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Home Remedies to Cure Prickly Heat Rashes

Hey, Changes are always difficult in the beginning. Be it a change in life or change in weather. Haha. April has just started and sun has already started to work on his skills to shine brighter in coming months. As much as I love summer, the facts like some skin issues and stuffs, make me

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How to Fix Broken Cosmetics

Hello, The other day I bought a sparkling black kajal pencil from the brand Rimmel London online, from Nykaa… The cap of the kajal was so tight that I had to put all my energy to open it. What happened next broke my heart. I ended up breaking the tip of the kajal. #sad You

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How to Store Perfumes Right…

Hey…. Most happy and hopeful day is here… Friday is here…!!! Whats your plans for the weekend??? Ummm I am not sure about weekend plans, but gonna have my spa day for sure.. People who know me also know that I am a perfume freak. Even at my work place, people call me smell bomb…

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