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Causes and Remedies to Treat Dark Underarms

When the skin covering our underarm area is few shades darker than our skin tone, that is what we call dark underarms. Yet times, dark underarms can lower the fun and confidence while we are in sleeveless outfits. We tend to hesitate to throw our hands in the air and be free, if we have

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Home Remedies to Treat Dark Underarms

Even though the summer is over, we still love wearing those cold/off shoulders or sleeveless tops or dresses this season. Bright colored outfit is going to brighten a gloomy day anyways….!!! One thing to take care of, while wearing outfits that’s gonna expose your underarms area is the dark patches on the area. You might

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We Are Not Perfect But Our Eyebrows Can Be

Hey, Have you heard the quote – Eyebrows speak louder than words…!!! Hehe strange but true. Shape of your Eyebrows can get those brownie points in the game of style. A dear friend of mine, recently asked me to write a post about it. So here are the details about eyebrows which you might find

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