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6 Different Uses of Lip Balm; No, Applying on Chapped Lips is Not One Of Them..!!

Irrespective of the amount of love you have for makeup, lip balm is something almost every girl is familiar with. Today I am going to tell and show you how to use the lip balm other than to heal your chapped lips. Eyebrow gel: Eyebrow gel is a transparent gel applied on to eyebrows to

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Red and Golden Eye Makeup

Hello, How’s Sunday treating you??? I’m all set to attend a family function at my friend’s place this evening… I’m waiting for my friend to get ready. We will be leaving in a while. Since I do have a little time now, I just thought of blogging about my eye makeup…!! I’m sorry for the

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List of Best Cosmetics, Along With Best Makeup Tips

Hey, Diwali is just around the corner, you can find a lot of makeup, beauty and health tips in mygirlypedia.com soon…. So let me begin with a list of affordable yet the best makeup products as per different skin types. If you are new to the world of makeup, no worries…!!! I have links for

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