Beauty Co Glow Mask Peel Off Mask Review and Swatch

Skin care people are always always drawn towards new skin care products. I have been trying out different face masks lately. This glow mask which I am reviewing today, is something I wanted to try from quite long time. Just because of it’s ‘fanciness’. It has stars and glitters in it guys…!!! Does that not soundContinue reading “Beauty Co Glow Mask Peel Off Mask Review and Swatch”

Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin

Ahh skin care… I know it’s tiresome yet times, but worth the efforts. Because no makeup can get you those compliments, which your natural skin gets you. You must have read the basic mantra for a great skin – CTM. Now the tricky part is not everyone has same skin type. I am not talkingContinue reading “Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin”

Health and Beauty Tips for Summers

Hello, You know one of the secrets of good health and beauty??? Modifying the care required for great health and beauty, as per the seasons. That’s why the most intelligent creator of this Earth has this concept of seasonal fruits and flowers. Which are perfect for the respective seasons. As you all know weather playsContinue reading “Health and Beauty Tips for Summers”

Home Remedies to Cure Prickly Heat Rashes

Hey, Changes are always difficult in the beginning. Be it a change in life or change in weather. Haha. April has just started and sun has already started to work on his skills to shine brighter in coming months. As much as I love summer, the facts like some skin issues and stuffs, make meContinue reading “Home Remedies to Cure Prickly Heat Rashes”

DIY Serum For Thick Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Hey, Eyebrows can make or break your look. You won’t get to know the importance of shape of your eyebrows till the time your beautician ruins it. Haaa it’s nothing less than a nightmare…!!! Phewww… 😱 I know majority of ladies like those thin and arched eyebrows. But I fall in the other category. IfContinue reading “DIY Serum For Thick Eyebrows and Eyelashes”

Home Remedies to Keep Elbows and Knees White Naturally…!!!

Hey Beautiful, What’s up??? Enjoying wintery mornings??? The cold breeze??? I am loving it. It’s my favorite season after all…!!! I am the happiest when winter is around. I have been writing a lot about winter care and products we need in order to protect skin from cold breeze. Today I am going to writeContinue reading “Home Remedies to Keep Elbows and Knees White Naturally…!!!”

Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

Hey, One of the most ignored parts of our body is feet. Agreed??? Do observe heals of those well dressed ladies. At least 6 out 10 of them have cracked heels. It looks so odd. If you don’t want to be one of those, read on. Reasons for cracked heels: Aging Lack of moisture ImproperContinue reading “Home Remedies for Cracked Heels”

Home Remedies for Open Pores

Hey beautiful, Few of my friends were asking me to write a post about open facial pores. So, finally here is the post about and remedies for open pores. What are open pores??? Skin is made of pores. They help in skin to breath. For most of the ladies,as they age, skin loses its elasticityContinue reading “Home Remedies for Open Pores”

How to Get Thicker Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Hey, In old mythological books to modern songs, eyes of a woman is something which has been admired beautifully. After all eyes are window to your soul. Right??? To make your eyes do the talking, lets get to know some more beauty tips today. When it comes to defining your eyes, Eyelashes and Eyebrows haveContinue reading “How to Get Thicker Eyelashes and Eyebrows”