.

If you have kept those broken cosmetics just because you don’t want to throw it away, fix them and use them.

The next time when you break them accidently, do not cry. Take up the products you need to fix and give them another life.


It’s About Compact Powders


In order to help out all my lovely readers who are taking baby steps into the world of makeup, I have been posting detailed posts about each product. So far I’m done with these couple of them. In case you have missed, click on them.

Today’s product is Compact powder.

What is compact powder???

You might have seen a tiny cute box with a custom, mirror and lose powder. That’s nothing but a compact box.

So compact is weightless powder which is used on top of foundation in order to get Mattify or semi Mattify look. This also helps to avoid fine lines caused by foundation and helps foundation to settle on your face.

Why do we use pressed powder or lose powder???

As I said above, it’s used to get a nice soft finish. Apart from helping out foundation, it also absorbs oiliness. It’s a must for Oily skinned beauties.

Types of Compacts –

Loose powder

This is opted for most of the women because it feels super light and gives super clean porcelain finish. But, you need a good amount of time to sit and apply this kind of powder.

Pressed powder

This is ideal for all the busy women. Unlike loose powder, it’s easy to carry. Comes very handy and useful when you are in hurry…!!!

How to chose right compact for you???

Mineral based

If you have sensitive skin, opt for mineral based compact powder.

Matte finished

For all Oily skinned beauties, this one is the best. To absorb all oil and leave your skin a soft finished look.

Cream based

Dry skin beauties never opt for matte finished compacts. As it will make your skin more dry. So cream based compacts are your best pals. As they do not dry your skin but does the job of soft finished look very well.

Now you know how to chose based on skin type. One more major thing to consider is shade of your skin. If you buy compact with shade lighter than your skin tone, you will end up looking like ghost. If you apply compact shade which higher than the skin tone, you will look like baked doll.

So, just like foundation, make sure you buy compact of the shade that suits the best for your skin tone.

Applicators –

  • Either use a face brush or
  • Sponge or
  • Cusion

How to apply???

  • Usually all the compact box contain the applicator cushion.
  • Press the cushion against powder.
  • Dust away extra compact.
  • Press the cushion on your face where you want maximum coverage and oil free. Like nose, forehead and cheeks.
  • Blend it nicely.

I hope this helps.

If you have any query, you can leave a comment below… 😘

Do You Know Which is the Most Pocket Friendly Eyeliner

You know how much I love Kajal. I can’t step out without applying kajal or eyeliner. After a lot of practice, I can apply eyeliner neatly now. For which I get a lot of compliments. If you want to know how I apply eyeliner, I have a easy breezy steps listed in this post. 

If you are a beginner, I would suggest you to go with gel eyeliner. As liquid eyeliners are runny and need practice for the application. A single mistake can ruin the whole look. Gel eye liner is consistent and can be rubbed off even if you make slight mistakes.

Having said that, if you are a ‘pro’ in applying liner and looking for pocket friendly eyeliner, I have a suggestion for you.

Let me review the super pocket friendly and super affordable liquid eyeliner I have used till date.


Brand :


Name of the Product:

Lakme Insta Eye Liner


75 INR for 9 ml (Very less price for a very good quantity. We pay a lot of money for a very little quantity like 2-3 ml. #Seriously)

Shelf Life :

30 months


Not Listed.

What Company Claims:

The Lakme Insta-Liner comes in a small package with a sleek, thin brush which is also portable. The brush holder of this product is of a comfortable length, thus making the application of the eyeliner easier. It has a deep, black colour that gives users a fine definition to their eyes. The liner is liquid so it might take time to dry out, but it gives users an attractive finish.

Since this product does not dry out too fast, beginners will find this product easy to use. They can draw it and reapply the smooth liquid as many times as they can until they are satisfied with the look. Once this eyeliner has dried out, it remains on for the entire day without getting smudged or smeared.

The water-resistant formula of this product makes it last for a long time. Users can attempt several different looks with the Lakme water-resistant eyeliner. They can use it to draw a thick line or a thin one to suit whatever look they want to go with, making their eyes look beautiful in an instant.


It comes in a glass bottle which resembles a nail paint bottle. The glass is sturdy enough not to break even if it slips down from your hands. #Tested

Needless to say, this tiny bottle can be carried while you travel. Thus it is a travel friendly product.


Its runny.


Deep black.



I kind of like this applicator. Its tiny but long enough to draw lines comfortably. The pointed brush helps you draw thin lines too, hence making it ideal to try out different eye makeup styles.

My experience:

I wasn’t sure enough to try a liquid eyeliner. I should admit that, initial couple of times  I had ended up looking like a panda while trying this liner. Because liquid liner is runny. It gets on your eye lashes too. Plus, it does not dry quickly. In order to rub the extra liner, you end up looking like a panda. All thanks to deep black color.

But as I mentioned earlier, if you are a ‘pro’, then you will love this eye liner just like I did. The intense black defines your eyes beautifully. The applicator is so thin that you can create thin eyeliner to thick eyeliner look easily.

Yes it does take a bit time to dry. But once its dried, it stays for good amount of time of 6-7 hours.

PS: I prepare my eyelids well before applying a liquid liner. – Do check this for more info.

Will I recommend this??? and why???

Yes I will recommend this to those who love and know the application tricks.


  • Its affordable/ super friendly to our pockets.
  • Travel sized product which can be carried easily.
  • Deep intense black shade defines eyes nicely.
  • Applicator is soft and pointy. Thus making thin liner look easier.
  • Good staying power.


Points which didn’t work:

  • It’s not water resistant.
  • Ingredients not mentioned.
  • Dries bit slowly. (I have some other liquid liners, which dries really quick)


Mygirlypedia Rating: 4/5

If you are a eye makeup lover like me, do try this one out.

Let your eyes do the talking.

unnamed (5)

10 Unusual Beauty Trends of 2017 Which Will Not Fail to Amaze You


Fashion/beauty industry is always inconstant. There are always new trends almost everyday. Most of the people blindly follow the trends. But for some, the comfort matters the most.

The trends which come and go are heterogeneous. Some will win your hearts and some can make your eyes hurt…!!!

Today I am gonna tell you some unusual beauty trends of 2017. Which will definitely make you wonder – what made this bizarre a trend??!!!

  • Feather Eyebrows

Eyebrows are something which make or break your look…!!! There are different strange styling of these eyebrows and the final looks are total ‘NO NO’

  • Nose Hair Extension

Like seriously???? I know its awful. So, people instead of using the fake eye lashes on eyelids, they are placing them inside nostrils. I just wanna say one thing to whoever invented this – “You Shouldn’t Have”!!!

  • McDonalds Eyebrows

After looking at this beauty trend, tag line should be modified as – “I am hating it”…!!!

  • Holographic Hair

Have you ever longed for the hair of your favorite cartoon characters??? Well, there is a trend where they get the hair colored like one of those characters. Trust me it looks good ONLY on cartoon characters.

  • Holographic Lips

My idea of beauty trend was something like – that makes you look good. But after looking at these trends, I have changed the definition of beauty trend in my dictionary.

  • Neon Eyeliner

The bright neon eyeliners…!!! Perfect for Halloween, because everyone wants to look a bit spooky on this day…!!! You know what I mean…

  • Lollipop Lips

I remember the saying – Fashion industry is quite funny. Even a beauty blunder can sometimes become a new trend. This one is something like that. The smudged lips are a new trend. Getting this quite easy. Apply lipstick before going to bed. Wake up the next day with lollipop lips. #JustKidding

  • Glitter roots

Glitter…!!! Very flattering… Isn’t it… But using glitters in beauty is nothing less than an art. But this ‘modern art’ is NO…!!!

  • Squiggly eyebrows and lips

I have no comments for this…!!!

  • Colored Lashes

Like, seriously??? Weirdly long Fake lashes… that too in weirdest colors…!!!???


I hope you liked the tour into a fun filled world of ‘creative’ fashion world…!!!

Do you dare to try any of these trends???

Kindly, don’t…!!!

Red and Golden Eye Makeup


How’s Sunday treating you??? I’m all set to attend a family function at my friend’s place this evening…

I’m waiting for my friend to get ready. We will be leaving in a while.

Since I do have a little time now, I just thought of blogging about my eye makeup…!!

I’m sorry for the ‘ok ok’ kind of photos… And poses…!!!

I love to play, Dress Up Game
While taking a selfie, a head tilt pose is  just haha


Ok Buddy, get ready soon. I’m bored waiting…!

I’m trying my hands on eyeshadows nowadays. I chose to do makeup with red and gold eye shadow to compliment my outfit.

Ok, the eye makeup I did today is something like this. Here is the before and after applying eyeliner.


I hope you like it.

You can check my Instagram page to know the products used for this look… 

Have a great Sunday evening.

List of Best Cosmetics, Along With Best Makeup Tips


Diwali is just around the corner, you can find a lot of makeup, beauty and health tips in soon….

So let me begin with a list of affordable yet the best makeup products as per different skin types.

If you are new to the world of makeup, no worries…!!! I have links for the posts which I had written earlier about details of these products.  Like how to apply, why we use. Sounds cool???

Let’s start the list to know the products that suits your skin types and needs.

If you wish to buy them, I have provided online link as well.

Primer :

For every skin type –

I would suggest one from L’Oreal Paris, Base Magique.


Foundation :

Are you thinking whether to use it or not? Have doubts about how to apply? Allll your queries regarding foundation will be solved here.

Normal skin –

‘Fit me’ range from Maybelline is good with maximum coverage. Plus, it has many shade options which means almost everyone gets their ideal foundation.

Oily skin –

Tea tree BB cream from The Body Shop is good with medium coverage. Tea tree is proven to be good for sensitive skin.

Dry skin-

everything comes with pros and cons. Bad news is you will have to invest in good moisturizer. Best part is once you are done with applying moisturizer, you are good to use any of the foundation.

But still if you ask any particular suggestion, I would say ponds CC cream is ideal for dry skin. It’s moisturizing and covers all pigmentation and marks.



You know why the Concealer is a must??? Check this post to know everything about Concealer. 

Lakme concealer is been the best one so far. It’s creamy and gives you a perfect glow by hiding all the unevenness of skin. SPF is one more added benefit of this product.

Face powder:

Normal and Oily –

Face powder from Revlon, Faces is good. It doesn’t feel caked up. They are light and many shades available too.


Dry skin –

I personally feel dry skin beauties should avoid face powder because it absorbs oiliness and makes skin more dry.

Lipstick :

Moisturizing –

Elle 18 has one of the best moisturizing and super affordable lipsticks. There are 18+ shades to chose from. Starting from INR 100.

Matte –

Chambor Matte lipstick (You can check full review here.)

Also colorbar has some amazing shades of matte finish lipsticks,  priced 300+ INR.


Lip gloss :

Maybelline has some very nice glosses. (Check the review here.)

Eyeshadow :

Buy Maybelline n*de eyeshadow pallet. They have multiple pallets to choose from. Soft colors to metallic colors… They have all…

Check the colors for yourself here.

Blush :

I liked the Blush from Maybelline. It’s super pigmented with affordable price.

You can also use your lipstick as your eyeshadow or Blush…!!! I do so. It’s super handy. You don’thave to go and look out a matching eyeshadow or Blush. But you save money. #yeahhh

Kajal / Eyeliner :

I love this Hyper glossy liquid eyeliner from Maybelline. Pigmentation, longitivity and price both are super cool. I have posted my whole experience here. I have posted my whole experience here. 

If you are fond of eye makeup and want any help, this post is for you. 

Mascara :

I have used mascara from multiple brands. But for me, one from Oriflame has been the best. It’s dark pigment and the applicator wand makes it an ideal one.

These are the products which are in my ‘good book’… You can find the online shopping links for each product below…


Fit me 

The Body Shop BB cream 

Ponds CC cream 


Lakme Absolute White Intense Concealer Stick SPF 20

Face powder

Revlon Touch & Glow Moisturising Powder

Faces Mineral Lose Powder


Elle 18 Color pops lipsticks

Chambor Extreme Wear Transferproof Liquid Lipstick

Colorbar velvet matte lipstick

Lip gloss

Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Lip Gloss


Maybelline eyeshadow pallet 

Kajal/ Eyeliner

Maybelline New York Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner


Maybelline New York Color Show Blush


Oriflame The ONE Volume Blast Mascara

I hope you find this post useful… especially the beginners who wanna enhance their beauty by trying out different makeup products….

Do experiment with the makeup and shine brighter than the lights of Diwali… !!!

Kylie Blush – Hopeless Romantic : Review

Hey beautiful,

Few days ago I had received my goodies from Kylie Cosmetics. You might have seen my post unpacking the box.

Here is the review post of the Blush from that haul of mine.


Kylie cosmetics has five different colored blushes.

  • Barely Legal (light pink)
  • Hopeless Romantic (Red)
  • Hot and Bothered ( Peach Red)
  • V*rg*nity (Light Pink)
  • X Rated ( Lighter shade of Saffron)

The one I chose is Hopeless Romantic (yes I am… #haha)

Let’s start the review…

Shade Name : Hopeless Romantic

Shade Color : Deep Red

Price : 20 USD

Ingredients :


Packing :

Outer and inner boxes look like these.


Color of the boxes are same as that of the color of blush. They have Kylie’s name printed on them.

Inner one is a sturdy box. Initially, when the product was new to market, mirror was something that was missing.

Now, it does have a mirror on it. This is plus point, as you don’t have to carry a mirror with you while traveling.

A thick transparent plastic film is placed over the Blush, inside inner box. This helps Blush from spilling.


Product :

The product surface is designed like melting one. This is typical Kylie pattern.

Texture :

The creamy texture. So soft and easy to apply.

Since this is one of the deep shades. Hence little goes long way.

Staying power:

Stayed on my cheeks for a good amount of five hours.


My experience :

I had some bad experiences with the blushes I had tried before. Some didn’t had good color payoff. Some broke me out. Some where too powdery ones.

This one, is super smooth. The red color, gives natural flushed look. Little quantity goes long way. Hence this product will last for long.

I will upload face makeup with this Blush soon…!!!


Will I repurchase???

Yes… I would love to… May be I will buy same shade too.

Will I recommend???

I will recommend all the Kylie products.

You can buy the product from here.

Mygirlypedia Rating: 5/5

Trust me, these Kylie products have made me go crazy. I wanna shop more and more from Kylie Cosmetics. I will buy eye products from Kylie.

Happy shopping.

Kylie Lip Liner Posie K : Review


If you have followed mygirlypedia closely, you know everything about lip liners. If you have missed that post, here is the link.

As you all know from my previous post, I own a Kylie lip liner now. proud Whether it may be new cloth or new cosmetic product, I really can’t wait long to try that out…!!! So, today I have tried my new lip liner on my lips. Here is the review of it.

Read on to know whether its worth the price and hype.




Comes in white card box, with melting lipstick design. The pencil has Kylie’s name printed on it.

The cap of the pencil is sturdy and tight. No worries of accidental opening and breaking the product. The bottom of the pencil has the colored strip, similar to the shade. Its helpful to pick the particular shade from your collection.



This is a free product. If you check Kylie Cosmetics, lip liner is a part of lip kit(Lip kit= Lip gloss + Lip liner). Lip liner is not sold solely.



Shade Name:

Posie K


Peach Pink


My Experience:

Travel Friendly:

Yes. Thanks to tight top of the pencil.

Color Payoff:

Color payoff is super cool.  I have applied only lip liner on my lips. No lipstick/lip balm or lip gloss over it.


Staying Power:

Stayed for good amount of 6 hours with food and water intake. I mean. for a lip liner 6 hours is amazing. ..!!!

Does this dries out lips???

I have tried few other lip liners from different brands. They dried my lips a lot. I had to apply lipstick / lip balm over it. But this one didn’t. I am addicted to lip balms or lipstick. But today I didn’t apply any of those.  Happy tears

Mygirlypedia Rating: 5/5💋💋💋💋💋

In short, I loved it.

I would love to buy it again and yes, I will recommend this to you too…!!!

Hope this will help you pick the product at Kylie cosmetics the next time you shop.

Keep Shining…!!!





Thing You Need to Know About False Eyelashes


Have you ever heard of fake eyelashes??? Today I have post for you, with all the information about them. Read on to know more.

What are false eye lashes???
As the name suggests, these are the unnatural lashes which can be used to get  fuller/thicker eyelashes look.


Huge varieties of false eye lashes available in the market. They differ in length, volume and usability types. Also, there are individual lashes and colored lashes available in market.

Individual lashes takes lot of time as you need to set them one by one.


There are tools which are used for easy application of lashes. You must be wondering how to attach the lashes. There are many eye lash glues available which helps in keeping the eyelashes in place.

You must be wondering what these are made up of??
They are made of Mink, synthetic filaments and silk..!!

How to apply false lashes???
1. Apply makeup first. Applying false lashes should be the last step.
2. Prepare the eyelids by applying primer and make sure the surface is dry. We cant stick the eye lashes on oily base.
3. Bend the false lashes inwards softly, in C shape. This makes further process easier.
4. Keep the eye lashes over the upper eye lids and cut the false lashes as per your eyelid length.

5. Apply eye lash glue over the line or over lash line as shown below.

6. Remove the excess glue.
7. Place the falsies over eyelids with the help of tools or bare fingers and press it gently.

8. Leave for couple of minutes.
9. Once it gets attached,use mascara over the eye lashes. This makes the natural and the false one look the same.
10. You can also apply liquid eye liner over the lash line to complete the look.

How to Remove False Lashes???

1. You have to use oil free makeup remover to remove the lashes.
2. Apply a stroke of makeup remover with the help of cotton/ ear buds and let it fall on its own. Don’t freak out. It takes a minute or so.

How to Take Care of Falsies???
There are use and throw eye lashes available. Which are meant for one time use only.

There are other false eye lashes which can be used couple of times.
1. If mascara was applied, clean them with oil free makeup remover and place them in clean dry box.

2. If mascara was not used, remove them with the help of tweezers and remover excess glue. You can dip them in warm water too to clean them. Place the dried eye lashes in their tiny cases.

Dos and Don’t s for false eyelashes:
1. You can’t touch eyes frequently when false lashes are on your lids.
2. They are surprisingly not waterproof. So avoid wearing false eyelashes to pool parties. And of course on occasions where you know you are gonna cry.

3. While choosing the adhesiveness, don’t forget to read the ingredients. There might be some content which might not suit you.
4. Be gentle while removing the lashes. Do not pull.
5. Maintain good hygiene. Clean them thoroughly before storing them back.

It takes lots of practice and patience to be a pro in using these lashes. If you really want this look for a specific special occasion then try it out. Or can also consult someone who is well versed with it.

Hope you enjoyed reading the post.




Great News for Lipstick Lovers…!!! 


All the lipstick lovers out there, I have a happy news for you… !!! I know owning MAC lipsticks is matter of pride…  A Dream…  Today is the best day to live that dream…  😉

Today, on the occasion of ‘National Lipstick Day’…  One of my favorite shopping sites Nykaa has come with this super awesome offer… 

Buy any two MAC lip products and get a complimentary MAC lipstick free…!!! 

You have a huge range of lipsticks to select from… Matte finish, retro matte,  lip pencils, lip glosses…  Many more…  Have a look at different range and shades availability…|top_banner|mac-lips

I’m going for cremesheen…  This is moisturizing one…!!! The shades I’m interested in are,  pretty boy and Dozen carnations…  They are in my cart right now…  

Hurry up…!!!  Products are getting sold out like hot cakes…  The is pretty slow due to high traffic…  Don’t worry, mygirlypedia has always solutions for problems…  Download their app and buy them easily…!!! 😉

After all, ‘sold out’  is the heart wrenching word for shopaholics like me… Isn’t it??? 

This offer is valid only today and till the stock lasts…  

Happy shopping…!!! 


Kylie Lip gloss Posie K : Review 

Hey pretty,

As I had promised, I’m reviewing the gorgeous Kylie, lip gloss today. The shade I’ll be reviewing is Posie K. The one which I had applied in my yesterday’s OOTD Post.

Read on to know my take on the gloss.

Shade – Posie K

Color – Dark Pink

Price – 15 USD (Excluding Shipping and custom charges)

Shelf life – Not mentioned



It’s packed in a hard paper box with melting lipstick cartoon on it.  Outer box looks something like this.

The gloss is packed in a sturdy glass tube. Tube has black melting lipstick design. I like the font of Kylie written over it. It’s kind of cute.  (Sorry for not keeping outer white cover white)

Name of the shade is been printed on a sticker which is  on the bottom of the gloss. It helps in differentiating the gloss from your collection.

Travel friendly?? 


Yes it is. It takes very less space in your handbag so yes you can travel with it easily.


Same as Candy K.A soft bristled brush.


It has Candy like sweet fragrance. Feels like eating it.  haha

Color pay off

Color pay off is amazing. The gloss is super se*y.

Is it moisturizing 

Yessss…  Unlike some other gloss, it’s super moisturizing.


Staying power 

I’m stunned by its staying power. Gloss remains for good 3-4 hours with food…!!!

Even though the gloss transfers and fades while having food or sipping beverage, the color still stays. Stays for a good amount of 6-7 hours. It’s a pretty good amount for a gloss…!!!

Value for money!?? Worth the wait??? 


Will I repurchase??? 

Yes. But I really want to skip paying custom charges.

Will I recommend this to you??? 

Yes. If you are a fan of lip glosses, this one is a must for your collection.

Mygirlypedia rating :5/5 💋💋💋💋💋

Hope you find it useful for your next haul at Kylie Cosmetics.

The Body Shop Color Crush Shine Lipsticks 15,18 : Review


Are you a lipstick lover like me??? If so… high five Its not just a makeup product. Its stress buster and mood booster. I have a box full of lipsticks. Mostly different shades of red and pink.

Even though I have many lipsticks/glosses, I hardly finish them. I have good options to try out so I hardly stick to a single shade. (Many of you can relate to this. Even though we own so many clothes, we narrow it down to only those which we feel comfortable in). So, last month this miracle happened. I actually finished whole tube of lipstick. I was so addicted to it that, I bought one more.


By the sneak peek and of course the title, you know the lipstick is from the brand ‘The Body Shop’. Yes I love Color crush shine range lipsticks to the core. They are my latest lipstick crush…!!!  blush blush

They might look same shade ones, but they are not. Once you check the swatches you can differentiate. Lets start with the review of these two amazing lip products.

Read on to know why I fell for them…!!!

What The Body Shop Claims???
This irresistible lipstick gives a sheer wash of color with a sorbet-fresh shine. Each lipstick contains finely crushed pigments, lightweight oils and are infused with a subtle rose fragrance. Smoothly glide on sheer co lour over the lips for a glossy finish.

Whether you want to wow with Poppy The Question, seduce with Magenta Be, or get surprise with Sunset Romance, we have the lipstick to suit your mood. And unlike some other lipsticks, those colors are there to stay! This long-lasting lippy is perfect for brightening up your day, or adding the wow-factor to your evening look.

It’s 100% cruelty free and 100% vegetarian, so you don’t have to feel guilty about wearing it. On top of that, it contains marula oil sourced from Namibia, where the marula tree grows in abundance. By working with the Eudafano Women’s Co-operative on this, we help 5,000 women earn a fair income.

  • Finely-crushed pigments for fresh, bright color
  • Conditions and moisturizes lips
  • Delicate rose fragrance


Lipstick One : 15 Fuchsia Flirt

Shade Number – 15 ,

Shade Name – Fuchsia Flirt

Price – INR 895 for 3.5g

Shelf Life – 2 Years

Ingredients list

Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Polybutene, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Dipentaerythrityl Tetrahydroxystearate/Tetraisostearate, Polyethylene, Mica, Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil/Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Cera Microcristallina/Microcrystalline Wax/Cire microcristalline, Cera Alba/Beeswax/Cire d’abeille, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Parfum/Fragrance, Tocopherol, Citronellol, Linalool, Hydroxycitronellal, Tin Oxide. [+/- CI 45410/Red 28 Lake, CI 45380/Red 22 Lake, CI 77891/Titanium Dioxide, CI 19140/Yellow 5 Lake, CI 15850/Red 7 Lake, CI 15850/Red 6].


Its bit on Hot Pink Shade

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Lipstick Two : 18 Sunset Romance

Shade Number – 18 ,

Shade Name – Sunset Romance

Price – INR 895 for 3.5g

Shelf Life – 2 Years

Ingredients list

Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Polybutene, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Dipentaerythrityl Tetrahydroxystearate/Tetraisostearate, Polyethylene, Mica, Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil/Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Cera Microcristallina/Microcrystalline Wax/Cire microcristalline, Cera Alba/Beeswax/Cire d’abeille, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Parfum/Fragrance, Tocopherol, Citronellol, Linalool, Hydroxycitronellal, Tin Oxide. [+/- CI 45410/Red 28 Lake, CI 45380/Red 22 Lake, CI 77891/Titanium Dioxide, CI 19140/Yellow 5 Lake, CI 15850/Red 7 Lake, CI 15850/Red 6].

Its Red shade

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I need to improve a lot with photographing stuffs. I will put up proper lip swatches photos from next review. face palm

My Experience –

Not so fancy. Just a silver colored bullet with ‘The Body Shop’ printed in pink font.


Is it travel friendly???
Yes the bullet is travel friendly.

Like always say, I look for moisturizing lip products. I like the shine they add too. These lipsticks are exactly what I was looking for in a lip product. They are super moisturizing and the shine they add is amazingly cute.

Do they dry out lips once they fade???
No. They kept my lips super moisturized.

Is transferable???
Yes, like most of the lipsticks they are transferable too.


Staying power???
Stays for 3-4 hours with food. Shine fades but the color still persists. I keep it handy for quick touch ups.

Will I repurchase???
Yes I already have..!!

Will I recommend it to you???
Yes, if your lips are dry, these are saviors. These lipsticks are actually like tinted lip balms.

Mygirlypedia rating4.5/5 (Staying power could have been better)

Overall I am in love with these lipsticks for sure…!!!

Do try and let me know your take on theses…!!!

Happy shopping gal…!!!


Sneak Peek at My Most Used Lipsticks 


Here is a sneak peek at my two favorite lipsticks.

I have a huge collection of lipsticks, glosses and liners. I rarely finish a lipstick completely. But, yes I have done that finallllllyyyyyyyy. Was very much obsessed with a lipstick of mine so much so that, I not only finished it using and also bought a new one. Same brand, same shade.

You know the brand already by looking at the photos above.  😉

I will soon review them in my favorite place…  Mygirlypedia…  😊😊😊

Home Remedies for Acne Prone Skin


How’s your Sunday going on??? I’m enjoying rainy Sunday view from my Cosy bed…!!! 

Are you acne prone skinned beauty?? Then,  this post is for you… 

Acne are the nightmares… There are many reasons for these nasty nightmares. Mostly due to hormonal imbalance, not maintaining good hygiene, allergic reaction or genetic. 
So, I will share some tips today to take care of sensitive skin. 

  • Maintain a good hygiene. Touching your face frequently with hands is not a good idea. I mean, even though we don’t see them but there are bacterias in our hands. When you touch your face, you are transferring them to your face…!!!  
  • Change the pillow covers regularly. When we sleep, the oiliness of face gets transferred to pillows. Some cases even the saliva. This is where bacteria start growing. We don’t want to sleep on such pillow.  *ewww*

  • Use the products which suit you. I have seen gals blindly using products which are recommended by someone else. Just because it is working for her, doesn’t mean it will work for you. We all have different skin types. So in order to avoid skin allergies, use only those products which suits you. 
  • Do not try to pick the pimple. I know we tend to do that. But we are doing more harm than good by that. Instead apply the face pack mentioned below and let it heal. 

  • Do not use expired products. All makeup products have expiry dates. Do not use them beyond that. 
  • If you use makeup tools like makeup brushes, clean them on regular basis. Else they will be bacteria ‘s breeding ground soon. 

  • Always remove makeup before going to bed. Else it will clog pores and result in acne. 
  • Detoxification is necessary. If you consult doctors, they also recommend detoxification. Due to toxic impurities inside the body/blood, we do get skin allergies.  If you want to know more about detoxification, check this. 
  • Good diet is must for blemish free skin. Junk food are not helping us any way. 
  • Acne or pimples are usually because of over oil secretion. So you have multiple face masks for the cure. Below are some of them.

Fuller Earth

Fuller earth or multani mitti is excellent for absorbing oiliness and adding glow to skin. You can mix fuller earth and rose water to make a paste. Apply it on face and let it dry. Wash with Luke warm water.
Turmeric paste

Add rose water to pure turmeric powder. Apply the paste all over face to kill the bacteria as turmeric has antiseptic properties. This will also improves the skin tone eventually. 

Lemon juice and honey

If you have open acne or any wound on face, avoid using lemon. This will result in burning sensation. If your acne is dry, apply the mixture to fade away scars. 

Mint mask

Grind couple of mint leaves in rose water and apply the paste. This heals the acne. 

Neem mask
Neem has excellent antiseptic property. Just like mint, grind Neem leaves and add rose water to make paste. Apply it on face to say bye bye acne. 

 Egg white 

Egg white is also a good ingredient to heal and nourish the skin. 

Baking soda

Mix baking soda with water and apply the paste. The baking soda dries out acne and fades away the acne mark. 

Tea tree oil

This is the best for Acne Prone skin. Just make sure you dilute it before applying on acne. 

These were some quick tips I wanted to share.  I hope you find it useful.  😊

Do try… !!! 

Have A Happy Sunday Evening…!!! 

Things Which Only Shopaholic Gals Will Understand


Weekend is here. So is a fun post on mygirlypedia.

If you have been following mygirlypedia closely, you know I’m a shopaholic. If you are a shopping freak too, these are the things you will exactly relate to.

Read on…

  • Shopping is therapy 

Heart break, bad day, unwell no matter whats bad in your life, shopping washes away allllllllll the negative vibes from you.

  • 50% discount’ can even get us out of coma 

The very next second we hear this magical word, we have made the list of items we wanna buy.  The word discount makes us the happiest souls.

  • We don’t wait for occasion to shop

Everyday is a good day to shop. Isn’t it???

  • We believe in treating ourselves with good shopping. 

Because we know we are worth it. After all self appreciation counts. Isn’t it???

  • We don’t go with the list every time we shop. 

In fact, we love random shopping. Buying things which are not planned or say not needed (most of the time) is our favorite hobby.

  • Ignoring people comes naturally 

People nag at you for spending so much money. But gal…  Concentrate on good thing…  shopping.  wink

  • We always buy ‘extra’ 

Especially when on sale, we prefer to buy some extra stuff. Even though we don’t need it now. For future use you know.

  • Any new product in market??? Oh gal…  We own it already. 

We can’t wait until we buy that latest one in the market. Thanks to all news letter subscriptions.

  • Best feeling??? When you hold your shopping bag.

Holding shopped products are like holding the most beautiful and magical thing. It makes you feel as if you are flying.

  • Favorite fragrance???  

The fragrance of shopping mall… Ummm  Mesmerizing…!!!

  • Favorite exercise??? 

Hopping from one shopping mall to another. And yes lifting our own bag considered as weight lifting alright…  wink

  • We are the best reviewers you can find

Since we have been to almost all shops, we can guide you with your shopping. *anytime *

  • We are of course the best shopping partners.

It happens every time with me. I accompany someone to their shopping. I end up buying more than them.  Every single time.  eyes roll

  • Every morning – ‘I don’t have anything to wear.  Need to shop’ 

Since our closet is jam packed, we don’t find a perfect cloth to wear. Hence we have to shop more…!!! Don’t blame us

  • Credit card bill –  nightmare 

You know when we need the most courage??? Checking the credit card bill does.  head bang

  • We do try not to shop. 

Soon after paying the bills, we do Google ‘how to control the urge to shop’..  We do try to implement them.  Till the time we see something attractive on sale.
I have another post for you. About smart shopping…!!!

Check the post here…  
Have a great weekend…!!!
Buy your favorite items before it’s out of stock this weekend…!!!

Keep shopping…!!! 😉😉

A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Beauty 


I spend ample amount of time taking care of skin… I am kind of obsessed. I love doing it. After all self love is must. Isn’t it???

There are many of my friends who wants to improve the skin texture but too lazy to do all the rituals. No worries. Today I am gonna share some super lazy tips which you can afford to do,  to achieve good skin.

Read on,  if you are one among those pandas.

  • Cleansing

I know it’s not your type to go and look for a cleanser for your skin type and blah blah blah. So all you need to do is, keep wet wipes next to your bed. Just pull one out and clean your face before sleeping. Removing impurities /dust/makeup is a must.

  • Moisturizer

Na I won’t bother you by explaining toner and stuff. Just apply a layer of good moisturizer before ending your day. No matter what skin type you are blessed with, a good moisturizer is a must.

  • Hydration

You must have heard a lot that we need to drink lots of water. Yes we need to. This will keep body mind and Skin healthy.

  • Vitamins

If you are too lazy to follow good diet or beauty steps, consume vitamin supplements. But yes, you have to take an extra effort to meet a good doctor before consuming.

  • Lip care

I know lip scrub or primer are not in your world. Haha but we need to scrub lips to get rid of those chapped surface. Ummm how will I do it??? Simple.. Just gently brush your lips after brushing your teeth with the help of toothbrush.

  • Makeup

Foundation concealer etc might sound like rocket science for some girls.  So I will tell you simpler makeup tips.

  • Eyes

Kajal..!!!  A stroke of Kajal we need to conquer the world. If you want to know how much kajal means to us, check this. 

  • Smudged Kajal Look 

Apply kajal before going to bed. You will have naturally smudged eye makeup look the next morning.  But avoid doing it everyday. As sleeping with eye makeup on is not recommended on daily basis.

  • Lips

Apply a good lipstick or a tinted lip balm. You are good to go.

  • Face

If you are a dry skinned beauty, dab some moisturizer before applying a day cream. If cream has SPA/SPF content, it’s added benefit.

  • Lazy to apply body lotion? 

Drop few drops of essential oils to the bathing water. This will take care of body moisture after bath.

  • Hair wash!!! 

Too lazy to wash hair???  No worries…  Dry shampoos are your Angeles.

  • Hair style 

Tie hair in a bunch before hitting the bed. You will wake up with nice wavy hair in the morning.

  • Excess sweat

Keep tissue papers handy. You don’t have to go shopping for product to solve this problem. Just pat a tissue paper on your oily zone and and you are good to go as the tissue absorbs all the sweat.

I hope these tips will transform you from

“This gal is pretty lazy”


“This lazy gal is pretty ”


Unique Gifts for A Girl Who Loves Makeup… 


The other day,  I was talking to an old friend of mine. She wanted to gift a friend of hers, something unique and something she loves. Knowing that she is a makeup freak and me being one more… We started looking for something in that domain…  haha

Here are some unique ideas to make that girly girl happy…  😉

  •  Brush holder

Makeup brush are important part of our art. We have different set of brushes like lip brush, foundation brush, eyeshadow applicator and the list goes on. Gifting a girl brush holder with those super cool makeup quotes will definitely makes us a happy person.

You can buy this here. 

  • Cool patches

Cloth patches are new trend. All you need to do is place them on your jackets/tshirt/jeans and iron them. They get stick to your cloth and makes them look chick.  So the next time include these super cool patches in your gift list.

  • Ahhh those shirts…

What’s more better than wearing t-shirts with our favorite quotes…  The quotes which define us.  😉

Buy Blending Savage Here. 

  • Makeup Bags

We adore the makeup bags where we store all our magical stuffs.  If those bags are girly enough, we are the happiest people around. 😁

  • Customized Compact Mirror

We use them a lot. For regular check on lipstick and eye makeup, we need a compact mirror. Imagine your name engraved on it.  😉

  • Lipstick Phone Case

This gift is for those girls who never steps out with out lipstick. Gifting her this lipstick phone case will definitely make her day.

  • Girly Tote Bags

Tote bags are shopaholic girls best friend. Gifting her a cute girly tote will help her in her next makeup haul.

  • We Love Pillows

Girly pillows are also a very good option…  😉

  • Coffee Mugs

These are for those makeup and caffeine addicts.

  • Badges

Who doesn’t like these cute badges…  😍

Enjoyed reading??

Do add these in your gift list and makeup your makeup geek friends super happy…  😀💋

Beauty Benefits of Baby Powder


How’s monsoon treating you??? I’m suffering from common cold.  Aaakshuuuu…  Sorry for the sneeze…  😝

Many of my friends are enjoying their motherhood…  The common complaint I hear is they don’t get much time for themselves…  The shopping time is now means the shopping for little angels…!!! Phase of life… 

So today’s post is for those busy mommies…  I’m not responsible if your little toddler gets angry when you steal his/her baby powder, after reading this post…  😉

If you are happily unmarried like me, do buy a baby powder to serve all the beauty purposes listed below. 

  • For easy shaving 

Waxing is best when it’s done on dry skin. You can apply baby powder for making the skin wax ready. 

  • Soothing dry skin 

Even though powder does remove moisture, it helps to nourish skin and makes it look smoother. Applying it on dry skin helps in soothing the skin. 

  • Dry shampoo 

You don’t have to spend some extra money for a dry shampoo. Take some baby powder on your hand and run your fingers between hair. It soaks up the oiliness and makes your hair free from looking greasy. 

  •  Thicker eyelashes 

Apply a layer of baby powder on your lashes before applying mascara. This makes eyelashes look Thicker. 

  • Lipstick to last long

Apply a layer of your favorite lipstick. Hold a tissue paper on your lips and apply a layer of powder.  This format a thin layer of powder over the lipstick. Thus sealing it. Apply one more layer of lipstick. Even though the first layer fades off, you don’t have to worry as the powder has already sealed one more layer for you. 💋

  • To avoid oily T zone

If you are fed up with the oily skin. All you need to apply baby powder on your face to reduce that oiliness. 

  • For matte nail Polish 

Mix powder with glossy nail paint to get that Matte finish. 

  • Matte lipstick 

Dab a little bit of powder over the lipstick. This gives a Matte finish. 

  • Happy feet

Sprinkle some powder on your feet before wearing shoes. This keeps your feet smell fresh all day long. 

  • Deodorant replacement 

It’s safer to use powder than a deodorant on armpits. Baby powder won’t darken skin. 

Hope you find this post easy, helpful and budget friendly…!!!