Beauty Co Glow Mask Peel Off Mask Review and Swatch

Skin care people are always always drawn towards new skin care products. I have been trying out different face masks lately. This glow mask which I am reviewing today, is something I wanted to try from quite long time. Just because of it’s ‘fanciness’. It has stars and glitters in it guys…!!! Does that not soundContinue reading “Beauty Co Glow Mask Peel Off Mask Review and Swatch”

Replace Your Boring Kajal With This Sparkling One…!!!

Hello, Are you a lover of eye makeup products…??? Can’t live without kajal and eyeliners…??? Well, this post will interest you… 😉 It’s time to drop our old gel liners… This year it’s all about gloss and glitters… To add the spark to your eyes, you don’t have to buy a box of makeup glitterContinue reading “Replace Your Boring Kajal With This Sparkling One…!!!”