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For Those Who Love Rain and Makeup…!!!

Hey you, Its monsoon here in India. Mother earth is getting prettier day by day…!!!  Its such a pleasant environment out here. Eating some good hot food while listening to rain droplets, in the chilled weather is just seems perfect.     I know, almost everyone love getting drenched […]

How to Use Lipliners…!!!

Hey Pretty, Today while applying lip liner, I thought why don’t I write a tiny post about it here, in my cute girly world ‘My GirlyPedia‘…!!! Do you remember the ‘coloring books’ which we used to buy when we kids. Those books used to have sketches of animals, flowers, […]

Its about Concealers…!!!

Hey Sweetie pies, I am so refreshed after the awesome weekend I had. Do you want to know what I did last weekend??? I had been to trekking at ‘Visapur Fort’ and visited ‘Bhaja Caves on Saturday. The scenic beauty, rain, the company of some great friends and […]