OOTD | How to Style A Black Crop Top In 5 Different Ways

Hi Girlies, Dressing up or looking all dolled up makes me feel good. It makes me happy. That is why dress up game is my favourite. Yours? So, I have made this post to show you a glimpse of dress up game I played today. ☺️ I styled this full sleeves crop top in fiveContinue reading “OOTD | How to Style A Black Crop Top In 5 Different Ways”

Black Dress And Bold Lips : OOTD

We all have two moods when it comes to dressing up – either we dress up like a homeless or we dress up like we are going to meet our worst enemy. Well I had a latter one kind of a day. Thought that initiated this look is ‘bold lips’. You guys know how muchContinue reading “Black Dress And Bold Lips : OOTD”

OOTD : Shopping From My Own Wardrobe

“Ahhh I don’t have anything to wear…!!!” is a universal dialogue of girls. Typically said while they stand in front of their huge wardrobe. Sounds strange but yes that’s the real problem we all face, many a times. Most of the girls love shopping (yes I have seen some exceptional cases who doesn’t like shoppingContinue reading “OOTD : Shopping From My Own Wardrobe”

OOTD : Navratri Day 7, The Color Red

As a symbol of triumph of good over bad, the festival ‘Navratri’ is celebrated.  Nav means 9 and Ratri means night. This festival is celebrated to worship 9 different forms of Durga. People over different regions name the festival with different names and follow different rituals. Also, people wear nine different colors on each dayContinue reading “OOTD : Navratri Day 7, The Color Red”

OOTD : Inspired by The Movie Stree

Do you like horror films??? I don’t. I just can’t watch them, especially not in a theatre. But, recently with lots of courage, I did watch a horror comedy movie in theatre – Stree. Comedy was so good that it did balanced that horror stuffs. Phew. Thing I loved the most, apart from the individualContinue reading “OOTD : Inspired by The Movie Stree”

OOTD : Imperfectly Perfect

So, Today I went out with one of my closest friends to get clicked. Of course for my blog purpose. The outfit I chose today is a combination of dark pink and white top. A lot of thoughts came to my mind while I checked my photos today. Before I pen down(read it as type)Continue reading “OOTD : Imperfectly Perfect”

OOTD: I Love This Look, Bepannah

Hello…. It’s rainy day here…. I hope you are dry and safe… You know, we sometimes get so much inspired by some people, the way dress up the way they talk, walk and especially lead an independent life. I’m referring to one of the Indian television celebrities – Jennifer Winget. She is a doll. IContinue reading “OOTD: I Love This Look, Bepannah”

OOTD : Girl In The Man Made City

Hello, Have you guys watched this super girly web series called ‘Girl In the City’??? It’s fashionable, inspiring, entreating, touching. Has all the flavors. If you have not.. Do watch.  Yesterday I had been to this artificial man made city. So the name for this post came to my mind in reference to my favoriteContinue reading “OOTD : Girl In The Man Made City”

OOTD : Kurti With Palazzos

  Hello, How’s summer treating you??? Are you enjoying the freshness of this season??? Let me ask you one more question… What’s your style mantra??? Especially for summers… Like most of us, mine too is to feel comfortable in the easy breezy clothes. This morning I was not in a mood to go to office(nothingContinue reading “OOTD : Kurti With Palazzos”

OOTD: Chikan Kurti, Speciality of Lucknow

It’s a rainy day here in Pune. This was much much needed shower to calm down the humid weather. Right now, it is drizzling outside. The smell of the mud and the cloudy dark weather making me miss my ‘comfort zone’, my bed so much. All I need is my bed, my cozy blanket, myContinue reading “OOTD: Chikan Kurti, Speciality of Lucknow”

OOTD: Angarakha Kurta

Hey, One more OOTD post is here. Its again one of my favorite attire – Kurta and leggings. But this kurta is something special. Not like it has any personal story of mine behind it. But because it has ancient history behind it. It is a Angarakha Kurta from the brand Here&Now, bought from Myntra.Continue reading “OOTD: Angarakha Kurta”

OOTD: Black is My Happy Color

Hey, Yes, black is my happy color. Black is elegant, sophisticated, power, drama and mystery. I know, I know, black is not so good for summers but pallazos are. As I have mentioned in most of my posts I love pallazos. It’s so flowy and comfortable. Plus, black pallazos can go with maximum tops orContinue reading “OOTD: Black is My Happy Color”

OOTD : Every Outfit Has it’s Own Story

Hello Reader, Now that the Sun is slowly going to the peak to shine his best and making us looking all sweaty, all we need is comfortable clothes to survive the summer. I am not complaining about summer. I love summer. We all know how much we used to love ‘summers’ because we used toContinue reading “OOTD : Every Outfit Has it’s Own Story”

OOTD : Denim, White Top Teamed With Woolen Jacket

Hello, How was your day??? It’s Monday… How will that be… I know…. To make Monday a bit barrable, I do two things… 1. Dress up 2. Shop Today’s outfit is something like this. A comfy office wear… This white cotton top is from Mynta. It’s a long top. It reads – Today I WillContinue reading “OOTD : Denim, White Top Teamed With Woolen Jacket”

OOTD : Black Kurti and Maroon Jacket Outfit

Hello, This morning when I woke up, I felt it’s Friday… But when I checked the date with those sleepy eyes, ahhh it’s still Wednesday…!!! Mid week fever… Phewww What do you do to pull yourself out of your bed and later your home to get going??? I do two things. I ask myself ”Continue reading “OOTD : Black Kurti and Maroon Jacket Outfit”

A Letter to My Younger Self…

On this women’s day, apart from appreciating all those women who inspires me, I thought of writing a letter to the most special one of them all. Me. I guess we are our ultimate inspiring souls. No wonder people around us do inspire us. But the option to get inspired or to ignore is withinContinue reading “A Letter to My Younger Self…”

Makara Sankranti Outfit

Hello, It’s time to say bye bye to shorter days and welcome longer days…!!! Yes it is a festival time here in India…!!! Everyone celebrating – Makara Sankranti. This is festival with reference to God Sun. Scientifically, it is a festival which is celebrated as per solar cycle. The first day of Sun’s transit intoContinue reading “Makara Sankranti Outfit”

Outfit and Jewellery Details of Anushka On Her Big Day…!!!

I am on cloud nine just by looking at the wedding pictures of my favorites – Anushka and Virat. More detail about the wedding here. The wedding was even though low key affair, it was just a fairy tale. Look how royal this bride and groom looking. I am sure many of you want toContinue reading “Outfit and Jewellery Details of Anushka On Her Big Day…!!!”

Diwali Day 2 OOTD

Hello, Today is second day of Diwali… Lakshmi pooja(worshipping the goddess of wealth)… For today I chose to wear this dress of mine. It’s my mamma’s choice… ☺️ A peach colored top and the best part is it has a nice designed cape or overcoat. The design is golden and peach colored flowers. That givesContinue reading “Diwali Day 2 OOTD”

Outfit Of The Day

Hey,   Hindu people are celebrating Navaratri in India. Nava stands for nine and ratri means night. Nine nights we celebrate nine different goddesses. Which are believed to be different forms of goddess Durga. So we represent or have dedicated a color to each goddess. Today, the color was white. So I opted for aContinue reading “Outfit Of The Day”

Multiple Ways to Style A Denim Jacket

Hey, If you ask me which is my favourite cloth from my wardrobe, I would definitely say my denim jacket. Thats because, this one fashionable thing can be styled in multiple ways. I usually like to pair it up with my denims, skirts etc. Also, most of us do own one denim jacket at leastContinue reading “Multiple Ways to Style A Denim Jacket”

How to Style a Pencil Skirt

Hey pretty, How was your Sunday???  I spent my Sunday in nature…  I had been for trekking with friends…  The fort, mountains, rain, fog…  Had amazing time. Hope you had a good weekend too…!!! Tomorrow is Monday…  I know it’s a shortest horror story…  But, can’t help… Have to go for work… Today I’m gonnaContinue reading “How to Style a Pencil Skirt”

OOTD and Sneak peek Into My Upcoming Review 

Hey, Midweek huun… We are almost there… Two more days for a weekend… !!! 🤘 What’s your favorite part of the day??? Mine being,  ummm ‘dressing up time’…!! 👰 You might have read my Shopping Experience at Kylie cosmetics. I have also reviewed one of the three glosses I have bought.  💋 I’m wearing Kylie Lip gloss –Continue reading “OOTD and Sneak peek Into My Upcoming Review “

Different Ways to Wear A Palazzo …!!!

Hey My Pretty Reader, Finally… Friday is here…!!! All set to chillax??? Either you sit back at home and relax or go out party hard and have fun. Make sure, you are doing what you like. You are relaxing your soul and mind. So, if you are planning for a party/ weekend brunch dates andContinue reading “Different Ways to Wear A Palazzo …!!!”

10 Different Ways to Wear Your Kurtas and Kurtis… !!! 

Hey you, In India, kurtis and kurtas are the most preferred outfit by most of the ladies. They are easy to wear and make you look elegant by adding that ‘Desi Feel’… So,  today I will tell you how to flaunt them in different ways.. Wear it with leggings   Lets start with the basicContinue reading “10 Different Ways to Wear Your Kurtas and Kurtis… !!! “

Essential Accessories For A Prettier You…!!! 

Hey pretty, Are you a lover of accessories like me…???  My love for them is immense…  Be it cute bracelets,  girly finger rings,  elegant neck piece…  I love them all…  They can give  your not so perfect outfit,  a sofesticated look…  Accessories can make your attire look rich. Below are some of those beautiful accessoriesContinue reading “Essential Accessories For A Prettier You…!!! “