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Black Dress And Bold Lips : OOTD

We all have two moods when it comes to dressing up – either we dress up like a homeless or we dress up like we are going to meet our worst enemy. Well I had a latter one kind of a day. Thought that initiated this look is ‘bold lips’. You guys know how much

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Multiple Ways to Style A Denim Jacket

Hey, If you ask me which is my favourite cloth from my wardrobe, I would definitely say my denim jacket. Thats because, this one fashionable thing can be styled in multiple ways. I usually like to pair it up with my denims, skirts etc. Also, most of us do own one denim jacket at least

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10 Different Ways to Wear Your Kurtas and Kurtis… !!! 

Hey you, In India, kurtis and kurtas are the most preferred outfit by most of the ladies. They are easy to wear and make you look elegant by adding that ‘Desi Feel’… So,  today I will tell you how to flaunt them in different ways.. Wear it with leggings   Lets start with the basic

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