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Everything You Need to Know About Piercing

Piercing, my second favourite body art. First being, tattoos..!! Well, I have always loved accessories. Getting my ears pierced to flaunt some nice pieces of jewellery was in my list and I did get pierced. Let me share my experience and things I learnt through it. Types: There are two types of procedures to get

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Certain Things About People With Tattoos You Might Love Knowing

Body art, It is called as an art not just because it involves a creative mind, it has a story of it’s own. 🙂 Art and artist, both should always be appreciated. Because they have this power to express so much just by their art. Some hang their art like painters, some eat or serve

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30 Tiny Tattoos Which Will Make You Get Inked

Hey Pretty, It was my dream to get a permanent tattoo, since my childhood. Those days, we used to get temporary tiny tattoos free, along with some chocolates. We were least bothered about chocolates. But we used to buy them or rather insist parents to buy those chocolates for us so that we get tattoos

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