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While Fitting In The Classifications and Divisions of The World

While browsing through the Instagram feed I came across this beautiful video of two kids hugging each other. If you are thinking what’s so special about this video, do have a look at this video. View this post on Instagram What the world needs now is love sweet love. #rg @abcnews A post shared by

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Stop Asking Me When I Am Getting Married, I Don’t Ask When You Are Getting Divorced

Hello, Today I happened to receive a message from a friend of mine with whom it was ages I had spoken to for the last time. I was naturally happy to hear from her. With all those ‘conversation starter questions’, she said “You have become a blogger… (didn’t even bothered to wait for my reply)

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A Letter to My Younger Self…

On this women’s day, apart from appreciating all those women who inspires me, I thought of writing a letter to the most special one of them all. Me. I guess we are our ultimate inspiring souls. No wonder people around us do inspire us. But the option to get inspired or to ignore is within

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