Evening at Ganesh Pal

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If you are a frequent visitor to my blog, we had been to Shivgange waterfall the other day, ‘Virtually’. In case you have missed the waterfall, do check the video here. It’s beautiful..!!

The place we are talking about today or rather visiting virtually today is Ganesh Pal. This is the prior point to the waterfall. River Shalmala flows via Ganesh Pal, to Shivgange.

This is few kilometres away from Shivgange. A remote area amidst thick forest. From the main road few Kilo meters towards Ganesh Pal, you can see the welcome board. As the road ahead is not in a good condition, it’s better to park your vehicle there and start walking.!


It’s around a kilo meter or two long path. You will love the walk as nature will keep you entertained with some really nice music. Music of water, birds, breeze..! You can see thick forest on your left and a beautiful paddy field on the right. You can also see a house at the end of the field. That house is actually on the river bank. Just imagine… staying at that place. In nature’s lap. Blissful isn’t it??

While we were walking we saw the road that was damaged due to land sliding. By the look of it, seemed like that had happened recently. It’s a pretty usual scene in wester ghats during monsoons. Still, it’s scary.

Once you reach the end of the paddy field, you can hear the water flowing. That’s our today’s spot – Ganesh Pal.

Pal or pal means portion in Kannada.Once you reach the river bank, you can see a Lord Ganesha temple, which divides the river into two portions. Hence the name Ganesh Pal. You can also see lord Shiva linga and Nandi statue there.

During summers you can easily walk to the temple and offer praying. There is also a bridge that connects to the other side. But due to heavy water, the path and the bridge are submerged currently. Hence we had to pray from far. In order to see Ganesha, we had to walk little further along the bank.

This river spot is amidst thick forest. Fresh air, bird chirping, music of water makes it a perfect place to relax. Temple gives a spiritual touch which makes the experience even more calming.

As there are no eateries near by, you will have to carry your own food. In case you want to pack some food then Jaddigadde is a small village near by where you get some decent food which you can pack. But please make sure you leave the place clean. As a responsible traveller and a human, it is our own duty to take care of our planet. Isn’t it??

Also, the place is quite remote. It’s advisable to visit the place and return before sunset.

You can have a virtual tour by clicking the video below. Enjoy some songs of nature. Oh yes, don’t forget to watch a beautiful artistic house of honey bees I found there..!

Let’s Go to Shivgange Waterfall Near Sirsi

As things were getting back to normal till couple of weeks ago ( Now we have new variant so that’s why mentioning it in past tense), we took a small break from our daily lives and revisited this beautiful waterfall Shivagange. Oh by the way, my district Uttara Kannada/ North Canara in the state of Karnataka, is famous for serene waterfalls.! There are many beautiful waterfalls, this one is one of my favourites – Shivgange waterfall.

Shivgange waterfall is around 35 KM away from Sirsi. Western ghats are always soothing. Lush green forest on both side of the road will keep you amused all throughout the journey. Roads are good, you don’t have to do any off-roading as such. Plus they have sign boards placed at regular distance, hence you don’t have to worry about getting lost..! (Hey if you are thinking you will use Google maps if you get lost, let me tell you, network is poor or no network at all in those areas..! ) 

Let’s talk about our favourite topic (apart from travelling and shopping of course), food..!! There is no restaurant or any shops near by. There is a small village named Jaddigadde, which is around 2 Kms away from Shivgange.  You can have or pack some decent food there. Please note, if you are carrying any food items or plastic water bottles, do not litter the place. This is the only planet we have and we need to take care of it. 

Once you reach the parking area, you see staircase guiding you to the waterfall. Government has constructed staircase till the platform where you can get first glimpse of the waterfall. 


The Shivgange Falls is on the river Shalmala, flowing in Uttara Kannada/ North Canara district and it falls from a height of 74m. The waterfall is amidst luscious green forests that adds to the beauty of the waterfall. Sound of water falling, singing of different birds, ahhh music of nature..! So calming.!

If you are a water baby and wondering if you can reach the bottom of the waterfall, answer is yes. You can reach the bottom of the waterfall to get closer view, but that is going to be an exhausting trekking experience..!!

Best time to visit the waterfall is in monsoon or right after the monsoon season. If you are visiting in monsoons, be careful especially if you are planning to trek and get closer to the waterfall. This is surely not an easy breezy little waterfall. You need to be extra careful while trekking, one wrong step and you might end up falling 50-100 ft. Hope you got my point..!! 

You can have glimpse of Shivgange Waterfall here or I would say you can travel to Shivgange virtually here, by clicking on the video.!

Stay tuned for one more beautiful destination post in coming week. Hint : That’s a famous place which is very near to Shivgange waterfall. People who visit waterfall also visit the place where I’ll be taking you to, in my next post.!

Oh by the way, when was the last time you took a quick break to recharge your batteries?? Which is that place? Let me know in the comments section.

A Peaceful Place Called Shankara Honda In Sirsi ಶಂಕರ ಹೊಂಡ ಶಿರಸಿ

Everyone needs a peaceful break from the  chaos of life. The definition of break differs from person to person. If you ask me, a quiet place amidst nature would be a perfect idea of a quick break to recharge my mind. Nowadays, it’s not just cities where sound and air are polluted, even in small towns like mine, the sound pollution is at a good extent. Finding a place which is quiet and beautiful is sometimes acts as a bliss..! I have such place in my native place Sirsi. 

Shankara Honda, a moderate size pond which is located in Veerabhadra Galli, Sirsi, Karnataka, India. This is inside the town but away from the busy streets, near to very famous Sirsi Marikamba temple. All you can hear is the sounds of nature.! The pond is said to be the birth place or origin of river Aghanashini. 

Right next to Shankara Honda is Areca nut plantation. Which is a very common sight at my native place. It’s soothing to eyes and gives me that homely feel (YKWIM)

Shankara honda is not open 24*7. It’s open in the morning and in the evening time, to be more specific – 5:30 AM to 8 AM 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Place is kept very clean by the municipal corporation people. A beautiful garden, joggers lane, benches makes it a perfect place for morning and evening walks. Oh yes it has open gym, shower facilities too. Due to Corona, swimming has been restricted. Before Corona, people used to visit the place for a quick refreshing swim with their buddies.

Pond is quite huge and looks beautiful. Especially during golden hour of the day.!

Main attraction? Aqua buddies, I mean fishes. They are so so beautiful..! and foodie. People who visit here usually get something for these fishes to eat. It’s therapeutic to watch them and listen to the sound they make. Watch the video to believe it. We can find a lot many varieties (in size and colour) of fishes there.

Oh they also have these white beauties who are not so friendly with fishes, ducks. As they might end up over eating the fishes, ducks are usually caged. But person in charge of them comes on time and feeds them well. So if you visit Shankar Honda and see the ducks, don’t get fooled by their cries haha. They are well pampered.

Overall it is a quick peaceful escape from the usual chaotic life. If you ever visit Sirsi and have some spare time, do add this to your list.!

New Member to My Skin & Hair Care Routine – Hydrosol

Last year while the world witnessed a lot of ‘New Normals’, lot of things changed in beauty industry as well. More people started leaning towards skincare and less on cosmetics or makeup products. While trying to know and try some chemical free natural skincare products, I came across this holy grail called – Hydrosol.

Let’s know what is product is all about. Shall we??

First and foremost let’s see what is Hydrosol?

Hydrosol is magical water ( I mean water based product with benefits which can work like magic) made from the distillation of fresh flowers, leaves, fruits and other plant material. Doesn’t that sound wow..!

So, there are multiple types of Hydrosol available right?

Yes. There are Hydrosol made of different flowers (my favourite is Rose), many leaves are used to make Hydrosol ( I liked curry leaves one so far!!) etc.

How is the consistency?

When I said it’s magical water, like literally. When it comes to consistency, it is as light as water.

What about fragrance? Are they strong smelling one??

They have more subtle scent mostly. Again depends on the variant. For example Rose Hydrosol is more soothing fragrant (if you like fragrance of Rose), curry leaves one is kind of moderate, Lavender one can fall on slightly stronger note.

Is it similar to essential oil? If not, how are they different from essential oils?

They have a lot in common with essential oil as Hydrosols are byproduct of essential oil manufacturing process.! What makes Hydrosol different is that they are way less concentrated as compared to essential oils.

Are they supposed to be used only for skin?

No. They can be used for both skin and hair.

How to use Hydrosol?

You can spritz Hydrosol on face like toner. Can be sprayed on scalp for the betterment of scalp and hair health. It can also be used as a base for your skin care and hair care DIYs (That’s more like my deal. I love DIYs. Don’t you?? ) Plus, some Hydrosol with slightly stronger smell can be used as body mist.!

Let’s talk about most important point – What are the benefits of Hydrosol?

Hydrosol can cleanse your skin, maintain pH level and calm your skin. If you have itchy scalp, Hydrosol can help you get healthy scalp. Some are even used for hair growth as well..! Hydrosol can also be used for relaxation..!

Things to take care of before using Hydrosol.

Even though studies have proved that Hydrosol doesn’t really have any side effects, I would still ask you to do a patch test before using it. That’s because our skin reacts differently to different products, even if it natural/ chemical free one..!

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