New Member to My Skin & Hair Care Routine – Hydrosol

Last year while the world witnessed a lot of ‘New Normals’, lot of things changed in beauty industry as well. More people started leaning towards skincare and less on cosmetics or makeup products. While trying to know and try some chemical free natural skincare products, I came across this holy grail called – Hydrosol.

Let’s know what is product is all about. Shall we??

First and foremost let’s see what is Hydrosol?

Hydrosol is magical water ( I mean water based product with benefits which can work like magic) made from the distillation of fresh flowers, leaves, fruits and other plant material. Doesn’t that sound wow..!

So, there are multiple types of Hydrosol available right?

Yes. There are Hydrosol made of different flowers (my favourite is Rose), many leaves are used to make Hydrosol ( I liked curry leaves one so far!!) etc.

How is the consistency?

When I said it’s magical water, like literally. When it comes to consistency, it is as light as water.

What about fragrance? Are they strong smelling one??

They have more subtle scent mostly. Again depends on the variant. For example Rose Hydrosol is more soothing fragrant (if you like fragrance of Rose), curry leaves one is kind of moderate, Lavender one can fall on slightly stronger note.

Is it similar to essential oil? If not, how are they different from essential oils?

They have a lot in common with essential oil as Hydrosols are byproduct of essential oil manufacturing process.! What makes Hydrosol different is that they are way less concentrated as compared to essential oils.

Are they supposed to be used only for skin?

No. They can be used for both skin and hair.

How to use Hydrosol?

You can spritz Hydrosol on face like toner. Can be sprayed on scalp for the betterment of scalp and hair health. It can also be used as a base for your skin care and hair care DIYs (That’s more like my deal. I love DIYs. Don’t you?? ) Plus, some Hydrosol with slightly stronger smell can be used as body mist.!

Let’s talk about most important point – What are the benefits of Hydrosol?

Hydrosol can cleanse your skin, maintain pH level and calm your skin. If you have itchy scalp, Hydrosol can help you get healthy scalp. Some are even used for hair growth as well..! Hydrosol can also be used for relaxation..!

Things to take care of before using Hydrosol.

Even though studies have proved that Hydrosol doesn’t really have any side effects, I would still ask you to do a patch test before using it. That’s because our skin reacts differently to different products, even if it natural/ chemical free one..!

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I Tried Couple of Nykaa Hand & Nail Crèmes and This is What All I Have to Say About Them

When we meet and greet someone, we usually say hello by waving or shaking hands. Hence there is high chance that your hands not go unnoticed. Taking care of them should be in the list for this prime reason.

Hand cream is something my handbag essentials for a very long time. All thanks to my dry hands. Huuh.

A month ago I bought these hand creams from Nykaa. Nykaa has come up with their own line of cosmetics and skin care. There are seven different varients in this range. Out of which I chose two of my favorites.


Let’s see how it worked or not worked for me.

PS: this post is not sponsered by Nykaa.

Flavors I chose:

  • Peony & White Lily
  • Freesia & Vanilla

What company claims:

Peony & White Lily

Flirtatious Peonies mingle with the regal White Lilies to give sweep you to a mystical dreamland with its exquisite fragrance. Peony brings dollops of freshness, while noble White Lilies leave your hands wrapped in sweet, romantic scent.

Freesia & Vanilla

Dive into the sensuous, gourmet scent of intense vanilla wrapped in a fresh bouquet of hand-plucked Freesia. The free-spirited freshness of Freesia is mellowed down with the ever-so-sweet Vanilla, offering you a blend that give your hands a warm, fresh hug.



These are quite tiny tubes. Plus, the lid is quite tight. So no worries about need for large space in your handbag or any spillage.

Each flavor has different outer packing or this tube. In one word, it’s girly. Each varient can be differentiated by it’s cool floral prints on the tube.

As you can see, the Freesia has this yellow floral print and peony has this beautiful red floral print.

Have a look at all the variants here.


275 INR each for 30 ml.

Shelf life:

35 months.

Once opened, best before:

24 months

My take:

As and when you open this tubes of nail and hand cream, one thing you just can’t ignore is their amazing fragrance. Trust me it’s so yummy that you feel like eating it. But yes they are not edible so you have to drop that idea, for good.

At first, it might seem over empowering. But the fragrance faints as soon as you wipe it against your hands.

Peony & White Lily smells like a mild flower. Very soothing one.

Freesia & Vanilla is my personal favorite. It smells exactly like one of the Victoria secret mists. A very sweet coconut fragrance with a hint of Vanilla. Smells delicious.



Off-white cream, neither runny nor sticky. Non greasy and non oily.


Main business. Is it serving it’s major purpose? The Freesia and vanilla has such a beautiful aroma that my baby sister also bought it. My hands are way more dry than hers.

It didn’t really work for my extremely dry hands. I could still feel the need of hydration even after applying these creams.


But it did work for my sister. She has normal to dry hands. She could feel her hands more soft than before.

Things I loved:

  • Cruelty free.
  • Paraben free.
  • Easily available online.
  • Fragrance is amazing.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Attractive packing.
  • Tube packing is hygienic as compared to tub one.
  • Works for normal to dry hands.

Things Which can be Improved:

  • I find it slightly more pricier. Because I know some hand creams which we get more quantity for almost same amount. Plus, which works well on dry hands.
  • Fragrance fades as we apply the cream. I find it a con because the fragrance is good and I was expecting it to last a bit longer.
  • Didn’t work on extremely dry hands.
  • Girls with sensitive nose might find the fragrance over empowering.

Will I repurchase?

No. I didn’t find it worth the price as it didn’t work on my hands.

Will I recommend?

If you have normal to dry hands and love amazing fragrance, you can give a try.

Mygirlypedia Rating: 2 /5.

5 Accessories to Change The Style Game

There is a saying accessories can change your style game. All you need is one piece of fashion which will make you stand out of the crowd.

I just remembered the quote by the famous – Michael Kors,


You don’t have to have perfect dress, makeup and hair all the time to look the best. Here are some accessories which can make you score more in the fashion game.

Wanna know them??? Ok here they are…

Red Lipstick:

Yes red lipstick is technically cosmetic but this is definitely one strong accessory if you wear it in a right way.
Those red bold lips itself speak a lot about you. Your confidence, about the diva inside you. Trust me all the attention goes on to your lips. No body is gonna care about your dress and hair style.


A perfect handbag as per the occasion can make you look your best without having to spend time on other stuffs.

Statement Neck pieces:

A boring plain top??? Umm… how to make it interesting… Just wear a neck piece which can speak louder than your attire.

Ear and finger rings:

These are my favorite accessories. Without which I can’t feel complete. There is no rule that you need to wear long earrings with your traditional wear ONLY. try mix and match the earrings with your outfits to make your own signature style.

So are finger rings. A nice huge finger ring can add that spark to the whole look for sure.


Play with the colorful scarves. These can get you those extra brownie points in the game of fashion. I know scarves are ideal for winters. But thin fabric and colorful scarves can be wore all throughout the year. You don’t have to wear them only around your neck.  I personally tie my hair using a colorful, small scarf to add that girly factor to the look. Just like I replace rubber band with a scarf, if you have short hair then tie scarf like a head band.


So, these are the accessories which I trust when it comes to changing the dress up game. If you I want to suggest one thing, I would say just choose the accessory which makes you comfortable. Sometimes it’s not only about looking great but it’s about being comfortable. Just one piece of advice is – never go overbroad with the accessories. It will look tacky, not fashionable. Moderation is the key after all.

Hope you find this post useful.




  What are Your Intentions for 2018???

My pretty reader,

Few hours left to say bye to 2017 and say hi to 2018. You must be ready with all celebration plans as well as the resolutions. As per the ‘new year rituals’…!

So, what are your intentions for 2018??? I am saying intensions because, lets be frank, resolutions never happen. Do they??? At least mine, never.

Hence this year – I am not making any resolutions for ‘new year’ sake. I can’t keep up my resolutions for more than first two days of January. Never happen. If you are good at keeping your resolutions intact till last month of the year, here – claps from me. 👏

As a new year is gonna start, I wanna take this opportunity to start it with a smile. (I can’t say a new hope – 1st is Monday. For a working IT gal, no matter which date it is Monday is hopeless. )

Here are some of my intentions with which I am gonna welcome my new year.

2018 Is going to be My Year

Yes. I have wasted my time, energy and tears on some of the people and thoughts who were not at all worth of those precious things. I’m pretty sure most of us did that too…!!! Hence, I am keeping myself and my nearest ones who never left my side when I was in need, in my priority list. Rest – bye bye. You might call me selfish but I don’t care. At the end of the day however I will be judged. By prioritizing in my way, at least I will be happy at the end of the day. What’s say??? 😉

A big hug to life and its lessons

2017 Has been a wonderful year. It gave me love and pain. I am glad it gave me love more than any year. I got a pet for myself. I started prioritizing things. I grew more mentally. I learnt to accept the things and grew with it. Hence, hoping to be more positive when it comes to life lessons. Instead of looking at pain, I am gonna look at the lessons I am learning.😎


Travelling makes you meet your true self. That leisure from daily race is necessary for your soul. Hence I will travel at least 2-3 places I have never seen before.😊

Be silly, be crazy, be who you are

We live only once gal. We can’t spend our lives impressing others. Instead, live a life which is impressive enough for you when you are on death bed. As I said, people will talk and judge about you. Ahhh poor people. Let’s give them some stuff to talk about by being just happy. 😀

Healthy lifestyle

Phewww this has been a common resolution for past many years. This year for change, it’s just my intention. I’m a huge junk food Addict. I just can’t end my day without an unhealthy diet. #Sinful I know. But this year let’s see how I am gonna workout this ‘intention’ of mine. 💆

Never compromise ‘me time’

I know a year can change a lot many things. But, no matter what, I’m not gonna stop pampering myself. No compromise with ‘me time’ 👸

Be more good to animals

Most of the times I have forgotten to keep some food in my vehicle so that I can feed a stray animal whenever I find one. I have met some stray dogs recently and I didn’t had anything to feed them. No proper food shop near by to buy anything. I have been guilty. I’m never gonna do that again in 2018. Plus, I will donate some money to some known charity, who work for animals. Trust me, world needs kind hearts more than anything. 😇


I have intentions to improve mygirlypedia and keep you guys informed and entertained. For which I really need your love in 2018 also, more than what you gave me in 2017. 😘

Eight main intentions for two zero one eight.

What are yours???

Have a great new year eve guys…!!! 😘

Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions

Hey pretty,
How’s your Friday treating you???
Today is happiest evenings compared to other week days. Isn’t it??? We can relax the next two days, doing what you love.

I was just wondering, why don’t we have a random questions answer session on every Friday…
By the end of the article you will get to know me more. Do leave your answers in the comments section below. Because I wanna know my readers toooooo.  I hope you make my Friday happier by answering these five questions…  baby eyes

Since this is the first interactive post, let’s start with basic questions…  What’s say???
Shall we start??? yeahhhhhh

  • What’s the meaning of your name???

    Pallavi –  derived from Sanskrit. It’s a combination of three words.
    PA –  PAdam,  lyrics or word.
    LA –  LAyam,  rhythm
    VI – VIdooshi,  expression


  • What’s your nick name???

    My maternal grandmother used to call me Pallu.
    Some of my friends call me Palli, to annoy me. Palli means lizard in my native language.
    Few call me Chotu – Because my height is ‘down to earth’…  *wink*


  • What are your hobbies???

    Blogging, reading novels (usually love stories.  Currently reading –  P.S. I Love You. I know most of you might have already read this. I’m finallllllyyyyyyy reading it now…!!! **blush**) ,  dancing. Ummm can I call shopping as my favorite hobby???  **haha**

  • What is your favorite color???

    Black is my Happy Color. I like pink too…  What’s yours??

  • What’s your favorite food???

    I am from southern part of India. Rice is our staple food. I love different flavored rice so much so that, I can eat it whole day.


Now it’s your turn… !!!

Have a happy weekend…!!! 💋💋💋

How to Style a Pencil Skirt

Hey pretty,

How was your Sunday???  I spent my Sunday in nature…  I had been for trekking with friends…  The fort, mountains, rain, fog…  Had amazing time. Hope you had a good weekend too…!!!

Tomorrow is Monday…  I know it’s a shortest horror story…  But, can’t help… Have to go for work…

Today I’m gonna give you some styling tips…  So that you can rock some amazing outfits effortlessly.

Pencil skirt…  Skirt with narrow or straight cut.  It accentuates your figure as it hugs tightly to body. Curvy girls, are you listening??? 😉

Let’s see how many ways we can style this piece of fashion

  • Formal look

One of the famous look. A formal look. Style it with shirt for that corporate look.

  • LBD

Make a Little Black Dress by styling black pencil skirt with black top.

  • With crop tops

Show that toned body with this style.

  • With boy friend shirt

Wear a lose shirts (popularly known as boyfriend shirts) with tight skirts to stand out from the crowd.

  • With peplum tops

For that elegant feminine look, pair pencil skirt with peplum top. You don’t really have to have killer curves…  The outfit itself gives illusion of perfect curvy body. Show off those curves with this combination.

  • Lace top

Pairing lace top with pencil skirts looks super stylish.

  • Floral top

For that evening look,  pair with cute floral top.

  • Cute top for casual look

Pair with contrasting colored shirt for casual look.

  • Long tops

Wear a long top with skirt. Looks cool. Isn’t it…  Style them with boots to complete the look.

  • Layer it up

Style a skirt and top with jackets to change the game. Choose them wisely as per the occasion.


I hope you found these tips useful…  😘

Have a great week ahead darling…  💋





30 Tiny Tattoos Which Will Make You Get Inked

Hey Pretty,

It was my dream to get a permanent tattoo, since my childhood. Those days, we used to get temporary tiny tattoos free, along with some chocolates. We were least bothered about chocolates. But we used to buy them or rather insist parents to buy those chocolates for us so that we get tattoos with it. Even though my mom used to say that those are not good for skin, I used to love flaunting those colorful tattoos. The painful part was when the tattoo used to fade. Piece by piece….!!! Ahhh…!!!

I was scared to get a permanent tattoo. All thanks to some horrific videos on You tube. But now I have 2 tattoos on my body. Which I love the most. Tattoos are the permanent art. They describe your personality. They are with you till your last breath. They will accompany you to your burial. If you don’t have a tattoo, you don’t know how good it feels to own a tattoo. You can check my post on my tattoo experiences and the care you need to take care here.

It’s always preferred to go for a simpler tattoo in the beginning right??? Especially when you are scared…!!! haha So, today I am just posting some of the tiny cute tattoos I found. Do check. I am sure at the end of this article, a part of you will urge you to get a tattoo for yourself.

Lets start with my tattoos wink

  • My first tattoo:


  • My second one


You can check details of why I opted for these two can be found here.

  • Perfect for a Wanderlust Soul


  • For Adventurous Soul


  • If you love sun , sand and beach these are for you…!!!




  • For Pet Lovers..!!! Pets Love us so much. These are perfect for tat love.






  • For those who love being themselves.



  • For Those Who Love Life




  • Harry Potter fans… Are you listening???



  • For the love of mountains.



  • Heart Love



  • For the child in you. Who still believes in unicorn.


  • Who wanna be as free as a flying bird




  • For a strong and precious diamond like soul


  • Key to Your Heart



  • To scream silently that you are a girly girl.







I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I am enjoying writing this…!!!


Is your heart saying you to get inked??? Listen carefully…!!!   wink

Unique Gifts for A Girl Who Loves Makeup… 


The other day,  I was talking to an old friend of mine. She wanted to gift a friend of hers, something unique and something she loves. Knowing that she is a makeup freak and me being one more… We started looking for something in that domain…  haha

Here are some unique ideas to make that girly girl happy…  😉

  •  Brush holder

Makeup brush are important part of our art. We have different set of brushes like lip brush, foundation brush, eyeshadow applicator and the list goes on. Gifting a girl brush holder with those super cool makeup quotes will definitely makes us a happy person.

You can buy this here. 

  • Cool patches

Cloth patches are new trend. All you need to do is place them on your jackets/tshirt/jeans and iron them. They get stick to your cloth and makes them look chick.  So the next time include these super cool patches in your gift list.

  • Ahhh those shirts…

What’s more better than wearing t-shirts with our favorite quotes…  The quotes which define us.  😉

Buy Blending Savage Here. 

  • Makeup Bags

We adore the makeup bags where we store all our magical stuffs.  If those bags are girly enough, we are the happiest people around. 😁

  • Customized Compact Mirror

We use them a lot. For regular check on lipstick and eye makeup, we need a compact mirror. Imagine your name engraved on it.  😉

  • Lipstick Phone Case

This gift is for those girls who never steps out with out lipstick. Gifting her this lipstick phone case will definitely make her day.

  • Girly Tote Bags

Tote bags are shopaholic girls best friend. Gifting her a cute girly tote will help her in her next makeup haul.

  • We Love Pillows

Girly pillows are also a very good option…  😉

  • Coffee Mugs

These are for those makeup and caffeine addicts.

  • Badges

Who doesn’t like these cute badges…  😍

Enjoyed reading??

Do add these in your gift list and makeup your makeup geek friends super happy…  😀💋

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