Most Common New Year’s Resolutions


Well, well, it’s the first day of the new year 2020..!!

When we hear new year, resolutions is the word that usually comes with it. Many of us, every year, without fail make some resolutions. Things which we would like to follow or accomplish in the new year. It’s an open secret that very few end up keeping up those resolutions. I am personally so bad at keeping ‘new year’s resolutions’ that, I have just stopped that custom..!!

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Just for fun, I thought of listing out very common/ universal resolutions most of us usually make every year.

PS : Thanks to me, my friends and colleagues for the inputs. 😝

Here we go,

  • Lose Weight
  • Eat Clean
  • Exercise Daily
  • Travel
  • Stay Happy/ Mental Peace Over Anything & Everything
  • Living Life To The Fullest
  • Less Time With Phone
  • More Time With Family
  • Shop Less. (This isn’t a secret. This is my own resolution. Well, ‘was’. Because I will never be able to accomplish this one. To my other shopaholic friends out there – let’s keep trying..!)
  • Maintain A Journal/ Dairy
  • Get Organized
  • Me Time
  • Start A New Hobby
  • Save/ make more Money
  • Change Jobs
  • Wake Up Early
  • Quit Smoking
  • Quit Drinking
  • Read More
  • Drink More Water

These are some of the most common resolutions I came across.

Add if you know one.

Wish my lovely reader a very happy new year..!! Irrespective of your resolutions, may you make more memories and may you fall in love with your life all over again in the coming days..!!

Loads of love,

Mygirlypedia (Pallavi)

Paragliding at Solang Valley | When I Flew Like A Bird, Feeling Light and Free

You travel not to get lost, but to find yourself..!!!

When I was young, I had heard this phrase which said – Either you read a book or roam the world. Even though I love reading books, I love travelling even more.

When I say travel, most of the population want to visit a foreign location. Well, someday even I want to. Specifically Paris. Oh come on someone who love beauty and fashion, of course it’s the Disney land for us..!! (Ahmmm well, Disney land too is in my bucket list. Thanks to the inner kid in me who refuses to grow up. We are never too old for Disney. Are we?? Naa.!!).

But I think I belong to that category of population, who wants to explore own country first. I mean India is incredible. #IncredibleIndia. We have 29 states, 7 union territories. N number of culture, language. Immense variety of food, flora, fauna…!! Most of the tourists from all over the world has India in their bucket list. How lucky are we to get a chance to live in such a country with so many bio diversities.! I have been to 10 states so far. Many more to go..!!!

This year, 2019 June, I had been to Himachal Pradesh, with my BFF (read it as sister) and bunch of dear friends. We had amazing experience. (Check my Instagram for more pictures.)


Major adventurous thing we did in this trip is paragliding at Solang Valley Manali.

One of our dear friend had this in her bucket list. She wanted to experience this,  by jumping off the cliff in Manali (of course with all safety). I love adventures like this. I have done paragliding (comparatively very smaller heights, parasailing, rappelling etc)  But jumping from the height of 3200+ meters, was not an easy thing. Still the adventure bug in me made sure that I did this adventure..!!!

We went to the ticket centre to get the tickets for the paragliding. Honestly, I was afraid. I felt like those three musketeers of the Bollywood movie Zindagi na Milegi Doobara (one of my favourites.) I made use of every brain cells to  encourage me to do this.


Buying tickets, making mind was just the starters. When the ticket centre person asked us to sign the forms, phew that is where my hands started shaking. haha. It said they are not responsible if anything happens. We got to sign it as a token of agreement. They also take our personal details like name, address etc. In case, you know.!

My biggest encouragement was my sister. She said she will also do it.!! Even though she was terrified, she was comforted with the fact that her sister, me, will be with her. (See this is the best part of having siblings. We don’t let our sibling do any adventure alone.!).

I Know We Are Cute 😜 #touchwood

We both were trembling but we were laughing looking at each other’s face. (Another benefit of having your sibling as your crime partner. We make each other laugh in the worst situations too.)

We paid the money  for our rides and they showed us the way to the peek from where we were supposed to jump..! They took us to the peek by ropeway ( 3200 meters height, so obvious). We were accompanied by two paragliding rider/ pilots who had all the equipment with them.

Just to break the ice, I spoke to one of them about their experience with paragliding. Since how long they have been doing this. (Honestly not just to break the ice, to make sure we are in safe hands.!) They said 8-10 years. They have done trainings and have certificates too. (They could read the fear in my face. Of course. haha).


We reached the cliff. There were already people who were waiting for their turn to fly. Some were already flying.

They have different spots on the mountain cliff. Depending on your body weight, they classify the different levels of starting point. Well, they considered my sister and me as ‘underweight’. If it would be a boy he might have been offended. But girls are indirectly proportional to the ‘weight related compliments’. We become ‘more happy’ when someone say we have ‘less weight’. Vice versa. We were very happy. We had already made a note of food we are going to have, without guilt, if we reach home safely..! haha. I said this weight point specifically because they were planning to take both of us in a single paraglide due to weight factor. Less the weight, more difficult it is to control the paraglide. But those pilots had some words with each other and decided to take us separately.

My sister and I were hugging each other. People over there had gala time laughing at us. Bothering about them was the least thing in our list that time.

So when it comes to paragliding in most of the cases, especially if the height from where we are starting is more, we will always be accompanied by a pilot. They tie the harness and pilot and we will be sitting on that harness. Harness suspends below a fabric wing. You will be sitting in front and you get to enjoy the ride thoroughly. Pilot on the other hand, sits behind us and controls the paraglider. Paraglider is light weight and the wing shape is maintained by the suspension lines, the pressure of air entering vents in the front of the wing and the aerodynamic forces of the air flowing over the outside. I must say pilot need a lot of arm strength to control the paraglider.

Being a responsible sister, I was more worried for my sister. How will she manage and stuff.! I had a word with her pilot. By this time you might have guessed what I might have asked him. You are right, about his years of experience. 😁 She went to fly first as her pilot was ready. The mountain was sloppy. Too tough to walk without falling. She flew and I could hear her scream. I was nervous for her. Her paraglider went smoothly in the air. Smooth like a butter she glided in the air and she went quite far where I couldn’t hear her scream any more.


Between my brain cells were worried about my sister, my pilot asked me to come and wear the safety gears. Pheww… I wore it and made sure they checked it well. The people over there, the paragliding team people, they were having fun looking at me panicking. But the pilot was a very nice person. He had a small chat with me and made me feel that I am in safe hands. As I had given instructions that I need to run through the sloppy mountain for few seconds and pull my legs up in the air, I just took a long breath and said “This is it”.

I just kept a foot forward, a man fell down His leg was tangled to my paraglider’s strings. I told to myself “Good start Pallavi.!”.

There comes the moment. I started running through sloppy mountain for a while and pulled my legs up and guess what, within some seconds I was in the air…!!!!!!

See I had got my first sign when that guy fell down, that it is going to be more adventurous for me. That is exactly what happened with me.

Wind started blowing in full speed. I mean the weather changed in no time. As soon as I was in air, air was thrilled I guess. Haha. The pilot  had tough time controlling the balloon. If you are the first timer, jumping from such heights, you tend to get scared a bit. I was scared for fraction of second because we were swinging in full speed. From south to north. (Watch the video to know what exactly I am talking about). Total 180 degree swing. I could see all tiny people and vehicles down there. I could see my legs hanging in air and no floor beneath. Screaming at the top of my lungs helped me a bit. But then I was like “It’s ok na. In the worst case I won’t make it but Fu*k it. Let me enjoy the view”. That’s when I started noticing and enjoying smallest things.


The fresh cool breeze was magical. The snow covered mountain peaks surrounding me, were  surreal. People were looking so tiny down there. That made me realise how small are we in this huge universe. That moment made me realise, we can’t take control of all the situations. We can do two things, either panic and waste more energy and time. Or just be in the moment, look at positive side and enjoy to make the most of the present. I did choose to enjoy.

The pilot was kind. He struggled a lot to control the paraglider. He was worried when I had magically stopped screaming and was totally silent. haha. He was constantly checking whether I was ok.

At some point of time, I thought we are going to hit a tree. I was so in careless mode that time, I was laughing at the situation. I thought it would be like in those cartoon movies. Where cartoon characters hit long, pointy trees and get stuck there..!! haha. You can find this ‘almost hitting a tree moment’ in the video.

While coming down it was hilarious too. It was a crowded area. I thought I will kick someone on their face. Because we are supposed to keep our leg up while landing and chances were high that in the crowd some absent minded fellow ending up on my feet. 😅

Jokes apart,  I must say, those two minutes while I was in the air, was magical.

Usual or normal paragliding is smooth. They jump and glide in the air. They cover huge area and enjoy nature’s view.

But mine..!! Haha it was a rollercoaster ride.

when I landed, people over there (by the way there are people to capture your paragliding moments. You can pay them and get your pieces of memories in the form of photos/ videos they have captured.)  who had observed me paragliding, said, “you had the perfect paragliding experience. This is the exact thrill people seek in this sport.”. I was surprised and that made me even more happy. That was like a compliment people usually give you when you come out of a sh*t situation with flying colours…!!!

While my sister had fun and happily enjoyed her paragliding, I thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a lot in those few moments of mine, in the air. Flying like a bird made me feel free and lighter from inside…!!!

In order to see the view of world and life from far, you too should try this sport at least once.

Do check the video to have a glimpse of my paragliding experience.


Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 20

Hello Friday…. 😉

As I have promised, I’m not gonna miss this series of fun Friday questions.

It’s raining here in Pune. It’s a cool and breezy Friday for us.

Here are five random questions for this Friday… 😊

  • If you could open a restaurant, what kind of restaurant would it be?


I would love to open pet friendly, cozy place with loads of junk food in the menu.😊 Meeting and spending time with furry friends while munching some junk food, heavenly.

  • If you didn’t have to worry about money, what would you do all day?


I would have traveled the and made memories all over the world.

  • What movie made you cry the most?


Hachiko. Honestly, I have not watched the movie. I know the story though. Whenever I watch the trailer of the movie I just end up crying my heart out. So I know I might not be able to come out of that pain if I watch the movie.

  • What’s your favorite vacation memory from when you were a child?


When we were kids, my parents and us used to go out for picnics. Mom used to carry Maggie (she has her own healthy version of Maggie recipe) in hot boxes. Parking our bike and having Maggie road side, while its drizzling… It was one of the best things I used to enjoy.

  • What brings you the most joy in life?


Helping animals. The thankfulness in their eyes, ahhh gives my heart that instant warmth.

Time for you to answer. Type your answers below.

Have a great weekend 😊

Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 13


First Friday of this new year is here… What are your plans for first weekend of this fresh start…??? I’ll update you guys about my plans tomorrow. Stay tuned to Mygirlypedia for it… 😉

So… Time for five fun random questions… Shall we start???

  • Name one place you wanna visit this year

Kanyakumari. That’s the southern most part of India. Covered by water from three sides. That’s the only place you can witness both sun rise and sun set. I wanted to visit this place last year but due to bad weather there, I had to cancel. This year no matter what I’ll visit. Yours???

  • How is your new year resolutions going on???

I’m almost on track with my intentions. Hope to continue.

  • Jeans or leggings???

I like jeans but I love leggings more than jeans for the comfort they give.

  • Gym or diet???

In fact for a good body, both should go hand in hand. But I can hit gym but I am not at all good at dieting. Please let me know how to stick to good clean diet.

  • What is a new healthy habit you started this year???

We do make some healthy resolutions at the start of every year. Don’t we??? I have started drinking green tea. Phewww will share my expert tips soon..

Do share your answers below in the comments section.

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Have a great weekend gal… 😘

Simple Steps to Follow This Year, for Better Health and Beauty

Hellooo 2018,

Be awesome to everyone…!!!

Well, my pretty reader – since we are in a very new year, we all are energised, happy and hopeful for something good this year. Let’s take some steps to achieve the best of ourselves. Sounds good??? Cool. Lets do this.

I have a post for you today which will list down all the small yet good steps which we need to take in order to get the awesome results. You know you are not too old to dream a new dream and to set a new goal for yourself. right???  Try to include these steps  everyday. Come on, theses are very simple. You can do it. Or, let me rephrase it as – ‘We’  can do it.

Shall we start???

Health comes first. Lets start with easy breezy steps to improve health.

Physical Health Tips:


  • Drink more water.( Don’t yawn plz. I know you have been reading this a lot. Its time to practice it)
  • Eat healthy. (Stop yawning)
  • Instead of asking you to eliminate junk food from your diet, let me put it this way. Lets challenge ourselves not to eat junk food for 2 days, then eventually increase that to a week, a month. I  myself a huge junk food addict. I have made my mind to train it by accepting such challenges. Hello, if I win??? I am gonna treat myself with some junk food. haha that is how we treat an addict.
  • Start your day with a glass of warm water and honey.
  • Are you a chocolate lover like me??? I am replacing my chocolates with dark chocolates. Because dark chocolates with more than 70% cocoa have more antioxidants. Are you with me in this ‘mission dark chocolate’???
  • Exercise. I am not asking you to pay for gym membership. We can do it right from where we are sitting. Just stretching, some leg exercises while you are seated on your chair, instead of taking elevator take stairs. I personally prefer stairs not only because its an easy workout, but its less crowded, peaceful and you get to breath some fresh air unlike in an elevator(you know what I mean).
  • Chew your food. Haha it sounds like a strict mommy’s dialogue. But jokes apart gal, we need to chew our food properly in order to ease the digestion process and to get more benefits from the food.
  • Brush your teeth twice daily. Oral health is very important. We tend to neglect that which results in bad breath and poor teeth condition. When all is good, we don’t get it. But when you suffer from teeth ache, then you realise all the bad things you did to your teeth. #karma haha
  • While Brushing, you can do some squats to utilize that time. Time saving huun??

Mental Health:


If you agree or not, most of us are hesitant and ignorant about mental happiness. Let’s not make that mistake this year. Because everything starts and ends at your mental health. If you are mentally fit, it will reflect in your physical health.

  • Make some time for yourself. Spend it on doing what you like. Be it self care, any hobby, cooking any thing.
  • Take a walk outside. Observe the world around you. When you are feeling low, even a small ant can be inspiring enough to lift you up. Ant falls while carrying a food particle which is much more bigger than it’s own size. But ant never gives up.
  • Spend time with old citizens, kids or pets. They help you forget all the stress.
  • Compliment or help some unknown people. Try it. You will know that kind of happiness.
  • Dance to your favorite music. You don’t have to be a professional dancer to enjoy the music. Just move your body to the beats(or off beats) the point is to enjoy it.
  • Sing. You are not participating in any music competition. There are no judges. Even if the people around you is trying to judge you, just ask them one question – what is the winning amount ??? #wink
  • Stressed??? I have a quick solution – Breath…!!!
  • Plan a vacation with loved ones. Be it a little one or big plan. Do it.
  • As they say there is always good in a bad day. Write down things you are thankful for at the end of the day.
  • Reduce the time you spend in the virtual world of social media.
  • Importantly – Smilllleeeee…..!!!!

Beauty Resolutions:


  • Take care of your skin.
  • Irrespective of weather, do not skip sunscreen.
  • Never go to bed with your makeup on. Plz.
  • I know we love our girl-friends. But plz stop sharing your makeup with them. You are not doing any good to yourself or to them. Sharing used makeup can harm your skin more.
  • Do not compromise on the products you use for your skin.
  • Maintain good hygiene to maintain good skin.
  • Clean your phone screen. It has maximum number of bacteria which can harm your skin.
  • Good sleep is a must.
  • You deserve a spa session at least once a month. You don’t have to make a hole in pocket by booking an appointment in a well known spa. You just make use of the ‘search’ box at the end of this page and get to know how to do facial, bath salts for that long relaxing bath, hair spa etc. at home…!!!
  • Most important tip – love yourself. You are an original creation. Do not try to imitate and be a copy.

So, these are some of the things lets try to implement in our daily routine.

PS: I have bought and customised a planner for 2018. Where I am goon keep track of the good and bad things I have been doing with my health and beauty.. You can try this method too to improve yourself easily.






  What are Your Intentions for 2018???

My pretty reader,

Few hours left to say bye to 2017 and say hi to 2018. You must be ready with all celebration plans as well as the resolutions. As per the ‘new year rituals’…!

So, what are your intentions for 2018??? I am saying intensions because, lets be frank, resolutions never happen. Do they??? At least mine, never.

Hence this year – I am not making any resolutions for ‘new year’ sake. I can’t keep up my resolutions for more than first two days of January. Never happen. If you are good at keeping your resolutions intact till last month of the year, here – claps from me. 👏

As a new year is gonna start, I wanna take this opportunity to start it with a smile. (I can’t say a new hope – 1st is Monday. For a working IT gal, no matter which date it is Monday is hopeless. )

Here are some of my intentions with which I am gonna welcome my new year.

2018 Is going to be My Year

Yes. I have wasted my time, energy and tears on some of the people and thoughts who were not at all worth of those precious things. I’m pretty sure most of us did that too…!!! Hence, I am keeping myself and my nearest ones who never left my side when I was in need, in my priority list. Rest – bye bye. You might call me selfish but I don’t care. At the end of the day however I will be judged. By prioritizing in my way, at least I will be happy at the end of the day. What’s say??? 😉

A big hug to life and its lessons

2017 Has been a wonderful year. It gave me love and pain. I am glad it gave me love more than any year. I got a pet for myself. I started prioritizing things. I grew more mentally. I learnt to accept the things and grew with it. Hence, hoping to be more positive when it comes to life lessons. Instead of looking at pain, I am gonna look at the lessons I am learning.😎


Travelling makes you meet your true self. That leisure from daily race is necessary for your soul. Hence I will travel at least 2-3 places I have never seen before.😊

Be silly, be crazy, be who you are

We live only once gal. We can’t spend our lives impressing others. Instead, live a life which is impressive enough for you when you are on death bed. As I said, people will talk and judge about you. Ahhh poor people. Let’s give them some stuff to talk about by being just happy. 😀

Healthy lifestyle

Phewww this has been a common resolution for past many years. This year for change, it’s just my intention. I’m a huge junk food Addict. I just can’t end my day without an unhealthy diet. #Sinful I know. But this year let’s see how I am gonna workout this ‘intention’ of mine. 💆

Never compromise ‘me time’

I know a year can change a lot many things. But, no matter what, I’m not gonna stop pampering myself. No compromise with ‘me time’ 👸

Be more good to animals

Most of the times I have forgotten to keep some food in my vehicle so that I can feed a stray animal whenever I find one. I have met some stray dogs recently and I didn’t had anything to feed them. No proper food shop near by to buy anything. I have been guilty. I’m never gonna do that again in 2018. Plus, I will donate some money to some known charity, who work for animals. Trust me, world needs kind hearts more than anything. 😇


I have intentions to improve mygirlypedia and keep you guys informed and entertained. For which I really need your love in 2018 also, more than what you gave me in 2017. 😘

Eight main intentions for two zero one eight.

What are yours???

Have a great new year eve guys…!!! 😘

Fun Friday : 5 Random Questions – Part 12


Last Friday of 2017 huun… All set to welcome new year with a biggg huggggg???

What are your plans for the celebration???

I hope you enjoy and welcome the next year in your own swag.

To make Friday a bit more fun, here are some 5 random questions…!!!

Since 2017 is about to end, these are related to that.

  • What are you thankful for??


It might sound cliché but its true.

  • For every pain I got, which made me stronger.
  • All the Love I got, for making me feel I am special.
  • 2017 Made me discover my own strength in different ways.
  • All you guys who appreciate my work. Who constantly support me with your constructive feedback. Mygirlypedia is thankful for that.
  • Last but not the least – For all the sales which made me happier. #shopaholic


  • Someone who made your 2017 the best.


My pet my sonny. #touchwood

  • What’s one thing you learnt from 2017???


Don’t take life too seriously, Care less to make the most of your life.

  • Someone or something you are going to miss from 2017

My pet dog pinky. Whom we lost few days back.

  • One bad habit which you will take with you in coming year and for which you are not guilty???


Shopping..!!! I know spending money way too much is not appreciable. But, I don’t believe in saving money for my unborn children and unbuilt house. I think I have taken ‘live the present’ way too seriously when it comes to shopping. Anddd I am not guilty of it.

Have a great Friday gal…!!!

Stay happy…!!!