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Every Man Needs A Mother, A Wife, A Sister Then Why Not A Daughter???

This morning, while I was reading the newspaper a small column caught my eyes. It’s news about Uttarakhand state.A part of the state consisting of 312 villages, has the data or stats saying that there are 312 male babies born in last three months. Interesting part here is, there is not even a single girl

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Five Bollywood Female Characters to Get Inspired From, On This Women’s Day

Hey ‘Women’s Day’ is just around the corner. While the world starts praising the ‘role’ of a woman in their lives, I have this post up, where I am praising the ‘roles’ of some women in Bollywood movies which have inspired me to be the best version of myself. You know I am a Bollywood

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Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 10

Hey, Friday is here…!!! My soulmate is coming to city to meet me…!! So, weekend is going to be fun. PS: Soulmate is my friend from Mumbai. She and I share a lottt of things in common. Hence we call each other soulmates. We do find soulmates in friendships too. At least we did…!!! This

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