Causes and Remedies to Treat Dark Underarms

When the skin covering our underarm area is few shades darker than our skin tone, that is what we call dark underarms. Yet times, dark underarms can lower the fun and confidence while we are in sleeveless outfits. We tend to hesitate to throw our hands in the air and be free, if we have darker underarms. This post is going to help you with that.

What Causes Dark Underarms:

They say prevention is better than cure. In order to prevent further darkening, let’s see what are the things that are causing dark underarms.


  • Dead skin:
    Like facial skin, skin covering our body also needs exfoliation. Reason being the accumulation of dark skin cells. As the dead skin accumulate, they make skin look dull and dark.
  • Shaving:
    Shaving cuts the hair, it doesn’t remove the hair from roots. Once we shave, the hair follicles are still there. They make the skin look slightly darker.
  • Deodorant:
    I agree that a deodorant is a must to smell good, but I always prefer and suggest to use perfume over a deodorant. Using perfume over the outfit is much better than using it straight on skin. Chemicals in the deodorants can cause skin darkening, if used for longer period of time.
  • Hyper-pigmentation:
    It is a skin condition where the production of melanin (responsible for skin tone) is slightly higher at certain part as compared to the other parts of the body. In this case the extra amount of melanin produced, makes skin look darker. Which we usually call dark patches.
  • Tight Clothes:
    This might come as a surprise. But skin covering under arm area is slightly thin. The friction caused by the tight clothes can irritate the are underarms and result in discoloration.
  • Bacterial Infection:
    Due to lack of hygiene, there might be infection caused by bacteria.
  • Smoker’s Melanosis:
    Smoking kills. It also ruins the skin condition. Smoker’s Melanosis is a condition caused by tobacco where the underarms gets darker.
  • Sun exposure:
    Not only the underarms, if we get exposed to direct sunlight for longer period, we might end up with sun burns or tanning on the exposed area.
  • Hormonal Issues:
    If you are under any medications or there is fluctuation in hormones, there is a chance that the skin gets these dark patches.
  • Skin Disorders:
    There are certain skin disorders which result in dark patches.

How to Cure Dark Underarms:

Now that you know most of the causes for nasty patches, you are half way there. You now know what not to do and what to do to get brighter, healthy underarm skin.!


  • Waxing Over Shaving. When we wax, the hair strands are removed from their roots. So the skin won’t look dark.
  • As mentioned above, use perfumes on your outfits rather than using it on your skin. But please make sure the perfume won’t leave any stains on your outfit. You need to consider this point especially when it is oil based one.
  • Try to avoid wearing tight clothes. Not just because of the dark patches, but also sometimes it causes irritation to small blood veins. Which might also end up causing further more skin issues. Choose free, loose clothes. Let your skin breath.
  • Maintaining a good hygiene is the key. Shave the hair on the underarm area frequently. Use talcum powder to keep the area dry and free from bacteria.
  • Apply sunscreen on to your underarms if you are going out in sun wearing sleeveless outfits, where the area is going to be exposed directly to sun.
  • Scrubbing away the dead cells can make the skin look fresh and bright, it includes the skin covering underarms too. Regular scrubbing the underarm area can give you good results.
  • Try some homemade masks using brightening agents like curd or lemon. Apply curd on to the area in need and wash with water after 10 minutes. Lemon juice is slightly acidic and if you have dry or any wounds on the area, lemon juice might cause slight burning sensation. But with regular use, you can get rid of dark patches.
  • If the condition didn’t improve despite of following these remedies, please see a good dermatologist. Because if the issue is inside the body (like hormones or skin disorder), a good doctor’s help would surely help.

Hope you find this post useful.

How to Store Perfumes Right…


Most happy and hopeful day is here… Friday is here…!!! Whats your plans for the weekend??? Ummm I am not sure about weekend plans, but gonna have my spa day for sure..

People who know me also know that I am a perfume freak. Even at my work place, people call me smell bomb… I always end up correcting them ‘Fragrance bomb’ would sound much better. giggle

Everyone has got their own kind of perfumes. Some like strong one… Some like Milder ones, some like fruity, some like floral. Well, I love something mild, floral/fruity, sweet fragrance… I always always end up buying perfumes even though I have a huge collection of them. I every time tell myself that “this is going to be last one. I ‘ll buy my next perfume once I finish all my stock”. But, I always end up buying a perfume whom I can not forget after smelling it. I try to resist but the very next day it will be added to my collection. #ConfessionOfShopaholic
So, when I love them so much, of course I do take care of them. Here is a quick post about how to store your darling perfumes, so that they last long.

  • Store them in a place with no/less humidity
    Humidity effects the quality of perfume. Choose a cool dark place to store your perfumes.

  • Closet is an ideal place to store.
    I have this shelf in my closet reserved for my perfumes. Closet is free from light and usually has a consistent cooler temperature.

  • Storing perfume in bathroom??? No…!!!
    Spraying perfume right after the shower, is the best practice to make perfume last long. But, it effects the perfume’s quality. So, if you have been storing them in bathroom, take them away..!!!

  • Store them inside box.
    Box will protect them further from sunlight and heat. Hence storing them in a box would be preferred.

  • Take care of the cap:
    You won’t really get to know the importance of the cap of the perfume unless and until you break/lose them.

  • Avoid keeping those fragile glass bottles on higher shelves.
    It breaks your heart seeing your favorite perfume shattered all over the floor. To avoid such accidental breakages, try to keep them on lower shelves.

You can also read my previous detailed post about perfumes  here

Hope you find these perfume tips helpful… !!! Keep sprinkling those magical fragrances and enjoy the little aroma therapy…!!!

Have A Happy Weekend My Beautiful Reader…