Causes and Remedies to Treat Dark Underarms

When the skin covering our underarm area is few shades darker than our skin tone, that is what we call dark underarms. Yet times, dark underarms can lower the fun and confidence while we are in sleeveless outfits. We tend to hesitate to throw our hands in the air and be free, if we haveContinue reading “Causes and Remedies to Treat Dark Underarms”

Everything You Need to Know About Derma Rollers

Have you heard about the new hottest skin care trend – ‘Derma Roller’??? I will tell you allll the details about this skin care technique in this post today. So, to start with – What is a derma roller??? Derma roller is a tool with a wheel. The interesting part of this wheel is, itContinue reading “Everything You Need to Know About Derma Rollers”