To All Those Gals Who Are Feeling Bad After Watching Virushka’s Wedding Pictures

Dear gal,

The dreamy wedding of the year…!!! As I had posted earlier, it was in deed a fairy tale wedding. A destination wedding in Italy, between closed ones the most handsome guy married the most happy and beautiful bride.

The other day when Anushka and Virat got married, amidst all happy, heart warming wishes, lets admit most of our hearts were sad.

Sad not because the most handsome cricketer of our country is taken, because I don’t think we would get any chance to see him, forget about marriage but for feeling pity for oneself for some reasons. The pictures of their wedding had touched the nerves of our hearts which is responsible for ‘romance'(you know what I mean). Those who are already married must have regretted for not capturing such precious moments or not spending much money on a good photographer rather. Gals who are unmarried must have wished of getting married like them. At least I did. Her lehenga made me dream of my wedding. #Confession.


The way she entered , the smile on her face, the way he looked at her and welcomed her to mandap. The little conversation of theirs. Awww it did melt our hearts.

Let me admit, then the sad story begins. Why me??? why don’t I get awesomely loving guy like Kholi.??? I have no regrets to confess that at least I did feel bad for myself and I was super jealous of Anushka. He is such a caring man…!!! #Sob

Then, I started analyzing things. What we saw was a part of story which they chose to share it with us. What about the journey they walked together??? Was it really easy for them to maintain their private and professional life. Was it really easy to protect their relationship from getting broken because of many issues like media which doesn’t really give them space, time constraints due to their work commitments etc. I don’t think so. It must be mutual effort of those two love birds which made them the winners at the end of the day. I think they do deserve the happiness.


I happen to share everything with my sister. I know her well and I knew she would have felt the same ‘jealousy/sad’ thing. In deed it was right. Strangely when I happened to discuss this on a lighter note with some of my friends, they did it too. I was then relieved. haha.

I know most of the gals did cringe about it. So thus most of the gals ended up being sad. Thanks to social media which was flooded with the pictures of these 2 love birds. As much as we were happy for them, we were sad for ourselves.

We were somewhere getting better from that hangover, their reception pictures were all over the internet. Right from their entry, the way they chatted and danced. OMG.. Perfection…!!!

Let me tell you  what brought me back to reality.

Well, there were also some of the pictures of these beautiful and inspiring women whom we failed to notice between these marriage pictures. These women are beautiful, successful, inspiring and most importantly brave…!!!

Brave enough to lead an inspiring life. Brave enough to face the heart breaks and the world gracefully.

Two among those are my all time favorites these two Jennifer. I love both Jennifer Anniston and Jennifer Winget. Both are so damn fit and gorgeous. But they didn’t had a fairy tale relationships. They did find their handsome and charming prince but not faithful once. Faithful enough to keep their hearts safe.


Jennifer Winget


These two women had a very bad heartbreaks. When I say very bad not only because their husbands chose to leave them and spend their lives with some other woman, also because being celebrity your personal life is not so personal. Every details(infact more than actual detail) get spread all over the media.

Do you think its easy??? Na…!!! Did these women cry??? Yes they did. After all we are human. Did their life stop??? No. They chose to shine. They chose to see brighter side of the world and beat the world with their smile.


Jennifer Aniston


Here is a proof. Look how this lady is grateful for her life. This post in deed thought me to be grateful for what we have.

Adding to the list, Deepika Padukone. She is my favorite Bollywood actress since her debut movie. Being such a graceful successful woman, we often think everything comes to her easily. Well, we did think so when she met Ranbir Kapoor. They both were so much in love. Had shared their future plans with media. Deepika was so much head  over heels in love with him that she got his initials tattooed on her nape. But, her heart broke too when she found him cheating on her. Hurts. Unfortunately money or beauty is not everything all gals dream of. Deepika came out in public and even admitted that she went into depression. Her mother noticed the symptoms and provided all help to heal her.

Heart breaks, heart aches, ups, downs all are mandatory to be a successful human being. Its life. Happiness, pain, laughter, cry everything make life interesting. Don’t you think so???



I really feel at the end of the day – how happy and content you are with yourself matters the most. Loving someone, wanting to be loved by someone is natural. But, loving oneself and being happy in one’s one skin is something we need. If we are not happy with ourselves, I don’t think we will be ever be able to love or loved by someone.

Every gal dreams of meeting her Kohli. The one who loves her, who looks at her as if she is a magic. Who will fight for her and never let her go. This is a sweet feeling. I know.

But, what is more sweeter is realising how beautiful life is with or without your prince charm. Things you should be grateful for.

There is this saying – even if I meet my prince, my dad will be my king forever. Not because he has  kingdom but because he treats me like a princess…!! When you have loving parents, siblings, friends who are more than family – you are more richer than most of the people.

I have heard people saying some cheesy lines – you are incomplete without a man in your life. You feel complete ones you get married. Well, Hello… I might be 1/4th or 1/2 or 3/4th whatever, according to you. But, I know I am not a puzzle, waiting for a square piece to get complete. I don’t need any one to complete me.


It’s nice to share your life with someone you love. Someone who loves you. But judging someone with such criteria… I can’t buy that.

Wait for your prince charm. But don’t waste your present in that. Enjoy the life you have. Make the most of it. Once the time is right – You will meet the guy of your dreams. Who might love you more than what you had dreamt of. You never know. Magic do happen.

Between, the second reception of Virat and Anushka will soon be on social media. Remember – never compare your chapter one to someone else’s last. Enjoy the chapter. If you don’t understand what’s going on in it, just enjoy the confusion.

If you still start self pitying, just remember the women I told about,  to inspire yourself. 🙂

Loads of love to the strong warrior princess who is inside every lady out there.


Things I love and Hate About Monsoon


How’s your week going on???  Mine is a hectic one. Long day at work is not allowing me to spend much time in mygirlypedia. sob sob

But, I strongly believe that we need to do those things,  which makes you feel happy that you are alive. I love blogging, shopping and makeup. And of course few minutes of me time. What about you???

While riding back home in the rain, I was just thinking what I really love about monsoon. And what I don’t.

Read on to know what makes me happy and what annoys me in monsoon.

What I like,

  • Greenery


With the first rain itself, all the grass, plants and trees starts getting greener.  These green mountains are so soothing to our eyes.

  • The fragrance of soil


I love the fragrance (I’m not using the word smell here, purposely) of soil when the rain droplets kiss mother earth for the first time…!!!

  • Bike rides


I love it when rain droplets fall on me. It makes me feel light and melts away all the negativity around me.

  • Rainbows


The kid in me, still jumps with happiness when she sees the rainbows.

  • Pleasant sleeps

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In summers, no matter with what speed the fan is rotating, you won’t get that pleasant sleep. I love hiding myself under couple of blankets and surrendering myself to sweet dreams, while listening to the sound of falling rain droplets. *best music *

  • Hot food/beverage


Wow…  Sitting in the balcony, munching your favorite home made hot food and sipping hot coffee/tea. *heaven on earth *

  • Music


I love listening to rain related songs while watching or getting drenched in rain. When you have the actual rain with you you can feel the lyrics more. **bollywood freak* *drama queen **

  • Nostalgia


Everyone has their own set of childhood memories when it comes to monsoon. Buying monsoon footwear, protecting bag and notebooks from rain by covering them in polythene bags. I used to always forget or misplace umbrellas in schools. If it wasn’t raining while leaving from school, I used to forget umbrellas there. Mom’s question “did you forget something?”  used to make me think of all the mischief I had done in that last week. Even after getting ‘reminder beatings’  from mom, I continued ‘mission misplacing umbrella’ . After all its rains duty to remind me of its existence and my umbrella.  haha and of course making paper boats and getting drenched while trying to make it sail was the best childhood memories. Isn’t it???

  • Monsoon sales


Happiest season for shopaholics…!!! ‘Sales’ ahhh what a magical word it is..!!!

What we don’t like,

  • Riding in cities


When you are riding and tire of the vehicle moving ahead sprinkles that dirty water from road. Ewww….

  • Public transportation


There will be someone with stinking clothes or footwear. They are enough to hold our breath till death. And please don’t let me start with traffic. banging head

  • Clothes drying – Forever task


It takes like days for even a piece of cloth to get dried completely. No matter how long it takes, we have to dry it because we know those clothes which are not dried properly, stinks sooo bad. *suffocating *

  • Diseases


There are so many diseases caused by water and weather change. *Aaakshuuuu… *

  • Carrying umbrellas or rain coats


Along with your usual baggage, you need to carry those wet umbrellas and rain coats. *phewww *

  • Are you one of those who were spectacles??



Oh God save you. You need to have a spectacles with wipers to survive outdoors in the monsoon. weep weep

  • Rain reminds us about all leakages in the house


  • Saving yourself from getting wet is next to impossible



No matter how much you are covered, at least cuffs of your pants do get wet.

  • So are your vehicles


Vehicles give us so much trouble in monsoon. Sometimes they don’t start, sometimes in the middle of the road,  they stop. All thanks to water droplets which get inside them. grrhhh

What are your views?? What do you like and hate about monsoon…???

Do comment below or what’s app me(which most of you do)…  Love to hear your views…

Anyways, let’s concentrate on good things more and try to ignore the bad things. *angel smile *

Happy monsoon…!!!