Homemade Mask To Treat Hair loss and Hair Thinning

Hair loss has been a common problem among a lot of people out there. Be it men or women, we all love our crown – Our hair. Hair loss is like a nightmare that haunts us..! Today I am going to share a hair mask that you can try at home to reduce or toContinue reading “Homemade Mask To Treat Hair loss and Hair Thinning”

Best Lipsticks for Beginners…!!!

Hey, Now that you have been following my world – Mygirlypedia, you know how much I love lipsticks. My collection of lipsticks which I had revealed some time back is the proof for it. Many of you been asking which is one brand of lipstick that I would suggest for a beginner, who is takingContinue reading “Best Lipsticks for Beginners…!!!”