Essentials to Carry in Your Gym Bag

Hey Beautiful, As much as I ask my readers to love themselves the way they are, I also always suggest to try and discover their best version. When I say best version, it’s definitely both mentally and physically.! To look and feel good, if you are one of those who are regular at gym, thisContinue reading “Essentials to Carry in Your Gym Bag”

Things Which Are A Must In Your Handbags

Hello girls, Some of you had asked me for a quick list of ‘handbag essentials’. So here are the things which I think are essential for our day. Purse/Wallet: Ahh world runs by money at the end of the day. It’s nearly impossible to survive without a wallet. So, yes, the cute little pursw orContinue reading “Things Which Are A Must In Your Handbags”

Basic and Simple Grooming Tips for Men

Some of my male friends have been complaining that I always write ‘out of syllabus’ topics on my blog. Asked me to write some posts that would help them too. Well, boys, here is a post explicitly for you. What comes to your mind when I say -Grooming? Not just the outfit you wear orContinue reading “Basic and Simple Grooming Tips for Men”

Some of These World’s Most Expensive Girly Products Can Give You Mild Heart Attack..!!!

Hello, What is one thing we usually check for, while shopping a product??? Umm… Whether it falls in our budget or not… Agree??? Oh come on, we have to look for price at least some time while you know your credit card bill is going to give you a mild heart attack… haha Today, IContinue reading “Some of These World’s Most Expensive Girly Products Can Give You Mild Heart Attack..!!!”

Love for Perfumes…

Hey girlies,  “A woman’s perfume tells more about her, than her handwriting” –  Christian Dior Raise your hand if you are a perfume addict like me. I have a collection of body mists and perfumes which match my mood. Sweet floral fragrances make my heart melt. Hence I end up buying the mostly sweet girlyContinue reading “Love for Perfumes…”