12 Inexpensive Things to Follow for #SkinGoals

Healthy and beautiful skin is everyone’s dream..! Today I am going to share or rather remind you of certain already known and easy things which will help you to achieve your #SkinGoals. If you are looking for any mention of skin care product, Nope, it definitely not going to include any sort of product recommendation..!

Curious to checkout the list? Let’s start..!

  1. Drink at least 3 litres of water a day:

I know, I know, almost all beauty videos, posts and especially celebrity skin secrets include this point. But trust me it works to a greater extent. Not just skin, it is good for your overall health. As we all know, our body is made up of majority of water content. Drinking water helps in keeping your skin hydrated from within, helps in proper functioning of organs annnddd most importantly, it helps to flush out toxins from our body. So don’t forget to sipping water once in a while, daily..!

2. Do not touch your face:

Yes, you heard that right. Unless and until your hands are properly cleansed and it’s super clean, do not touch your face. Come on, this pandemic has taught us how our hands can be a medium to cause health issues..! Isn’t it? Even though they may look clean to our n*ked eyes, they do contain germs. Touching your face with hands might transfer germs which in turn cause breakouts. So avoid it..!

3. Wash your face masks frequently:

Face masks are the new normal. I have seen people using a same face mask straight for a month without washing it. Ewww..! While the face mask is on, we sweat, we speak and it might transfer a bit of our saliva to the mask. A layer of polluted air, germs and what not a poor mask protects us from..! If we do not wash the mask before using it the next time, just think of the amount of germs that are cultivated in those masks..! Please use clean face mask every time to take care of your health and skin darling..!

4. Eat clean:

TBH, I am not someone who can follow this. I am a huge junk food lover. BUT, I make sure I avoid eating food that cause breakouts. Some are allergic to dairy, for some sugar cause breakouts and for some oily food cause harm. So I am not someone who would ask you to leave everything for the sake of it. Instead I would suggest you to avoid eating food that doesn’t suit your skin and body.

5. Sleep:

This is most underrated activity when it comes to healthy body, skin, mind or even for weight loss. Minimum 7 hours sleep is what we need to keep our overall health in check. While we are asleep body gets recharged (like literally). So make sure you get that good beauty sleep to get flawless skin.

6. Go to bed makeup free:

Always always take off your makeup before hitting the bed. Makeup products clog the facial pores which is why this sinful act cause breakouts..!

7. Change your pillow cases frequently:

When we sleep, we transfer the skincare products that we have applied, hair product, saliva to our pillow cases..! If we do not change the pillow cases, we are just harming our skin by playing with the germs that are there on the pillow cases. So clean pillow cases for clearer skin.

8. Choose the products wisely:

Do not blindly follow any trend or recommendations. A product that works for someone may or may not work for your skin. Always do a patch test before trying it on your whole face.

9. Clean your cellphone’s screen:

Cellphones are like the extended part of our body.! While we are talking over the phone, screen comes in contact with our face. If your screen is not clean, again we are transferring those germs to your face.! You are aware of the next story..! So to avoid these breakouts caused by phones, keep your cellphone screens clean.

10. Keep your hair away from face:

Our hair accumulate lot of pollution, dust and sweat. When they come in contact with our facial skin, tell me what happens!? Yes you are absolutely right, breakouts..!!

11. Follow simple CTM routine:

If you are not aware of this three letter mantra, here is the post that will help you. Especially the last step. That’s way more important to keep skin healthy and supple.

12. Keep your mind happy:

Yes you read it right. When you are not happy inside it shows on your face (like, literally), skin and body. To keep your mind stress free and happy, do something that makes your soul happy. Be it exercising, a quick walk, any hobby or even spending time with your family (furry members included). When you are happy inside, hello healthy skin..!

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Recipe of A Mask That Can Be Used On Face and Body to Enhance Your Beauty

Hello Beautiful,

If you love trying out DIY beauty stuffs, then Mygirlypedia is the perfect place for you.!  Where you’ll get multiple DIY recipes, which I am sure you will love!

Today’s DIY potion which I would call ‘Beauty Enhancer’ is here.

Let’s see the ingredients we need & of course the benefits of using them.

Gram Flour:


  1. Gets rid of pimples
  2. Moisturiser Dry skin
  3. Reduces oiliness
  4. Exfoliate dead skin
  5. Removes tan
  6. Removes fine facial hair.

Orange Peel Powder:

  1. Brightens skin.
  2. Remover blackheads.
  3. Regenerates skin
  4. Reverser Sun Damage.


  1. Treats discolouration
  2. Removes dead skin cells.
  3. Prevents pimples
  4. Removes blackheads
  5. Removes Whiteheads

Olive Oil:

  1. Moisturises skin
  2. Refreshes skin
  3. Removes signs of ageing
  4. Natural sunscreen
  5. Eliminates Eye-bag.

Take these ingredients in the suitable quantity, mix them & apply it on your face.

Let the potion do it’s magic while you sit back & relax!

Once it is semi dry, that’s when we are going to gently rub your face with clean hands. 

Now wash your face using warm or cold water.

Oh hello glow godess!!

Hope you find it useful!

You can find the video of making this mask on YouTube here.


Vidya Balan’s Teary Video On Body-Shaming is Going Viral for The Right Reason

While scrolling through the infinite Instagram feed, I came across this video featuring one of the best performers of our time – Vidya Balan.

Vidya has given us some amazing movies. Apart from being well known for her great performances, she has been in news for her weight. Yep, weight. I have even seen some of the clips where some reporters ask her about her ‘extra’ weight. Even though all most all the actresses are body shamed at some point, Vidya has been body shamed a lot more than any of the actresses. She has confessed in one of her interviews that she had been constantly reminded about her body type by people, even before she joined Bollywood.

Vidya has once again made us feel proud by the way she expressed her views and experience, about most talked topic – Body-shaming.

In this short video Vidya is seen singing some of iconic Hindi songs with new lyrics. Lyrics which describe the pain of a woman who is judged for her appearance. The pain of not respecting her identity is evident.

Lyrics is something like this:

Sometimes you call me fat,
sometimes you call me short,
Sometimes you call me dark.
By these words of yours,
My heart aches.
You knowingly/ unknowingly becomes this ignorant.

You forget my name,
instead, calls me by different ‘nick names’.
I have my own identity too.

Man is trapped between black and white.
How silly of him to judge each and everyone around.

The message she gives is so true:
Making fun of someone by their weight, body part, colour is something you should be ashamed of. By such things you are hampering self-confidence of someone. It hurts them real bad. Every individual is different and that’s what makes him/ her special…!!!

We easily judge people. Pass comments. Healthy teasing between friends is something different. But sometimes, when we cross a limit and that one comment can cause lot of damage. You never know the woman whom you said fat might be having health issues which is making her gain weight. She might have had sleepless nights crying about it, she might be starving herself to lose those weight you are worried about (read it as making her worry about). By calling someone by their skin colour, you are adding up to their self-doubts.

If you think only people with more curves are body shamed, you are wrong. People who are under weight or have no curves, have their set of painful stories to share. If you think people with white skin are blessed and are safe from such bullies, na you are not right. We also have some creepy names given by some creeps.

For every body type, there are bunch of people who can come up with creative names. Moti/ fatty, patli/ flat, chotu/ shorty, gori/ fairness cream ki dukhaan, kaali blah blah blah. They fail to see a person beyond weight, height, skin colour…!!! If you judge a book by its cover, you might miss a lot of good things the book might add to your value.

Lord Ganesha is the first one we pray to when we start any ritual. Lord Krishna is the one who has though us the gem – Bhagavad Gita, whom we love and worship. When we worship all Gods irrespective of their body type or skin colour, why can’t we celebrate goodness of a human irrespective of their body or skin type?

So the next time before commenting or laughing at someone, let’s spend a little more time and give work to our brains to see the person beyond the size/ colour. It is definitely not acceptable to harm someone’s self confidence.

If you are body shamed and if it is bothering you, I just want to ask you one question – whose views matter to you the most, some bunch of unwanted people or someone who knows and loves you?? No matter how perfect you try to be, people will always have their ‘free comments’ to offer.If we keep giving importance to those comments, which are doing harm and absolutely no good to you, you are wasting this precious life. Instead of letting your energy flow into that direction, utilise it to love yourself. To be happy and comfortable in your own skin. Life is too short to waste it on people who doesn’t matter. Isn’t it???

Concealers I Recommend For That Flawless Look

Hello pretty,

In one of my set of posts for makeup beginners, I had included a whole post for this flaw covering product called concealer. Yes,this is the product used to get flawless skin look. It covers skin problems like blemishes, spots,dark patches etc.

Everyone has bad skin day. These unwanted pimples can come anytime. Uhhh. So keeping these concealers handy would be a wise choice.

I do have couple of concealers with me. They are from my favorite brands – Lakme and Maybelline. Which I’m gonna quickly review now.

Lakme Absolute Color Intense Concealer:

There are 3 different shades available.

  • Honey (05)
  • Medium (03)
  • Fair (01)

Click On Below Image to Shop 

I chose the shade 01.

Best part it comes with SPF 20. So, hello summer. 😉


600 INR for 3.6 g. I bought it from Nykaa for 413 INR. Thanks to the sale with 25% off.

Shelf Life:

2 years.


It comes in a bullet packing just like a lipstick. The grey and silver packing is kind of sober yet attractive. The transparent plastic cap is tight but not so sturdy. I had broken it ones. This is my second tube. So you don’t have to worry of any spillage but you should be cautious that you won’t break the cap.

The twist and apply technique is very handy. You don’t have to use any applicator as such.

The transparent cap also makes it easy to keep an eye on the product left. The shade number is printed at the bottom of the pack. Which helps in differentiating the shade.


It has a faint fragrance of candies. Smells yummy.


The product is creamy. The results or finish it gives is a matte finish. But it doesn’t dry the skin.


This is the main point for concealer. The coverage it provides is light to medium. I can’t say it totally hides the pimple marks, but it make them appear faint. But this is good enough to cover dark circles.

What I loved about Lakme Absolute Color Intense Concealer:

  • It has SPF 20.
  • Coverage is good.
  • Travel friendly packing.
  • Twist and apply parking is handy.
  • Availability.
  • Value for money. Little goes long way so the quantity of product for the price is good.

What I didn’t like:

  • Shade availability is very less.
  • Second concealer I absolutely love is the one from Maybelline.

Maybelline Newyork Fit Me Concealer:

Shades available:

4 shades are available.

  • Light (10)
  • Sand (20)
  • Medium (25)
  • Cafe (30)

Click On Below Image to Shop 

I chose the shade Sand (20) for me.


525 INR For 6.8 ml. (Buy from here)

Shelf life:

3 years


It comes in a tube packing like lipgloss. The transparent plastic tube is sturdy. The black cap is tight.

The shade number at the bottom of the tube and the transparent pack makes it easier to recognize the shade and the quantity of product left.


It has mild fragrance of some chemical. It’s so mild that it’s hardly noticed.


The dove feet applicator is soft and Veryyyy easy to use. This makes the application super easy.


It’s a liquid concealer. Not runny though. The finish it gives is dewy and soft finish.


This will last in my makeup bag for long now because of the coverage it gives…!!! This hides the flaws really well. I was super annoyed by the pimple scar I had last week. Trust me it was so dark that it was a good reason to get annoyed. Lakme concealer I tried made it look light. But it was still noticable. Uhh. But this concealer hid it so well. I loved it. So I can say the coverage is pretty great.

What I like about Maybelline Newyork Fit Me Concealer:

  • Coverage is awesome.
  • Travel friendly packing.
  • Comes with a nice applicator.
  • Doesn’t dry skin.
  • Totally worth the money.

What I didn’t like about Maybelline Newyork Fit Me Concealer:

  • Doesn’t has any SPF content like that of Lakme.
  • Shade availability is less, especially for deeper skin tones.

Which one will I repurchase???

I would definitely go for Maybelline because of its coverage. SPF content is not my concern as I can apply some good sunscreen on it separately. Hehe.

Which one will I recommend???

My recommendation depends on your skin needs.

If your main concern is dark circles and you like products with sun protection contents, go for Lakme.

If you have different skin problems like pimple scars, dark patches, unevenness then go for Maybelline. This gives you a great coverage. You can add SPF product later. What’s say???

I hope these quick reviews will help you chose the concealer for you. If you want to know more about concealer do check this post of mine, where I have explained everything you need to know about it.

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