TONYMOLY Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch Review

Skin covering lips is thin and needs more hydration. Lip balms are good way to do so but once in a while they need deep hydration just like our facial skin.

Some of The (Weird) Beauty Tools From Japan…!!!

Hey my beautiful reader,

You must have heard that the Japanese people are the most beauty conscious people you can find. I have listed out  some of their beauty secrets here…!!! Today, I will be sharing some information about certain beauty tools which are invented by them. Read on to know how helpful these tools are.

1. Bigan Beauty Face Expander:
Are you not so happy with your cute little face? Have you ever wonder how you could get a wider face? Japanese have invented this tool. It claims to stretch the facial skin to prevent it from sagging and result -> broader face, firmer and younger looking skin.


I personally never wished for a huge face. Facial exercise are always a safer option than these tools.

2. Facewaver Exercise Mask:
Did you get scared by looking at this mask??? I did…!!! I remembered the cartoon which I used to watch ‘The Mask’.


Mask claims to stretch and firms the facial skin. But looking at the mask, I feel that these masks leave marks on your face. They look so tight and uff suffocationnn

3. Futae Compass Make-up Eyelid Brush:
As you can see, the brush of this tool can be moved over your eyelid to draw crease. But moving a plastic brush over delicate eyelids…???!!! helppp


4. Facial Lift At Once Face Trainer:
All you have to do is, stick the end of this vibrating gadget in your mouth. Because of the vibration, it claims to lift the facial skin up.  No comments


5. Giant Rubber Lips For Slimmer and Younger Face:
All you have to do is stick the tool inside your mouth as shown in picture. Try to say the vowels ‘A, E, I, O, U”. Company recommends to use it while taking bath to make most of it. I personally feel they are right. You need  to try it in bathroom to avoid looking like a clone to the world.


6. Ribbon Scalp Stretcher:
As you can see this ribbon comes with 2 clips attached. You must be wondering  “now what??” You got to wear this over head and under hair to stretch out the scalp and facial skin. By this it claims to reduce the wrinkles.


7. OMNI Beauty Eye Care Eye Slack Haruka Device:
It works with lithium batteries. This is a remedy for sagging, swelling, dark circles etc. You got to place this under your eyes and by the thermal heat it produces, all the mentioned problem will be gone. That to in just 3 minutes(You can wear it while preparing Maggie…!!!)


8. Rimobul Asian Style Beauty Facial Mask Tool:
Have you wonder you could slice the cucumber thinner so that you could use it more easily on your eyes?? This tool is made for that. It slices the vegetable into thinnest slice. I think this tool will be of great use. Whats say??


9. Happy Face Trainer:
Are you not happy with your smile??? Buy this trainer to achieve your dream smile. You got use for 5 minutes to lift your cheeks and get that perfect smile.
I feel, when you smile from your heart, trust me you look your best. There is no good or a bad smile as such.


10. Korea Mask House Slim Lifting Face Chin Cheek Diamond V-Fit Mask:
Raise your hands if you love sharp jaw line. If you want to achieve this feature, try this.


11. OMNI Nasolabial Iron:
This is iron box for wrinkles. Yes you read it right. This tool heats up and you need to move this over crow’s feet and wrinkles to get rid of them.


12. Hana Tsun Nose Straightener:
This is used to straighten the nose. Got to insert this inside nose as shown below for 20 minutes daily to achieve the results.


13. Fullips Lip Enhancer Tool:
Ahemmm… Sometime I really feel my friends are right. I buy mostly the unwanted stuffs. I have made a mistake of buying this one. face palm I dont use this anymore because huge lips on my small face doesn’t  look that great. You must be thinking how to use this. You got to place this on your lips and suck. Due to the suction pressure, blood gets circulated to your lips and thus makes your lips appear fuller.

images (5)

14. Beauty Lift High Nose:
You read about straightening nose. Now this is for slimming your nose. crazy right? This vibrating tool claims to slim the fat nose.


15.  Beauty Voice Trainer:
Wanna be singers, here is a good news. This device can make your voice sound sweet. It positions tongue in such a way that, the voice passage gets opened up thus making your voice melodious.


phewww…!!! That’s all for today…!!!

How did you find these tools???

Useful??? weird??? funny???

Do comment and let me know.. haha

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How to Use Lipliners…!!!

Hey Pretty,

Today while applying lip liner, I thought why don’t I write a tiny post about it here, in my cute girly world ‘My GirlyPedia‘…!!!

Do you remember the ‘coloring books’ which we used to buy when we kids. Those books used to have sketches of animals, flowers, cartoons etc. Our job used to be coloring them with colors of our choice. Those were fun days. Isn’t it??? That proud moment of buying water color with more color cakes, that one separate florescent sketch pen in the kit, those crayons…pheww  Never ending childhood memories. Happy tears


I mentioned about those books because what we are going to do with lip liner and lipstick are kind of same. Lip liner, as the name suggests is used to draw lines. You draw outline on your lips inside which you will be filling color with lipstick of your choice. Sounds fun???

Most of the beautician stress on using lip liners because,they perfectly define your lips. They act like boarder and makes lipstick application easy.


You must be eager to know how to apply lip liner to exaggerate one of the beautiful part of your face, ‘lips’:

  1. Like I always say, start with a clean canvas. hehe Apply concealer around and on lips. (I suggested you to apply concealer on lips as well because, concealer neutralize the lip color and hence the lip pencil’s and lipstick’s color pay off will be good. Else, your natural lip color may alter lipstick’s color and hence the result might not be up to the mark. )

  2. Take the lip liner pencil of your choice. (Make sure tip is sharp enough to draw fine lines)

  3. Draw line on your outer corner of your lower lip. (You can draw line bit outside your lips to make your lip look plump.)

  4. Do you know double curve on your upper lip,  is called ‘cupid’s bow’. (That”s because of the shape of our lips…!!!)


  1. In order to define the cupid’s bow beautifully, you need to draw an ‘X’ mark like this.

  2. Like mentioned for lower lip, you can draw outline outside upper lip to get plump pout.

  3. Fill in with lipstick by using a good lip brush. (Filling colors within the lines, using thin brushes is easier than the thick lipsticks right?? )

download (13)

  1. Blend the lip liner and lipstick.

  2. Done. Happy dance

Refer this below image to give a plump look to your lips:



More info about lip liners:
1. There are two types of lip liners available in market. Typical pencil package one and the retractable tube package.
2. I always prefer retractable one. Because you don’t need to run for a sharpener every time to use the product effectively. Also it reduces the product wastage.

3. Always choose lip liner of shade similar or nearer shade as that of your lipstick. This helps in blending step easy.
4. Lip liners are usually of matte finish ones. You can fill all your lips with lip liner and use it as a lipstick.
5. Do not over do the lines. It want to look gorgeous, not tedious.
6. You can also use nu*e lip liners to get illusion of plump lips.
7. Use lip brush to fill inside the lines. At lease till the time you become a pro to fill colors using lipstick.
8. I have mentioned about drawing lines outside lips to make it look plump. But make sure, you draw the corners on the natural lip corners. Do not over do at the corners.
9. Do you know, lip liners make lipstick last longer, without any touch ups…!!! You got one more good reason to use them.

You know every thing about lip liners now…!!! wink

I hope this post will be useful the next time you apply lipstick.

Till next post,

Keep Shining,
Pallavi ❤