OOTD : Denim, White Top Teamed With Woolen Jacket


How was your day??? It’s Monday… How will that be… I know….

To make Monday a bit barrable, I do two things… 1. Dress up 2. Shop

Today’s outfit is something like this.

A comfy office wear…

This white cotton top is from Mynta. It’s a long top. It reads – Today I Will Shine.
It has also this fairy printed on it. That’s Tinkerbell…!!! My favorite. Unlike sweet, delicate fairies, Tinkerbell is known for her creativity and strength. So I love her. BTW, I love Disney. In fact all the animated ones . We should not lose that innocence. Cartoons are that huge part of our childhood, which I will never let go.

As told in my last OOTD post, I love jackets and shrugs. This is the second most favorite of mine.

The maroon colored Woolen jacket is so comfy and ads that attractive color to any kind of plain shirts. This one I had bought it from one of the boutiques in Aundh, Pune.

Denim is from Mynta. By Roadster.

Paired it with nu*e pumps from Allen solley.

For accessories,
Wore hoop earrings and ear cuff from forever 21.

Hope you like this quick OOTD post .

Things Only Those People Who Hate Monday will Understand


The day is here… Monday….  sob  Back to routine, away from bed and my Disneyland..  My home…  Where I can be myself…  No worries, no deliverables, no work pressure,comfy pajamas… Ahhh bliss…  The thought of being at office for next five days…  Scares me… 😕 

I am someone who doesn’t like Mondays. If you are with me… Read on…  😉😁

  •  Shortest horror story –  “Tomorrow is Monday” 😯

No matter how much fun you might be having on Sunday, the above line is enough to drain out all the happiness in life. 

  • Opening the eyes and coming back to ‘real life’  needs courage. 😐

Monday mornings are the hardest for us… We just think of how much fun we had over the weekend,  just flashes in front of us. 

  • Getting up from bed

The struggle never ends… We take time to accept that we are gonna work for next five days…  Inspiring ourselves to get up from the bed…  Rather separating ourselves from love of our lives is hardest.  

  •  Dragging yourself to office 😑

Finding all good reasons to attend office, needs a really strong heart.  

  • Waiting for Friday 🙂

Marking the calendar in brain…  Counting the days…  Waiting for one more Friday… Allllll we need is Patience honey… 

And the best day…  It’s Friday evening…  A thought of having a relaxation is the best feeling…  Getting out of office feels like you got that long lost freedom…  

May God give you all the courage to get out of bed and go to office on these Cosy rainy mornings. It’s just five days for a weekend…  😇😀 

Stay Strong 😁

For A Beauty Sleep…!!!

Hey Princess,

How was your day??? No matter how busy/ hectic/ tiring/sad your day was, always make sure to do at least one little thing which makes you happy…!!! It might be reading a book, sing your favorite song, writing poems, watching movies or spend time with your loved ones… Along with these, I love writing here at myGirlypedia and my bed time beauty rituals…!!!

No matter how lazy you are, I would suggest you to spend a little time for yourself before hitting the bed. Being a little lazy girl myself, I can share you a tip to make it a liiiitle easier… Keep the things which I am gonna list down, near your bed. You can follow these rituals while sitting on your cozy bed…!!!


PS: You need to drag yourself to wash basin to wash your face first…!!! You can’t go to bed with makeup on, remember???

umm I have a solution for this too…!!! You can use the #1 item I have mentioned in the list below. *wink*

So, here are the few bed time rituals you can follow:

  1. Wet wipes:

On those nights, when you are tooo lazy to drag yourself up and still worried about your skin, grab a wet wipe and wipe out all the dirt and makeup from your face…!!! Sounds easy???


  1. Night cream:

Skin rejuvenate while you are sleeping. A night cream can make this process more useful and result… ‘Tada a fresh looking beautiful skin…!!!’


  1. Lip balm:

Who wants to wake up with soft lips??? I can hear you saying, me.. *wink* All you need is to apply a good moisturizing lip balm before going to sleep…!!!


  1. Hair band:

You need to tie your tresses in a bun using a hair band. This will avoid them to fall on your face and also prevents tangling.


  1. Hand cream:

You don’t like your hands to look like  your grandma’s right??? Choose a nice hand cream and wake up with youthful and soft hands. FabIndia Hand cream is my favorite.

how-to-get-soft-hands (1)

  1. Foot Cream:

Most of us tend to forget taking care of our feet. I have seen well dressed women with cracked heels. It doesn’t look good sweetheart…!!! Its very simple, grab a moisturizing foot cream and make your feet a happy ones by applying it. You can have a look at the foot cream which I use, here.


  1. Socks: 

This is essential if you are using a foot cream. This will help in locking the moisture and also keeps your bed clean..!!!

topshop sock moodboard

  1. A cute sleeping mask:

This is optional. If you sleep in a room with lights on, you can wear this to have a sound sleep.


These are the some of the beauty rituals you need to try before surrendering yourself to sweet dreams…!!!

Hope you have a good beauty sleep, princess…!!!


Pallavi ❤

Different Types of Hair Removal Methods…!!!

Hey You,

Who doesn’t like silky soft skin..??? While planning of flaunting those sleeveless / short dresses, I am pretty sure that these questions cross our mind “Are my hands/ legs hair free…??? Do I need to wax???!!!” We girls know the painful stories of ‘waxing’…. Today’s post is about different methods of deforestation. (You know what I mean…!!!)  Let me tell you more about different methods and also some tried and tested tips to make this a less painful one…!!!

You guys know that waxing/threading/plucking/ epilating involves plucking the hair from its root hence it is much painful. Where as, shaving just cuts the hair from the skin’s surface and thus its a painless procedure. However, the results of waxing lasts more than shaving one.

Do you know there are 2 basic types of waxes used for hair removal.
1. Hard wax:
Hot wax is applied on skin and left for drying. As it dries, it hardens. During this process, it lifts the hair up thus making the hair removal a bit less painful. This type of waxing is for smaller parts like nose, underarms, ears etc. Best part of hard wax application is, you can apply it in any direction. You don’t have to keep applying in the direction of hair growth like that of soft wax.


2. Soft wax:
These type of wax are widely used. The hot wax is applied on the larger area of skin like legs, arms and the wax is removed with the help of cloth. This pulls the hair from its root and thus makes it a painful procedure. Added benefit of waxing is that it removes tanning and dry skin too…!!! I am not someone who lets the hair grow and then visit a parlor to get it waxed. I prefer waxing at home instead. The Veet wax strips which are available at drug stores are my all time favorites. Some of my friends who have started using it on my recommendation, are also happy with the strips. You too give it a try…!!!


3. Shaving:
This is like a ‘warrior moment’ for every girl. I mean playing with razor and blade is not an easy job…!!! agreed? Nowadays, its not that difficult job. All thanks to the super flexible razors invented for us.  I use ‘Venus’ razor. This is a boon to us girls. You can be as careless as you want while using this. It will not hurt you at all…!!! Result – super silky smooth skin. Do give it a try if you opt for shaving.
People say or rather warn you when you opt for shaving. They say, hair which grows after shaving is comparatively harder. I personally do not have any problem with that. You are however going to remove that hair. Either by shaving again or by waxing. Trust me girls, it won’t grow that harder that it will impossible for you to remove it. *lol* so chill and shave it if you are worried about waxing pain.


4. Epilator:
These are electronic razors. You get different settings in a single epilator. You need to charge it before using it. Usually you get settings for both epilation and shaving in a single epilator. Epliator plucks the hair and yes its *ouch*
I own one too. But I hardly use the epilator setting. I just can’t bear the pain it gives me while plucking the hair. *hate it*

5. Laser hair removal:
This is the procedure involving removal of unwanted hair using pulses of laser light. The hair follicles are destroyed to get the results. If your hair is darker than your skin tone, this procedure works for you. One of my friends had undergone this method. Her skin used to get red rashes after the procedure. She wasn’t supposed to go out in sun for couple of days after the procedure and used to get swellings too. But, the results were long lasting. It depends on individual how many sit ups she has to undergo and how long the result lasts. I would recommend you to make a thorough study of the procedure and decide whether you need to undergo this or no.


6. Tweezing:
Tweezers come as a blessing when you got to remove few unwanted hair from your face. You can pluck one hair at a time using it. But it is not recommended to use it when you got to wax larger area.

7. Threading:
This is like huge tweezer. A knotted cotton thread is used to pull the hair. Usually its used for facial hair removal like eye brows and upper lips. This makes the hair removal faster and cleaner.


 8. Hair removal creams:
These are the chemicals which are used to remove hair with zero pain. The main contents are calcium thioglycolate or potassium thioglycolate, which breaks down the disulfide bonds in keratin and weakens the hair so that it is easily scraped off where it emerges from the hair follicle. I personally don’t like to use it for 2 reasons. 1. It stinks. 2. It is said to darken the skin if used frequently.
However, I do have a hair removal cream from Veet. You never know, when you need a quick hair removal. I have it for the case of emergency. I would ask you too to keep one handy.


Some tips:
1. Some people are allergic to wax, some are allergic to the type of cloth used to pull hair. Make sure which type of wax suits you.
2. Girls with super sensitive skin might get rashes after waxing. They can use ice cubes or a good soothing moisturizer to sooth your skin.
3. Make sure you maintain a good hygiene while waxing. Use a clean cloth for pulling the hair.
4. For Veet wax strips/ hair removal creams, look for the one which are made for your skin type to get most of it.
5. After a hot bath, since the pores open up. It is said to be the best time to get waxed.
6. It is preferred not to get waxed while you are menstruating. You need to relax during those days instead of pulling out the hair and causing more pain to your body.
7. After threading, tweezing use ice cubes over the threaded area to soothe it.
8. Always wash your razor with hot water after using it.
9. Do not apply any cream before waxing. The drier the skin, the less the pain. You can apply talk before waxing to keep the skin dry.

Closeup female face with water ice cubes at face
Closeup female face with water ice cubes at face

These are some of the basic and famous waxing techniques. Choose the one depending on your skin’s sensitivity.

Keep shining,

Pallavi ❤

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