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Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 15

Friday…!!!! Yeahhh…!!!! You know how much I love Fridays… I am sure even you do… Because those two magical days are most precious… Magical, not only because they are relaxing but also for the fact that they pass tooooo soon…!!! Its like… Moooonnnndddddaaaayyyyyyyyyy Tueessssddddaaaayyyyyyyyy Weeedddddneesssddaayy Thhuurrrsssddaayyyyy Friiiyydaaaayyyy Sat […]

Tips to Stop Hair Fall

Hey beautiful, What’s every gal’s common beauty problem, apart from pimples.. Ummm I would say Hair fall??? Most of my readers have been asking me to write a post about it… So today finally, I’m writing one. Just like pimples, there are different reasons why we face this […]