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Double Cleansing for Healthy Skin

Keeping skin clean is the key factor for a clear and health skin. To keep the skin in good condition the step ‘C’ in the CTM technique plays an important role. Cleansing, as you guys know, is the way to clean your skin. Making sure it is free from all the makeup/ impurities. If you

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Three Letter Mantra to Follow for A Beautiful Skin

Hellooo, I have been writing a lot about makeup products in detail. I realised something which I was missing, when one of my friends asked me so innocently,” Pallavi, what is CTM??? Could you please write a post about it???” So here is the post about the basement of skin care – CTM. Its an

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Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Lip Scrub – Worth Buying???

Hello, How’s your weekend going on??? I’m out with a friend of mine to have my favorite pulav. In order to get the parcel, will have to be in a queue. So, right from the queue I’m posting this. Haha I don’t know what was wrong with my lips last week, my upper lips were

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